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How did Gibril Wilson feel on Super Sunday?

Your name is Gibril Wilson. You've just had a difficult season in 2009 with the Miami Dolphins.

You missed tackles to the point your pee-wee league coach called you to ask you what's wrong (true story). You didn't have an interception even though no less than four passes hit you in the hands throughout the season.

You temporarily lost your starting job midway through the season (for one game) only to regain the job but then lose it again the final game of the regular season. You had trouble in coverage. You had trouble communicating with the media to the point you seemingly gave up on the idea.

It was by any account a bad season because you know your new team -- the third you've played for in three seasons -- is considering dropping you like a bad habit to absolve itself of your toxic contract.

But, hey, it's Super Bowl Sunday. You're not playing but neither is there any pressure on you. It's a time to forget the worries of a terrible season. So you sit down like 100 million other people to watch the game. Maybe you're hanging with friends.Maybe you're hanging with family. It is a good time for everyone.

And then the game goes to a commercial and the one below comes on the tube. And, hey, midway through the commercial you recognize yourself. And you're not the hero in this commercial, in fact you're the goat. And you suddenly realize that 40 percent of the televisions turned on around the country just showed what your 2009 season was mostly about.

Question: How do you feel?

Is it fair or unfair?

And are you more mad at yourself for putting yourself in the situation you did? Or are you upset that the NFL basically called you out as a goat on the play?

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I'm not talking about busts, I'm talking about drafting one player to be a clone of productive player that is the latest fad... i.e. Devin Hester and Chris Johnson... The fact is CJ Spiller is not Chris Johnson so drafting him to be "like" him is a flawed logic.

RB is possibly the most stacked position on this team. The Defense is horrible up the middle... The Phins just got a new high profile d coordinator and Parcells is a defensive mind... Dont see Cj Spiller going here

Rob In OC...there is no 100% in anything but there is a 0 that's ZERO percent chance of fixing a defense by drafting an offensive player, that is a fact..and again, Im pretty sure when Mike Nolan interviewed the trifecta said, " hey Mike our defense is a mess and we need you to fix it, by the way, we are going to draft CJ Spiller with our 12th" ... Good luck Mike, make that blitz thing work" Nolan would not be here unless he thought Miami would get him some players...


I think the best value for a WR will be in the early 2nd round when guys like M. Gilyard, D. Thomas, T. Price, A. Benn, and D. Williams will be available. So it wouldnt shock me if they took one at that point. I am just saying that in my opinion their needs at linebacker are much more pressing. Right now they have one linebacker who is average - Crowder. They literally have no one at the other 3 spots.

Indiana this is a football blog you know better than that. I have seen you put up some nice information. Dont taint your name with this crap you have been posting recently. Who cares what you think about NJ or anyone in here. Talk football or sit and read.

So the Cut List from the defense in no particular order is "The Girbil", Akin Ayodele, and CROWDER, BECAUSE HE SUCKS!

As for the Pat White pick, a few things. At that time, we still had NO idea what Chad Henne could do, we had an idea, but it was not a given. Also, I really think this staff wants a hybrid type offense, built around 2 differing philosophies. One part power, one part spread. Pat White was drafted as part of the evolution of the Wildcat. They had no clue he would be so blown away by the speed of the game, which we all saw once he got snaps. That all slows down with reps. Backing my belief was the trade for Tyler Thigpen. Another shotgun spread guy. So with Pat White, I don't think it's as bad a pick as most. Not the player IMO, just where we took him, with obvious bigger needs. I worry with him not having the frame to add the weight necessary, but I know they are doing everything to do this. Ron Wolf is a respected NFL personnel guy, and he subscribes to the theory you keep drafting QBs until you find one. Now, Henne to me is the guy, I would stop trying to add QBs. Develop White and Thigpen as backups. That's my take on the Pat White pick.

Rob in oc. you have to be kidding me right ? we're not comparing ginn , white or turner to spiller. we're comparing picking wr/rb high in the draft. if you look at the history of the draft , most of the busts have come at thw wr position. your chance of getting a bust at wr are much higher and miami can't afford that right now. also most of the good rb's were taken after the first round. We're talking about parcells's draft philisophy and his patters throughout the years, also to bring up yatil green and larry shannon from 13 years ago is laughable.


