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How did Gibril Wilson feel on Super Sunday?

Your name is Gibril Wilson. You've just had a difficult season in 2009 with the Miami Dolphins.

You missed tackles to the point your pee-wee league coach called you to ask you what's wrong (true story). You didn't have an interception even though no less than four passes hit you in the hands throughout the season.

You temporarily lost your starting job midway through the season (for one game) only to regain the job but then lose it again the final game of the regular season. You had trouble in coverage. You had trouble communicating with the media to the point you seemingly gave up on the idea.

It was by any account a bad season because you know your new team -- the third you've played for in three seasons -- is considering dropping you like a bad habit to absolve itself of your toxic contract.

But, hey, it's Super Bowl Sunday. You're not playing but neither is there any pressure on you. It's a time to forget the worries of a terrible season. So you sit down like 100 million other people to watch the game. Maybe you're hanging with friends.Maybe you're hanging with family. It is a good time for everyone.

And then the game goes to a commercial and the one below comes on the tube. And, hey, midway through the commercial you recognize yourself. And you're not the hero in this commercial, in fact you're the goat. And you suddenly realize that 40 percent of the televisions turned on around the country just showed what your 2009 season was mostly about.

Question: How do you feel?

Is it fair or unfair?

And are you more mad at yourself for putting yourself in the situation you did? Or are you upset that the NFL basically called you out as a goat on the play?

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Thanks NJ. I wasnt sure. I have heard he is very athletic. But you are right that he will probably just be a DE. I was shocked that Matt Roth made such a smooth transition to OLB. I thought that would be impossible at the time b/c he was so stiff. But he turned into quite a player, so that transition doesnt shock me anymore.

Fake GM post at 1:16,

I simply feel that given the talent distribution if one was so DEF inclined they should not chose at #12 at all unless S E Berry was there which he won't be. They should drop back to 20-25 range and tab Brandon Graham a DE that I feel will be a better version of Matt Roth as a rush LB. Then in the 2nd when the LB value is thumping you take Weatherspoon (if hes available) or ILB Brandon Spikes or ILB Micah Johnson. I have said adnausea that my #1 FA goal would be LB Dansby. I would then follow that up with O'Brien Schofield the DE that played LB in the Seniour Bowl for the 1st time and actually had a pick in that game. He has a body type similar to Brandon Grahams but he hurt his leg badly which is why he would probably go in the 6th round or later.

I prefer the scenario with Spiller, Dansby, WS or Spikes, and Schofield but Brandon Graham in place of Spiller works for me too.

new post up re ronnie, fellas.

H8dpats yeah that was funny lol i know jeremy shockey dragged gibril for like 15 yards

Guys, truthfully we are peeing in the wind without knowing what they do in FA and who is cut... only then we can match the needs, the wants, the luxury picks.....

I still cant believe they didnt draft an NT late last year.

Bootang25 post 1:18,

Solid take bro... well thought out.

New blog up!!!

Rob in oc. matt roth wasn't a rush linebacker. He was a strongside linebacker . rush linebackers are porter and wake. New blog up on ronnie brown wanting to stay in miami/

Guys...consider the possibility that the
A n q u a n:..:B o l d e n
rumor is a 'head fake'

How likely is it that nothing leaves the Dolphin's Football Ops office unless its deliberate. (I mean it doesn't give them deal-leverage to leak that info...so why do it?)

If it is a fake...then it would mean that the Dolphins might (for some bazaar reason) go offense in the first round. (how messed-up would that be?)

...Of course, then again, I might be trying to
out-think myself,.......expand to
t w i c e
the size of Rex Ryan and then just EXPLODE!!


Rob In OC, please, that Mike Nolan blitzes to much story was discredited quite some time ago...

Can you say POSTERIZED.

You REALLY want to embarass Wilson? every NFL team should play this video in the defensive meetings in training camp with the caption "Don't let this happen to you"

Carlito 1:36,

I think NJ is off as well. The freaking backing into the playoffs Jets were 1 half away from getting into the bowl and we swept them. The Saints and Colts both would admit that their games against the Fins were among their closest.

I believe NJ is just a guy that really tempers his expectations.

With parity still running rampant in the NFL the Fins are closer than some would suspect.

