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Agent: Gibril Wilson will be released today

The Dolphins, flirting with signing free safety Antrel Rolle, have good reason to make that push: They will have a void at the position in a couple of hours.

Agent Alvin Keels, who represents Gibril Wilson, tweeted moments ago that his client will be cut today.

[Update 2 p.m.: A league source tells me the Dolphins are STILL in discussions with agent Drew Rosenhaus about Rolle even amid reports he is visiting the New York Giants today. It's ain't over yet.]

Thank you, God!

In my opinion, which I have shared here countless times, Wilson was the player that did most damage to Miami's chances of winning games last year.

He hurt the team against Indianapolis, being directly responsible for not one, not two, but three touchdowns.

He hurt the team against New Orleans, being directly responsible for one touchdown and getting run over by Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey.

Wilson was a free agency bust from A to Z -- just as he was a bust in Oakland. Per Keels, Wilson is now free to negotiate with any team that wants him. That new team would be his fourth in four years, which tells you something about the guy's ability.

Don't feel sorry for Wilson. He's made a whopping $24 million in guaranteed money the past two years.

This move has several moving parts:

It makes the free safety job a need for the Dolphins. If the Rolle free agent chase works, then the position is filled.

If Rolle signs elsewhere despite having a contract offer on the table from his hometown team, then the Dolphins may move on to other free agent targets. They might look at O.J. Atogwe of the Rams.

Atogwe was the Rams' franchise player in 2009 but is on the market as a restricted free agent this year. There is no draft pick compensation due St. Louis for signing Atogwe. Any offer a team makes to Atogwe can be matched by the Rams, but the Dolphins can obviously put a poison pill in any offer to prevent St. Louis from matching.

[Update 12:34: I'm told the Dolphins have been talking about Pittsburgh unrestricted free agent Ryan Clark. I'm digging on that now.]

The Dolphins can also draft a safety. Two that stand out as possible first rounders are Eric Berry of Tennessee and Earl Thomas of Texas. Berry has been compared to Ed Reed. He probably won't be there at No. 12 but obviously anything can happen.

Thomas is a very instinctive cornerback. He has position versatility as he has shown ability to run and cover so he can help in the nickel and dime packages. Thomas should be there at No. 12, but again, anything can happen.

Today should be an interesting day, not only because of the player(s) visiting the Dolphins, but those exiting. Joey Porter will be cut as early as today. Jason Allen, Akin Ayodele and Reggie Torbor are on the bubble, too.

It would not surprise me if Ted Ginn Jr. is not on the team next year, either, by the way.

Now let me address this: Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland strongly defended Wilson at the Combine last month and even suggested Wilson would return to Miami this year.

"A lot of things you would try to blame on him ... those weren't always his fault," Ireland said of Wilson. "We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson. We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year. He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

Yeah, well, Ireland is now on the take-everything-he-says-with-a-grain-of-salt list. Come to think of it, that should actually get him a big attaboy from the Dolphins.


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GOOOOOOOOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOOOOOOOGLE . you have been taking pot shots at me ever since you 've been on here. even when i'm not here. You're in some type of competition in trying to prove me wrong and you're litlle gotcha games. Hey Nj , i thought you said this , hey nj what about you said that. . Proof in point was about 10 minutes ago. I mentioned a simpe statement where peppers , rolle and dansby will end up and said lets hope that dansby to skins doesn't come true and he ends up with the phins. Your response ?? hey nj i thought you said you didn't want dansby. Same shyt everyday. Do you get off in trying to prove me wrong everyday ??? Does it make you feel like a man ??? NOw go GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOOOOOOOGLE !!

Jimmy Jam--

I didn't---he was a fraud from the start---made his millions on the RE Bubble that as we aLL know has dramatically burst. Another bs multi-millionaire.

it's just that if you start the day getting in the market for FAs, which it looked like earlier viz a viz mtng w/ Dansby & contact with Rolle, you ought to do it whole heartedly, not half-assededly.

We wuz fooled by this a.m.'s activity.

Ross is more interested in deciding which luxury suite to give to his next Celeb "Owner"

So get a life DUDE !!!

"WE HAVE A PRICE SET FOR EVERY FA" good luck in the real business world... you are bidding against other 31 teams......

See you at 8-8 in 2010 with the Best White WR core in football

The 2011 lockout will be a blessing...

NJ, Indiana, any truth to the rumour that you 2 are going to whip them out and measure them?

lol @ Mark

Sharper hasn't drawn interest in the initial free-agency wave, but he appears to be a fallback option for teams missing out on Rolle and Ryan Clark.

Second TIER

Pcola fin . i do apologize. i hope you continue to read my insights on football. if you don't . well good luck. I;ve been on this blog for awhile and I've never had a tool like indiana come on here day after day trying to get me in some type of gotcha game and prove me wrong like it's a compitition.


Where are the updates!!! Go tell the front office the fans are seeking good news!! They've had us worked up all day!!! CAM MORON and Randy FOOLER made more of a splash in FA then this regime has ......LMFAO!!!!


Mark you know that for a fact NJ would tell Indiana where to GOOOOOGLE to find a picture of it

Mark . I'll bet my mine is bigger that your little peanut . :)

I didn't know who Indiana was until today. All you did was validate him/her.

Aloco . i love you !!!


I have never said this my blog or acted like it. When have I tried to "beat" Mando? Your whole point NJ?? You actually had a point?

LOL @ jeremy. indiana can google it all by himself.



I'm gonna hold you to that we better get GOOD NEWS and not some second tier player signing speech!!! Talking bout he got a chip on his shoulder thats why we went after him!!!!

the U sucks!

