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Twelve Dolphins players get at least $100K in performance pay bonus for 2009

Donald Thomas, a sixth-round selection in 2008 who started 12 games at right guard last season, led all Dolphins players in the NFL's 2009 performance-based pay program.

Thomas  made $316,577 in addition to his base salary of $338,397, according to a league document obtained by The Miami Herald.

Cornerback Sean Smith, who started all 16 games, pocketed an extra $212,282 to place second on the team in performance pay while tight ends Joey Haynos and Anthony Fasano followed in third and fourth place, respectively, among the highest collecting players in the performance-based system.

Haynos collected $207,264 in addition to his regular salary of $390,980 while Fasano got $189,412 atop his salary of $535,850. Wide receiver Davone Bess, an undrafted free agent in 2008, rounded out Miami's top five earners in performance pay, adding $185,902 to his base salary of $394.480.

The league's performance-based pay system sets up a fund on each team to reward players based on how their playing time compares with their contractual financial compensation. The system won't exist in the 2010 season because the NFL collective bargaining agreement has moved into an uncapped year.

But in the final capped season of the current CBA, 12 Miami players added at least $100,000 to their base salaries.

Performance-based pay is meant to reward lower-paid players who outperform their contracts. The system does, however, also reward higher paid players based on play time.

And the system does not judge the quality of the play, but rather the quantity.

Maybe that's the reason safety Gibril Wilson, a high-priced free agent aquisition and a bust, collected an extra $31,764 in performance-based pay. Wilson was cut last week after one season with the team.

Tackle Andre Gardner, a sixth round pick in 2009, brought up the rear of the performance-based pay sheet, having collected $681.

In total, 61 Dolphins players collected $3,422,875 in performance-based pay.


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I agree with all of your points. Henne would tremendously benefit with a great WR. However, are we worried about Henne's development, or the Miami Dolphins? Do we want Henne to be a top 5 fantasy QB? Or do we want to win 12 games? It sounds to me like you would do anything to win a championship. Well a team built around a QB that throws the ball over the yard and doesn't do much else, um that's the Dan Marino Dolphins. We of all teams should understand that a great passing game guarantees nothing. I respect your opinion, and I am pretty sure neither you or I are going to change our beliefs, nothing wrong with that, so here's to hoping we get a big time WR, as well as NT, FS, OLB.

allen , comparing the dolphins situation now to the giants situation when they got plaxico is ridiculous. The giants had moe pieces in place for a SB RUN. You can talk about getting marshall from here to kingdome come but MARSHALL ISN'T COMING TO MIAMI !!!

LT has signed with the Jets. Good move for them. Solid backup. We need offense. What are you guys doin in the front office!!!!!!!

So the jets lose thomas jones and might lose leon washington to the 49ers and pick up a washed up LT and that's a good move for them ??

Good for LT, declining RB gets a nice payday from fat Rex... I like how the Jets keep thinking they are just a couple old players away from a Superbowl run...keep shelling out the millions and trading away draft picks

this fat pig is having what surgery? oh no! what does that mean for us?

Great point, -bobbyd12- the jets keep putting there foot in there mouth.I mean REX RYAN.How about this GUARD? INCOGNITO.

Incognito would be a nice pickup for us. He would solidify the one weakness on the OLine - right guard. It would allow Thomas to swing between both guard spots and develop; let Garner play the swing tackle spot; and Incognito can play Center also. After hearing that we had made a claim on him - don't expect him to leave without a contract. And he is a tough, nasty SOB - hopefully he can lay some cheap shots on Bart Scott for talking all that smack.

Incognito, 6:4 325 pds of nasty this kid...Dolphins tried to get h before but Buffalo was lower on waiver wire...Colts and Cincy also want him....Fins need to get his on-field temper under control though, don't want this guy to cost us a game cause he overheats...would complete last weakness on offensive line, hope we sign him

I've made that point about three to four years to develop a WR earlier, Sheesh. With our backs about to be done we'll need to revamp that situation too. So now we're waiting another four years before this is ready to go?

As I said, this WR talk makes no difference. This F.O. HATES them- it totally runs contrary to their philosophy. They will NEVER, NEVER draft, sign, or trade for a top-flite WR. EVER. So all this arguing is moot. Henne's arm will be wasted. They might as well go with Pennington and get what we can for Henne since they'll NEVER play to his strengths. Might get a second for him. Then they could pick up a scat back or a blocking TE or maybe even another too small QB who can run.

This draft will be and should be all about defense. Because, when you have the sh*ttiest offense in the NFL, you better have one of the best Ds if only because they'll be on the field for three quarters.

Incognito = Heller and Donnelly. Nice pick up.