Speaking of stretches...teams scored EVERY time they had the ball?

I like your post. I am glad you feel McClain at #12 will work. I know one or both of us will be incorrect. After all the players make it into the NFL then we can see who offered which team a boost my tackling, sacking, scoring, moving the chains etc. If they had to go DEF #12 I think Brandon Graham or DT Williams would be best. I am not sure Williams can play pure NT though which scares me. As it's DE NT DE in the 3-4.

I strongly feel that moving back would bring best DEF value. That would be the best way to address the Def but, I feel it seems like it's harder nowadays as the salaries are scary near the top 10 for many owners.

Combines shouldn't radically change anyones mind(although it does see Raiders DHB). The bulk of analysis should come from their college games they played. Knowing a guy is a little faster or has better hands can change a round or 2. Buyer beware: There are always workout warriors lurking at the combine like V Gholston and Mike Mammula.

Good post and thanks for your answer bro.

WestVaFins - Very true, but got disrespected a little bit so was just wanting to clear some things up. Sorry ladies and gentlemen for the off the subject non football stuff...

I think moving back to pick up an extra pick is the key. We move back and take Dan Williams in the first. We pick up def again in the second and wherever that extra pick from moving back is that is the one that is used on WR TE or OL. Then back to defense until the 6 and 7 and get some speed there to play special teams.


Fake GM , you're right about the wr depth in this draft. The real value is in rounds 2-4.

i meant no disrespect Indiana i know you just wanted to be heard lol just giving you a hard time....

Fake GM, I agree this roster is MUCH better than it was when they took over. I think defense is in need of an overhaul. We ran quite a few different style of offense this year, swapping out QBs, RBs, Oline, went from primarily a power running team to a team where the QB was throwing 300 yards almost every week. Speaks to the versatility of the players. I think that is my fav thing about our staff, they like to bring in versatile guys. And mike Nolan is going ti utilize players very well, too.


It would be nice to know what the cap ramifications would look like if the Dolphins were to keep some players like Wilson and Porter instead of cutting them while there is no CBA and no cap hit. Obviously we're not keeping Porter, but Wilson might have some value as a backup SS if he were to earn the spot next year.

I'd rather cut ties with overpaid/underperforming players this year and position ourselves to have a big FA offseason in 2011 in preparation for a Super Bowl push.

Torbor, Ayodele, Ginn and others come to mind.

NJ, what are your thoughts on anquan boldin? Would you gve up a 4th for him?

Anyone that thinks getting rid of ginn is a good idea is wrong. Still very young and too much speed to get rid of. If we lose him then what does our WR core look like. ALOT worse than it does now.

Awesome write up... I was cracking up! Gibril Wilson sucks!!!!

Fake GM 1:11pm

Good post. I hear ya loud and clear. I just wish there was a DEF player at #12 I felt even close to as strongly about as I do Spiller.

It it's terrible for our noble Fins to be hurting for ceratin at stopping people. I absolutely think Brandon Graham and Weatherspoon can play and make huge contributions to a team. I also feel that both have enough short comings (BGs short arms, light for DE and SW can sometimes get lost in the trash and doesn't always jump out at ya like at the Senior Bowl) either of these players should be taken from #20 on back.

It may even benefit the Fins moreso to go off the trade grid and take less to trade back so they can simply get a good DEF player and get more bullets for later.

Who is the Def player that blows you away at #12?

Thanks for the post...cheers,

This my impression of Indiana,

NJ why don't you don't answer my question or like me? I am destroyed. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You can't come to my birthday party! waaaaaaa. Enough crying, donkeys dont farm themselves.


With whom are we trading down, and what extra pick do you think they're going to give us?

More Fantasy Football nonsense.

Dan williams is going to be real good NT. There's no doubt now that he can play the position. He was outstanding and unblockable during senior bowl pratices. The dolphins coaches and sparano love him. You don't want to move back to much because williams has climbed into the top 20.

Donkey/Al-Loco...see the home care nurse got u up early and fed u ur prunes...nice to see u on this early giving ur NON-OPINION opinion to everyone...at least we know u will be in bed early tonight so pls chime right in with ur ALL CAPS BLOG ALL THE TIME

Lol just thinking of what this blog will be like draft night. Will be classic.

