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Twelve Dolphins players get at least $100K in performance pay bonus for 2009

Donald Thomas, a sixth-round selection in 2008 who started 12 games at right guard last season, led all Dolphins players in the NFL's 2009 performance-based pay program.

Thomas  made $316,577 in addition to his base salary of $338,397, according to a league document obtained by The Miami Herald.

Cornerback Sean Smith, who started all 16 games, pocketed an extra $212,282 to place second on the team in performance pay while tight ends Joey Haynos and Anthony Fasano followed in third and fourth place, respectively, among the highest collecting players in the performance-based system.

Haynos collected $207,264 in addition to his regular salary of $390,980 while Fasano got $189,412 atop his salary of $535,850. Wide receiver Davone Bess, an undrafted free agent in 2008, rounded out Miami's top five earners in performance pay, adding $185,902 to his base salary of $394.480.

The league's performance-based pay system sets up a fund on each team to reward players based on how their playing time compares with their contractual financial compensation. The system won't exist in the 2010 season because the NFL collective bargaining agreement has moved into an uncapped year.

But in the final capped season of the current CBA, 12 Miami players added at least $100,000 to their base salaries.

Performance-based pay is meant to reward lower-paid players who outperform their contracts. The system does, however, also reward higher paid players based on play time.

And the system does not judge the quality of the play, but rather the quantity.

Maybe that's the reason safety Gibril Wilson, a high-priced free agent aquisition and a bust, collected an extra $31,764 in performance-based pay. Wilson was cut last week after one season with the team.

Tackle Andre Gardner, a sixth round pick in 2009, brought up the rear of the performance-based pay sheet, having collected $681.

In total, 61 Dolphins players collected $3,422,875 in performance-based pay.


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I can see some of these guys waiting around or calling for these checks, like most people stressing out, waiting on their Tax returns.

Ok. I'm tired of hearing how are teachers and fireman make so little money in comparison. Enough already, I have family and friends that work as fireman and teachers....Fireman work one day on and three days off. During there one day on (if there is not a fire) they clean the fire truck. Wow lets pay him 500k a year. Lets face it, it takes a special person to be a teacher. That being said, they work 2/3 of the year plus all the time off during the school year (2 weeks for x-mas, week for thanksgiving, and don't forget about spring break). Much of the time it a glorified baby sitting job. Who can't teach that 1+1=3 ooops I meant 2. Anyone seen what NY teachers make? You would be surprised. These football players train all thier life for some of them to play ten years if they are good 5 years maybe if they are not. My son who plays high school football is already training all year....weight lifting now then he will go to two a days this summer. Pro football players train all year and lets face it they were given a talent that most of us only dream of. No different then a rocket scientist working for nasa. It is his god given talent that allows him to earn the money he gets! Get it while you can, because you never know what tomorrow brings.

Interesting, I just saw where Wes Welker has now undergone another surgery for a torn rotator cuff, in addition to his reconstructive knee surgery.
Can you say rehab city...that's got to be tough.
Hello Edleman...Having (3) 2nd round picks, I bet the Pansies now look at targeting a WR on Day 1 with Moss winding down, and now the Welker injuries.

for some reason sean# has been signing my name along with his. please note its not me (greg z.) i dont know sean and he doesnt know me.

Welker won't be the same...... bummer.

derrick morgan is going to be fins pick .

Your a FINE gent, Thanks again for that insight. - Bobbyd12-.I'am so ready for this team to be Dominant.And I mean in all Phases. But I must admit, DE Carlos Dunlap is worth a look too. Great Quickness.


Joey Haynos serves a purpose, he is a good blocker, and is pretty adept at catching the ball. Heck, we barely get Fasano the ball (though he drops it or fumbles it at times when we do) If a pass catching tight end were added through the draft, I would say it would be Sperry who would be ousted. I think Haynos has a role, and he fills it well.


Anyone who loves football has to love Wes Welker. I hate to see Fin fans say bad things about the guy. It's not Welker's fault we traded him. That being said, even though he is a Patriot and we struggle to cover him (everyone does) I hope that he has a full and speedy recovery.I bet that when Parcells got here, and looked at all the dumb moves over the last 5 years, the Welker trade was easily one of them in his eyes. Welker is the epitome of a Parcells player.