PCCOLA FIN. " i didn't know who indiana was until today " LOL !!! EXACTLY !!

NJ - I have told you once before I am not playing no "gotcha" games. My comment ten minutes or so you talk about was strictly football talk. I wanted to get your insight and thoughts about us signing Dansby. Is there something wrong with asking another blogger their thougths or is that not allowed?


IF it turns out the Redskins sign Dansby to 13 mil a year for 4 or 5 yrs with 30 mil guaranteed, does everybody here think we were fools not to match or exceed that offer?

NJ, mine works good, thanks!

You're gonna love my nuts!!!!

Where are the updates? Geez! All day long we are left in the dark! Since Mando called in sick has anyone heard anything lately???

OK guys the Cuban has arrived, without reading this blog please tell the Cuban what has transpired so far today??? in 30 words or less.... That excludes you Rob in OC...LOL...

Roethlisberger being accused of sexual assault again. Hmmm, that's twice now...quite a bit of smoke.

LOL @ cuban

13 million a year for 4-5 years (and 30 million would be guaranteed) would be a 52-65 million dollar contract. He is not even asking for that much, so I don't think the Redskins will throw that much money.

But, if it is 13 million every single year, no way we get him, but I don't think he will be that expensive...

Simple Menace: Gerbil gone , Indiana and NJ fitin` and nothing else!

lol @ 420Phinatic re: Mando calling in sick.

Love the name!!

I have a feeling Patriots are getting Boldin...

Did anybody see the Eric Berry interview on Jim Rome just now? He did the interview from the gym I go to!

CavalierKong, NO I don't think so...Dansby isn't worth that amount and the Redskins would be foolish to give him that money, they have a bad track record doing that....I predicted this the other day, Miami fans set themselves up to be disappointed, Dansby would be nice, and still might be but if nothing happens, so be it...

bobbyd12 - Agreed and I had mentioned that above. Same line of thinking we have!! :)

C/Kong at 4:45:


No cap repercussions, and it ain't my money. If Ross cannot compete financially he shoukld not have bought team.

Spend Money. Pay the Man his Money. Make draft day easier & sweeter.

Well the Rams are still going to suck thinking AJ Feeley is going to be their answer!! He was another 2nd pick we lost out on by trading a 2nd rounder for him...

Indiana, I'm pointing out that we have no idea what kind of numbers ARE being thrown around yet everybody is bashing our lack of signings. If it turns out that Dansby is had for 8-9 mil a year THEN the fans would have something to gripe about but for months now the big discussion about him is he is going to be very overpriced so...if you think he's worth a boatload then gripe but let's not start slitting wrists yet Dolphins nation!!

Carlito, Is Dansby's sub still in biscayne bay??? and if so did you notice a 500 lb tuna swimming near it""" just wondering...

cavalierkong - we need something to do to pass time until we hear good news, so until we hear news (good or bad) we are going to be pushing for us to sign Dansby (even though nothing we say matters to the front office nor do they hear us). It is a way for us fans to vent alittle bit...

bobby, dead on. The Redskins could offer that kind of money because they are dumb. They do it every year and every year they flop because they're players get that big guaranteed payday and maybe work a little less hard etc...etc.. (I understand there are other factors but I'm focused right now. lol)

Seer, then gripe away my friend :)

Guys, I don't think the sky is falling on Dansby just yet. Dansby is one of the premier FA's. Rome was not built in a day either.

It would be hard for me to accept the 1st deal across my desk when there are horses like OVER-spender extraordinaire Snyder and even having your old team suddenly trying to woo you back.

If I am Dansby I let things simmer and even head towards boil until I sign on the dotted line. Unless of course there was suppose to be a wink nod deal already in place before FA started which is probably the case in some of these other camps.

I had said before FA started that if we could land only 1 FA, Dansby was my #1 choice.

I'll keep the faith until I hear he's headed elsewhere. Come on Todd France...getter done!


I hear ya on the venting Indiana, I'm just offering the other side to today's non-events.

CavalierKong, Indiana, you know what I did today??? My season ticket renewal came in and I paid it...I have no concern about us heading in the right direction with or without signings today..I support my team

Good for you bobby. I agree. These guys do this for a living and Parcells has a history that can't be denied. I DO trust the direction this regime has us going even if we don't make the FA splash.

Gibril, You will be missed..... By opposing offense's

Bobby, are your tickets I'm the shade? Did your prices go up?

Ben Roughsexinberger has been accused of sexual assault again.
Damn, there goes the neighborhood. What an idiot !
Ever since he hurt his noggin in his motorcycle crash, he has “Ben” thinkin with the wrong head…tisk tisk
Now we can trade them Thigpen for a 1st day pick & Ryan Clark since the Gebril is leaving…LOL

The Patriots are trying to make a move to land on Anquan Boldin through trade...not good news.

Lol at fake NJ

Well fans, here we are watching the world pass us by. Bold teams make bold moves.

Lips, Are you sure that's fake NJ???

Lips, yes tix went up abot $3 per...but after 3 years of no increase when we were horrible and no direction, it's no bog deal

Joe, so do the redskins

No, can't see blue vs non blue on the iPhone app but just guessing. ;)

Ahhh cm... I was just getting my keyboard warmed up! LOL

When will people learn big money free agents never equal wins ?

Good job Bobby. I wish I live in the area so I could go to all home games.

The Patriots are reportedly pulling out of the Anquan Boldin trade talks.

We have a feeling the Patriots were only floated as a possibility to extract a higher return out of Baltimore. It's now believed to be a two-horse race between the Ravens and Chiefs.

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