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Twelve Dolphins players get at least $100K in performance pay bonus for 2009

Donald Thomas, a sixth-round selection in 2008 who started 12 games at right guard last season, led all Dolphins players in the NFL's 2009 performance-based pay program.

Thomas  made $316,577 in addition to his base salary of $338,397, according to a league document obtained by The Miami Herald.

Cornerback Sean Smith, who started all 16 games, pocketed an extra $212,282 to place second on the team in performance pay while tight ends Joey Haynos and Anthony Fasano followed in third and fourth place, respectively, among the highest collecting players in the performance-based system.

Haynos collected $207,264 in addition to his regular salary of $390,980 while Fasano got $189,412 atop his salary of $535,850. Wide receiver Davone Bess, an undrafted free agent in 2008, rounded out Miami's top five earners in performance pay, adding $185,902 to his base salary of $394.480.

The league's performance-based pay system sets up a fund on each team to reward players based on how their playing time compares with their contractual financial compensation. The system won't exist in the 2010 season because the NFL collective bargaining agreement has moved into an uncapped year.

But in the final capped season of the current CBA, 12 Miami players added at least $100,000 to their base salaries.

Performance-based pay is meant to reward lower-paid players who outperform their contracts. The system does, however, also reward higher paid players based on play time.

And the system does not judge the quality of the play, but rather the quantity.

Maybe that's the reason safety Gibril Wilson, a high-priced free agent aquisition and a bust, collected an extra $31,764 in performance-based pay. Wilson was cut last week after one season with the team.

Tackle Andre Gardner, a sixth round pick in 2009, brought up the rear of the performance-based pay sheet, having collected $681.

In total, 61 Dolphins players collected $3,422,875 in performance-based pay.


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Not a thing at all unless he runs afoul of the law or the team...

One hand could be all world and be all he can be (Yes! Like the Army)

On the other hand he can be a 1st class knucklehead, wind up in Sparano's pre built JP doghouse and maybe even wind up in cuffs or on a league suspension...

Everyone has to decide for themselves how that story ends. Fairytale ending or Leopard not changing his spots?

Who knows?



Well if Henne plays essentially the same but can cut down on the INTs then we already should see some better results.

Throw in what should be an easier schedule (I don't like to rely on that as the Phins looked like chumps on paper heading into 2008), some of the luck of the Irish or whomever, less injuries and Dansby tackling people right away instead of riding them downfield or letting them get by and we should see 10 wins.

That should put us in the playoff mix solidly.


Brandon M is a top 3 WR but no other teams are jumping at this " sweet deal". There are other incidents besides women beater and insubordination that Dolfans don't know about. He wants a long term deal and if there wasn't a big risk some team would have pulled the trigger on the day one.


The wifey unit just came home... I am gonna go warm here up... (Rough Spring weather, LOL)

Cheers bro


Check out this Pat White Highlight Clip it's off the hook:

One yr and PW is a bust- Second rd was too high- He is a project but coaching and a work out regimen will make a big diff PW will be a better NFL QB than Tebow will ever be- He inproved as a starter in all 4 yrs at UWV

This is how all NFL compensation should be, a reasonable salary for the position and time of service, with performance pay added to the equation. This would put stiffs like Wilson back on the street without being a millionaire bust!

Brandon Salguero!!!! HAHAHAH..that is some funny stuff!

WOW !!!, Does that rob in oc dude ever shut up and boy he likes to talk and type. He's been on here from his 1st post at 12 :48 pm all the until now , which is almost 9:00 PM ! That's 8 FREAKING HOURS !!. This guy needs to get a hobby and A LIFE !

He even typed in to let everyone know that his phone was ringing and he had to answer it. Can this believe this guy ?

I guess we'll sign Quinn next week

Holy Bat Shyt Robin!!! ALoco was pretty normal tonight with no cast of characters, I'm impressed!!!

bobbyd12, i'll be right back to talk to you . My phone is ringing and i have to take a crap.

Thks for that update Jet suck

Rusty, One of the things that needs to be addressed concerning NFL player compensation IMO is how Rookies are paid. I don't believe it to be fair to have guys who have never played a down in the NFL being signed to these huge contracts. I believe there should be a "Rookie Wage" that every player who is just coming in the league, 1st year, gets, regardless of how big they were in College. Veterans who have proven themselves over time deserve to make the real money. Teams get burned by these "Collegiate Wonder Boys" who Bust, while being owed a ton in Guaranteed salary. That is right out of our veterans pockets.

Jets suck,

Are you still taking a crap? What did you eat?

Chicken W/ Waffles tonight.Delicious

In response to your post on Page 3... You have no clue what Armando and I have spoken about. And since you are not signed in under a legit name, you are nothing but Troll Scum to be ignored at every possible opportunity. Now go back to sniffing you Moms underwear and leave the Football talk to adults...
Sign in...Or F@#% Off....."get it"?

For those complaining about the money these guys make, do keep in mind football players do have to pay with their bodies, and have a lower mortality rate then the average person. I am not saying things are not out of hand, just look at both sides of the coin.


