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How did Gibril Wilson feel on Super Sunday?

Your name is Gibril Wilson. You've just had a difficult season in 2009 with the Miami Dolphins.

You missed tackles to the point your pee-wee league coach called you to ask you what's wrong (true story). You didn't have an interception even though no less than four passes hit you in the hands throughout the season.

You temporarily lost your starting job midway through the season (for one game) only to regain the job but then lose it again the final game of the regular season. You had trouble in coverage. You had trouble communicating with the media to the point you seemingly gave up on the idea.

It was by any account a bad season because you know your new team -- the third you've played for in three seasons -- is considering dropping you like a bad habit to absolve itself of your toxic contract.

But, hey, it's Super Bowl Sunday. You're not playing but neither is there any pressure on you. It's a time to forget the worries of a terrible season. So you sit down like 100 million other people to watch the game. Maybe you're hanging with friends.Maybe you're hanging with family. It is a good time for everyone.

And then the game goes to a commercial and the one below comes on the tube. And, hey, midway through the commercial you recognize yourself. And you're not the hero in this commercial, in fact you're the goat. And you suddenly realize that 40 percent of the televisions turned on around the country just showed what your 2009 season was mostly about.

Question: How do you feel?

Is it fair or unfair?

And are you more mad at yourself for putting yourself in the situation you did? Or are you upset that the NFL basically called you out as a goat on the play?

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Jamillion, Yet he wears a super bowl ring today.....Cant argue with that, not saying he is great, but he ain't bad either..

PS I wouldn't blame that play solely on Wilson, did you see how lazy our D-linemen were to even allow that joke of a play to develop? Brees took out 2 of our D-linemen just by sliding in the way. Just terrible all around defensive effort and that's the ONLY thing Bush is good at.... He's not even close to being a complete RB

I wouldn't call him the "HERO" of that commercial Mando..... Someone likes to drink out of the Hype-coolaide!

Cfphinfan @ 6:28 gets the # 1 spot thus far.

All that being said....

Let's Get an Ed Reed type of playmaking Free Safety with our first pick of the draft!! 12th pick overall... Does anyone think Eric Berry will be available at that spot or is that wishful thinking?? :)

Wilson should be cut if he doesn't take a considerable pay cut, but if he's willing to take a pay cut he will be a valuable backup at either Safety position, let's remember he's really a SS NOT a FS.

Eric Berry is not going to be there at 12... If he was then that would be great but he will not be there. IMO he is a top five no later than top ten though.

0 INTs, riding multible players like a guy catching a bus, this guy is terrible, what could he possibly teach a younger player???

Seems to me everyone is jealous of Gibril!! Who else can tackle air better than him.

How did Gibril Wilson feel on Super Sunday?

He probably wondered when he can call the moving vans.

I am jealous of Gibril, I wish I could make millions of dollars for doing less than nothing...

There is an article on PFT and apparently one from this paper by someone named Barry Jackson stating that "sources" are saying the fins might offer a draft pick to Arizona for Boldin...

The article says "3rd round pick or later"

Leave the poor guy alone. Anyone who watched the Dolphins knows how terrible he was.

How about the grade A douche bag who brought him here. How does that MORON feel??? How about the coaches who kept putting him on the field b/c they couldn't coach anyone else up to be better.

This one is on the front office. Not Wilson. They should have known when the Giants and Raiders didn't want him. I highly doubt he suddenly became incapable of catching and tackling after he moved to South Florida.

Seriously, grow some nads and talk about the lousy decision making to bring him here, have no one else better to replace him, and the inability of the coaching staff to affect any change.

Ok, so I guess you would also like to blame Parcells for Tony Romo fumbling the hold for the field goal a couple years back... what was tuna thinking?

It was actually 68 percent of tv's on that had the game on.

Guy was brought in cause he had playing experience and the fish were starting 2 rookies at safety, he failed big time, yes the front office is to blame, but Gibral truly sucks....

Carlito, if you click on the link, the people in contact with the Dolphins said they could 'envision' the Dolphins offering a 3rd. Not very reliable, PFT is good at not giving all the information. That being said, I myself could envision us offering a 3rd for him, he's the type of player our front office likes. I am not sure if I would do it, I might. Just thought you might want to know.

Granted he had a tough year but that was just an all time great play by Reggie Bush. That wasn't Gibril's fault. One of the best plays ever in the NFL.

