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Twelve Dolphins players get at least $100K in performance pay bonus for 2009

Donald Thomas, a sixth-round selection in 2008 who started 12 games at right guard last season, led all Dolphins players in the NFL's 2009 performance-based pay program.

Thomas  made $316,577 in addition to his base salary of $338,397, according to a league document obtained by The Miami Herald.

Cornerback Sean Smith, who started all 16 games, pocketed an extra $212,282 to place second on the team in performance pay while tight ends Joey Haynos and Anthony Fasano followed in third and fourth place, respectively, among the highest collecting players in the performance-based system.

Haynos collected $207,264 in addition to his regular salary of $390,980 while Fasano got $189,412 atop his salary of $535,850. Wide receiver Davone Bess, an undrafted free agent in 2008, rounded out Miami's top five earners in performance pay, adding $185,902 to his base salary of $394.480.

The league's performance-based pay system sets up a fund on each team to reward players based on how their playing time compares with their contractual financial compensation. The system won't exist in the 2010 season because the NFL collective bargaining agreement has moved into an uncapped year.

But in the final capped season of the current CBA, 12 Miami players added at least $100,000 to their base salaries.

Performance-based pay is meant to reward lower-paid players who outperform their contracts. The system does, however, also reward higher paid players based on play time.

And the system does not judge the quality of the play, but rather the quantity.

Maybe that's the reason safety Gibril Wilson, a high-priced free agent aquisition and a bust, collected an extra $31,764 in performance-based pay. Wilson was cut last week after one season with the team.

Tackle Andre Gardner, a sixth round pick in 2009, brought up the rear of the performance-based pay sheet, having collected $681.

In total, 61 Dolphins players collected $3,422,875 in performance-based pay.


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Ooooookaaaayy.......... Good luck w/ that.

Mando I for one think you hit the nail on the head in regards to your article about Marshall. I was a bit suprised that you of all people would be against him coming here (because of your lobbying for a true #1). But that shows your understanding of the situation as it is and what kind of damage a player of that type can do to a team and a locker room. After reading your article I'm convinced now more than ever that he would be a horrible fit for a team trying to change the culture within the organization. Pissy, or Peezy, whatever he wants to call himself these days was a Cameron mistake and I don't ever want to see those types of players on this team. How many of these "problem WRs" have rings? Not even a handful.

I must be typing something inappropriate because my comment never seems to show.

I hate it when the system loses my comment.

Basically it went like this:

Who will Marshall or T.O. impede? Not Henne for sure, and we have zero WRs who's growth will be impeded by either of these guys. Besides, Marshall would be here for years.

If the Jets get Marshall in addition to Edwards (who, despite his difficulty catching is about 1000% better than our fast guy, Ginn) then the Jets will be kicking our butts for years while we continue to mast r bate with Pat White and the Wildcat.

The draft should be about D as any WR taken will take years to develop. That's why we need a #1 FA WR.

Whoomp, there it is...

To the guys talking about how getting a WR of that kind can propel you to a superbowl please do the blog a favor. Do some research on problem WR's and find out how many of them have superbowl rings on their fingers. Since you're all so sure that Marshall can bring a superbowl to Miami and you're willing to go with a crappy defense in order to get him, find the problem WRs that have been traded to teams that they then took to a superbowl and list them for us. And if you're wondering WHY we would have to go with a crappy defense tell us how you can trade away your first pick or your second and third and still find (IN THE DRAFT) an OLB,FS,and a DT that can immediately start in the NFL because there is no one left on the free agent market.

It basically goes like this . MARSHALL ISN'T COMING TO MIAMI !!!!!!!!!!

WHooomp , there it isn't.