To suggest that a team can not win today with a ball control running game is foolish. It is just more difficult to put together a offensive line that can dominate running the ball. Defenses are faster and stronger then they were back in Csonka's day, but remember so are the offensive linemen.

That line had superior players. Langer, Little, and Kuechenberg are 3 hall of fame caliber players. They also had one of the best WR's ever in Paul Warfield to keep defenses honest. What offense of today can put together that kind of talent with the salary cap? Unless you are lucky in the draft it isn't going to happen. It is much easier to assemble a passing offense imo. But, that does not suggest it cannot happen in today's game. It can.

Derek in palm beach who's now 4 dolphins. ADULTS !!!! With that language ?? You sound like the troll scum who sniffs both his mothers and sisters underwear, You're the F@#%EN DOUCHEBAG who got banned from this blog once already. Nobody else but you. Now STFU and Stop crying.

i know ill prbably get ripped for this but we have many holes on each side of the ball and we already upgraded the defense tremendously with nolan and dansby i say put that 12th pick to good use for henne and grab jermaine gresham at least we would have a dominant tight end like all good teams have

Ok this may be a dumb question. But i here people saying other people are steeling the screen names and posting stuff under there name. But this can't be done can it? I mean when you load the app on your phone your already signed in and you ,can't change screen names either.

who cares!

what happened to donald thomas he was being touted as the second coming of larry little after his first camp now he may not even be in future plans its un real how this guy has fallen out of favor in such a short time

Yeah , who cares ?? It's only a blog !!

Rich Incognito is a BEAST !! A 6-3 323 pound animal and Road Grader !! I would love him on miami. He's just what miami needs at OG. Smiley is always hurt and thomas srtuggles to block in space. Bring incognito aboard. Miami needs another guard.

I like the incognito rumor---m/b his biggest problem is he wants to win---and he was on th Rams----he didnt handle it well, i have no problem with him, he i a very talented inside lineman---who could play center if grove got hurt or gaurd if smiley or thomas went down--or just start over them both.

Back to Marshall I have a question for the majority of people in the media, on this blog, Armando---and evry1 else----

The way i look at it if brandon marshall gave us the same situation plaxico buress gave the giants---which was a high contract for a great player that down the line in 3 or 4 years woulf findhimself in jail-----If i knew that was the situation I WOULD STILL sign Marshall

Plaxico won the giants a superbowl--thier defense was great but they dont beat the packers w/o him taking a Dump on GB big time CB duo in the NFC championship---

But i don even care that he got them a ring----what he really did, which people take for granted is he was the biggest part in Eli manning devolping into the QB that he id today

Every1 wants to label QBs as busts or gems---I really feel that most times it all matters early in thier career if they have a huge target to take the pressure off them thrown into small windows at a young age----David carr, jason cambell come to my mind---i think both get a bad rap---and it is really due to never havn a dynamic WR---and good offense stabilty at coordiantor---

Eli manning now can throw to small wrs---and is developing well----At the end of the day if we had marshall for 2 years---and he made henne into a top flight QB---b/c of the confidence he would give this young QB---i think that is the most VALUABLE THING IN THE PHINS ACQUIRING MARSHALL.

Its nt about marshall being a dolphin citizen for 10 years---its DIRECTLY ABOUT HENNE---

If we had a veteran talented QB i wouldnt want marshall but its our situation with a young talented QB

Interesting that there have been 2 articles posted about football news since Armando last posted a blog entry. Does he think he should get weekends off? C'mon Armando, you're not that good a writer that you can afford not to be hungry anymore. Yes, it's relentless work, but if you can't handle it, perhaps Chris Cordero can?

Nice post allen,but if we don't sign marshall I'm all for T.O.I don't care who likes him or does not.1 year for T.O and trade thiggy,get rid of white and draft tebow in the 4 or 5 round if he is there.Everybody thinks they know what or should miami do,but all we do is guess.Non of this B.S really matters.I'm soooo smart.

I agree, take marshal or T.O. But tebow will go in second rd. Everyone are sleepers on tebow, acting like their not interested in him but he will be gone by or the second rd. Henne does need big time WR now. Just get TO and draft NT w/12th pick.JUST DO IT!!!

I don't understand what B.Parcells plan is but that m/f better get marshal or TO if he doesn't get either than we must get WR w/first pick. We must be agressive!!! Skilled Soldiers who can hold the fort. Victory is ours in 2010!i Dont settle for less!!! We win AFC championship, then throw the trophy at the losers cuz that's not what were here for. Bring on those NFC champs. Cuz were bringing the Pain!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry guys, I was in the zone.

LOL,If your not first....Your LAST..Sign T.O

Rex Ryan had a lap band placed in his stomach for weight loss...at the start of last season he weighed 340 pds and added 30 more during the season according to PFT....

Kevin he was prob watchin pacquaio last night. Mando said once he used to box. I believe it with that ugly mugg and sleepy eye. Mando were are u?

Adamn Schefter is reporting that Jake Delhomme will make almost 20 million dollars next year!!! WOW! And you guys complain about paying Dansby 8.6?!?!?!?!?!