Armando won't like it though since Richie's not a nice man. Far from a saint.

I think he'll drive the too oft-injured Smiley to the pine though, not Thomas.

They need to find a starting center, though. Grove is a great improvement over Satele (I was totally wrong there) but the guy's injury history was a good predictor of what would happen here. I love his touhgness and mean grit but, sadly, he just can't stay on the field.

Still going to need that FS in free agency...Word is Fins don't like any of the FS that are left in the UFA pool...looking at RFA pool now...what do u think, any RFAs that anyone likes???

Nobody who makes my testicles quiver.

The list:

* = An unrestricted free agent who will become a restricted free agent if the NFL and Players' Union don't reach agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement by March 1, 2010.

Hamza Abdullah (UFA*) Arizona
Will Allen (UFA) Tampa Bay
Oshiomogho Atogwe (UFA*) St. Louis
Eric Bassey (RFA) St. Louis
Antoine Bethea (UFA*) Indianapolis
Atari Bigby (UFA*) Green Bay
C.C. Brown (UFA*) NY Giants
Mike Brown (UFA) Kansas City
Daniel Bullocks (UFA*) Detroit
Josh Bullocks (UFA) Chicago
John Busing (UFA*) Houston
Tyrone Carter (UFA) Pittsburgh
Ryan Clark (UFA) Pittsburgh
Nick Collins (UFA*) Green Bay
Craig Dahl (RFA) St. Louis
Reed Doughty (UFA*) Washington
Abram Elam (UFA*) Cleveland
Hiram Eugene (UFA) Oakland
Nick Ferguson (UFA) Houston
Vernon Fox (UFA) Denver
Eric Frampton (RFA) Minnesota
Aaron Francisco (UFA*) Indianapolis
Jamaal Fudge (UFA*) Atlanta
Roman Harper (UFA*) New Orleans
Antoine Harris (RFA) Atlanta
Clinton Hart (UFA) St. Louis
Todd Johnson (RFA) Buffalo
Sean Jones (UFA) Philadelphia
Kevin Kaesviharn (UFA) Tennessee
Dawan Landry (UFA*) Baltimore
Bret Lockett (RFA) New England
Danieal Manning (UFA*) Chicago
Marquand Manuel (UFA) Detroit
Derrick Martin (UFA*) Green Bay
Lawyer Milloy (UFA) Seattle
Donnie Nickey (UFA) Tennessee
Jarrad Page (UFA*) Kansas City
Charlie Peprah (UFA*) Atlanta
Jermaine Phillips (UFA) Tampa Bay
Bernard Pollard (UFA*) Houston
Brodney Pool (UFA*) Cleveland
Pierson Prioleau (UFA) New Orleans
Chris Reis (RFA) New Orleans
Mark Roman (UFA) San Francisco
Brian Russell (UFA) Houston
Bryan Scott (UFA) Buffalo
Gerald Sensabaugh (UFA) Dallas
Darren Sharper (UFA) New Orleans
Ko Simpson (UFA*) Detroit
Eric Smith (UFA*) NY Jets
Quinton Teal (RFA) Carolina
Matt Ware (UFA) Arizona
Pat Watkins (UFA*) Dallas
Roy Williams (UFA) Cincinnati
George Wilson (UFA*) Buffalo
Usama Young (RFA) New Orleans

Well, except for Bethea but isn't he a first round tender?

I guess they don't like Atogwe?

Besides, I thought the consensus is that they won't give up draft picks?

Lot of people talk about Atowge, I don't know alot about him except for what I have read and haven't read alot of negatives and wouldn't cost picks, possibility??

I know he was on IR for a bit, possible more serious then we are lead to believe??? Maybe just teams haven't settled into second wave of free agency yet???

Sheesh---be4 the playoff started no-one thought the giants defense was going to play that well---

they had injuries all over the secondary--and kiwanuki went down----thier offense is clearly comparable to our i dont see how you cant see that

Top 5 RB---with a talented young QB----except they had a true #1 wr--and we dont---

Thier defense played well b/c on their front 4 and thier coordiantor---we actually have more talent in secondary

which brings me to my next point---i want to take a break off the marshall saga---b/c we can argue all day---u dont want the guy b/c you dont like him and thats fine.

