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Agent: Gibril Wilson will be released today

The Dolphins, flirting with signing free safety Antrel Rolle, have good reason to make that push: They will have a void at the position in a couple of hours.

Agent Alvin Keels, who represents Gibril Wilson, tweeted moments ago that his client will be cut today.

[Update 2 p.m.: A league source tells me the Dolphins are STILL in discussions with agent Drew Rosenhaus about Rolle even amid reports he is visiting the New York Giants today. It's ain't over yet.]

Thank you, God!

In my opinion, which I have shared here countless times, Wilson was the player that did most damage to Miami's chances of winning games last year.

He hurt the team against Indianapolis, being directly responsible for not one, not two, but three touchdowns.

He hurt the team against New Orleans, being directly responsible for one touchdown and getting run over by Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey.

Wilson was a free agency bust from A to Z -- just as he was a bust in Oakland. Per Keels, Wilson is now free to negotiate with any team that wants him. That new team would be his fourth in four years, which tells you something about the guy's ability.

Don't feel sorry for Wilson. He's made a whopping $24 million in guaranteed money the past two years.

This move has several moving parts:

It makes the free safety job a need for the Dolphins. If the Rolle free agent chase works, then the position is filled.

If Rolle signs elsewhere despite having a contract offer on the table from his hometown team, then the Dolphins may move on to other free agent targets. They might look at O.J. Atogwe of the Rams.

Atogwe was the Rams' franchise player in 2009 but is on the market as a restricted free agent this year. There is no draft pick compensation due St. Louis for signing Atogwe. Any offer a team makes to Atogwe can be matched by the Rams, but the Dolphins can obviously put a poison pill in any offer to prevent St. Louis from matching.

[Update 12:34: I'm told the Dolphins have been talking about Pittsburgh unrestricted free agent Ryan Clark. I'm digging on that now.]

The Dolphins can also draft a safety. Two that stand out as possible first rounders are Eric Berry of Tennessee and Earl Thomas of Texas. Berry has been compared to Ed Reed. He probably won't be there at No. 12 but obviously anything can happen.

Thomas is a very instinctive cornerback. He has position versatility as he has shown ability to run and cover so he can help in the nickel and dime packages. Thomas should be there at No. 12, but again, anything can happen.

Today should be an interesting day, not only because of the player(s) visiting the Dolphins, but those exiting. Joey Porter will be cut as early as today. Jason Allen, Akin Ayodele and Reggie Torbor are on the bubble, too.

It would not surprise me if Ted Ginn Jr. is not on the team next year, either, by the way.

Now let me address this: Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland strongly defended Wilson at the Combine last month and even suggested Wilson would return to Miami this year.

"A lot of things you would try to blame on him ... those weren't always his fault," Ireland said of Wilson. "We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson. We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year. He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

Yeah, well, Ireland is now on the take-everything-he-says-with-a-grain-of-salt list. Come to think of it, that should actually get him a big attaboy from the Dolphins.


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Please tell me my posts will be seen here.

Hell's Ya!!!

YES!!!!!!!! That must mean Rolle is on the way. Thank you God!!!!

Mcluvin, do you see what I'm posting?

Thank you Jesus!

Goodbye Gerbil. Oh and Pennington- I don't do no trade clauses.

Hey Armando, is this a cruel april fools joke you're playing ?...if is not..

its christmas in march !!!!!!

Wow, you were the only one to see his defects Aramando ! ha ha ha ha.....

Awesome...cut the fat. With the free agents, draft possibilities, and Clemons, we don't need him.

Offseason is off to a very promising start - Porter will be gone soon - I suspect that even though it is unlikely they are still trying to trade him. Expect Ayodele to be next on the chopping block; with possibly Reggie Torbor and Jason Allen, and maybe Will Allen(unlikely though), to follow.

WHOLY SCNICKES!!!! what a way to start my day with some good news!!!

Is there gona be any salary cap hit even if the season is gona be un-capped?

The Truth.....relax....we're all getting your posts.....there's no news on anything yet....so chill!!

I don't get the Wilson release. I KNOW this makes your day Armando, but I'll say it again, he's not nearly as bad as you and most of the people on here make out!! Your like the 'Pied Piper' on here....you play your music and all these rodents follow along with you!! Everybody blames last sesaon on Wilson, when the reality is most of the defense sucked!! Now we're supposedly going to shell all this money out for Rolle and he's really not any better. If most of these guys on here knew anything about Rolle they would know he can't tackle worth a damn...We're going to bring this guy in and he's getting a free ride 'cause he's a product of the U. Just watch and observe....he is not worth the money!!

Gooooodbye It's all about the U lets bring our boy home.

Mr. Salguero,
Perhaps you might endeavour not to be scooped on the biggest day of FA. I need info in my control room as I wheel and deal and I'm counting on you to step up to the plate. I'm not talking about Adam Shefter wringing his hands at midnight on NFL Live and wondering when his Blackberry is going to buzz. No. I need fresh hot actionable intel from the field. Like Peppers talking to the Pats today. Come on boy.

I'm not sold on Rolle, could be another bust if we go after him. At least we won't be wasting a draft pick on an average DB like the JETS did and apparently didn't learn from. The Jets continue to trade picks for average players(Sheppard, Cromartie, Edwards). It didn't work with Sheppard & won't with Cromartie. If he catches the ball it could be a td. But luckily, when he doesn't catch it, the WR he is playing against ALWAYS does.

Bring in Foote & Dansby. Cut Torbor, Porter & Ayodele. Pair Foote with Crowder inside and put Dansby outside rotating with JT & Wake. That fills ONE OLB & ONE ILB need. Bring back JT for one more go around as one of the other LBS im sure we draft later on learns.

