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Agent: Gibril Wilson will be released today

The Dolphins, flirting with signing free safety Antrel Rolle, have good reason to make that push: They will have a void at the position in a couple of hours.

Agent Alvin Keels, who represents Gibril Wilson, tweeted moments ago that his client will be cut today.

[Update 2 p.m.: A league source tells me the Dolphins are STILL in discussions with agent Drew Rosenhaus about Rolle even amid reports he is visiting the New York Giants today. It's ain't over yet.]

Thank you, God!

In my opinion, which I have shared here countless times, Wilson was the player that did most damage to Miami's chances of winning games last year.

He hurt the team against Indianapolis, being directly responsible for not one, not two, but three touchdowns.

He hurt the team against New Orleans, being directly responsible for one touchdown and getting run over by Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey.

Wilson was a free agency bust from A to Z -- just as he was a bust in Oakland. Per Keels, Wilson is now free to negotiate with any team that wants him. That new team would be his fourth in four years, which tells you something about the guy's ability.

Don't feel sorry for Wilson. He's made a whopping $24 million in guaranteed money the past two years.

This move has several moving parts:

It makes the free safety job a need for the Dolphins. If the Rolle free agent chase works, then the position is filled.

If Rolle signs elsewhere despite having a contract offer on the table from his hometown team, then the Dolphins may move on to other free agent targets. They might look at O.J. Atogwe of the Rams.

Atogwe was the Rams' franchise player in 2009 but is on the market as a restricted free agent this year. There is no draft pick compensation due St. Louis for signing Atogwe. Any offer a team makes to Atogwe can be matched by the Rams, but the Dolphins can obviously put a poison pill in any offer to prevent St. Louis from matching.

[Update 12:34: I'm told the Dolphins have been talking about Pittsburgh unrestricted free agent Ryan Clark. I'm digging on that now.]

The Dolphins can also draft a safety. Two that stand out as possible first rounders are Eric Berry of Tennessee and Earl Thomas of Texas. Berry has been compared to Ed Reed. He probably won't be there at No. 12 but obviously anything can happen.

Thomas is a very instinctive cornerback. He has position versatility as he has shown ability to run and cover so he can help in the nickel and dime packages. Thomas should be there at No. 12, but again, anything can happen.

Today should be an interesting day, not only because of the player(s) visiting the Dolphins, but those exiting. Joey Porter will be cut as early as today. Jason Allen, Akin Ayodele and Reggie Torbor are on the bubble, too.

It would not surprise me if Ted Ginn Jr. is not on the team next year, either, by the way.

Now let me address this: Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland strongly defended Wilson at the Combine last month and even suggested Wilson would return to Miami this year.

"A lot of things you would try to blame on him ... those weren't always his fault," Ireland said of Wilson. "We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson. We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year. He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

Yeah, well, Ireland is now on the take-everything-he-says-with-a-grain-of-salt list. Come to think of it, that should actually get him a big attaboy from the Dolphins.


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Whats alll the fussss. Why not jusssst cut everyone??
Speaking of cutting...I'm sitting here cutting out some paper dolls, sipping some very tasty tea. Its camamille. Would anyone care to join me?

no way miami gives up a 2nd round pick for bethea, none

LOL @ seer with elvin bethea.

The National Football Post's Aaron Wilson reports the Patriots are the front-runners to land Anquan Boldin.

YEAH FINS BRASS TAKES DUMP ON MIAMI FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuna says "We will get to the superbowl on Ted Ginn's Shoulders"

I don't even know why I'm following this crap. It'll just end up more of the same...

Arizona is closing in on a long-anticpated deal to trade Pro Bowl wide receiver Anquan Boldin. Leading contender: Baltimore. KC also in.

0 for 3 on the EX CARDS!!!!!!

I never said I didn't know what unrestricted and restricted meant. I said I was unclear how the capped or uncapped year would affect the FA's. Get your story straight before you start accusing me. Also, someone (YOU) I don't know, have never met or probably never will meet can not embarrass me on a football blog, so nice try NJ. You can type GOOOOOOOOGGLE all you want, because I honestly do not care...think it's comical on your arogant style you portray!

damn, now i really want Boldin. I guess being NE has 3 2nd round picks its easier to drop a 3rd.

"In Tuna we trust"

According to the Denver Post, the Broncos are engaged in trade discussions with several teams for restricted free agent Brandon Marshall.

Maybe a miracle at the last minute!!!!!!!