We need darren sharper--to be the leader of that young secondary---

Dansby needs some help----i think crowder is trade bait or could get cut---for all you saying he just signed a contract it was a small contract and this isa no cap year so they could easily move him---also consider the idea they dont like injured players---they raved about matt roth--SETTING the edge---he got hurt he is gone----

I wish i could remember the guy who argued with me all day about roth--being the future gor us---Some hawkeye alium----JUST IN CASE YOUR READING THIS---ITS ALIL PAST DUE----

I TOLD YOU SO BUDDY----released best thanksgiving gift i ever got

Rex Ryan is doing EXACTLY the right thing to build his team into a Superbowl contender...and they are well ahead of us Dolphins..Word is that they are considering Brandon Marshall to add to their already good receivers ( Braylon Edwards )..They have aan excellent defense and pretty good running game mainly because the "mortgaged" their draft picks to pick their QB and running backs....and guess what?...theyre succeeding.Yep we beat them TWICE last year ( admittadly via Ginn miracle returns ONLY), and they played deep into playoffs via the lack of stiffer opposition but still they made it...WE DID NOT..we folded...

Now dont start with this " ok then go and support the Jets nonsense'...thats for kiddies at school...

Do yourselves a favour guys...I really like the moves that the FO are making, but they made a MAJOR MAJOR blunder in not picking up Bolden...this was CRITICAL.
Also they are not moving for Marshall due to character issues but will interview Incognito...

i dont really care if Marshall is a wife beater or not...none of my business and let the law handle that...but if he has not been charged or suspended by the NFL then he is clear to play...if you want to moralise about it then kick out all the gamblers, adulterers, porno watchers etc and guess what...very few will remain...

The Jets are AGGRESSIVE and making moves...we are NOT AGGRESSIVE....would be interested in why the double standards of the FO and where they aim to get their chunk yardage this year, cos I juust dont see it.

Remember that most playerds drafted WILL NOT be starters this year.And by the time they have been developed, new holes will have appeared due to age of players etc...That means that without being clever and aggressive you will STAGNATE...

I dont think its that hard to move from abysmal to average as we have done, but to move from average to great is where you earn your stripes...Has Parcells shown this talent yet???..Im not so sure..maybe...but Rex Ryan is at least being aggressive and making moves...

IN looking at the list again, Elam jumps out at you but he is an SS - no idea if he is the type to actually have the ability to switch positions. He is tendered with a 2nd round pick. 29 y.o so maybe not a good answer. Good player though.

Bigalfy - you've said in one post what I've been unable to do in about twenty. Nicely done.

Allen, totally disagree with u on Crowder...he was put in a situation where he had to do much with Akin next to him and yes, he had nagging injuries, but when he went out our run defense suffered...also we already have enough holes to fill draft wise without adding another ILB to that list...Dansby will help Crowder alot and he gets back on track

BigaFly, knock out the two games that Indy and Cincy laid down for and what do u have???? A team with the same record as the Dolphins...They have a QB who already has two injured knees one which had surgery...as I posted the other day, it's funny how Fin Fans think the Jets are doing so well...read the NY blogs, tge fans there are livid...they think the Jets are having a horrible off season and have made some terrible moves..matter of perspective

Andra Davis says he will visit Buffalo on Mon and Tue. Per Adam Schefter on Twitter

Allen. KIWANUKI ???

mates , did i tell you i 'm a HUGE bodybuilder in the super light featherweight division. I' huge ! i'm also the super super light featherweight champ of the world. i'm tough and huge. I also play pro rugby . Huge i say huge. 1,2 4 . 1,24

mates that's super super boxing featherweight champ of the world. good day mates,

Otagwae(spelling ?) is super bitter at the Lambs. Says he will not report to any off season workouts. St Louis only offered him 1.2 million this year, as opposed to the 6 he made last year(franchise player) Might be worth making a play for, he was the best player on a shite team.

Guys disredard whoever is using my BLOG name...he is a chicken shyte who is afraid...Mando can you fix this at all???

I actually think I know who it is...

Bobby..i disagree my friend...i watched the Colts do us in in about 12 minutes of play due to poor defense so I agree that Defense is a Major major issue...but our offense is WEAK as water...and Boldin for a 3rd was the correct move at the time...now, if Marshall is any worse a character than Incognito....il go "he".

marshall is the 2nd best move now...Boldin was the move...

