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How did Gibril Wilson feel on Super Sunday?

Your name is Gibril Wilson. You've just had a difficult season in 2009 with the Miami Dolphins.

You missed tackles to the point your pee-wee league coach called you to ask you what's wrong (true story). You didn't have an interception even though no less than four passes hit you in the hands throughout the season.

You temporarily lost your starting job midway through the season (for one game) only to regain the job but then lose it again the final game of the regular season. You had trouble in coverage. You had trouble communicating with the media to the point you seemingly gave up on the idea.

It was by any account a bad season because you know your new team -- the third you've played for in three seasons -- is considering dropping you like a bad habit to absolve itself of your toxic contract.

But, hey, it's Super Bowl Sunday. You're not playing but neither is there any pressure on you. It's a time to forget the worries of a terrible season. So you sit down like 100 million other people to watch the game. Maybe you're hanging with friends.Maybe you're hanging with family. It is a good time for everyone.

And then the game goes to a commercial and the one below comes on the tube. And, hey, midway through the commercial you recognize yourself. And you're not the hero in this commercial, in fact you're the goat. And you suddenly realize that 40 percent of the televisions turned on around the country just showed what your 2009 season was mostly about.

Question: How do you feel?

Is it fair or unfair?

And are you more mad at yourself for putting yourself in the situation you did? Or are you upset that the NFL basically called you out as a goat on the play?

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Most of the people watching were focused on Bush taking flight. Dolfans are the only ones who noticed Girbril and even know who he is. Well, maybe Giant and Raider fans saw him and were happy they got rid of him.

I don't think Girbil cares because he was probably being taken care of by a beautiful girl at the time and she didn't see the commercial because the back of her head was facing the TV.

Has anyone ELSE heard the report about

A n q u a n:..:B o l d e n ??

Indiana, Just because someone do no respond for you little question, does not mean they do not know answer. Maybe they just dont have time for speak with donkey farmer.

If the Dolphins give up a 3rd for Boldin, I will flip out. If the Patriots got Randy friggin Moss coming off an equally disappointing season for a 4th (and Randy was the same age just about that Moss was then), then Boldin shouldn't fetch more than that - maybe less because Boldin is nowhere near the receiver Moss is.

He Ginned it! lol

My guess would be that they'll make the 2011 pick conditional in value based on how many 2010 games he stays healthy for.

Anyone else notice from Rex Ryans gunt display that the man doesn't have a belly button, or is so fat he tucks his belly button in...


typo - I meant to say that when Moss was traded he was about the same age Anquan Boldin is now. The snow must be freezing my brain.

Carlito, it's way too close to lunchtime to be showing pics like that.

What song is playing in the commercial?

Armando - I usually agree with you, but I would not call Gerbil the goat of this play. If Bush was not making an "air Jordan" type play it would be a tackle. Bush would have flown over Troy Polamaulu on that play. That being said, the real goat(s) is(are) those who let him get to the outside initially.

LMFAO @ cobra kai. BINGO ! You hit the nail right on the head on all your posts especially the one at 11 ;49 am.

Polamaulu's hair can tackle better than the Gerbil

So far the jackazz post of the day goes to immumounts ( sic ) for saying maybe should draft sam bradford with the 12 th pick. Are you f'n kidding me ???.


You liked that one too huh?

Scalzo @ 5:01am,

Thanks for asking your question. My response is I would draft best player available. Whomever I feel has the most talent as a football player I would select that player...especially with the early choices as you can't afford to miss. For me the safest pick talent wise @12 is Spiller. When the Fins tabbed OT Jake Long #1 overall we needed a QB badly. QB Mat Ryan went to the Atlanta Falcons a couple of picks later. The reason the Fins took Jake Long is they felt way more comfortable that Jake would be a great player for a long time. The bust ratio on QBs taken early is much higher. So they let any teams #1 need slip until later rounds to take the safe road.