NJ PHIN, 1:10

Or rhetorically the Colts OFF lost the game...

It's a ying and yang thing.


Crowder is a solid backup...and he can ease the development of McClain (should he be drafted)

If The Dolphins are able to also get hold of Dansby then the ILB upgrade will be complete.

We need to draft Dan the Man Williams. I dont give a crap if its a reach because he goes in the 20s. Without a solid NT the defense against the run will be a sham.

Miami's offensive moved the ball at will with Henne. IF they eliminate dropped passes and a pass threat TE we are in shape.

Defense only showed up against Jets in NY. All other games they stunk it up either in the first half or last quarter.

More fantasy football nonsense.... ummm no any team behind us that wants Spiller or Bryant would be happy to move up to that spot.

NJ, I think PIT would seriously consider taking Williams if he is available at 18. they need both NT and S help, so they're a team I don't want to be behind in all honesty. Trading back isn't as easy as many make it seem.

Id give a 3rd and Jason Allen or even one of the rotating lineman (garner) for Boldin.

Carlito, 1:16

All valid points... duly noted bud.

Bootang25, the most i would give up for bolden is a 4rth rounder. He's a declining player . By the time miami iis ready for a ssb run in 2-3 years , he might be done anyeway .

The Dolphins would be very happy and lucky if McClain is available at 12. This guy is the prototypical ILB and is a leader and smart football player.

With a good performance at the combine, Dan Williams might not be a reach at all at 12. Some mock drafts I have seen have him going in the mid to late teens already.


We're definitely adding at least one receiver this year, probably two. That means that 2 guys out of the Hartline, Bess, Ginn, Camarillo, Turner group will be gone. As much as I like Cam, I think he's the first to go. After that you'd think it'd be Ginn or maybe Turner.

And you dont move up without giving up picks. Soooo what was it that you were saying again thats nonsense... Lets see who agrees with you. If you believe that nobody will give up a pick to move up to get spiller or bryant then please say sooo or feel free to make the professer feel silly by tellign him he is wrong.

LMFAO @ Cobra Kai.

NJ spot on with my earlier post. I am anxious to see how we approach FA, because much of our draft philosophy will change on what we get done with FA. Even if it's not a big name, a position of need may no longer be such a need.

I would take R. Mclain or D. Williams at #12. I also wonder if Derrick Morgan can play OLB or if he is just a pure 4-3 DE. If he can play OLB in our system, I would take him. I have seen mock drafts where he falls to 12.

What cap?

So if we do move spots in the first round what is that worth to another team? 2nd or 3rd round pick at worst I believe. Any thoughts?


Just to play devils advocate. N.O. was 8-8 last year... Fins might not be as far away as you think. (Disclaimer: I am in no way predicting Dolphins in the Super Bowl next year, just sayin...)

I def. dont think you give up Ginn because you arent going to get anything out of it. He was a top ten pick (granted he shouldnt have gone there) you dont give up a top ten pick for nothing which is what we would get for him.

sure, happens all the time in the first round.

And if the team that wants Spiller or Bryant picks shortly after us, and they know we want Williams, why trade when Spiller/dez would drop?

And if they are far behind us in draft order, how could we be assured that intervening team won't pick Williams?

I suppose you could find TWO teams just behind us, both of whom want Dez/CJ, and allow one to hop another...but then ........

Like I said: happens all the time in the first round......Teams are just lining up to trade up with us.

bobbyd12 post 1:16,

Mike Nolan is here because they pay him handsomly and he needed a job! Let's get that out there right now.

He and McDaniels in Denver did not see eye to eye on how much you have to blitz.

It's not like Organizations go around wooing DC's or OC's by devulging top secret draft info in interviews... seriously?

Thanks for the post, cheers

Yeah Indiana you have to give up no worse than a third to move up.

Word on the street is Mount Cody is slipping to the 2nd round or 3rd given his ro-bust bust problems.

I also think that this regime is very secretive (who would have thought V. Davis or P. White would be picked last year). So nothing at all would shock me at #12. I think Earl Thomas (safety out of Texas) would be slightly high at 12, but it wouldnt shock me. He's the 2nd best safety in the draft.

