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Twelve Dolphins players get at least $100K in performance pay bonus for 2009

Donald Thomas, a sixth-round selection in 2008 who started 12 games at right guard last season, led all Dolphins players in the NFL's 2009 performance-based pay program.

Thomas  made $316,577 in addition to his base salary of $338,397, according to a league document obtained by The Miami Herald.

Cornerback Sean Smith, who started all 16 games, pocketed an extra $212,282 to place second on the team in performance pay while tight ends Joey Haynos and Anthony Fasano followed in third and fourth place, respectively, among the highest collecting players in the performance-based system.

Haynos collected $207,264 in addition to his regular salary of $390,980 while Fasano got $189,412 atop his salary of $535,850. Wide receiver Davone Bess, an undrafted free agent in 2008, rounded out Miami's top five earners in performance pay, adding $185,902 to his base salary of $394.480.

The league's performance-based pay system sets up a fund on each team to reward players based on how their playing time compares with their contractual financial compensation. The system won't exist in the 2010 season because the NFL collective bargaining agreement has moved into an uncapped year.

But in the final capped season of the current CBA, 12 Miami players added at least $100,000 to their base salaries.

Performance-based pay is meant to reward lower-paid players who outperform their contracts. The system does, however, also reward higher paid players based on play time.

And the system does not judge the quality of the play, but rather the quantity.

Maybe that's the reason safety Gibril Wilson, a high-priced free agent aquisition and a bust, collected an extra $31,764 in performance-based pay. Wilson was cut last week after one season with the team.

Tackle Andre Gardner, a sixth round pick in 2009, brought up the rear of the performance-based pay sheet, having collected $681.

In total, 61 Dolphins players collected $3,422,875 in performance-based pay.


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You hopefully saw the Indy game against us where we dominated time of possession (somethng like 40 - 20 minutes, 1st downs, etc and still saw manning throw 3 tds in 2 minute drives and beat us.


We lost those games because of our defense, the one you were belittling a post ago.
That's the point and that's why, like I said, Bill will go defense big time this draft.
I don't care about rule changes. I don't care which era has come or went. The Big Tuna's running the show.

You hopefully saw the Indy game against us where we dominated time of possession (somethng like 40 - 20 minutes, 1st downs, etc and still saw manning throw 3 tds in 2 minute drives and beat us.


We lost those games because of our defense, the one you were belittling a post ago.
That's the point and that's why, like I said, Bill will go defense big time this draft.
I don't care about rule changes. I don't care which era has come or went. The Big Tuna's running the show.

Odinseye , DON' T BOTHER , that's NOT the real bobbyd12 your talking to , it a fake bobbyd12 . the real bobbyd12 has been advocating miami go defense the entire time. He checked out at around 7 and said anybody using his name after he left was a FAKE!!. Hey fake bobbyd12 , you're a Freaking chickenshyt !!

I browsed through a few mock drafts ... and using those projections, here is my Dolphin draft:

1. CJ SPILLER, (a franchise player)
2. C.THOMAS,NT (best available NT in round 2)
3. Asamoah, OG ILL (to block for Spiller)
4. Norwood,OLB s.carolina
6. M.Rolle,S FSU
6. Decker,WR (Minn)
6. J.Graham,TE ....the U
7. Barnes,wr ... Bowling Green
7 M.Johnson,ILB ... KY


I'm not really disagreeing with you. I think we need a Brandon Marshall without a doubt.
I'm just saying Bill's looking for the next LT and Pepper Johnson.

Don't forget part of the monry to pay players salary comes from the fans paying a very high price for game tickets.

Blog Police,

You can't imagine the comfort it brings me knowing that you are on duty sir.

It's nice to know that this is good safe place to blog...................

Sorry Mike, don't see it happening.........

To much offence in your mock. First three picks will be defence......

Something like.....

1 - Dan Williams

2 - Jerry Hughes (OLB, TCU) if he is gone maybe Ricky Sapp (OLB, Clemson)

3 - Reshad Jones (FS, Georgia)

we need help on both sides of the ball and it seems alot of people are concerned about defense only but i think that replacing ayodele with dansby is like being married to rosie o'donell and coming home one day and jessica alba's waiting for you at the door this one move is a huge upgrade that makes the defense much better so now its time to get henne at least one weapon to make the offense better.