Forget WR in drafts ...more than half are BUSTS

We will not gain CHUNK YARDS like this Bobby

Oh and the name is Bigalfy...not afly...ok Dobby12...errr...Bobby

Mathias Kiwanukia--DE giants-----ok Shessh

The crowder comment----i like crowderbut he at this point in his career isnt a playmaking inside lb---he is good vs. the run---but u wouldnt rather have a young ilb next to Dansby instead of a lb with bad knees, and a bad foot injury---plus he isnt a leader or student of the game---he was a LB who relied mainly on his toughness which he still has---

I much rather have Brandon spikes---who is bigger longer, makes more Splash plays--sacks and interceptions--- Or even mich johnson

Crowder isnt the player he was when he made all those tackles 2 years ago and he was never a playmaker---i hate settling for an older injured run plugger----this is what happened when we signed akin---

Guys like mcclain---and spikes dont come along often---with thier elite size and length, and leadership abillity---

A cam thomas, linval joseph, torrel troup you will see every draft from now on, b/c this league is changing to a 3-4 league and the tackles will continue to get bigger

OLB----round 1
Spikes---round 2--
Demaryius, or riley round 3
Anthony mccoy round 4--

We need more picks---thigpen for a 3rd

Dont trade Thigpen....MISTAKE

sign sharper already so every1 can stop worrying about FS, damn it---

For all those worried about Parcells and his stance about character issues....Incognito has major character issues....Id sign him cos he can play...and so will Parcells

I dont buy the character stuff...

Sign Marshall and get this team into the next level FFS....forget conservative hesitation nervous nellies....!!!!

Why has free agency been so quite on our side r the phins waiting for the draft or what

I'm huge mates, i'll be entering the worlds most srongest man in the super lightweight division. I'm huge i say. The rest of you are dills. 1,2 4 i'm huge 1 , 2 4. afly.....

i dont see better value in a nose tackle in the 2nd compared to Spikes---

If you try to fill evrywhole in a draft class you will miss out on better value---and be stuck with a player at a postition that could of been upgraded in the next draft---

all the nose tackles outside Cody and Williams arent worth a pick----they havnt had good careers---dont use a second or a 3rd---because a guy is big---you will be able to find big guys at nose in the future wait for the right one---paul can hold it down for a year if you upgrade those linebackers behind him to clean up the mess---

Morgan, dansby, Spikes, wake----is stalent at every position----

Some tell me the last time you seen a LB like mcclain or spikes in past drafts---lets debate b/c i know every1 wants to reach for a nose in the 2nd--wit Cam---he isnt good

Remember what that old giants LB core looked like when they won a super bowl under parcells--
Every1 was 6"3 250 and above lets gooooo---Tuna thinks like me get freaks at the LB postition---

Again all you we need to reach for an unproven NT in round 2---

the jets had the #1 defense with a guy called Pouha in the MIDDLE---SO STOP IT---get inside linebackers who can make plays---and upgrade on outsde and we will be fine

i like thigpen---but if we can et a 2nd or 3rd for him---i think you got to---this is a talented draft----thigpen reminds me of romo

To compare Incognito to marshall is totally assinine. Incognito is unrestricted free agent who won't cost that much and won't require given away draft picks . It's low risk - high reward. Also incognito has ha no off field issues since college. The guy plays mean and wants to compete. His temper gets in the way sometimes on the field because of that nastiness and will to win. That can be curbed but marshall issues cant. bigafly get a clue !

allen , agreed on the big LB core like the old giants had. that's the way the tuna is headed in this draft.

i might just have the start the DONT WORRY ABOUT SPIKES 40 TIME, HES A FOOTBALL PLAYER FANCLUB-------.....

you can be an athlete at ilb and run a bad 40---his 10 yd burst is thier---he can read qb eyes---can match up vs TE, elite size for run game---and shows hand technique and agilty to shed blocks and get after the passer---

I know he will strugle vs RB and small wrs---but what ilb wouldnt in this league---Dansby and willis----name me some1else

bart scout got toasted by haynos on an out route---and he is a great ILB---he cant man cover any1 quick

I just know bart scott and harris make that jets defense go in the middle---

We need that, we got dasby he needs a running mate

Not a spikes fan.

crowder hasnt ever been a playmaker--time to move him will he cost us nothing---he is damaged goods anyway---two bad knees---he might as well be 34

sheesh give me your reasons-----

Watched spikes his whole career he was a leader of a top 5 defense as a junior and senior---and he fits the mold perfectly as a 3-4 ilb----at florida he played mlb in a 4-3----which wasnt the perfect fit for him---

Mcclain gets all this great praise---he played a better system than spikes and played behind Cody---

Name me a DT at florida----

They havnt had a good 1 in a while


This is one of the reasons I dislike the draft process so much. I live close to Tampa, have attended 2 USF games, and I barely knew anything about Jason Pierre Paul. Yet because of some stupid youtube video, some great workouts in shorts, this guy is a top 10 pick.

Meanwhile, a guy who was the captain of one of the best defenses in the country, in the best conference in the country, all of a sudden is too slow or not good enough. If he runs 4.8 but has great awareness and instincts, what's the problem. That's better than the guy who runs 4.5 and can't find the ball. Spikes is slow, and can't cover, yet ran 4 INT's to the house.

