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Twelve Dolphins players get at least $100K in performance pay bonus for 2009

Donald Thomas, a sixth-round selection in 2008 who started 12 games at right guard last season, led all Dolphins players in the NFL's 2009 performance-based pay program.

Thomas  made $316,577 in addition to his base salary of $338,397, according to a league document obtained by The Miami Herald.

Cornerback Sean Smith, who started all 16 games, pocketed an extra $212,282 to place second on the team in performance pay while tight ends Joey Haynos and Anthony Fasano followed in third and fourth place, respectively, among the highest collecting players in the performance-based system.

Haynos collected $207,264 in addition to his regular salary of $390,980 while Fasano got $189,412 atop his salary of $535,850. Wide receiver Davone Bess, an undrafted free agent in 2008, rounded out Miami's top five earners in performance pay, adding $185,902 to his base salary of $394.480.

The league's performance-based pay system sets up a fund on each team to reward players based on how their playing time compares with their contractual financial compensation. The system won't exist in the 2010 season because the NFL collective bargaining agreement has moved into an uncapped year.

But in the final capped season of the current CBA, 12 Miami players added at least $100,000 to their base salaries.

Performance-based pay is meant to reward lower-paid players who outperform their contracts. The system does, however, also reward higher paid players based on play time.

And the system does not judge the quality of the play, but rather the quantity.

Maybe that's the reason safety Gibril Wilson, a high-priced free agent aquisition and a bust, collected an extra $31,764 in performance-based pay. Wilson was cut last week after one season with the team.

Tackle Andre Gardner, a sixth round pick in 2009, brought up the rear of the performance-based pay sheet, having collected $681.

In total, 61 Dolphins players collected $3,422,875 in performance-based pay.


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I would like to see them pick D. Williams at #12. Pick up a vet WR and FS in F.A.

Cuban, I don't see any FA Nose Tackles worth the effort and most are on the wrong side of 30....we need one in the draft who can grow with this young line... We are not gonna win the Superbowl this year, we are not one or two players away, and the draft is deep with good NT...now is the time to draft one

Should we make a move on Sharper? 2 year deal. His knee's should be good for 2 more years.

Mphs, if the Fins feel Clemons will be ready for us within the next year or two, then I would have no problem with Sharper and a two year max deal, but he is probaly looking for big money

True b-12, agree.....I guess the 3 year plan must be extended huh???? even the genius of the tuna cant eliminate what dave(no nuts)Wannstadt started and Cam(Cant win)Camron finished huh????This might be a five year plan, I sure hope they keep Calder race track open awhile longer, You know how the Tuna loves the pony's....

Cuban my man,
I spent much time thinking about Pat White earlier (see posts between 3 & 4 pm) and i have come to several conclusions:

1. Maybe signing Penny was not such a bad move after all.
2. Having Henne, Thigpen and Penny means Pat White can be moved into the offense.
3. If we line Turner and Ginn up outside, Bess in the slot and bring Pat White out of the backfield as a receiver someone is going to be open.
4. Including Roth we've lost 3 lb's and added 1 so we need at least 2 LB's (maybe 3 for JT) a Safety and a NT. That's why we didn't trade the draft picks for a Wr, we need to draft at 5 defenders just to complete the depth chart.

Oh snap! :) Sorry guys I didn't realize that. Thanks for pointing that out to me bobbyd12. But to those of you who are on your PC and don't sign in, no sympathy for ya.

Cuban, agreed this team will be better then last years, easier schedule, more time together, playoffs, yes, Champions No. Gotta work OT so talk later

I sure hope these guys have a surprise for us in the draft. I haven't missed a game in 10 years (direcTV), but it's been hard to watch the passed 5 (except for 2008). I wish we would have made a move on Ben watson. I think he could have help us.

The 3 year plan was in dog years. Bow wow. Capt. Morgan made me say that.

Cuban, Tuna will be up here in Saratoga watching the races come summer. He definitely loves the track and Saratoga so don't count on any track in FLA holding him there. Also MPHS dolfan YES! They should sign Sharper, Bethea, or Otogwe as soon as possible. Getting nervous about letting all of these players go without replacing them in free agency. If we count on the draft to replace DT, OLB, S , AND WR we're in for a very long season.