And forget about Marshall.... It's NOT going to happen.....


As much as I love Jessica, I still think Marshall fits our needs better.

Then again.............

Dan Williams, Graham from MIchigan, D. MOrgan or Earl Thomas in first. Wouldnt mind seeing Demetrious Thomas WR from G. Tech in 2nd rnd if your not going to trade for MArshall. Still think we should trade for BMarsh tho. Give em our 1st next year.


I wish I was ;)

You know?... I don't freekin "Get It"
We all log onto the "Miami Herald" to try and have some reasonable conversation and perhaps even a little lively debate over our football team. Lately I see so much personal name calling and Jabs (I myself being a contributor) that I wonder why even bother coming on? Oh, I can hear it now "So hit the road Jack-Ars" That's not the point man. I know much of it comes from the younger guys. Its the same thing as I see on the News and out and about. There is no more fist fighting or talking things through. Jokers pull GUNS now for thinking they are being disrespected. If a person Disagrees with you... They are not "Disrespecting" you people. Chris made a post a few back that I both agree and disagree with. I agree listening to all the whining is getting a bit old, but all name calling like "Idiot, Moron Etc" does nothing but cause other to react... I have seen entire pages of posts made by internet "Tough Guys" waging word wars and playing "The Dozens"... Seriously, I don't want to preach, but at 44 years old it would be nice to be able to talk/argue my views with people who want the same... Who the hell needs a "Peanut Gallery" Are we all no Dolphins fans? Is every one of us not just as powerless as the next to change what this team does? But can still yell scream and act a fool routing for them? I hate to pull a "Rodney King" guys... But Damn... this Blog is starting to really get contentious and I know for a FACT, that is not what Armando is looking for. Debate, Hot or cold... but name calling is for the 4th graders guys... Go ahead and rake me for saying something, I already said I'm guilty of the same... I would just like to see it end.
Thanks for hearing me out if you read it all...


A couple of captain and cokes will put you there real fast....


i agree with you odin i wish they would get marshall i mean this diva reciever thing is a joke theres alot of rotten human beings out there with super bowl rings on and if this guy can help the team win and make my sundays more enjoyable i say bring em in

No problem odinseye sir.

Derek In West Palm Beach

It was a little winded.......just kidding. I agree with you.
I love this forum, always have. I have to admit though, sometimes I just can't help jumping into the cess pool.


I'm down wit dat!

Been on a Bourban kick lately, just for a change of pace.



As much as I hate Divas, I think I would love all the TD's and YAC.

yeah i dont particularly like the guys that cause trouble either but what can you do every team in the league has some bad guys but the fins or anyone else will never win a super bowl with the 3 yard outs and six yard ins that weve been watching the last couple years they gotta take a chance on someone sooner or later... i hope

cheers to you odinseye
chivas on ice here

derek in .....
thats one of the reasons i rarely talk around here.hear you loud and clear.

PS Guys... Sorry I get long winded, I edit Audio 15 hours a day for a TV station... Talking is not a bid time expenditure of mine... Please forgive me.

Evening folks... as always been catching up on the reads.

First off I would commend Derek in WPB.

I know I get into the verbal scrum once in a while but I actually much prefer just steady solid, valid or not debate about why or why nota certain player, def, strategy or front office move will work or not.

I have a number of epic and ongoing rants back and forth with some fellow bloggers on this sight. I am going to try to stay even keeled as when it gets to a pissing contest level it becomes very counter productive.

Good post Derek.

On another note didn't Mando boot ya the other day or ??? I mean obviously your back and I am glad of it but I was just wondering...

Time for some football rap!

I was reading the RB VS No RB posts this evening and as always there is a split.

Maybe we can come to a happy medium as I have found a very small scholl product I think would greatly enhance our RB and WR needs. Heck he can even return kicks and punts. He reminds me a ton of Spiller fast and short in stature but we could probably get him in the 7 round due to his level of competition. A real burner with vision, hands and the whole package. Check out this total package:


Let me know what you think...