If Spikes goes to a 3-4 team, I think he could be a very, very good player.

The trifecta like them big but don't want them slow either. They're getting away from the slow footed ilb 's like ayodele and spikes is slow. He's not that athletic either . Miami 's ilb's got torched by rb's and Te's and spikes would also get torched, We've seen that before. Anyway with dansby aboard miami will go OLB before they go ilb . At least mcclain can play olb. he lined up there many times and has the athletic abilty to do so at SOLB

Sheesh, LT is a good pickup for the Jets as a backup. Proven veteran character guy with something to prove and they didnt have to give up anything to get him. Good pickup.

LT is finished. Not so good pickup. they lost jones and might lose washington

sheesh be4 u listen to experts look at the tape on unviversal drat part 2 of mcclain and spikes---is blitzing----

It honestly isnt close---Spike is much better in pass rushing---just look with your own eyes dont let kiper and company tell you spikes isnt an athlete he is----he is explosive first ste and can cover TEs---Akin aydele i hate with passion---Brandon spike sis nothing like akin---akin has no explosion isnt a pass rusher---cant tackle or make plays---

Just check the tape---plus your watch mcclain in a natural 3-4 and spikes in a 4-3---

Meaning spikes is covering more ground then mcclain on tape---if spike was at alabama in a 3-4 behind cody his production wold been insane---also spikes played through a groin problem as a senior which Tuna will love---b/c he loves players who fight through inuries---

the bad tape on spikes i think is due to him not playing in a 3-4 which would show him as an athletic lb----

A playmaker is intincts like my man Booatnag said---

Pic apart sppikes footwork and technique covering people all you want he has the height length and ball hawk instincts to make splash plays if he is in coverage or rushing the passer---

spikes stood up on the edge all the time for florida and was thier most consistent pass rusher on a top 5 defense because dunlap was inconsistent

Bootang im wit you brother---Spikes is the most disrespected prospect this draft---i would argue that him and mcclain will have similiar careers---

Its a shame---kiper, mcshay, mayock have too much influence on public opinion---we need a website to make all game tape available to fans so we can have all the tape to watch just like the experts---3 guys opinions influences thes lesser name experts---and thats how the wildfire starts---

Spikes is a leader---i respect that so much in any prospect, even more at LB

Please don't insult me with that OLD don't watch experts or kiper and Comepany BS comeback line . I've watched plenty of tape and plenty of games. Spikes is stiff and not real fluid . I haven't even mentioned his lack of experience in the 3-4. Spikes will get torched in the passing game , he will be a complete liability. Miami's been there and done that.

Again with Kiper , Mayock , Mcshay BS ?? I know alot about college players and have watched alot of games. Don't insult my intelligence with that Crap. By the way you wouldn't know about 3/4 of these players if it weren't for the like of these guys or TV experts and the internet. You want to debate the draft or throw stupid comments like your kiper comebacks ??

Universal draft for anyone reading you tell me spikes cant pass rush---and he cant make plays on the ball---and you think him playing in a 4-3 didnt hurt his game---i guess we will just disagree---mcclain struggles badly to get off blocks when he pass rushes---spikes is clearly superior in that aspect----

This bad tape of him that you have seen of him in coverage---was in a 4-3 ---you understand how much more difficult that is then to cover in a 3-4

mcclain is a superior athlete then spikes---explain to me how----i agree mcclain is smoother in coverage but you think he is better off the edge---

and again i didnt say spikes was fluid in coverage---but he can make plays b/c of his instincts----and he will be way more comfortable covering in a 3-4

sheesh--breathe over there----

Kiper single handly murdered spikes Draft scout---the same way mayock has created kindle's.---kindle was a 2nd round pick be4 mayock opened his mouth---comment was directly toward you--but these couple of experts shape popular opinion i ca watch a game and listen to them without takn everything they say as the Bible

spikes will be a player just like USC mauluga was too slow--he had a great year for bengals---some ILB in the draft always has to get the bad rap--this year its spikes


You beat me to it. Maualuga fell, and ask the Bengals how they feel a year later. Stiff hips is often expected with ILBs. The ability to flip the hips is one of the things that seperate the elite ILBs from the very good ones. All I know is Spikes consistently made plays, that is a good thing with an ILB.

" comment was directly toward you " . ??? Kindle was rated a 2nd rounder before mayock opened his mouth ??? Really ?? Kindle was Rated a 1st rounder on many scouts and Draft experts boards almost the entire year. Scout's inc had him top 32 all year. You need to get your facts straight KIPER !


I made and delivered the list of LBs measurables about 4 minutes after you left the other day!

Did you check it out?

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