Again, Parcells has NO INTEREST in Marshall, he is not taking Marshall, he's not going to give up draft picks for Marshall, he hates guys like Marshall so there will be NO Brandon Marshall

jimmyjam, T.O. AND Marshall will impede THE TEAM. Problem WRs don't help teams to superbowls. How many rings does T.O. have? How about Marshall? YESSSSSSSSSSSS they will make a bunch of catches, yes they will single handedly win you a few games. BUT, they will also lose you games because of their selfishness. They will devide your locker room into clicks because that's what these types of players do. They are TEAM CANCERS plain and simple. It's been proven time and time again. It would be great if sports were like video games and the players attributes and skill levels were the only thing determining how they will effect the team but in the real world there are practices, team meetings, team trips, social events, charity events, family events, off season training programs, rules that players don't like but mature players follow, etc. You HAVE to look atthe big picture when putting together a consistent winner. I want a team that will be fighting for a superbowl every year like the Pats, Colts,and Steelers. How many headache ("ME") guys are on those teams? NONE. But the Bengals,Cowboys,Raiders and others are chock full of those players and they go nowhere every year. Cowboys make the playoffs and then get blown out because there are too many ME guys and not enough team players. I'm not happy with just the playoffs every year. We already did that at the end of Shulas career and it didn't work. You have to build a team that has chemistry.

I heard mark Clayton and duper where coming out of retirement.....

I see ole Rex Ryan got the lapband surgery.. And he said he thought he didn't get the job at Atlanta in 07 because he was fat.. Of course in new York he fits in beautifully...I doesn't have to feel out of place.. U figure after the surgery he will drop down to 380 so he should look good when he comes to Miami and losses!!!!!!!

If Marshall played for Miami and was catching 100 passes and getting 1200 plus recieving yards and 10 plus td's no one and i mean no one on here would give a rats a.. what he does of the field-- now I know Parcells won't trade for him but don' t say you wouldn't cheer for him if he was a Fin

I can't wait for the draft.I just saw that the Jets are going to sign Tomlinson.I'm not worried about that guy.....he's way done.I'm just surprised that the Patsies didn't try to get him.

And yes,if Marshall were a Dolphin and he put up great #'s.....we could put our blinders on.

One name: Michael Irvin

Problem WR - maybe not as bad a rep as T.O. or Marshall but certainly in his fair share of trouble. Several rings.

I agree it would be preferable not to have a problem guy. But who else is there? Don't say draft picks. Only picks are next year (save Bryant) and then it's three years from then until they're ready. I don't mind waiting a year or so more to be competitive at a top level but four years? No thanks.

I never said we are one WR away. I said draft D this year and don't even bother with a WR in the 6th or 7th - not worth it that late - stay D. I did say that we cannot improve (much) with what we have on offense. There needs to be significant improvement at the WR position and it cannot be four years down the road (draft one next year - a good crop of college guys then - and wait three years for development). So whst's your solution then, all you Marshall naysayers? We win with improved D and the same 2009 offense? Please give us some other solution. You all say no to Marshall but don't give any solutions to actual offensive improvement other than "This is Ginn's year,' or "Pat White will be good, just wait," or "Hartline is the next Jerry Rice," or "you don't need anything more than a mediocre offense if you defense is stout." Please tell us what you would do to improve this offense into something that is more than marginal?

Ricky and Ronnie are close to done and the WR corps is middling at best and we have no decent TE.

Jimmy Jam, plenty of people have put up numerous posts on the WR position on this blog...you, me and everyone else on this post have no idea about Patrick Turner, u say three years to develop, well he is one year in...Parcells has built winners throughout the years without a diva WR..There is also plenty of good receivers in this draft...I don't wanna hear this shyt that people haven't offered suggestions...ur blinded by ur Brandon Marshall infatuation

we keep saying all that stuff for years and we still suck .what gives .


So Michael Irvin was the biggest piece of that Cowboys team? Troy Aikman. Emmitt Smith. Nate Newton. Mark Tuinei. Mark Stepnowski. Charles Haley. Ken Norton Jr. Deion Sanders. Jay Novacek. Moose Johnston. I just named 7 or 8 guys off the top of my head who were top 3 at their position. Do the Cowboys win all 3 super bowls without Irvin? Debatable. Do they at least win 1? Absolutely. In the last 20 years, you came up with 1 headache receiver who won a championship, out of probably 10-12 guys you would label headaches. That receiver also played on easily one of the most talented teams of all time. I give you credit, that it is an example. Also, those teammates would never agree that he was a problem IN the locker room, because he wasn't. He had off the field issues.