Mando posted the subject: bonuses based performance according to a schedule outlined in the CBA.

My point: Soprano pulled Henne over and over again when we were within the opponents 10 yard line. He replaced him either with Pat White for 1 handoff play or a (backdoor)wildcat play.

My question: Why?

To put it in perspective what other QB's were pulled so close to the goal line as rookies: Ryan-No, Flacco-No, Stafford-No, Rogers-No, Schaub-No, Sanchez-No, Thigpen-No, Russell-No, Manning-No, ManningE.-No, Rivers-No, Brees-No, Marino-No etc.

What other point could there have been than to deny Henne his bonus?
Why would a team that has been without a real QB for 15 years do that to him?

We're not talking millions of dollars here. It's probably between $50-100,000 difference in bonus money. Stephen Ross evidently has money to burn, he's giving Chad Pennington $2.5mil to rehab at the Phin's facility next year. He's giving Dansby $43mil to shut down the inside running game at a time when all the top runners are going outside.

So why are the Dolphin's top management going out of thier way to urinate on Chad Henne's face?

2 words...who cares

I've heard that the men in 'Canadian Cowtown' would rather suck each other's c o c k s than get involved with all of the fat sloppy women there.
Is that true?


I don't believe it is anything to do with being against Henne. I really don't. I think it was more on Henning the OC wanting to be very unrpedictable and seeing if those curve balls near the goal line would pay off.

Sadly, many did not.

I thought they let Henne play a lot more towards the end. Maybe due to Ronnie Brown getting hurt which kinda of shut down the Wildcat. He is the only one on our team that runs it with much steady success.

I have seen you talk about pissing on Henne or pissing in his face and I just think the Fins are trying to ride the bargain out on his original signed contract. He will get paid down the road if he develops.

My 2 cents...

Did anyone ever stop to think that we possibly already have our CJ Spiller on the team in the form of Kory Sheets.

Sheets is 5'11 208lbs, 4.47 40, 10.1 broad jump, 37 vertical, 15 reps at 09 combine.

Miami got him mid October, so by this 2010 camp he will have a better understanding of our system and players.

This kid could be a Spiller, err I mean a sleeper for us.
I'm anxious to see!

When the Phins signed Mike Nolan to be D-coordinator it became evident that:
1.Tony Soprano IS going to be fired and
2.Mike Nolan WILL be the next head coach.
All I can say is THANK GOODNESS.

That s c u m ba g Soprano has made all of the team, front office and fans look like h0m0s for going on 3 years now. Soprano, Parcells and Ireland spend each day tossing each others salads. I hope they aLL GET FIRED BEFORE THIS DRAFT.


I also think that the Trifecta are smart enough that when they review the tapes of 2009 they will see some of the momentum interuption that occured with some of the yanking Henne for Pat White or anyone else for that matter.

Who can forget crushing Buffalo all the way down the field with the run and then having Ricky Wialliams non QB having butt try a 2 yard toss right near the goal line??? I was like WTH??? Why get cute? I was pissed. (I felt like Henne, lol) I was actually in Las Vegas in a sports book not believing what I was watching.

Miami -7 over Buffalo was my favorite play that day... sheez! Worse loss of our whole season PLUS I lost some duckets on the game.

That was when I knew we weren't a playoff team. The Jets beat them handily the following week and I was like... weaksauce frizzin, frazzin Jets!

Rob in OC.... Yes... Armando and I did run afoul of one another. Part of why I have posted what I have is, as stayed by my own post, my own "Counter productive" statements. I had a disagreement with Armando, and posted a Competitors comment on this blog. That was not appropriate and I was wrong for doing that. I contacted Armando in private, We discussed the matter, both side of it... and were able to move forward. I have read Armando since he has been with MH... I have a great deal of respect for him, and I took a very cheap and undeserving shot which I regret. I am not speaking from a position of "Better than thou" quite the contrary... I am very susceptible as anyone to use this forum incorrectly, I would only make an offer to any and all who wish, to no longer pursue such "mindless and immature" posts that would be offensive to each other. That is all. Regardless I will do my best. I have no control no do I wish for any of anything others have to say.
Thanks for asking Rob...