Frees up the draft to go OLB, Safety, DT or WR in rd 1. Thats how Miami should approach FA.

Cut everyone.


I was used to excuse Wilson because he had to stop the run, but that tree or four easy interceptions he dropped, it was too much. I think Cris Clemmons or Culver will do better.

Yeah cut Girbil. RIP

That is what he gets for avoiding Armando and his season ending questions.

Let that be a lesson to all of you.

I give the Fins credit for admitting they missed with a player. Many teams would have kept playing him to prove a point.

Are the Dolphins working on any trades?

Get this guy, cut that guy, draft that guy and bring in that guy over there.

I don't care if we put out an undrafted rookie out there at free safety as long as it aint Gibril Wilson! No defensive player can where 28 for a few years either should be a rule in place.

Armando, I thought you would have figured out by now not to put any stock into what GMs are saying publicly, especially our GM. Remember when he made it seem we were drafting a defensive player, you bit on that, now you bit on Wilson. I'm telling you, don't listen to what he's saying.

Any Dolphins' fans that may have had erectile dysfunction probably just found the cure. See ya Gerbil. Prayers are really answered sometimes.



It's starting to look like a very interesting Friday!!! I disagree with Craig Miller, Wilson was a MAJOR disappointment in the secondary last year and needs to find gainful employment elsewhere. Goodbye Gibril, good luck to you in your future endeavors. Oh, can you take Pat White and Ted Ginn with you on the way out, thanks... bye, bye now.

Guess Ireland just lost whatever cred he had...They must have a pretty good feeling about Rolle.

Dolphins will keep White and hope to develop him into a backup, but Ginn is as good as gone, I would guess they will try to trade him for a 4th round pick.

Why isn't Porter gone yet? That should have been done at 12:01 am

May be the other reason for cutting Wilson is to make room for Karlos Dansby, I know this is an uncapped year, but for sure in the years ahead there will be a salary cap

Ding, Dong, Gabril is Gone....

On a serious note, I wished we would keep him to play strong safety, which is his natural position.

This is a great example of addition by subtraction. Now just cut Porter already and Torbor too!!!!

Merry Christmas carlito !!!!

I expect the Rams taking Bradford number 1 and Eric Berry falling to the Dolphins at 12, where we should jump on him.

I know the cap isn't an issue, but, it seriously has to pain Ross to have to pay these scrubs guaranteed $ for nothing.

hallelujah!!!!! the girbil is gone the girbil is gone!!!!!


I love Jeff Ireland the liar!!!! rejoice! rejoice! hallelujah!

Why has nobody mentioned Darren Sharper as a Free Safety? The guy is still a stud and Nolan worked wonders with Dawkins (another "old" safety) in Denver...


P.S. its still Karlito for today


The Tuna is cutting him after paying him 24mil. Obviously he does think Wilson was that bad. And since it's the Tuna making the millions to run this team and not you, well, I'll go with the Tuna on this one. :)

Okay if this news is accurate I would consider the following move if I were in the Dolphins brain trust.

1) Sign no one to replace Wilson.
2) Draft no one to replace Wilson.
3) Move Sean Smith to free safety and start Will Allen at CB.

Take all that money you saved and get Dansby signed TODAY!

Sorry Ricky there`s no way Berry gets past Denver let alone Cleveland. If he`s avalable @10 I`d trade up with Jacksonville but thats unlikly.
A more realistic scenario would have Des Bryant avalable @12 and us auctioning off the 12 pick to Cincy or Baltimore and picking up a second second. That way we draft the BPA i.e. Williamson or Thomas or Wotherspoon. All of which would be of value around 20-25.

i hope but i doubt that berry will be there at 12, if hes still there at 8 or 10 then i say trade up to get him for a 3 round pick with our 12.

I say instead of going after Rolle they go after the Steelers safety Ryan Clark. He is a great hitter and tackler and might b cheaper than Rolle

Sharper would be awesome and probably with a lesser price tag than Rolle. Ricky Bobby, I don't think that there is any way that Eric Berry falls to #12. He is one of probably only 2 players in the draft that are sure fire hits. The other one being Suh.

but if berry gets close to us i say pull the trade up trigger.

Miami is alot safer now that this thief is off the streets

I want to yell hallelujah from mountaintops

Wilson good luck in the future. He just didn't fit a 3-4 where he was asked play man or even help over the top. That wasn't his strenghts. I don't know what his strenghts are from watching him. Maybe he will land in St. Louis under former defensive coordinator in NY and now head coach of the Rams.

I don't think this means Rolle is coming. I want Dansby in Miami. I don't want Rolle as a fall back plan either. Spending money just to spend it never pays off. If Miami doesn't get Dansby focus on restricted free agents like Brandon Marshall or trading for Boldin. Miami's roster is not the most talented and they need a star somewhere to balance out the over achievers and solid players.

Trade Ginn and Family to Denver for Marshall.


I would not be surprised to W. Allen dumped also.

Thanks God!!!!

Wow if Parcells, Ireland and Ross can pull off both Dansby and Rolle - that sets the team up nicely for the draft. Allowing them to concentrate on wide receivers, rush linebackers, and nose tackles and maybe a tight end and interior offensive lineman in the later rounds.

Maybe if we all start thinking it together they can cut Ayodele, Torbor, and J. Allen too.

This is better news than signing any player. The Gerbil is gone Miami.... let it sink in... the gerbil is gone! Dolphans everywhere can stop cringing in fear every time a ball is thrown.

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