That why the Pats are the Pats, despite this "sub-par" year. They accumulate draft picks like crazy & are able to make moves the rest of us can only dream about in our comments.

3-D chessmasters.

So, is it Baltimore or NE. I just read that T.O is prob going to B-More

Indiana and NJ... you girls play nice and stop pulling each others hair


Who cares ? Is not the Fins... as always we settle for 2nd tier Scrubs!!!

LMFAO best move of our Free Agency will be dumping Wilson!!!!!!!!!!!

If GOOOOOOOOOOOGLE will wake up the front office and get them to Sign Dansby and Rolle , I'll make it my life line!!!!

Cmon guys with all the bickering......just agree to disagree!!!

I was just about to post that waterboy LOL.

Well this is not good news for the Fins for this upcoming season.

Here's to 2nd Tier WR's that already we have on the roster yuck.

The big Tuna on little Teddy Ginn's shoulders.
Thats a painful visual, Waterboy.

Waterboy - We are not trading our #1 pick for Marshall, so don't even think that one...

No news is bad news.

I am not the one arguing here or whining like a child. NJ is never wrong on "his blog". You guys should know that one by now....


Indiana - nobody said anything about a first. That's just the tender. It has been oft reported since Marshall was tendered that a lesser trade will get the deal done.

jerseyfins. OK MOMMY !!!

WTF is going on? The Bears have already signed 2 players and we're still here waiting? Why can't these guys move on Marquee players? If this deal falls throug, it will be very telling of this regime.
Why can't we just pull the trigger? I don't get it.

Indiana , for somebody who doesn't care you sure keep responding all the time like you do . GOOOOOOOOOOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOOOOOOGLE

NJ's favorite words:


Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | March 05, 2010 at 04:07 PM

You are such a tool!!! LMFAO!!

breaking news

Teddy "TPanda" Ginn promoted to #1 WR over Brian Hartline...

Stay tuned for more updates on WR shakedown roster move by the TUNA

OK well just let him be right in his world!!! You fight with NJ like this is YOUR blog!!! Mando is the only one with the power to ban and delete post ............so seems to me no matter what either of you think its MANDO's blog!!!!!!!

Now Boldin's about to get traded and we are not in the mix?!?!? Pathetic Epic Fail by the front office.

Shameful.....more of the ssdd next year, as we watch Ted Ginn struggle to make a catch.


Of course I am going to respond. It is rude to not talk to someone when they are talking to you. Also, it gets you all fired up when I talk or say anything to you...


Lions released DT Grady Jackson.

Now 37 years old and good for just 20-25 snaps per game, Jackson will move on to the next team desperate for a nose tackle.

Sounds ripe for the Acorn Jeff Irelands Like..........

j dizzle - I know who's blog this is, but I am referring to NJ thinking this blog is his and he can do no wrong. Him hosting "his live blog" and everything he says is never incorrect as he knows every football fact known to man! Congrats NJ (tool)

WAIT WAIT>.... we have the WR we need in house:

PATRICK TURNER is gonna bust out for a long TD soon

If they are going to (allegedly) go after FAs, then they should be ready to pay the price.....at this point of this day of dismal failure I wish they had not even had made offers or pursued Rolle, Dansby or Boldin.

Epic Fail.

Rob, sorry on the late response about FS. I got caught up actually having to work at work. lol

I know it seems to be my reoccuring theme but I just feel that Rolle is going to want too much money and I'm not sure how much of an upgrade he would be. I really liked Culver in '08 and was calling for him to start at FS from about week 4 on in '09. I don't think he is the answer but will be fine as a stop gap IMO and I was sure he'd be better than Wilson. He also may benefit from a different system.

Clemmons seems to have a number of the right tools including speed and thumping ability but is obviously still green. If we don't sign a FA safety it wouldn't surprise me to see us pick up another safety in the draft as our regime likes to double up on their rookie replacements.


Can you imagine Boldin busting through Clam Chowders and Sean Smith's Arm Tackle......

Better get Eric Berry


Why is Porter still a Dolphin?!

TUNA TAKES DUMP ON ALL FIN FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing that saves the day is a Dansby Signing..................

If you don't respond, his post are just like "Casper the Friendly ghost"!!! Everyone knows its pointless to argue with him. Make ur statement and keep it moving!! I think you guys like bickering!!! Not a day goes buy without you two on here bickering.

