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Another big news day ahead at Indy Combine

Most of the media left Indianapolis on Sunday and more will leave Monday morning. Dolphins In Depth is still in Indianapolis because the workouts continue and aspiring scout Chris Cordero is still looking to corner more general managers information.

First off, if you missed the weekend here shame on you. The NFL doesn't take the weekend off, even during the offseason, so why do you?

We are reporting here the Dolphins interviewed Florida ILB Brandon Spikes, nose tackle Cam Thomas, outside linebacker Ricky Sapp, ILB Micah Johnson, and Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan since we last reported interviews on Saturday.

The Morgan interview is interesting in that most scouts have him as a 4-3 DE and many don't think he can convert to a 3-4 OLB. Perhaps the Dolphins aren't convinced of that and are continuing their due diligence on the player.

Secondly, if you indeed did miss the weekend's action check it out here for a newsy update on Dexter McCluster and Anquan Boldin and then go here for a report along with Cordero's opinion of Sunday's wide receiver workouts.

Speaking of the wide receivers -- and yes, I find a way to do that a lot because they're kinda sorta important in today's NFL -- sidelinescouting.net does a wonderful job of offering a comprehensive look of what the wide receivers did in their testing Sunday.


The nose tackles and the linebackers (including future Dolphins draftee or future Salguero adopted son Brandon Graham) will be on display. And this is Cordero's report on what to look for and expect:

Should be a good day for everyone looking for the Dolphins to have a defense heavy draft.

NT -- Obviously their bench rep and physical strength is vital to the position but another drill to keep an eye on is the broad jump. Core strength comes from the lower body and a good broad jump helps in determining that. The vertical jump is also another factor but nearly as important as the broad. Watch the linemen in the 20-yard shuttle to see their short area quickness and flexibility. You won't see many NTs running 40 yards in an NFL game so this shows more important aspects and traits. Finally, the 3 cone drill is another key determinant in agility; footwork; and balance - watch to see if these big guys have trouble keeping their feet going around the cones.

NT prospects to watch -- Dan Williams, Terrence Cody, Cam Thomas (who has spoken to the Dolphins here in Indy), Torell Troup, Linval Joseph, Al Woods, Jay Ross, Aleric Mullins, Brandon Deadrick, Jeff Owens, and Art Jones.

OLB/DE converts -- Many of the same drills important for the DLine are important for these players as well. Watch many of the DEs prospects, such as Graham, Jerry Hughes, and most of the guys who played with their footwork if they work out with the linebackers.

DE/OLB prospects to watch: Derrick Morgan (who has spoken to the Dolphins here and will work out with LBs), Brandon Graham, Sergio Kindle, Jerry Hughes, Jason Pierre-Paul, Thaddeus Gibson, Everson Griffen, Brandon Lang, Koa Misi, Ricky Sapp (who has also spoken to Dolphins), George Selvie, Cameron Sheffield, Antonio Coleman, Jason Worilds, Willie Young, Greg Hardy, and Eric Norwood. Watch for how many undersized DE prospects decide to work out with the LBs.

ILB prospects to watch -- Rolando McClain (who won't do much here), Sean Weatherspoon (who spoke at length with the Dolphins at the Senior Bowl), Micah Johnson (who has spoken to the Dolphins here), Brandon Spikes (also spoken to Dolphins), Donald Butler, Jamar Chaney, AJ Edds, and Sean Lee.

This might be the position of Miami need with the least depth in the draft. I will keep an eye out for any potential late round sleepers.

-- Chris

Cordero will have updates throughout the day, which means you'll get updates here throughout the day. If I'm away from the computer, I'll send the updates via my twitter.


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FIRST!! Dolphins need to get guy who TACKLE!

Some Musings from the Combine...

"And down the backstretch they come!!"

Fast track and fast players at Indy this weekend. Lot's of great 40 runs and a few other bests or tied with best ever combine records.

I think Tim Tebow is a great kid and seems to try as hard as anyone to be a better football player... that said, anyone but his Mom and Dad should be about sick of all the "special attention" paid to him. I say round 4-5 arm but maybe goes round 2 if someone looks at it from a marketing standpoint. Whatever team gets him (Jacksonville) will sell a crap load of shirts, hats and jerseys. The guy has a serious following already.

TE Dorin Dickerson ran fast (4.40) for a TE but is more like a large WR weight(227) wise. Unless he can fill out a bunch I think he is too much of a tweener.

TE Jimmy Graham He is the goods on the triangle numbers 6'6 1/4 and 260lbs and ran fast 4.57!. He looks very smooth, fluid during drills and catches the ball well. He is the most difficult guy for me to project as he just doesn't have that much game footage. He could go anywhere from the 2-5 depending on how much of a project teams think he is. I'll guess 3rd? I would like him as a Fin and think he will pay big dividends to teams that put the time into him.

Pita had a pretty good day and ran a 4.63.


Combine musings...

Marshall Faulk and Mike Mayock really got into it over Tebow and his traing at Florida.

Marshall is of the thinking that it is the colleges job to do the best they can to get a kid ready to play in the pros.

Mayock was more like Urban Meyer gets paid for wins on Sat. He is not going to hold back the other kids at the program to teach a new delivery to Tim T if it might set the program back while he learns it. It got a little tense and heated at one point.

