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Twelve Dolphins players get at least $100K in performance pay bonus for 2009

Donald Thomas, a sixth-round selection in 2008 who started 12 games at right guard last season, led all Dolphins players in the NFL's 2009 performance-based pay program.

Thomas  made $316,577 in addition to his base salary of $338,397, according to a league document obtained by The Miami Herald.

Cornerback Sean Smith, who started all 16 games, pocketed an extra $212,282 to place second on the team in performance pay while tight ends Joey Haynos and Anthony Fasano followed in third and fourth place, respectively, among the highest collecting players in the performance-based system.

Haynos collected $207,264 in addition to his regular salary of $390,980 while Fasano got $189,412 atop his salary of $535,850. Wide receiver Davone Bess, an undrafted free agent in 2008, rounded out Miami's top five earners in performance pay, adding $185,902 to his base salary of $394.480.

The league's performance-based pay system sets up a fund on each team to reward players based on how their playing time compares with their contractual financial compensation. The system won't exist in the 2010 season because the NFL collective bargaining agreement has moved into an uncapped year.

But in the final capped season of the current CBA, 12 Miami players added at least $100,000 to their base salaries.

Performance-based pay is meant to reward lower-paid players who outperform their contracts. The system does, however, also reward higher paid players based on play time.

And the system does not judge the quality of the play, but rather the quantity.

Maybe that's the reason safety Gibril Wilson, a high-priced free agent aquisition and a bust, collected an extra $31,764 in performance-based pay. Wilson was cut last week after one season with the team.

Tackle Andre Gardner, a sixth round pick in 2009, brought up the rear of the performance-based pay sheet, having collected $681.

In total, 61 Dolphins players collected $3,422,875 in performance-based pay.


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Let me ask you guys a question. Was Pat White a Parcells pick? I know he liked him for a while. Was Ireland on board? Tony? What do all you guys think?

SteveO..I mean NJ PHIN...wassup bud???

How you been? Don't feel like being yourself today? We are watching you Many Me!



I did put in parentheses you may have knocked Graham for not working out. Cheers

Gotcha , you got nothing. I'm no way shape or forn NJ. I can assure you i'm not NJ. I'm just another guy tired on some of rob's comments and spins. He 's knowledgeable YES but he also likes to twist facts and what some people have said or didn't say. He also did it with Carlitp , bobbyd 12 , NJ just to name a few. Nice try. I also write better the NJ . Sorry NJ .


I had never heard of Mitchell that is correct! Why do you think I posted that NJ PHIN / You were bugging me to look at him????

I kept saying I would... then finally got around to it... thus the low grade 6-7 FA type. Reval came up to a 4-5.

No lying or hiding... I was never a follower of football factory "South Florida" although JPP will go in the 1st and he is from there.

(shakes head) keep trying to discredit...it won't work. But, keep trying... don't take your shots and then run off...or you loggin in as another alias?


I have yet to see LMAO in any of SteveO's posts. That will be the giveaway :)

Bootang25, I have no clue but I have a feeling we will sign a FS before the draft...I don't know how we go into season with Clemons, Culver and a rookie draft pick if the Trifecta doesn't believe the other two are ready to start


You may very well be dead on bud. I look at BP's track record and he seems to think he can find certain positions late.

Carlton in the 4rth would work for me too. He is quite the athlete!

Good call.



NJ, er, sorry SteveO,

Let me out it this way. EVEN after the media and McClain let us know about the Crohns disease if they (all those that do) say it doesn't matter and his stocked hasn't appeared to have dropped any at all I am ok with that.

I do see that his track record reflects he can deal with it and so it is fairly safe to say he can manage it. Would you at least give it a mini red flag? If not...no worries.

If McCalin is the pick he is the pick. If he goes 5th, or 12th or 18th we are both powerless to stop or help it...fair enough?

I will try and come from a NON bashing of McClain. Beside just any moderate debate that happens or simple posting of numbers or stats... deal?? I am really not trying to war with you dude (notice I didn't call you anything to further stir the pot...I'm tryin =)



Bootang @ 2:09... I saw that thanks.

Bootang25, You're about the LMFAO part. I forgot about that and like i said my writing is a lttle better ( J/K ) but it's only a blog . Grammar and writing goes out the window. Well have a nice weekend Fellas.



tomahas.... LOL, Cheers to you AND the missing one in the other post.

Good catch! ;)


Cheers SteveO! Have a good one too.

Haha... tomahas is on the case! Let no stone go unturned eh?


Isnt it funny how the players with the largest salaries, are the worst on the team?

tomashas = ALOCO


As I said I had been working on some general straight forward comparisons of the 6 Defensive guys that get mentioned the most excluding DT/NT Dan Williams. His numbers would simply be too different at his position. It's nothing earth shattering but lets you compare stats side by side of combine results...

I will post it in a few but it will take a few to set it up how I want it to look. Be back in a few with the post(s).


Ace = SteveO = NJ PHIN?