J dizzle. " Indiana , you fight with NJ like it's YOUR BLOG " . LMFAO !!! EXACTLY !!! you're about indiana thinking it's his blog. It's mando's . But indiana wants to be like mando by beating him to info from other sites. This is my whole point ab out this arguement. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOOOOGLE!!!! What a F'n SIMPLETON and BUFFOON !!!!

Google, Simpleton and Bafoon...really that is supposed to embarrass me coming from someone I don't know...seriously dude you can't just drop it and talk football can you? Ever since I came on this blog you have always been negative towards me, so get a life dude!!

No, only way this day is saved is Dansby and Boldin or Marshall become Fins only way or it has been one big epic fail of an offseason in my opinion anyway.

Hey NJ Phin Fan,
You were one of the few posters on here that I used to take seriously and read your posts. Didn't matter if I agreed w/you or not I still read. But after today's nonstop "GOOOOGLE" posts I realized I was wrong to take you seriously. But I ask you nicely....please stop with the annoying posts.

Jeez, NJ and Indiana, can't you two find a private chat room somewhere? You both have good things to say when you aren't yanking on each others' knobs.

Waterboy, I am with you. Regime is too cheap. The Fins are fast becoming the football Marlins. I am beginning to wonder if Ross and Luria aren't butt-buddies.

I hope they prove me very wrong.

With Anquan Boldin and Brandon Marshall likely headed elsewhere, the Palm Beach Post speculations that the Dolphins may turn their attention to free agent Antonio Bryant as wide receiver help

SECOND TIER BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did the Fins ever try Ginn taking the handoff from Brown in the Wildcat (I don't recall if they ever did)?

This is "GREAT" news!!! Wilson was one of the
most terrible players the Fins have (ever) had. And, that is saying something. Guy just couldn't play. No consistency, no tackling ability, etc etc etc. Thank goodnes he will be gone. Put (any) player at his position and they will do better than Wilson.

NP Cavkong,

I hear that I owe, I owe so off to work I go mantra... 8)

Agreed. Culver and Clemons both have some skill. Neither has been prominent yet but hopefully they both grow into the position more each year.

The easy way I remember Clemons name is we used to have a Cleo Lemon or C.Lemon on the team. Lol, just my own lil name game.


TUNA STRIKES AGAIN.... look for him to go "save" another franchise next year after we go 8-8 this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO Marshall

at least NO GERBIL

Ross had trouble getting the $$ together to buy the team from Wayne. Why did we think he had the money to handle a big payroll?


Ya gotta admit Waterboy is right, even if somewhat apoplectic.

Last year we got Wilson because he was second tier to Bryan Dawkins, and Grove cause he was 2d tier to the Ravens center (Jason Brown?).

we always settle for the bargain bin, and the Fans suffer for Ross's & Tuna's lame "penny-wise, pounds-foolish" approach.

Why would we not go hard for boldin, it's not lookin good right now at least that's what schefter said. Maybe that trade rumor for Calvin Johnson is legit?

Awesome Antonio Bryant HUH? LOL well here's to another 7-9 season can't wait.

My two cents:
By no means am I going to be upset if we don’t land Dansby and/or Rolle. After the last two FA periods of the Parcells crew, I am tired of them overpaying for FAs. I like Dansby and Rolle but they aren’t elite talent, they just happen top be the best of the FAs available THIS yr so I won’t be bummed if they sign elsewhere. Now after the draft, I may get upset if the roster isn’t more explosive. I don’t want any more projects on offense. There is too much talent in this year's draft for these guys to blow it because “we don’t draft WRs in the first round” or “We don’t believe in investing a top 12 pick on a RB when we have 3 good ones”. Parcells and Co need to realize we aren’t in the 90s anymore. This league is an offensive league now and the Fins are desperately behind the rest of the league. We have a good QB…get the guy some weapons!

On defense, I don’t think we have to replace Gebril Wilson or at least it’s not something we need to be stressing over. We have Chris Clemons (he can’t do much worse than Wilson) and if Will Allen is back we can move Sean Smith to safety maybe. What’s urgent is ILB because those clowns on the roster are slow and don’t make anything happen. We also could use another OLB. Again, there is some serious talent in this draft to not get a piece or two to make a difference on offense and defense. I won’t accept no BS this year because sometimes these guys seem more interested in finding "Acorns" rather than seeing the actual obvious playmakers.

Another March, were we all say "LETS WAIT FOR the draft" after a 2nd tier FA period...

NOW all hopes are to resign Fergie and JT.... WHAT A JOKE!!!!

GET REAL TUNA.... WAKE up and smell the 300 YD passing per game average of the new NFL

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