SMF,Forget Ted(Hands of stone)Ginn for anything in the offence, Pat White plays with the heart of a lion but lets face facts, ^ foot tall,185 lbs soaking wet, He wont make it in the NFL,Miamis defense was horrendous last year, and thats being mean to all horrendous defenses around the league so the 1st 3 rounds will be towards the defense, miami improved there defense already when the let loose Joey(DUHHHH)Porter and Gibril(The Reggie Bush Highlight reel)Wilson along with Adoloye.....Look for "D" in the upcoming draft.......

5 of the 7 picks will be D. My point about White is 3 receivers plus him means someone is open.

Maybe Kansas City will give us a 3rd round pick for Ginn. Tuna , will u please talk to your son-in-law

The "three year plan" was fabricated by fans after the 11-5 season. A lot of people weren't fully aware of the holes on this team and didn't realize how many things went the Dolphins way that season. Every week we played a team, it seemed that their best player was hurt, sometimes even 2 or 3 of their best players. Not to mention the incredibly easy schedule you receive after being last in the league. And the trifecta made some serious mistakes in trying to upgrade through free agency and overvaluing players. With all of that said, realistically we were looking at 5 years until we would be in a position to push for a conference title in my opinion.

SMF, I dont know man, that hit he took against Pitts. Gave me a concussion, that might affect him.....

Pennington, Ferguson, Cobbs & Brown all went down with hits also.
Reggie Bush spends a lot of time on IR also.

But NY, according to your math the fins will be super bowl bound in the 2012 season, thats not good you know seeing how the world ends 12/21/2012....lol.... That figures though....

Also if you watch it again you'll see Pat White lost his footing right before the hit and that's why it was helmet to helmet.

I still say dog years. 1 human year = 7 dog years. Spot told me to say that.

I still think Pat White's going to be a player in this league. He just has too much talent for me to believe his rookie year will be the norm and not the exception. If this team figures out how to best utilize him like a Kordell, watch out man...

In college Pat White rushed it 684 times for 4480 yards, 6.5/yd avg.
He was tackled 637 times.
The other 47 rushes went for TD's.

By comparison CJ Spiller rushed it 606 times in college for 3547 yards and 32 touchdowns.

So Pat White outrushed CJ Spiller by 1000 yards and outpassed him by 6000 yards. He makes $650,000/yr. You don't think it's worth giving him 100 touches to see if can do something?

Cocoa,2 Questions for you #1 Your dogs not telling you to do other things is he??And #2, Your not a postal worker living in New York are you???

SMF, The "Big east" isnt the NFL......

I agree.
And the math is what it is:
65 plays per game on offense:
30 passes
18 rushes by RB
13 rushes by RW
2 rushes each by PW & LH.

Want more production from White? Give him the ball.

TNPhin in the House... What's up Dolphin Nation?

I just cant see Pat White being a human sacrifice for the NFL gods to grant Miami a super bowl appearance.....

The ACC isn't the NFL either :Duke, NC, NC State, VA, MD, BC.
Spiller played 24 games out of 44 in his career against those teams.

I'm not talking about handing White the ball and running behind the guard.

I'm talking about getting him the ball 10 times a game behind the LB's and let's see what he can do in space. I

If it produces, fine.
If it doesn't produce bench him.
If Pat thinks it hurts too much he'll find another profession.
What's the problem?

Have y'all heard of the Browns signing Jake Delhomme? With the addition of Senaca Wallace and Jake Delhomme, I wonder what this means for Brady Quinn? It seem Quinn may be the odd man out in Cleveland. Maybe Cam Moron was right not to draft Quinn. Ginn looks like the better pick of the two now.

Dan Marino has permanent brain damage from the hits he took. So does Steve Young.
What do you care if he gets hurt?

Jake Delhomme couldn't the hold the job in NC and seneca Wallace couldn't earn the job in Seattle.

Derek Anderson is the odd man out in Cleveland.

Anderson is gone. I think Quinn could be gone too- trade bait!

CM, @6:14

No worries bro... the Fins will win the Super Bowl in 2011, then Hell will freeze over and we can all skate out before the tidal waves and asteroids start hitting earth!!



that hit was some thing .

Cuban, please don't accuse me of being from NY. You of all people know how Floridians feel about these people.

I got my dog from the pound and I suspect he came from NY because he's so full of $hit.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Spot says Pat White will be the starting QB for the Dolphins in 2010.