That's bad enough, but Jim Nantz just had to remind everyone at the end of the game that the Dolphins passed on signing Drew Brees.

I'm sure Gerbil is laughing all the way to the bank. Why hasn't he been arrested for stealing the Dolphins' money?

That super-super-slo-mo commercial, as well as Jim Nantz at the end of the game gleefully reminding the world that Sun Life "could" have been Brees' home fioeld had the Fins not screwed up, were the "perfect" sado-masochistic ending to the season for us.

NJ PHIN - You are not a "college guru" like you state yourself as...

Couldn't even answer my questions yesterday, so you're blog info is losing credibility...

Get Rolle from the Cardinals

Lets sign everyone in the world......... these people are driving me crazy. Sign him sign him sign him trade for him trade him he sucks trade him.... Please someone stop this..........

Gibril is horrible but I can't hold that play against him. Gibril was 3/4 of the way standing up and Bush jumped right over him. That's a 5 ft vertical in full sprint.

I'd rather not revisit him getting beat when Sean Smith had the underneath route, riding Jeremy Shockey like a jockey (I'm a poet!), or getting beat on several long passes.

It's surprising he was that close to the ball. Most of the time he was so far out of position, he had no chance to make a play.

But the real question is, what did they see in this guy to start with? And 7 million dollars guaranteed/signing bonus has already been paid out. Hate to have to explain that one to accounting.

Reggie Bush has been known for that vertical leap move into the endzone. He did it in college and has done it in the pros before he did it to Gibril.

Gibril is just another victim of Reggie's signature move...

Indiana- "Gibril is just another victim of Reggie's signature move..."

I would rather say..."Gibril is just another victim of his lack of skills"...

As bad as that commercial was and as bad as he played last year I think he makes it to the training camp. I doubt they cut wilson before then. And i bet porter gets his 1 million but gets traded. I mean the guy still had 28 sacks the last 2 seasons. he still has value. I bet we get a 5th rounder for him

Yes he has always done it, and had Gibril done his homework, maybe and I mean maybe, he would have prepared for it and at least touched Reggie on that play.

Its reggie bush... all he needed was to touch him and he flys out of bounce. but he dives and doesnt even touch him.


enrique1085 - True statement as well...

Lame. I hate to see the Dolphins posterized like that. I didn't actually see that commercial. I'm surprised to see the number of people who are actually happy that we were embarrassed like that. Sucks to be Wilson (in this one aspect, I mean after all, he is a multi-millionaire with a Super Bowl ring) Well, if we do end up retaining him instead of cutting him, hopefully this will motivate him to not suck so bad this year.

I am not happy to see it was a Dolpin player getting posterized, but the guy has only been with the team for a year so it does not bother me. Now if it was say someone like Jason Taylor I would be a little more pissed. We all knew as did the whole world he sucked and this just proves it and will make it easier to cut him or trade him if that is even remotely possible...

I'm just glad I missed that commercial. It would have ticked me off. freakin biggest stage in the world and here's my team getting toasted-lol

Ugh, this is such an irrelevant post. Who cares how he FEELS, Mando? He should just focus on getting better, so the next commercial doesn't show him getting burned, but making a key interception.


I AM ALWAYS... - I'm not going to speak for anyone else on here, but I will say this much for me. I was REALLY HAPPY to see us get embarrassed like that because it ancentuated the fact that he sucks and needs to be dealt with. It's called facing the harsh truth and dealing with it, I guess I just like looking towards the future instead of dwelling the past.

i think all of this sh.t were giving the gerbil is just gonna motivate him to the point where he will become a beast. maybe... just not with the fins next year. cut him, for more motivation.

lmao, I'm pretty sure EVERY person out there associated with the Dolphins, fans and personnel alike, knew already that Wilson sucked this year without our team having to look bad in front of 100 million people. To me that's insult to injury, but to each his own :)

Agreed - I was embarrased when they posted that commercial.. I groaned as those around me chuckled.

And enrique, I am confused - you seem to be revelling in the embarrassment of a play that happened earlier this season, but then end your post with "I guess I just like looking towards the future instead of dwelling the past."

I sure as hell hope you are not predicting Girbil will do the same thing again next year in a Dolphins jersey! (unless that somehow also means we are in the Superbowl)


It was also an isult to hear and see the Super Bowl played on our field and the announcers referring to the games earlier in the year when we "almost" beat the Colts and Saints in our own stadium...