Go Fins!


Bootang25 @1:44

Well said.

Ron in OC: everyone at new blog: you talking to urself :)

No big deal it's just Ronnie Brown saying he wants to stay with the Fin's but would like a new deal.

Any way I'm out gotta run my business will check in later.

GoDolphins! In Parcells I trust!

Dolphins4life, 1:47

Good post bud.

I still think you have the wrong impression of my draft strat but it's all good.

Getting FA Dansby is key in making a plan to add a dynomite offensive guy and then come back and jackhammer the whole rest of the draft for defensive talents starting in round 2. I think they can mine awesome defensive talents between round 2-4.

I don't have my head in the sand. As NJ PHIN, Fake GM, Bobby, Carlito, you and others have pointed out Parcells typically prefers Def. He doesn't typically draft WRs early (although Spiller is a RB that can play WR too). I know we have needs on DEF as well.

The difference in my philosophy is not about chasing needs unless a clear cut stud is there that has all the ingredients for a Pro Bowl or high caliber player.

I hear and see the sea of people that want DEF only and it usually centers on the same group of individuals DT Dan Williams or ILB McClain. I understand that they feel like those players will be busting ballcarriers in the chops, sacking QB's cutting off the sweeps and pitches. I am just not seeing that when I watch them play. I think DT Williams is my fav player on Def @ 12. I just don't feel as though his talent merits a #12 pick. If they trade back into the 20 range I would want Brandon Graham as I think he will replace JP. I think he can sack the QB and set the edge with outside contain. Since he has short arms and is not known as a speed merchant I feel he will still be there from 20 on after the combine.

The draft can't come soon enough and I can't wait for next season either.


CJ Spiller WILL be a Dolphin. If not, Dez Bryant will be. ;)

C'mon Armando, Bush has hops. That could have happened to any one of Dolphin defenders in the secondary. Gibril had a tough year. A play was pulled out and played showing him giving up a touchdown. He wasn't the only one in the secondary that gave up touchowns last season. Fortunately Gilbril has tough skin.

You guys, That play was not even highlight material. Just think how many times Ronnie Brown, or Ricky Williams would finish that play with even better results; like not avoiding the contact; like the other Dolphin you guys like to pick on.

Just give the credit to Sean Payton the best play caller in football.

Dang Armando, you might as well have kicked GW in the balls. Im not saying he don't deserve it, because he sucks, but DAAAAGGG!

I remember 2 bad plays from that game,,, that one,, and the one where jeremy shockey ran for 30 yards with Gibril on his back

UUrrrggghhh...... that hurt...

Why is it when they go looking for these highlights, the Dolphins are so often involved. Also... ever notice when watching games that whenever something happens for the "First Time ever" or for the "Longest ever" or for the "Most ever" it seems to be against Miami?
I am beginning to think we have a MOJO on our AASSSSes...... need to go see the VooDoo woman or something....

Don't let the door hit you in the ass!

I disagree with you Armando, on only one point. It is true that wilson's season was disappointing to say the least. But on this particular play, this is just an amazing leap by Bush. I am a huge Miami fan, but you gotta give Bush some credit on this play. If it was against any other team, we would be all "ooh-ahh" about this particular highlight instead of the "ouch-argh" we all feel now. But to blame it on Wilson is unfair to Reggie.

Oakland cut the guy a year after a huge signing bonus and contract. The Giants didn't try very hard to retain him the year before.

It was a dumb signing in the first place.

Hit the road jack and dontcha come back no more!!!!



I am not a fan of stories about "feelings" but this is GREAT. Well done! G. Wilson deserves everything thrown his way (lol). 2 of the INTs he dropped were tipped passes. These balls were tipped up in the air and gently came down in his hands. This is the type of ball I toss to my 4 year old nephew and he catches much more than half (true). I will just stop there becuase i could go on all day about his poor play. Once again GREAT ARTICLE>

Looks to me like he was the only near the ball at all. We don't know what his responsibilities were on the play.

Thing is, most people watching the Super Bowl only remember the wannabe tackler being a Miami Dolphin. It was so embarrassing. *Sigh*

What sucks is being the only Dolphin fan in the room when that ad plays, everyone just looks at you with pity. Go Phins!!!

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