Does anyone know if fins are considering moving Sean Smith to FS

Here's a scenario that hasn't come up much that may be a happy medium between anyone that wants to take CJ Spiller and the Mob that want's to take ***insert fav def player here***

Watch this player and look at his stats...


Strikingly similar to CJ Spiller and faster at the combine. Looks to have at least equal hands I would venture a guess they are better.

2008 194 carries 1,580 yards rushing w/15 TDs, 8.1 yards per carry, 27 receptions 246 yards w/1 TD.

2009 141 carries 867 yards rushing w/12 TDs, 6.1 yards per carry, 22 catches = 213 yards w/4 TDs.

His last 18 games he produced:

27 runs of 20+ yards
6 runs of 60+ yards
4 runs of 80+ yards.

To have full facts revealed he took a knarly fall onto his back. Video shows the start of the play that did it on last clip. He suffered a concussion from jumping over a guy and falling akwardly from about 8 feet up. He hurt his back and was concussed at the time.

That is why he only had 8.5 games played in 2009.

He is healthy now and is knocking on the door of the NFL. I have seen some mocks with him as a late 1st up to about halfway through the 2nd.

He is Spiller/Percy Harvin type clone and may be even better at lateral acceleration.

Maybe we could take whom ever at #12 and then trade into the 2nd to secure a Spiller type player and still get our Def guy in the 1st???

What do you think?


* 2009 stats are in only 8.5 games for my last post due to the aforementioned injury. Sorry forgot to put it in there.


Dan Marino has permanent brain damage from the hits he took. So does Steve Young.
What do you care if he gets hurt?

Posted by: TheSMF | March 13, 2010 at 06:34 PM

SMF, I can see you too have played in the NFL..........


this scenario didn't come often but i doubt that will happen ,good post though.


I have not heard any chatter of that from any credible sources.

Mainly internet fan suggestion at this point.

As the Trifecta sit around 24/7 and think up ways to better the team I am sure it's come up in internal discussion at least.




Thanks bro... digging deep and turning over EVERY freakin stone....

We HAVE to have a better season next year!!!

Gotta have it!!!



Cuban, please don't accuse me of being from NY. You of all people know how Floridians feel about these people.

I got my dog from the pound and I suspect he came from NY because he's so full of $hit.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Spot says Pat White will be the starting QB for the Dolphins in 2010.

Posted by: cocoajoe | March 13, 2010 at 06:47 PM


I must say you digging behined deep ,you are diggin like you scape a jail cell .
cheers bud

Aloco, How many Meatball subs did you sell today??,


We at least gotta buy a vowel right? Uhhh how about a "U" for the 4 letter word that starts with L and ends in ck.

I hope someone on the roster busts out.

I could count how many times a ball was forced out by our DEF with 3-4 guys around only to have the lone Off guy from the other team gain control of it.

I know dems da breaks but we see what happens when luck is more on our side as in 2008 = 11-5.

We had way fewer injuries and the ball bounced towards us sometimes.



Rob, How are the housewives in your county???


Would that be a "FIVE DOlLAR FOOTLONG" in the place???

phone...sec buds.

I never heard you once last season say,"Take some sets away from Ronnie and Ricky and give them to Pat White". If you're unhappy with the way the offense produced don't blame it on Pat White.
Blame it on the starters.

I never heard you once last season say,"Take some sets away from Ronnie and Ricky and give them to Pat White". If you're unhappy with the way the offense produced don't blame it on Pat White.
Blame it on the starters.

Posted by: TheSMF | March 13, 2010 at 07:26 PM
Did I ever say that???

Ok guys it was great, But the menace must say Adios, tell tommarrow have a "PHINTASTIC" nite...........

Whew, long phone call. Was chewing the fat with a San Diego bud scratching his head they let go of Jamal Williams their ex-stud NT.

LOL... doesn't matter the city...all fans are screaming bout somethin.

I think all it would take is this years 1st pick and next years 4th rd pick to aquire Brandon Marshall. What would that hurt????

CM, Housewives of OC are fiyiyine! But, I love mine and happened to get a good 'un so I am set.


Luck is pretty arbitrary. I do believe in it. I am not sure the degree... it waxes and wanes about luck belief for me. How bout you? Do you believe in it?



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