That's all good about irvin but irvin was drafted by the cowboys . It didn't involve trading draft picks and a Boat load of money. Irvin wasn't a problem on the field either. BRANDON MARSHALL ISN'T COMING TO MIAMI !!!

Seattle is the ONLY team that has shown the least bit interest in Marshall, and even they are to big on him...Baltimore needs a WR, sign Boldin, Cinn sign Bryant, no one else WANTS this so called "premeir" receiver...

Armando just wrote an article in the Miami Herald saying Marshall isn't worth it with all the baggage he brings...That is Armando Salguero who has been screaming for a WR Forever, DOES NOT want Marshall...

Patrick Turner runs a 4.54 (pretty much what Hartline does). Too slow to be a number 1. We are talking about guys who can stretch a field here, no?

So Bobby's the only one who can come up with something?

I agree about Irvin, but that didn't take me much time to come up with that. There have to be more.

How about Moss? He doesn't have a ring but he's been to the dance and he was a real SOB in his years until Beli - a Parcells disciple - got hold of him.

Look, I know Marshall's not coming here because Parcells hates receivers, especially good ones. To the point that he will cut off his nose to spite his face. I know that this offense is doomed to mediocrity and that if we win games, it will be on the shoulders of a running back and the hands of a TE or a short yardage possession receiver. But it's so obvious that a true #1 WR would make this offense so much better. However, that is a pipe dream. But.. it's a fun exercise, no?

Same Armando who believes that we should have only angels on this team. He will hate Incognito if they pick him up. Armando thinks this team should be made up of saintly guys. Good luck building a winner if you only bring in guys that are pure and virtuous. Sometimes you can find that good player/saintly mix: Zack, Offerdahl, etc. But sometimes you have to take a bad boy for the production: Heller, Donnelly.

It's also the same Armando who says he wants T.O. in one blog entry and then says the opposite two days later.

I know they don't want Marshall but if he were here producing TDs and big seasons and helping the Fins into the post-season, he'd be cheering along with the rest of us.

If Moss can be turned around, so can Marshall.

Read an article today that the Fins are definitly looking at three big time TE s...Gronkowski, Graham and I believe it was Hernandez...A big Mark Bavaro/Jeremy Shockey TE will open up the lanes for the WR game too...this will improve the offense for us, when Martin went down and Fasano moved over we to the other side we suffered

Bobby - See? There's a piece to the puzzle. Still means only short yardage though. Seriously, Hartline is slow but he's got some quicks and can get YAC, so maybe a decent TE opens that up a bit. But we still need a guy who can run in the 4.4s and stretch the field. If only Ginn could catch. I could even deal with him being a wuss if he could catch consistently or at least more often than not. That would solve this issue immediately. But in three years he still cannot keep a ball in his hands.

Yet, Marshall is at a 4.5 so not that fast either - just that good - still faster than anyone we've got (except Ginn).

Sorry for the multiple posts - sugar high

If we wanted a TE that can catch and score TD, then why didn't we look at Ben Watson. Now, we are stuck watching FaDropo

Marshall runs a 4.52 just like the other guys. I wouldn't exactly call that blazing # 1 wr numbers . Moss came to the pats for a 4rtb round pick has won ZERO rings. Moss started in with his pouting late this past year. NEXT ?

Bobbyd12 , hernandez wasn't the other TE. He's not a tuna type te . He's to small . A h back type. Mccoy from USC was the other guy

Dan the Man, we didn't look at Watson because there is depth in the draft at TE...Why pay a guy like Watson when u can get a kid out of college who could be a monster for many more years????Gronkowski, 6:6 285 pds and look up his stats..There is only so much money u have for players, and don't tell me about uncapped year because smart teams will set their own cap...a younger guy who can grow n gel with his teammates is better then someone who cannot give u as much time

Brady Quinn traded to Denver

@ Bobby, I see what you are saying about cheaper players and growing a young team. However, when teams in your conference are getting better Offensively and Defensively through free agency and smart pick ups, then there should come a time for the Trifecta to look in the mirror and start signing players that can help us win NOW. The Jets already know our Offensive schemes, rush a young QB, push the CB and Safety up to stop the run and perhaps the Wildcat, then shut us completely down. We don't have anyone that scares Defenses, so they can have a hay day playing us. We didn't pick up a Safety when there were a couple out there and we all know what position was killing us. I just think we need to start picking up players that we can actually benefit from, instead of being cheap. And I guess as a fan I should learn to be more patient with my team, and support them no matter what!!!