Sign moose Muhammad and draft dez Bryant , it would make sense for Bryant to look up to moose and moose couldteach Him how to act with off the field issues I mean

We need defense. There r a ton of teams who have recievers and can put up points but have no D and nvr make the playoffs. Only this yr did the saints have success when in prior yrs they were average even with a crazy offense. Why? Bc all of a sudden they found a defense. And lets not forget we won our division AND the jets had monster success with that model. We have no FS or NT, arguably the two most important positions on our D as evidenced by Gerbils epic suckage (I hope he was rly embarassed when he saw Reggie punk him on the super bowl commercial :P) and Jfurg's injury. Let's address the D if a saftey or NT falls to us in the draft who can lock up te position for yrs. If we can score a reciever that's great and all Dolfans r for that. But man I wanna get an Ed Reed or Demarcus Ware or Haynesworth if any1 fitting that mold is there. In this draft, there r a ton of players with that kind of upside.

Well I don't like this development guys, the Jets are having internal discussions about trading for Brandon Marshall. It's on the national football post.

Davone Bess makes $394.48 a year? Pretty good deal I'd say.

flipper, it's ok, Dirty Sancheese will never be able to get him the ball :)

GetterDone Phins! LOL! Yes this is true Dirty will have a hard time getting him the ball.

Watch demaryius' YouTube highlight reel. He will be a tremendous deep receiver. I have no problem passing on B Marshall, huge investment for a huge question mark. Tell me one team that won the super bowl that had a divided locker room.
don't read the Walter football scouting report which makes this guy sound like a long term project. We lucked out that he broke his foot. Watch the tape and send this guy deep. We have great midrange short receivers. Look at our 3rd down percentage. It's very good.... He will be a star.

I love Incognito. A tough dude in the mold of Heller and Donnelly. He's not a bad guy and will start on this team. If Parcells is willing to bring Incognito - with his bad boy rep - aboard, maybe he'll soften toward Marshall or T.O.. Except that he hates receivers. If he could win with just TEs and RBs and fire all the WRs, he'd do it.

Rex Ryan doesn't release players, he eats them.

WHEN ARE YOU PEOPLE GOING TO GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEADS THAT MARSHALL AND T.O. AREN'T COMING HERE ????? What the Hell is bringing T.O here for 1 year going to Accomplish ?? Miami isn't winning the super bowl next year anyway.

JetsSuck, I understand ur point. But every yr u must expect to to go to the big game. U must believe that even TO or marshal can or may be that piece u need to help make it that one yr. Marshal does worry me.( off field issues) but for One yr, just maybe, it'll takes us to the promise land. A big threat like TO will give Bess, haynos,turner and others better chances at being stars. Ginn still must go!every yr I believe it's ours. I've been disappointed for many but Again, next yr it's ours!!! Believe!!!!

JetSuck, I've been telling people this for months now, u might as well talk to the wall with these thickheads, Parcells isn't going to trade for Marshall or TO and isn't drafting Dez BUT these people live in a fantasy world...better to let them waste their time and let them see for themselves

I'm sure there is more to this B Marshall and the domestic violence thing we keep hearing about.I doubt that he comes home and puts a whooping on his woman just for the sake of doing it.I had a girlfriend who used to punch me and pull my hair and do the old marble squeeze exercise when she got mad.I'd be grabbing her arms to make her stop,then she'd cal the cops and say I was abusing her.I was never arrested because the cops figured out that she was nuttier than squirrel turds.She would go to work and show her friends the bruises on her arm and tell them how evil I was.My point is this;is BM really a woman abuser,or is there more to it.I don't believe everything I see on the news or the inernet.

Finatic, and the smart football fans realize that u build up through the draft and SMART trades, not for one year wonders, EG: Indy, NO the two Superbowl Teams....Wandstadt/Cameron/NickSaban approach has been tried and FAILED///I want a team that is consistently challenging year after year, not 1 Superbowl and suk...Bringing in 1 year players as u suggest impedes a player and sets a team back by not letting someone develop who could be great for YEARS not once

Beerndrums I would agree with u except it's been multiple DIFFERENT women...one nutjob ok. Different women, over n over problem

string = strong

Bobby12, I understand and agree......... BUUUUUTT... I cannot except believing in a few yrs from now. I know no team who builds a team first and decides when their ready. Every teams does build but makes that Run for the SuperBowl every yr. Not in a few yrs cuz were not ready this yr...

So we are not interested in Marshall because we are afraid of "character issues" but we are showing interest in Incognito. That doesn't make sense to me. I know Marshall might cost us a #1 pick, but dang he's worth it. He will change our offense quickly and he might teach Gunn how to catch!

Getting marshal IS worth our 1st pick but u can't teach ginn to catch. U either have it or not. Although it hard to believe that same coward ran back to punt or kick returns that day.

I wonder if they've talked about giving a 2nd round draft pick for Marshall.

He is nagotiable. Denver might ask for two picks if not a first. That my friend may not be worth it.give Denver a 4th w/ ginn and call it even.lol

Rx Ryan is a fat slob that craps his pants alot.

Agree with Alex in Hialeah 100%.

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