You asked who out of Ronnie Brown (coming of IR and inly finished 1 complete season in the NFL), Ricky (Only a handful of RBs have EVER gone over 1000 yards at his age last year and he will retire after 2010) and Pat Cobbs (Coming off a serious leg injury) would "take the hit" carries wise? Take your pick... You don't know how their respective injuries and age will heal or affect performance in 2010.

I will put it this way, do you think RB Chris Johnson of the Titans would get to play with our stable of RB's? When I say I think Spiller has Chris Johnson type ability, that is exactly what I mean. I will just let you know, Chris Johnson would start 1st over anyone the Dolphins have EVER had. He was attacking the most yards EVER by a RB last year.

I am not saying sure fire, 100% that Spiller will automatically do what Chris Johnson has done in the NFL but I do think he is in that league talent wise. That is why I feel strongly enough to draft him at #12. He can return punts, return kickoffs, has the hands to play some WR and will be brutal on any DEF in open space. Our team needs better field position and Spiller is a guy that can get that done too.

I am also assuming that the Fins stay at #12. If they trade back I think they could add a draft pick or two and get great value as there are some nice players in the 20-32 range. #12 is too early and therefore a reach for these players imho.

I ask you the same question... what one player are you sticking your neck out for at the 12th spot in round 1 and why? Remembering that saying we have a need on DEF doesn't make any DEF draft pick a star, the player does. Who's your pick at #12?

diegodiego post 6:29am Oh wise sage... who is your #1 pick @12? I am feelin you're a McClain guy aren't you? I want to see what your brilliant, non Jet fan choice is and explain why it's the best choice...

Maybe he just wants Bradford so him and Pennington can compare shredded shoulders

Rob... again with the novels...

Lol, Carlito buzzes in with the belly laugh for me... good one!

Sorry bro...it's in my blood I tell ya. Can't get out all I want to say in 2 zinger lines sometimes.

Carlito I just didn't want you to get your hopes up. I think Boldin could be a good pickup. I really do. I know he is a different type of player than we already have. Idk about the 3rd round pick, I would do the 4th. I feel no matter the order, we can come out of the first 3 picks with a S, ILB, and NT. I wouldn't be for drafting a WR in round 1, maybe in 2 or 3. My guess would be Miami would also need to have a new contract for Boldin as well. I guess I don't care either way. If he is here, I will be a big supporter. Dude is tough, much like Ronnie, I think he stays nicked up because of how physical he plays.

Rob is a real estate novelist...
Gets me my drinks for free...

Lol, circa Billy Joel: Piano Man

IF we took Spiller, which I highly doubt we will, he wouldn't be running too often out of our key running formations, ie 2 TEs and Polite. The idea would be to get Spiller in space, matched up with LBs and S, to be the new sweep guy out of the wildcat, probably a good amount of work as the third down back. The power running would still be done with Ronnie and Ricky. I would like Spiller, but I would be pissed if we took him. Too many other pressing needs.


He is a FL guy through and through so I know he would bust his arse for the Fins and his hometown fans.

I like AB and think he would add a much tougher element. Pfft, his hair is tougher than Ginn.


I feel ya, I'm not a Boldin or bust guy. I think he could really help the team, but I don't think they HAVE to have him and highly doubt they will give up high draft picks. But if they can get him for a 4th, it is something that they have to consider...

I agree with all that Rob. I think much of my resistance is we always seem to get burned on these things. But Boldin is an animal. I would not be upset if he was in a Miami uniform. And even with the 3rd, we aren't getting a player of comparable talent at WR with that pick. So I'm all for t, just worried it backfires like these moves usually do for us.

Rob in oc. It's gotten to the point ( your novels ) that i'm just starting to skip over them. They're long and redundant . People will start skipping them perhaps missing some good points you might have and sorry but spiller won't be drafted by the dolphins at the 12 spot. That's all i'm going to say about spiller with you. :)

Rob on oc, Excellent. Your last post is more like it. Well done my friend. cheers !

Boldin would help Henne too. A lot. Henne has to be perfect on so many throws, we don't get to throw jump balls and let the guy go get it. Boldin could open everything else up. Dare I say it, but Ginn could benefit as well. I've always maintained that no matter how bad he plays, he's the guy defenses are keeping an extra eye on. Boldin would become that guy. Ginn could really breakout, we didn't run hardly any go routes all year. Someone to go over the middle would open up a lot of our passing game.