Sup GetterDone Phins!

I do know that 4.47 is a far cry speed wise from the scorching Adjusted 4.37 that Spiller ran. (shrugs) I dunno... I think if Sheets had that much ability he would have plowed into the lineup.

I know guys develop and that may be the case with Turner and Sheets etc. (I am crossing my fingers on all diamonds in the rough) but I would REALLY like for the Fins to draft someone that flat sits the current starter down. Kinda like Chris Johson and Adrian Peterson did. I don't mean just RB either...LB, NT, S anywhere.


1980-1985 I was Rustin in Tustin.
I lived at 15482 Pasadena Ave. apt 107, it was right by the intersection of the 5 & 55.
My favorite meal was at Tony's Seafood Landing:Stuffed Idaho Brook Trout topped with hollandaise sauce.
I f u c k e d so many girls there and they were all really nice looking.
I wish I were 20 again.

Welcome Back Derek, glad you got a new found perspective.
Let's hope many others "Get It" as well.
Kudos to ya for being mature enough to Man UP!

No Derek...glad you came back!

YBDM... Pretty harsh bro... but, the NFL is a win now league and they are at year 3 so lets see some more progress right? I hope the Phins get a blow torch and a pair of pliers and go medieval on their opponents! LOL!

Guys gimmie about 5 mins or so...be back in abit.

I for one am on the C.J. Spiller band wagon. What some of you Spiller haters are failing to realize; he fills FOUR areas of improvement. Kick return, punt return, reciever out of the backfield, and if R. Brown gets hurt again or R. Williams retires like he says he will after the end of this upcoming year; a running back for the future. With me being a Miami Dolphins fan I'm also a Miami Hurricanes fan. And witnessed how he pretty much single handedly beat the 'Canes by himself. The Trifecta continues to state they want/need playmakers. Spiller is the prototype playmaker. I'm sure Henne would love the extra yards Spiller would provide on kick returns and punt returns. Providing a smaller playing field to score points. And what linebacker can cover Spiller out of the backfield? Or heck line him up on the line of scrimmage with Ricky or Ronnie in the backfield. Like the Saints do with Reggie Bush. I'd LOVE to see that with the Dolphins!

Sheets is still an unknown, but I like his chances. He is of the all purpose type back, good hands, change of pace speed, can return kicks. The trifecta obviopusly saw something in him. We'll see.

As for sitting a current starter down, yeah, of course you want that from your #1 draft pick.
But it would have to come from a position other than RB. Spiller isn't gonna sit Ronnie Brown down from day one.

But I agree, it can or should come from another area..ie. OLB, JT isn't signed yet, Porter gone, thats the easy one. Or
NT, S, maybe even ILB, DE.

K back


Wow you lived pretty close to where I do... Mission Viejo here.

Lots of chickadees romaing around fer sure.

Youth is mostly wasted on the young... the funny thing is your to oblivious to know it when you're going through your 20's.

Ya just keep giving it heck as long as you can once you cross into the "mature" stage.

It really sickens me every time I hear what these guys are making.

A dunce like Gibril Wilson makes more money in a throw away bonus than a school teacher does in a year.

Posted by: Alex in Hialeah | March 12, 2010 at 08:44

Alex, catch a clue, while education is important, Based on the teachers I have nailed, and or observed, you guys are lazy, and recommend Ritalin at your earliest convenience.

So stop whining, you chose your path, deal with it or take up a new career path.


I think Spiller has a lot of functionality on any team he winds up on. I see a lot of the same benfits to having a scary speed guy like Spiller... RB, WR, KR, PR... he can do all those things and would probably add quite a boost to whichever they put him at.

I keep going round and round with people that want to say he's only a 10-15 carry guy. Maybe in straight RB carries but when you add the returns and some trick plays and some WR packages it suddenly can be 18-26 touches a game and that is significant.

That said, I do see the arguements that there will be some serviceable backs later, Parcells ditched small RB L.Booker as soon as he got here (but Dave Meggett was a small back?) and he may not take the pounding... I get those arguements and they should be noted.

The league history is litered with guys that were suppose to be too small that got it done... CJ2K is just the latest example.


