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Agent: Gibril Wilson will be released today

The Dolphins, flirting with signing free safety Antrel Rolle, have good reason to make that push: They will have a void at the position in a couple of hours.

Agent Alvin Keels, who represents Gibril Wilson, tweeted moments ago that his client will be cut today.

[Update 2 p.m.: A league source tells me the Dolphins are STILL in discussions with agent Drew Rosenhaus about Rolle even amid reports he is visiting the New York Giants today. It's ain't over yet.]

Thank you, God!

In my opinion, which I have shared here countless times, Wilson was the player that did most damage to Miami's chances of winning games last year.

He hurt the team against Indianapolis, being directly responsible for not one, not two, but three touchdowns.

He hurt the team against New Orleans, being directly responsible for one touchdown and getting run over by Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey.

Wilson was a free agency bust from A to Z -- just as he was a bust in Oakland. Per Keels, Wilson is now free to negotiate with any team that wants him. That new team would be his fourth in four years, which tells you something about the guy's ability.

Don't feel sorry for Wilson. He's made a whopping $24 million in guaranteed money the past two years.

This move has several moving parts:

It makes the free safety job a need for the Dolphins. If the Rolle free agent chase works, then the position is filled.

If Rolle signs elsewhere despite having a contract offer on the table from his hometown team, then the Dolphins may move on to other free agent targets. They might look at O.J. Atogwe of the Rams.

Atogwe was the Rams' franchise player in 2009 but is on the market as a restricted free agent this year. There is no draft pick compensation due St. Louis for signing Atogwe. Any offer a team makes to Atogwe can be matched by the Rams, but the Dolphins can obviously put a poison pill in any offer to prevent St. Louis from matching.

[Update 12:34: I'm told the Dolphins have been talking about Pittsburgh unrestricted free agent Ryan Clark. I'm digging on that now.]

The Dolphins can also draft a safety. Two that stand out as possible first rounders are Eric Berry of Tennessee and Earl Thomas of Texas. Berry has been compared to Ed Reed. He probably won't be there at No. 12 but obviously anything can happen.

Thomas is a very instinctive cornerback. He has position versatility as he has shown ability to run and cover so he can help in the nickel and dime packages. Thomas should be there at No. 12, but again, anything can happen.

Today should be an interesting day, not only because of the player(s) visiting the Dolphins, but those exiting. Joey Porter will be cut as early as today. Jason Allen, Akin Ayodele and Reggie Torbor are on the bubble, too.

It would not surprise me if Ted Ginn Jr. is not on the team next year, either, by the way.

Now let me address this: Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland strongly defended Wilson at the Combine last month and even suggested Wilson would return to Miami this year.

"A lot of things you would try to blame on him ... those weren't always his fault," Ireland said of Wilson. "We have our evaluation of Gibril Wilson. We know what kind of player he's capable of being. I think he's going to be a very good player for the future. He was disappointed in his play last year. He will tell you that. I think he can play better. We'll just have to see. I think he will."

Yeah, well, Ireland is now on the take-everything-he-says-with-a-grain-of-salt list. Come to think of it, that should actually get him a big attaboy from the Dolphins.


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According to Mr Adam S:

Dolphins terminated the contracts of linebackers Akin Ayodele and Joey Porter along with safety Gibril Wilson.


I think you had heard Bobbyd and NJ PHIN saying there is NO WAY that Dansby will be worth what he is asking for and therefore should not sign him for market or higher $$.

I think you might of thought that they said simply don't sign him?

With the barren FA landscape and so many teams with many needs unfortunately that leads to high priced or even over priced FA's. It's the flat nature of the beast. Guys that maybe don't even have crazy resume's will be getting piz-aid!

I am holding out hope the Fins get Dansby inked!


akin ayodele and joey porters contracts were waived!...lots of releases but no signings...now we have a hole in MLB and FS....

Awesome news Datajack :)

Yeah , cuban that was me . Like i would right that. who knows maybe it was you or indiana or just your typical troll pu**y.

Yeah Lipsin...what if it's REAL NJ PHIN faking like he's FAKE NJ PHIN? lol


(((soooo dizzy)))

LUNCHTIME!!! Cheers y'all!

New blog up guys....

Yeah Mark,

If they cut ayodele, that can only mean Dansby signing is imminent. I would like the to think the same for Wilson (signing Rolle), but the guy sucked so bad they probably were going to cut him anyway. Of course, all three cuts may be just to make room to sign Dansby. But either way it looks like Dansby will be a Dolphin. How' that for speculation? :)

Look at this one guys! First they reported that Rolle would be signed by tonight. Now they are not sure and are reporting the Giants are talking with other safeties!!! Go Big Tuna GO!!


Looks like the link is incomplete, sorry. Here it is:


Ah it's cutting it when I post. Let me try it this way:


One thing about this organization they are not afraid of admiting a mistake and moving on.

Where is Wannstedt when you need him? Only kidding FakeGM

Gerbil(Rodent)Wilson RIP

PFT reporting Dolphins just Release Porter And Akin Ayodele , We are Getting Better already Not having all that garbage in the team

Joe, Cromartie is a great talent at corner thats why the Jets brought him in. Ask Peyton and watch what this guy does for the JETS next season. That guy was a steal for a 2011 3rd round pick. I hated seeing them get this guy because we will play him twice a year. Revis/Cromartie wow.. The Jet Defense just got better. Our division is getting stronger fast.

Thank you god ...

And the angels sing!!!!!!!!

finally a smart decision good bye wilson lets go fins lets do it these makes me happy dolpins seeing the light

Boldin is a Raven :-(

I was wondering what poison pill meant when refering to O.J. Atogwe? I don't know much about him but he seems like a good player. He was the francise player a year ago and he is only 28 years old. I looked at his stats from the last couple years and he looks like he is an above average player, definitily better than Wilson. Let me know what you think

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