NJ I'm sure there were people saying matter of factly we wouldn't take Pat White last year either. I am with you I think it will never happen, but you never know with the draft.


I do believe 100% that Miami needs DEF more. This a deep draft at a number of positions so the value lies in rounds 2-4. If they take DEF in all those rounds and get 1 FA like Dansby or Rolle then I would say even with Spiller in the fold it would be a gigantic DEF draft.

I say take Spiller as he does so many rolls...like Percy Harvin of Minn and I think he is the safest bet to be a good football player at #12.

If we trade back then all bets are off.

I like DE/OLB Brandon Graham, LB Sean Weatherspoon, DT Dan Williams from 20-32.

I do like your break down of how you think he would be used. You are thinking and thats awesome compared to so many that just say "we need Def" as an answer.


Rob in OC, if they take Spiller at 12 I would put serious thought into whether to renew my seaseon tickets because it would tell me 1. Parcells is no longer in charge and 2. There is no hope for the near future of this franchise. You don't bring a Mike Nolan into this organization with his coaching philosophy and pick a running back at number 12 when there is so many needs in defense...Another running back or any offensive pick with #12 is a complete and total waste

Just a reminder that we suck worse than Gabril. Also, we can't spell so goodly.


I'm not going to bash anyone who takes time out of there day to come on here and post what they think we should do. Why? We all want the same thing. We want to see our team win a Super Bowl. Now some posts are completely moronic, but even then I understand that person just doesn't get football. Or has a view, like NJ has said many times, that this is Madden. Taking a P in the first round will never happen. Lol. But Spiller could happen. I doubt it though.

Bootang25 12:35... great point!

on you prior post I would have to lay that on the OC Henning. Why the heck we don't run 1-4 go paterns, sluggo or post corners with Ginn a game was beyond me. It seems like the only time he has good concentration is when he knows no one can hit him as he has run by them.

Well no one except that back line...lol, I forget which game he alligator armed it near the back line for no reason.

It was the IND game where he did it. I just think you find what the players do well, and put them in those positions. Ginn played a lot better towards the end of the year, I think he is not a number 1 guy, but could have a role on this team and contribute.

bobbyd12 post 12:36.

Who is your awesome pick at #12 then? Has to be Def so that narrows it down. I want you on record so we can see how they do in the nfl...

I see no Def player that is not a reach or flat does not have the skills to be a value at #12. Just my opinion.


Rob in OC:

Rex Ryan has many 'Rolls'
on the other hand...
Spiller can play many 'Roles'

(...Anyway I'm just messing with ya.)

You make a lot of valid points...

I enjoy your posts!

Bootang , that's exactly my point. how did that pick of white turn out ?? The tuna went away from his script and it backfired. I doubt he does it again , especially at 12. GINN AT 9 anyone ???

This team cant afford to take spiller. The defense couldnt stop anybody last year. Of their first 4 picks, I think they will take 3 defensive players and perhaps a WR in the 2nd round. No way they take Spiller at 12 with the needs this team has on defense.

Gibril "Toast" Wilson... SUCKS ! Lets go after the aging Sharper, that guy is TWICW the Safety Wilson is !


I have put as many disclaimers as I can about my lengthy posts.

I know you are very knowledgeable and I wont be changing your mind about your convictions regarding the draft.

I'm not hurt if ya don't read em bud...no worries.

I like to debate the many options and see how other Fin fans think... no worries.


Bobbyd12 . amen !! on your last post. me too.

Listen I would be pissed if we took Spiller. I'd support him, but I wouldn't be happy. I've just seen enough of the draft, to know crazier things have happened. I would say I am one of the top 5 Ronnie Brown fans anywhere, he is far and away my fav player, he just can't stay healthy. I hope he does, and I like Ricky. And hilliard and cobbs fit certain roles well. So I do not want Spiller in any way. But it could happen.