Guys, here is my biggest hope. Smart teams have their board done before the combine. They have out together all their info, and have everything set. This way, a guy who may have been 31st before, doesn't end up 17th becase of what goes on for a few days in some workouts. I hope we are one of those teams that gets everything in order beforehand.

Earl Thomas is a rangy, ballhawk type who I think would compliment Y Bell very well. Two diff types who could allow the other one to do what they do best.

Yes...please make me feel foolish by arguing that teams would gladly give us a 2 or 3 to switch first rounders with us.

It's SO easy & common for a 12 slot to trade down & reap good addt'l picks.

Tell ya what, WVA--if it happens, I'll publicly apologize here.

Where is the news about boldin at????? I would like to read.

Ill hold you to that perfesser... Are you feeling alright you seem a little up tight today. CALM YOURSELF.... BREATHE.......

I would love to have a dominating LB corp, if you want to know of all the options. Big, athletic, versatile LBs. Imagine being able to blitz from anywhere, have guys like Wake or a B Graham matched up 1 on 1 with a TE or RB. I want to come out of the offseason with a potentially devastating LB Corp. Whether that means Dansby, McClain, weatherspoon, Graham, Hughes, kindle, m Johnson, I dint care. I want to have a PIT type set of LBs.

Fake Gm , morgan is better suited at de in the 3-4 at 272 pounds and not that fluid for the olb position which requries pass coverage.

WVA there's a link on profootballtalk and I think it's Barry Jackson of the herald.

I'm breathing just fine. I'm surely not hyperventilating about one-sided trades that help the Fins big-time, or acquiring a decent pick (if any at all) for Teddy.

But I know you mean well, and I hope you see I do too.

I WISH some of your general-managerialship desires were achievable.

And perfessor i said that would work out well. I did not say it was a sure thing.. It would help us out and with the talent available to us at 12 its not crazy to think someone would want to move up. I know these things dont happen much my point is that would be the move that opens up possibilities to help our offense.

Rob in OC

Regarding CJ Spiller, he may not even be the best player on the board and if thats how you would draft based on that theory, then you would have a all offensive team and little to no help on defense. And most likely lose shoot outs like 43-35, the Dolphins have been there done that, no thanks.

Regarding McClain, I have seen both McClain and Spiller play and yes Spiller looks good. But McClain looked dominate on D', and has not only the size, speed, but what seperates him from say Brandon Spikes his his natural instincts for the game, they are better than most MLB coming out of college if not the best. You can make a case for him having help from Mount Cody, but he's blowing up plays in the backfield with regularity. Same for Graham, another disruptive force.

Now I totally agree that the Dolphins will not take defense with all of their first 4-6 picks. But I would say the first two picks will be defense, IMO and then look for a good pass catching TE like Dennis Pita. Again a lot has to do with who they sign, possible a player like Dansby.

If Dansby is signed by the Fins' then they would look to get the best OLB/DE in the draft or best NT they feel would suite the Dolphins needs. Not sure if they would trade down or not, but Parcells is a mad man when it comes to the draft he may trade down or even out of the first round to add many picks in the second and third rounds if he feels there are player that can be had and will be just as good as a player in the first round or will bring not only more picks but more value to his selections.

One player he may get in rounds 2-4 is a guys who has been under the radar but looked good at the Senior Bowl is Cameron Sheffield from Troy. He has been overshadowed by his mate Brandon Lang who is more polished or at least more accomplished numbers wise than Shef but has more speed and more upside than Lang. Lang is taller by an inch but Sheffield has longer arms and bigger hands and is faster. Also has NJPHIN has pointed out a guy like Hardy may be available in rounds two or later due to some health questions.

So lets see what the mad genius, Parcells comes up with all I know's is just trust this guys he's done it time and again. And he will do it again.

Boontang, valid point. I think some teams put an inordinate value in vertical leaps, bench presses and 40 yard times. Not to mention bowl game performances. Not to say they have some value but actual game film tells the tale.


gotcha...let's leave it as we both would like to see some dynamite moves.....if they are there, I hope they are made. m'kay?

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