Just looking at last years stats. Something that stood out was passing TDs. Eight (8)freaking TDs all season long from WRs and starting TE????

Focus will as it should be on defense in the draft. But something needs to be done about the passing game. The question is, what? Passed on Boldin and we all know about Parcells policy on so-called divas. So, what's next? Poke and hope late rounds?


Also the little bit I watched of Kindle last night, he was standing up quite a bit. He uses his hands very well, and plays with good leverage. He didn't make enough 'plays' as I would have liked. You can see the potential though. I didn't get to read much about him, so that will be the next thing I will check out. My question to you, playing in the Big 12, where everyone throws 50 times a game, why not more numbers? You hardly ever have to play the run, so it is like if you were in the NFL with a 17 point lead, if that makes any sense. I do see stuff that Parcells and Co could work with.

Fine group of men here, And I'm just getting started. But my WIFE wants to go out and eat BREAKFEST. Catch up with you GENTS later. GO PHINS.

Yep, we have missed Wes and felt the loss at WR since he left.
He will be ok and back snagging passes across the middle before the 2010 season is over.

That is a stupid little game some people like to play around this blog greg z. It is Unfortunate, but that is what happens when you trust people to do what is right instead of making them create screen names they cannot change at will. It has caused countless people with good things to say to bail from this blog for good. Sucks, Huh?

Kindle as a junior had 14 tackles for a loss & 10 sacks.
As a senior 22 TFL & 5.5 sacks.
He's known for being versatile, also lots of QB hurries, pressure, speed to the outside pushing everything back in the middle, hello Dansby Crowder :)

What stood out to me is that he is prototypical size, versatile, productive, with a high ceiling.

Morgan may be that kinda talent too, although he hasn't played both positions like Kindle already has.

is there nothing else to talk about? this is useless information....how about any free agents on the horizion, trades, other draft notes or tid-bits for the fins???????????????

Agree Phin











What are we talking about today folks?


Not a lot. Discussed some OLB guys for the draft. The tough road Welker is now on to playing at the start of the season.

not sure if you think Mike Mayock has much cred, but a couple weeks ago he said on NFL Network that he had Kindle rated as the #7th player in the entire draft, and believes he is more polished than his former teammate Orakpo when he came out last year.

Makes ya go, hmmm

But I could still see Tuna going after JPP or even Morgan, knowing how he likes big physical freaks...lol

Kiper 3.0 came out this morning...has us grabbing Williams at 12


Of all the guys, I respect Mayock the most. Kiper and McShay seem to pull the Rob in OC, try lock onto a player and will not change their opinion at all. I do see a lot of what you are saying. Also, Orakpo seems much thinker, it appears to my eyes that Kindle has longer arms and seems a bit more explosive. From what I have read, he is highly thought of too.



I have not studied too much of the OLBs. While it is a need, I know we had 44 sacks last year, and added Mike Nolan. I think with his attacking style and different blitz schemes, he could hide some weaknesses in our OLBs. Whereas I think that Eric Berry and Earl Thomas are what the evolution of S is turning into. And NT is very important in the 3-4, just ask Mike Nolan about running a 3-4 with no legit NT last year, and look what happened to us after big Ferg went down. Combine all that with a DEEP draft at hybrid pass rush OLB types, and you see why I haven't studied that position as much for round 1. So I don't have a super solid opinion on the Graham, Kindle, Morgan, JPP guys.

Bootang, in Mike Nolan We Trust

Starting to get nervous here. You know what, screw worrying about getting a WR. We have NO starting FS and NO starting OLB's. They have, have, have to re-sign Jason Taylor to a 1 year deal AND make a trade for either Indy or St. Louis' FS. Pick up a OLB and WR with the 1st and 2nd pick. I know it's still early in free agency but it's starting to feel like these guys are asleep at the wheel! I am an adamant supporter of Parcells but I'm starting to lose patience.


Since when is liking a guy and not finding enough evidence to change you mind a crime?

Is my opinion not entitled to me like yours is to you?

Or would it look better if I was wishy washy all the time? Nope, that won't get you killed on this blog...you're right. (insert sarcastic snicker here) =)

I been doing my research and I will show you what I do. Look, research, listen, talk (too much sometimes), debate, double check my facts, triple check em, debate, reason, etc you get the point.