DantheMan, I hear u and believe me, as a season ticket holder it is frustrating because you know we are getting closer and want to be there but knowing that we are building a really good team that will challenge for a long time is gonna take a little more patience...

CLEVELAND (AP) -- The Cleveland Browns have traded quarterback Brady Quinn to the Denver Broncos for fullback Peyton Hillis and a 2011 draft pick.

The teams announced the trade Sunday and said the deal is pending physicals.

Quinn's departure comes one day after the Browns agreed to terms with free agent Jake Delhomme on a two-year contract.

Quinn went 3-9 in 12 starts for Cleveland, which acquired him in the first round of the 2007 draft.

Ginn sucks but.....

Not as bad as Quinn apparently.

Believe in now!!!! U can build ur team for LongRun but u expect and prepare to make that run to the SB every yr!!!! I scream when I say that!!! Believe In Now!!!!

To be fair Po,Quinn was just unlucky that he found himself on a very bad Browns team. Even if Peyton Manning played for the Browns,i bet they would'nt have won many games.

A good move for Quinn IMHO.

Just thought it was interesting, full circle and all.

Don’t think Quinn would have been good here either.

I bet Quinn would have been a better and more productive QB than Ginn has been as a WR though LOL.!

DelHomme sucks too

Tomlinson is a Jet.

Sheesh - way to bring it on the suggestions. Just criticize... Bobby has made the effort to try. I get that it takes time except I believe Ireland when he talks about needing a #1 WR like Gibril Wilson believes him about being on the team next year.

Mark my words: This FO for all the good they will do (D, RB, TE) will NEVER draft, trade for or sign a true #1 receiver. EVER.

Whether it's a guy like Marshall or a saint like Boldin (who never complains or throws fits with coaches and teammates). It will never happen. Unless Ginn gets some stickum, it's hopeless to even wish for it.

You cannot win a SB these days without such a player. They will build a great defense. They will find RBs to replace Ronnie and Ricky (who will both be gone after this year), they might find a good receiving TE. But they will forever be relying on the Wildcat, trick plays, short yardage passing game and the Pat Whites of the world to win. And that may take them to the second round of the playoffs but no more.

Remember Quinn was sitting in the green room on draft day? A lot of the experts had him pegged as our pick, the next great Dolphin Qb.

This may be the first good move McDaniel has made. IO think Quinn had a really bad go of it in Cleveland. I wasn't one of the guys hoping for him to be in the aqua and orange but I wouldn't have been as upset about it as I was with the special teamer.

of course Jimmy Jan you didn't want quinn back in the draft for the fins hahaha. Eazy to say that 3 years later plzzz!!! THE WHOLE WORLD WANTED HIM HERE!!!


Don't get me wrong, I would love a great WR. Henne has to basically be perfect every throw, we don't have anyone who can make a great play on the ball. BUT, a big time WR guarantees nothing. Randy Moss. The Patriots won 3 Super Bowls with a substandard WR group, with defense and good QB play. They made a big time switch in philosophy to a passing team, set all kinds of records, but did not finish the deal.I then present you the Saints. NO passed for 5000 yards 2 seasons ago. 8-8. This year, there offense was far more balanced, and there defense made a lot of plays. As they became more complete, they won the Super Bowl.

Bootang25,,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep dreaming, it still early .

Keep dreaming about what?

Kam Wimbley traded from Browns to Raiders (sounds like for a 3rd rounder)...