Joy, Cynthia, Tammy, Abby, Lisa, Elisabeth...those were the white ones. They were all so pretty and deep and snug and warm and creamy.
They all looked fantastic wearing panties only.
None had children at the time except for Elisabeth, she had one, but still looked fantastic, and she was married at the time which I thought was cool then, but I regret now.


Just seems like if Sheets had that much talent we would have seen him more towards the end. Ronnie was out, Cobbs was out, Ricky started to fumble a bunch. Hilliard played some but Sheets didn't get much pt.

Seems like u git paid by just showin up.

I agree that where ever Spiller lands, he will likely make an impact. His size reminds me of Warrick Dunn. Dunn was no joke even at his size. I have 1 main reason that gives me pause, and I stated it earlier, we are at 50% Running backs taken at #1 pick in Miami since 98 (X2 #1's for Ricky)And of them only 2, Ricky & Ronnie were productive. The other two (Avery & JJ Johnson)were out of the NFL within 3 years. Ricky also having a major setback as we know. I certainly do not "Hate" Spiller. I am only looking from a "Needs" prospective.


Have you ever been in a,locker room with a real athlete before? I mean right after he is done with a hot work out and is all sweaty and stuff. You can smell it on him. It's quite a sight.

Take care


Thanks ..Derek In West Palm Beach

Your Right name calling,gets no where.. I just come on here to read other peoples I deal .. and to give feed back.. it get you no where like just like Jet Boy Trys to get you mad.. I am a long time older Fan myself at 50 ..been a fan my whole like from 7 years on ..I think that I have gottten the right to my thoughts.. but hey some people thing by trying to put me in my place makes them feel better or like they know something when they dont even write anything about what they think ...only to put others down..your right they need to Grow UP..


thank you for bringing such articulate commentary to this post. You are definately a well educated man. I would simply ask that you stro feeling sorry for yourself.

Can we just focus on football... please!

Fins will probably go defense with the 12 pick if they keep the pick. If Spiller is available it would be a mistake not to take him. He is the one true home run threat in the draft and as noted by others can do it running, receiving and returns. Who cares if we have 6 running backs. They are mostly avg or slightly better than avg and none of them are chunk yardage threats. Our running backs collectively arent much if any better than our receiving corp and our receiving corp is much younger. No where on our offense or special teams do we have a player who can get chunk yards, which arguably was as much a reason for losing the Indy game and others as our Sorry D.When you have to take 10-15 plays every drive you are more likely to turn the ball over or commit penalties which kill the drive.


first ... trade Ronnie Brown for a 2nd round pick .... then trade Ginn for a 3rd round pick

1 SPILLER,RB (the next Marshall Faulk)
2 CODY,NT (he covers 1st and 2nd down)
2 BENN,WR (big and fast)
3 ASAMOAH,OG (to block for Spiller)
3 S.LEE,ILB (move Crowder to OLB)
4 M.ROLLE,S (should be a 1st round pick)
6 ULATOSKI,OT (depth)
6 BARNES,WR (can be a sleeper)

Mike ur draft got blown up in ur first line, Ronnie Brown had a very serious injury, he is barely walking right now, no other team is going to give us a 2nd, 3,4 or 7th for an injured guy...u have to pass an NFL physical to be able to be traded, Brown can't do that and a 3rd for Ginn???? Just like Joey Porter who everyone said we can trade, other teams don't want our GARBAGE, Ginn isn't worth a 3, that's for sure...and with 5 signed running backs, we won't be taking Spiller










Whats all this BUZZ about DE Derrick Morgan? Word here says the Phins are giving him a HARD LOOK. By the way, Good Morning.

Can't believe Haynos made over $200K in incentives!!! For what? Tying his shoes? This guy must be a great blocker, 'cause he doesn't bring much else to the team. It would be nice to see one of these stud young TE's added 'cause I don't see Haynos lasting long with the Dolphins.

Fork TN, I'm sure they are looking at Morgan hard to see if they think he can play in the 3-4, most NFL people believe he is mote suited for the 4-3, maybe Find are seeing something different

$681 ?? Now that's a figure I can relate to.

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