Plus I have changed on players and it got me in hot water with NJ PHIN. He said to look at WR Carlton Mitchell and I did really late briefly ( I was bushed). I had slapped a quickie 6-7 rnd grade on him and NJ let me have it and rightfully so. I got some rest and reviewed more film and looked at him harder and came back 4-5 round. We ended up making a gentlemansd bet 1-3 round draft he wins, 4rth we tie, 5th and on I win.

Beauty is ALWAYS in the eyes of the beholder on any guy. We all rationalize, myself included, justify, compare, projects and arrive at our conclusions. If you want to switch your guys I won't hold you to your old one or say you are lame for doing so. It's an ever changing process.




Nolan was and will be the biggest acquisition we make all offseason.

And I have to agree with Sadolfan to an extent. What's with all of this teacher love. Maybe 1/3 of my teachers actually acted as if they cared about their students. The other 2/3 were obviously there to read magazines and do crosswords while we did most of the work on our own. It seemed as if we were bothering them when we asked for help. I'm not saying all teachers are like that because a few of mine were awesome and went out of their way to help you learn and grow. But lets stop with the because you're a teacher you should get paid more than athletes nonsense. Their pay rate should be the same as the athletes, based on performance and incentives. Also most athletes work 12 months a year at their jobs, teachers do not.


You still like the same guys that you did the first day you listed your top guys. Graham has done nothing to keep the same spot on the board, while plenty of others have cemented what theydid in college with continued performance in the offseaon leading up to the draft. There is nothing wrong with liking a guy, and Kiper and McShay are very good at what they do. I am not knocking you, I didn't say there was anything wrong. I just think having an open mind from start to finish is a key element in the evaluation process. I told you one time before that I don't want everyone to have the same opinion. But a good example. You added McClain not working at the combine to the myriad of things you disliked about him. But have not in any post I have seen (you may have) knocked B Graham for the same exact thing. You are one of the 4 or 5 people whose opinion I respect the most, you just seem set on your guys, which is fine. As for Carlton Mitchell, I wonder if your chaning of opinion was more because you realized you were way off, or because you actually saw something you liked. We are not enemies Rob, and you will never hear me insult you. I know youfeel the need to defend yourself against a lot of people here, I am not one of them :)

Gus , your 50 years old and you're here on a blog ??? Then you sir , are a bigger IDIOT than i thought.

The teachers/athletes debate is pointless. Of posed with the challenge I could write a 2000 word paper why athletes deserve the money, how sports transcends past the playing area. ie the Saints winning the Super Bowl and what that meant for the city of NO. I could just as easily do the same wothteachers, how they influence many children in important ways, how they should be role models as well. While it is stupid for a guy to get a 94 million dollar contract for a sport is dumb, it is what it is.

Derek in palm Beach. you did alot of talking about posters on here and what they day but you were the one that got banned from here by armando at one time. I suggest you STFU !!

say **


You made the statement that Kiper and McShay lock onto guys just like me and that you liked Mayock because you perceive he keeps an open mind.

If I have learned anything this year its that the lists rarely change regardless. Example one #1 McClain admits he has Crohns disease and I didn't a single scout or expert move him off the number one spot. The said other players like Garrard have managed it and it didnt stop him from playing...fair enough. Example #2 CB Joe Haden runs a REALLY slow time at the combine of 4.58. He never moved off of the #1 CB spot people (Mayock) just said "I will have to see more tape".

The only one I have heard may fall is, I believe it was Anthony Davis said he was a registered sex offender for something he did a while back. They said he could fall due to that.

On the post for Brandon Graham not finishing the combine, I did post a big apology during that blog... I will try to dig it up. BG lifted 31 reps and ran the 40 and pulled his hammy running at the combine a 4.72. He shut it down at that point. My minor beef with McClain was he told Charles Davis he just wasn't doing anything and then later his agent brought up the "lingering hammy" problem. Even Charles Davis said he "Why didn't he just tell me?"