Last year they took Pat White in the 2nd round and Patrick Turner in the 3rd round. They got cute with those two picks and it exploded in their face. No completions for Pat White (!!!) and no receptions for Patrick Turner (!!!!). They simply cant afford to take Spiller this year. There is no room for luxury picks. The defense got embarrassed last year.

Fake gm. Right on point buddy. That's exactly right.

Lawrence Welk,

LOL...that's great! The funny thing is my Grnadma use to watch The LW show a ton... Bubbles, bubbles everyone.

Good job.

Yeah...I got terrorized with that I my Grandmother's too !!

Nikos Koutevides @ 12

Ok, in 2007 Cam Camoron picked Ted Ginn at number 9 to be a breakout player "like Devin Hester" even though it is hard to believe someone would think this way about a player who would play mostly special teams, there's nothing we can do about it and we all know how it worked out...

I feel some team will draft Spiller to be a breakout player "like Chris Johnson"... This logic is completely flawed and if you take Ted Ginn as a precedent you will see this is not the smart decision so high in the first round, especially in a position that is not a "need" when there are so many "needs" on this team...

I'm sure the trifecta's thinking differs greatly from Cam Camoron's thought process and can't wait to see who the Fins get.

Hey , that's me . LOL

Fake GM, NJ PHIN, bobbyd12,

You are not really comparing players to other players or stating that because Ginn and Turner didnt work out the Fins can no longer draft Off are you? Really??? That's logical??

Bootang25 has it the most right...we are just throwing out ideas here. The fact that Pat White and Turner got chosen says that history could repeat itself. They took Hartline in the 4rth and he seems to be playing fine?

Does every 1st round pick fix the team automatically? i.e. How's early 1st round Vernon Gholston working out for the Jets? He was a highly touted DEF guy. DT Glenn Dorsey..the saviour of a DT for KC?? Another top 10 can't miss DEF prospect??

Teams can fail on either or both sides of the draft Off/Def (i.e. the Lions).

I am not trying to rile you guys up. I don't want anyone to ditch their season tickies over a draft pick. The Fins need as many butts in seats as they can get!


Fake GM,

Using your own logic... How could the Fins possibly think about throwing away a 2nd round pick on a WR??? Because Pat Turner, Yatil Green, Larry Shannon and others have failed doesn't that mean that the Fins can no longer draft WRs?

FYI: OFF is not a luxury.

In that case those were two luxurious OFF's in the SB this year.

Menace if you're out there , i finished shoveling round 1 of the snowstorm this morning . it was about 4 inches. i think we're supposed to get another blast this afternoon with blizzard conditions. i hope not. Slap some girls butt in a thong bikini for me , will ya.

Rob In OC...I have posted here many times "on record" as u say that I would take McClain at number 12...Also, you may call it a "stretch" but after his Senior Bowl appearance Dan Williams has climbed the draft boards and I would also have no problems taking him "at this time" of course the combines will change opinions again, they always do...If we can trade down, that would be another option to get another pick, again no problem...In any scenario, the needs of the Dolphins are on the defense with those early round picks...CJ Spiller rushing and Chad Henne throwing will not make up for the other team scoring everytime they touch the ball


Come on bro...we go way back...lol

Using that Ginn analogy, you cannot select a LB as V Gholston was highly touted, fast, buff sack guy and he has failed miserably....right?


But it was DEFENSE that was the name of the game and DEFENSE is what won the super bowl.


I think this regime has done not only a good, but a great job with this roster. The team they took over had only 2 good young players: Ronnie Brown and Vernon Carey. They have done a terrific job with the roster and I love Parcells/Ireland. I am just saying that some drafts have to be nuts and bolts (LBs, NT). This is one of those drafts.

I have no doubt Spiller will be a gamebraker. But I would rather have a defense that can stop people. I dont think offense was the problem last year.

cobra kai - Get a life!

NJ - One word for you and your so called "smarts" on this blog -OVERRATED!! Your opinion is no better than anyone elses on this blog, but yet you act like you are the next best thing to sliced bread!!

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