LOL... No worries, it doesn't really matter one way or the other... just keeping it fun.


ALOCO = SteveO - tomahas


I am very interested as I have not gotten into much depth as far as OLB goes, for reasons I already stated earlier. Will be a good item for me to look at

t sup man,

Welcome aboard!

K... be back with my stats compare post in a few.


While I don't look forward to going into the season with a rookie S, you have to factor in the instincts and ballskills Thomas and Berry have. They are FAR superior to Culver or Clemons, and the next wave of S after them. When you are as athletic and instinctive as these 2 are, you can get by much easier than normal. Make the coaches coach, that is their job. If those guys are the pick, Nolan and Co. should be able to help them a lot as well. The 2 might struggle initially with the speed of the game, but I'd say about the midway point is where you will really see those guys start to put it all together.

SEAN HAS BEEN POSTING UNDER MY NAME. SORRY IF ANYONE HAS BEEN OFFENDED. i do enjoy sharing my opinions and take no offense if someone disagrees with me. i am not mean spirited and i don't call people names.

Rob in OC. Steveo isn't NJ. In fact NJ hasn't been on here in quite a few days. I thing he mentioned he was going away for a few days or for te weekend. When did you ever see NJ back away from having a discussion with anyone on here ? He's straight in your face and doesn't hide behind anything. I have felt his wrath a few times. I think it's that many me ALOCO guy. He also posed as a 15 year old Hawaiian kid named Mosi.



tomashas or should i say ALOCO. Does the truth hurt about you ? We know about you on here. How's mosi and cobra kai ?

Whats up losers?

what's up losers ? that's right .

and ace and steveO and cobra kai and mosi..................nj ,nj

Are all you ALOCO.

Lot of people talking about Pat White. Let's look at some numbers:
2009 Pat White had 21 rushes for 81 yards a 3.9 avg.
2009 Lex Hilliard had 23 rushes for 89 yards a 3.9 avg.
2008+2009 Patrick Cobbs had 18 rushes for 124 yards but 1 of those went for 80 yards so on the other 17 rushes he avg'd 2.6 yards.

The Raiders, Cards and Vikes all have a lot of speed on offense, Pat White would enable those teams to put up huge numbers on offense and they all have QB situations.
Similarly Pat White can run every play that Reggie Bush runs and Reggie has a problem staying on the field so he'd be a good fit there also.
Mike Shanahan, Bill Belichek, Fat Rex Ryan could all get production out of Pat White.

There are what 65 offensive plays a game. That's 30 passes, 18 runs by RB, 13 runs by RW and 2 each for Hilliard and White.
Want more production from Pat White? simple just take away someone else's touches and give them to Pat.
Want production from Patrick Turner? Take away Camarillo's touches and give them to Turner.


I have to go, I'll be back later. Look forward to reading your post.

Bootang you still here?

Later bootang. maybe aloco can continue talking to himself as SteveO , tomashas , mosi . NJ ,cobra kai or even you , rob or myself.

Bootang I have it done

We ran a play one time last season where Pat White took the snap and handed off to Henne on an end around.
Just reverse that and have Henne hand it off to White.
Do it 50 or 100 times and we'll have production from White.

Hey all, Composite DEF Stats Post pg 1/3

Here is a composite of who I feel gets talked about the most by all of the fans and "X-spurts" going to the Fins or saying the Fins are targeting. I tried to include much of the relevant data over the last 2 years plus combine figures which should be the most important 2 years for the player’s development. Here is my list of OLB/DE/ILB
Def players most talked about side by side stacked in Tackles for Loss order:

Name YRS/ GMS PLYD Tck4Loss Sacks/per GM

B. Graham 2yrs/ 23 gms 46 20.5/ .89
J. Hughes 2yrs/ 26 gms 36 26.5/1.01
S. Kindle 2yrs/ 27 gms 34.5 15/ .57
S. 'Spoon 2yrs/ 27 gms 33 9.5/ .35
JPP 1yr / 13 gms 16.5 6.5/ .50
R. McClain 2yrs/28 gms 26.5 7.0/ .25

to be cont...

Composite DEF Stats Post Continued… pg 2/3

Last 2 years Stats Post of top 6 most mentioned Def (No NTs)

Tkles/ Per Gm Height/ Weight

B. Graham 110 / 4.78 6'1 3/8 / 268lbs
J. Hughes 110 / 4.23 6'1 3/4 / 255
S. Kindle 115 / 4.25 6'2 7/8 / 250
S. 'Spoon 266 / 9.85 6'1 1/4 / 239
JPP 45 / 3.46 6'4 3/4 / 270
R. McClain 200 / 7.14 6'3 3/8 / 254

Again, with some stats things fluctuate. Ask Mt. Cody about weight flucuations… at the rate he is going he will be a DB by draft day! LOL.

Per some websites the reports for this stuff varies slightly so bear that in mind. This was the best list I could make.