No matter. I understand the thinking and the game of getting drafted high. If you are a concensus #1 player at your position you can really only go backwards during workouts i.e. Joe Haden although he will run again and be first CB taken. I wanted to see BG and McClain next to each other competing just like all the GMs/Scouts at the combine... so I was bummed both didn't work out fully. Spoon sure did!

No worries, I have thick enough skin, you're no enemy bud...always know it's just chattin even if it gets a little heated. I am not into name calling either.


Amen bootang23 on graham and him also not working out. I like how rob conveniently omits that to better his agenda on graham. He also wanted cj spiller before he got on the graham wagon. As far as mitchell , it was more like rob realized he was way off base on Mitchell than studing game film.

Oh I know we will also be picking a NT & FS, I'd be shocked and peeved if Miami didn't.

A huge concensus has us taking Williams at the 12 spot. He does have nice potential, looks strong enough to get a good push.
However, I just think they can wait till 2-4th round and still get that 2 down NT with potential. I'm thinking Joseph or Troupe.
Tuna has done it as late as the 7th round.

Now when we pick in the 1st round and Thomas or Mays is there, then some head scratching may go on between taking a S or OLB there.
But my hunch is Tuna will go later for a S, Nate Allen, Morgan Burnett are stout prospects that come to mind, but Tuna most likely waits till even later since he has a developing Culver & Clemons already in house.

Hell Tuna could pull another shocker going against his grain like he did with White, and possibly select Dez Bryant or Spiller in the 1st.

One thing for sure is that it will be very interesting to see how it all shakes out.


On WR Carlton it was both... I was way off on my intitial post as I was super tired and NJ had asked like 3 times to look at him. I did a quickie look before I logged and slapped a lower grade than I saw the second time around.

I saw that he has much better triangle numbers than I thought in my second and longer eval. I saw a bit more route running skill than I saw orig. Plus I tend to be harder on the smaller school athletes as the jump in competition can be overwhelming for some prospects. That's why I raised him from 6-7 round to 4-5.

NJ had mentioned a small chance of 2nd round grade for him and I thought that was out of the question... thus I railed when he wanted part of the 4rth round.. so we settled on a tie if Carlton goes 4rth rnd. Good, fun bet...we probably end up tying.



Spin it how ya like man...I told you how it went down... if yoy chose not to believe me, your perogative man.

I will look up the pretty gracious apology to stop this "Omission BS!"

I'll be back when I have it.

A good example with Mayock is he has McCoy ahead of Suh and Thomas over Berry, he was one of the first who had either of those. He also said Haden really disappointed him, and he would have to go back and reeavaluate. That is the kind of stuff I like, a guy who sees the process all the way through.

As far as McClain and Crohn's disease.
David Garrard did miss games due to it in 04. He had surgery in June 04 to remove a foot of his intestines and lost 35 lbs. He made it back for the final 4 games later that season.
That worries me with McClain as a pick in the 12 spot.

Rob , there go your lies again. I remember NJ saying mitchell in the 3-4 round area with him then saying " some SCOUTS are saying mitchell might go in the 2nd ". Get your fact straight.


If you have read my posts for the last probably 6 weeks, I have pushes hard for Earl Thomas. I have not for Eric Berry because he will not be there at 12. But those 2 guys could be legit Pro Bowl CBs, let alone S, with their athleticism, instincts, and ball skills. I would say BAL would tell you Ed Reed has been every bit as important as Ray Lewis, and if you think about that, that's a helluva statement. So I would love to pair Berry or Thomas up with Davis and Smith and wreak havoc on WRs. Nate Allen is very good, he just seems like yesterday's S. He is not very good in man. As for NT, I agree, Williams is the best, but there's Cody, Thomas, Troup, Joseph. There's only Earl Thomas and Eric Berry. That is my wish for the first round.

You never even Heard of mitchell. again with the omissions

A moment of silence please for the late Gene Upshaw. Let us honor a man responsible for pricing middle class families out of the market. Those of you who are complaining about how much they make have no right to complain if you attend the games. I refuse to give in to the NFL's corporate raping of it's fans. Thrity dollars to park (in the dirt), eight dollars a hot dog ? I'll stay home and watch the game on t.v. thanx.