I alos do not think it was a inult to our team as they were just showing off Reggie Bush. That clip/commercial would of never been played if the Saints did not make it to the Super Bowl...

I AM ALWAYS...Get your panties out of a bunch!

Bobby Joe- He's been cut from a Super Bowl team, after what might have been his best year. He then got cut by the bucket of crap Raiders, but he's still not motivated enough? I think you're leaning way too much on wishful thinking. IMO, some players want it, and some don't...I don't think he wants anything bad enough.

How in the world did we sign Wilson?
Will we ever hear the Trifecta saying that it was its worst mistake of the past offseason?

Ronnie Brown's tweet 14 hours ago:

"I got big surprise for the fans this upcoming season! I can't wait"

I wonder what that means??

Armando, any comment?

Lips- I am revelling at that play, only because I hope it's enough to show the coaches this guy is a back up at best. That's why I am looking towards the future, a future without Wilson in it.

Pretty obvious your not going to let up on this guy until he's run out of town, Armando. What's with the personal vendetta against this guy? Is it because he signed a big contract in the off-season? It's not your money, so why do you care? Is it any wonder the trifecta don't talk to you, when you treat people this way. Your job is to be objective, not pile on!! Do you REALLY think this guy would be bothered because they showed a highlight of him missing a play during the Super Bowl? I'd like to think he's not that sensitive. So once he's gone, who's the next guy your going to pile on (assuming of course that Porter is going too). And the rest of you guys on here need to question if you are even fans of this team. So the guy had a bad season.....let it go!! He's not the sole reason we finished 7-9. I'll stand by my team and realize they will get it sorted out.

Indy, no bunched panties here. It just cracks me up how "fans" of our team revel in us being made into the Washington Generals (the team the Harlem Globetrotters always beat up on.) Maybe you all should root for the Lions, then you can revel in your team sucking all the time :) lmao

Woah!!! @ Craig Miller....LMAO

PS..The money,It's everyone that goes to the games, buys Sunday NFL Ticket, go to bars, buys team apparel and participate in numerous team activities. Without the fans, they don't get paid..amigo

I had a house full of Raiders and Niners and Steelers fans. I can't believe they didn't rip me when that commercial came on. Must of been because I was the one cooking up the hot wings. lol

I AM ALWAYS - The play is not that big of deal to me though. It was moreso showing a Super Bowl player and not insulting Miami...

It's not like that play was not showed all season, so it was not a shock to the world in which it was a play that was never seen(for people who watch SportsCenter)...

I AM ALWAYS - They didn't rip you because they understand that an entire franchise is not responsible for a bad player not making a tackle(or close to) on any given play.

Indy, to follow that one note, it was a hell of an impressive play by Bush.

enrique, my crowd never misses an opportunity to rip on each others teams, in good fun of course. That is one of the best things about football with friends IMO. It's probably also why I am so quick to defend when we are getting ripped on.

Indian Dolphins is stop the madness. He can no hide his love for NJ. Do you hear him?

"NJ? Where is my NJ? You didn't answer my question and I am hurt. Waaaaaaaaah. You can't come to my birthday party."

Now bow and yell "yes sensei!"

When u revel in other peoples failures does it make u feel better about ur own worthless lives.


How is donkey farming business?

It's an embarrassment to the entire team. Over the past 5 years we have become the 80's Buccaneers (the team that's always showing up in other teams' highlight films). It's not a one man game.

Was anybody else unfortunate enough to see Rex Ryans belly/ fupa on sportscenter this morning?

I mean, we all know he is fat, but his was down right disturbing and that image will haunt my nightmares for years to come.

I AM ALWAYS - Yes it was, the dude is very athletic. To be able to leap 5 feet in the air and soar for 5-7 yards is pretty impressive


I know that article on PFT was speculation... seems like it always is with them. I also could go either way with Boldin. He would be a great addition to the team, but not worth giving up draft picks... I was just trying to link the article for fellow Dolphans..

cobra kai - YOU ARE NUTS! I have been the same person on hear since day one. Whether I post from my computer or my IPOD Touch, my name is Indiana Dolfan

Indiana can take a flying leap onto his donkey with no running start

When did I ever say where is my NJ you loser! Only reason I posted for him to answer my question is to see if he really knows the stuff he says, because I think he is big headed and dont know as much as he claims he does...think of it as calling him out!

Get a life dude, seriously!!

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