Rob , did you get my earlier post on NJ ? Also i think you have to consider Derrick Morgan. Miam likes him alot. They've talked to him and they feel he can play the rush OLB spot in the 3-4.

Combine Stats Compare Post Top 6 Def last one... pg 3/3

40 time Arm Length Reps of 225lbs

B. Graham 4.72 32 1/4 31
J. Hughes 4.69 33 26
S. Kindle 4.71 33 1/4 25
S. 'Spoon 4.68 31 1/4 34
JPP 4.69 34 3/4 19
R. McClain4.74(P.D) 33 24
*Note R.M’s 40 time was pulled from his Pro Day time as he didn’t run at the combine.

Things to remember when looking at these lists: McClain was NOT put at the end as punishment. I chose to stack the list with Tackles for Loss as the best stat. I want my DE/OLB living on the other side of the ball making TFLs all day, I understand that ILBs don’t get to rush as often. They have much higher tackles to compensate from the position they play. I think sometimes Sacks are overrated but always nicer than not having them. Also, I had to simply double JPP's stats for TFL's as he ONLY had 1 year of production at South Florida... so projected he had 33 TFLs.

The very high tackle counts for Spoon and McClain were due to them both playing ILB. I was originally only going to do OLB types but figured McClain and Spoon were so squarely in the mix they should be included. The ILBs have the gaudy tackles and give up some of the sacks and TFLs, due to the nature of the position.

I felt the last 2 years in college were the most relevant and also would highlight JPP as the only one year wonder in the group.

To all McClain fans: I am going to try to bash him far less and take a more neutral stance. If anyone has a debate stats and footage is fair for analysis. Just throwing that out there. If he ends up a Fin I will be cheering him on.

I hope this ties things together in tight viewable package for comparisons sake. I hope you like it.

Also it is noted that certain websites have slightly conflicting info. If you know of a site that gives a guy 1 more half sack, 5 more tackles or some variance in 40 times... it happens. Guys run better on some days, bench more etc.

I also wasn't about to tackle cone drill times or hand sizes as you can find those things if you look...

Whew! Cheers all.

I will be glad to discuss thoughts and player ranks etc.


I did see your post but couldnt answer as I was trying to get the posts together as much as I could.

I had changed the margins and had to redo them...argh!

I am outta the guessing who is who business. Some like to use many names or alter egos and thats cool wit me. Some of the posts are funny as heck.

I did not include Morgan as many sites have him going top 10. He could fall and be in the mix for sure. The list was made and I wasn't going to add last minute... I already lost Bootang to the wait. ;(


the SMF,

Some very interesting stats on Pat White you posted.

Nice work on the comparisons.

I have said since he was a 2nd round pick the Fins will try him at least another year to give him time to develop and time to prove they were more right in choosing him in round 2.

Time will tell but hind sight is always 20/20 and many never look objectively at that.

Good post SMF.


Just so you guys know I tried like heck to space those stats better... meh

Rob, Mclain's 2 times at his pro day were 4.71 and 4.74. Some scouts had him anywhere between 4.69 - 4.74 . It depends on who's stopwatch i guess. It's still pretty good for a big guy like that. Anyway i'm outta here and watch out for that Many Me ALOCO.


Like I said, lotta info and some info has variance. At least the number I posted coraborates what you had as well on one of his times.

I am glad I didn't have a 4.8 and you had 4.59 or something.


Composite DEF Stats addition same format:

Name YRS/GMS PLYD Tck4Loss Sacks/PerGM

D. Morgan 2/27 28 19.5/.72

Tcks/per Game Height/ Weight
106/ 3.92 6'3"/ 266

40 Time Arm Length Reps of 225lbs
4.72 34 1/2 DNP

That's the scoop on DE/possible OLB Derrick Morgan. Alexfins..there ya go mang!


I'll check back later on.


I feel a disturbance in the force. Search your feelings well master Parcells, padawan learners are out there. Don't let the dark side cloud your judgement like last year.

Ok Kids, Ihe Cuban has arrived and is taking posts for the next Hour or two, So shoot A "Q" to the menace........

Mr. Menace - Are there any good free agents left out there that the Fins should look at?

I'm so sick of this, I swear half of the people in here are friggin retarded. IF YOU DON'T SIGN IN YOUR NAME DOESN'T SHOW UP IN BLUE! Therefore any moron internet troll can steal your name and write whatever they want to make you look bad. Why is this such a hard concept for people to grasp and why isn't everyone signing in? Are you seriously that lazy that you can't take the 5 seconds to write your e-mail and password? Or are you scared you might say something stupid and not be able to switch names in an effort to hide? I hope more people start using other posters names so people will start signing in and backing up their opinions. I'm sorry but if you continue to post in this blog without signing in you get what you deserve and should garner no sympathy.

None that I'am awhere of,But as you know the mighty air-breathers NEED a nose tackle big time, a real run stuffer, what are your thoughts, should they draft or aquire one through F.A.????

NY Scott, if u use the I Phone App u don't have the option of signing in

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