Plaxico in NY---

Same case same scenario----guy with baggage but had a team that was ready to win --but needed a big target to help Eli develop---we are in the same situation---its risky but some times you need to take that risk

Stop with our defense is going to be crappy---its not---we will draft some LBs---if we sign sharper---

You will have a playmaker at every level---with sharper, dansby, starks---relax----our best defender---is a guy called MIke Nolan----this league is about the coordiantor just as much as the players----ask the cardinals in the plaoffs last year awful scheme made all that talent look awful----

WR is the issue holding us back---for once be like the jets and get creative---2010---3rd pick, Ted ginn, and 2011 1st round pick---

Which wont be a high pick if we get marshall b/c our offense will be scary---teams only stopped our run game cause they put 9 i the box---no more of that

Saints still had Colston---he isnt randy moss, TO, andre johnson, or brandon marshall, but he is a huge target that catches everything


The Giants DEFENSE was the reason they won the Super Bowl. The Saints became a complete team before they won the Super Bowl. Defense wins championships. We have much bigger needs than WR. It is a luxury position, not one that is key to a teams success. Why do you think Andre Johnson and Brandon Marshall have NEVER been to the playoffs? There defenses suck. I agree it would be nice to have a stud WR, but it is about #3 on the list of priorities. Santonio Holmes, Hines Ward, Reggie Wayne, all very good WRs. But there teams won championships because how there defense played come playoff time.

I'm w/ you Bootang.The pressing need on this team is to build a better defense. Starting with NT. The defensive line will be the key to our D being better. The middle line backers need to be able to make more tackles, the safties had to make way to many last year.

Giants dont get out of Green bay without plaxico---he single handledly dominated greenbay defense---and he has allowed Eli to become a top flight QB--

Your missing the point----What 1 player makes your team better-----


Henne will devlop faster and have a greater chance to be that guy we have been searching for for a decade------if he gets help in this critical stage in his career----

you dont need a great WR--when you have a veteran all-star QB---Tom Brady, Peyton manning, Drew brees, Big ben---

We have a young guy just like the Giants had---We can still build our defense this year---if we give up a 2011 1st round pick and get created----i wouldnt give up our #12 pick---but being so negative on marshall your forgetting his value is in only his production, but its all bout henneee

I garuntee you that woe can get him if we are creative like the JETS GM--and thats why they have all ready been deep into playoffs almost the superbowl in the first year---

I guess you were aginst acquiring Edwards mid year also---you dont think he helped take defenders out that box for thier run game---or sanshez devlopment---UR WRONG IF YOU SAY NO---

Marshall can our ----braylen or plaxico---

And to be honest you should want this to happen---we can still help or defense in draft and sign sharper----Mike Nolan is the key---

You think the jets had great pass rusher---

Thomas and Pace(big game noshow)---it was a great system with some talent----

We are going to have a great system no with nolan--Nolan--Ryan same Raven makeup---relax defense is in great hands---Dansby lets get it goin

@TD IN THE HOUSE - Not true of me. I had no idea who to pick that year. I wanted a QB but there was some negative talk about Quinn that year too. Just because the bulk of the people wanted Quinn doesn't mean everybody was on that bandwagon. As it is, I don't think Quinn is as bad as everyone makes out. he got a really raw deal in Cleveland the way Crennel and Mangini effed with him. For his sake, I hope it hasn't ruined his career.

Listen - forget a number one WR. Ever. Seriously. It will not happen with this F.O. If they can win without one, then all power to them. I am a fan through and through but I really miss the days of the Marks brothers. It'd be nice to have a single receiver who remotely approached either one of those guys. But that is not what will happen. We are looking at grind it out short yardage, take 3 fdowns for every ten yards football here. Let's hope it works.

BTW, Moss did his bit in the Superbowl loss to the Giants. They lost that in spite of Moss.

Clayton and Duper were miami picks and not traded for and what rounds did they get drafted in ? BTW , Moss still didn't win the super bowl.

Hey Mando. Can you please wrote a new blog. I'm tired of reading about dolphins players getting at least 100k bonus. Give me something new. Thanks

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