BAM! There ya go SteveO!!!!!! Bring up any apology you have ever made on here... ? Oh, that's right you don't make mistakes. Had to go clear back to March 1 archives:


You are right! I have not given equal time to Brnadon Graham pulling up lame. It is GREATLY painful to see that he could not finish. I actually think it may have pushed him down some in the draft as he is a guy that strattles the line of a guy pushing his body's size dimensions too the max to comepete with the longer armed taller athletes.

Like Armando stated I am very bummed about it as well. If he doesn't go to Miami at 12 it would no longer suprise me as he needed to shine at the combine. It may sound harsh but he can no longer ditinguish himself from the pack when he was shoulder to shoulder with his peers. Now he ONLY has Michigan's Pro day left.

I hope he can redeem himself but at least he did bench 31 reps which was one of the top scores of ALL the LBs (OLB/ILB).

Besides Spiller @ 12, I am REALLY hoping for a trade back even if it's for a little less than what you would normally get. This draft is deep.


Posted by: Rob in OC | March 01, 2010 at 06:46 PM

If you understand anything about Mike Nolan's style of defense, he won't be using Cameron Wake all the time. But I will tellyou now Wake will have at least 12 sacks. Nolan uses a lot of different looks with LBs, so to just say our starting 4 will be, for example, Graham, Dansby, Crowder, and Taylor/Wake, is not to understand how guys will be used. There will be times you will have 3 or 4 rush LBs on the field. Nolan will want bodies to be able to tinker with different groupings. This style doesn't make OLB as high a priority as it might if we still had P Pasqualoni as the coordinator. Though it will be addressed, and could very well happen in round 1.

No fancy retort SteveO? ? ? ?? ?

Boycott... Valid points. Spending (or not spending) your consumer dollars is the only way to show the "NFL Man" you mean business.



I stand corrected. I did not see that. My response would be you still call for him at 12, where if the draft were today, would be a risky pick. If he shows at his pro day what we want to see, then it becomes more realistic. I really wish we had coached the north squad, instead of the south. We would have had a great look at Spoon and Graham, remember Nolan was running the drills a lot.

Fancy retort ?? we all know your full of crap and just like to talk and argue. In fact , you don't even know what you say half of the time. You lied about mitchell. You said that you hada 6-7 round grade yet you omitted that you also said he might be a free agent and could be invited to camp . The fact is you never heard of mitchell. Nice try

Have a nice day, i'm sure you'll be talking alot more on here today. BS included.


Ok Rob in OC, you made me think the other day about players and draft order so I did a little thinking and as of today, if I was GM AND these players were available AND we sign a free agent safety before the draft this is my picks: First round: Dan Williams 2nd: OLB Ricky Sapp/Jerry Hughes 3rd Rob Gronkowski TE 4th Carlton Mitchell WR I don't think Parcells takes WR in the second so I changed my mind..3rd round is probaly to late for OLB of impact


What is the pick if we don't sign a free agent safety before the draft?

By the way . one more thing. You're comment on graham was on the day that stuff happened to graham during the combine or workouts . Then you forgot about it everytime you mention graham now. Yet with mcclain , you bring it up every single time . GEE , make one wonder.

If Parcells has as much control over the draft as we think he does the 1st
round pick will be a rush LB. If Ireland and the coaches have any pull - that opens it up to a FS, NT, or even Dez Bryant.

Bootang...did you catch the apology post? Do you see a little bit why I defended? I felt I did apologize and was being painted a guy that can never admit mistakes...it just ain't my style.

I feel I apologize on this board, in writing, as much or more than anyone else. I have zero qualms admitting if I am mistaken or messed up a post or whatever. I also apologized to carlito for putting words in his mouth...he pointed it out, I thought I had worded a post a certain way and I had not..so I apologized to him. Plain and simple.

I can't say that about many on here.

I would not include you as one of the "Big Ego" guys Bootang.

Even the very highly opinionated guys like NJ PHIN, carlito, bobbyd I have no problems with. We may not agree on all the topics but that's no problem.

Opinions matter most to the individual saying it. As perception is reality for everyone. If anyone looks at tape footage and decides a guy has a great 1st step or tackles awesome then in his mind he does. When someone else says no he doesn't that tends to rub most the wrong way. Then the debate, arguement, civil discussion or name calling is afoot.

We are cool Bootang... zero worries mang.


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