The same debates come up each year about kids getting invited to the combine but not electing to do certain tests. Tim Tebow did everything but throw a football. Even Dan Lefevour from Central Michigan chose not to throw and he had momentum coming from winning the offensive MVP at the Senior Bowl... strange. The kid should be trying to work his way up and not protect a 5th-10th ranking depending on who you ask.

The NFL will most likely figure out ways to get more to work out. I am not sure that will happen anytime soon.



Sorry bout your Hockey loss... I was hoping USA would pull it out.

I see your boy McClain with the 24 bench reps... little suspect don't you think? That is one rep better than RB CJ Spiller but he is 196 lbs!

I noticed you kinda mocked Brandon Graham for only hitting 31 reps when he wanted 40. That's ok because McClain probably surpassed his best and did 4 more than his goal of 20. The NFL players in the NFL won't be playing patty cake and strength will matter for him to get off blocks. Tisk, tisk.

LOL, I guess it's no fun unless you and I are verbally jousting. The funny thing is, we have both done so much jaw jacking about these two that unless both guys play great, there will be crow to eat down the road!

Cheers =)

im ready------
Brandon Spikes
Micah Johnson
Rolando Mcclain
Sergio kindle
Everson Griffen
Carlos Dunlap

Im very interested,

Waiting for ronnie brown trade rumors to start would love to move him for 2 quality picks if we could---i believe this really is a special draft and the more picks you can stack the betta you are ----not to mention lack of unrestricted free agents

I think ronnie brown is a very good back, but injuries adding up, he is 28, and this might be the last time to be able to ship him for value just something to think about----by the way i wouldd ship ginn for a 4 anyday of the week

Hopefully, the Dolphins sign DANSBY,ILB and A.ROLLE,S .... that fills two big holes.

Then, we can trade down in 1st round and pick up a 1st and a 3rd round selection ....


3. trade for BOLDIN or MARSHALL, WR
3. JERRY, OG to block for Best
4. PITA, TE .... great blocker
6. BARNES,WR Bowling Green

oooops .... my mistake. Since we take Pita,TE in 4th round (in my mock draft) we can use the extra 6th round pick for an OLB or ILB

Rob in O.C has taken over!Good posts ROB


You're a confident guy for sure and thats very good. I like those that debate without getting upset.

What you eventually will learn not to do after this draft is NOT to be so rigid about your belief systems. Because a guy has is this tall or has that size hand hand or arm length does not make or break EVERY player. You have to recognize the "it" factor guys as it seems like you are a numbers guy/freak. Brandon Graham has the "It". Let's compare them shall we?

Graham is 1 5/8 inches shorter BUT...
He is thicker/heavier,
Will bench press more,
Will probably run faster,
Has better stats, 12gp, 64tkles, 26tfl, 10.5sack
Played better competition,
At this point is more savvy with leverage, angles
AND has a better motor.


Your Pierre Paul who is...
A 1 year wonder JUCO transfer,
With lesser stats 13gp, 45tkles, 16.5tfl, 6.5sacks
From college powerhouse South Florida,

Is your entire debate based off upside wishes and 2 inches in arm length? Really?

I recognize that P. Paul is athletic, can grow and plays DE and I even posted the clip of him doing back handsprings... very impressive.

Sadly, you may just be right that BP & CO ignores production and signs your "big player".

The end of the story will be that Brandon Graham will end up having a bigger impact on the NFL. He will use his stubby but ultra effective arms to reak havoc in the NFL in another uniform.


Thanks payuengsnwings,

I am glad you like em bud!


Boy oh boy are there a lot of Big, Fast, Heavy RBs coming out!

Looks like the Bolts will have no problems if they need to replace both Darren Sproles and L.T. if it comes to that.

I think the Fins take a flyer on a RB in the mid rounds 3-6... just call it a hunch.

I REALLY like Ben Tate and Dexter McCluster. Montario Hardesty was the combine workout warrior but has some decent numbers at Tenn to back it up. J Best... Ran outstanding and set the pace for all RBs in the 40 @ 4.35, looked nimble in cone drills. He did have a concussion injury which merits a red flag. Toby Gerhart was a was another 230lbs ball of speed. He has strength, power and vision to be a very productive pro.

Well that's it for now. I know many of you already saw the combine so I hope the report meshes with much of what you saw. Just like a jury... a bunch of people hear the same evidence and can come to different conclusions.


I'm out and have my TiVo set to record the DE/DT/LBs! I can't wait!

I will cya all when I can get to my comp later tomorrow.



This has been your best stuff in the 2 years I've ben coming up here.

I see you are willing to bend over backwards for GRAHAM interesting.

The dolphins don't draft the people they interview.Just smoke screens

Change your picture. You look like a sell out. Shirt looks tight as he((. Damn aren't you Puerto Rican. I bet that picture is from the late 80's or 90, 91 let it go update that shhh



I tried to read other stuff and you have much better ideas even though I don't ever agree with you. It's good to see what the PATS are thinking.

Now go take off that TIGHT ASS SHIRT.
I'm sure your cult will not like what I said.



That's a easy ??? to answer, Mando has no idea what he is talking about.

Mando saw Brandon play for the first time at the senior bowl, so in his eyes hes the next LT LOLOL. What a joke!!

Thats what PEN PUSHERS do!!

The dolphins will more than likely land dansby, so there is no need to draft mcclain with the 12th pick i would trade down, and maybe pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick then turn around and trade that pick to arizona for boldin. while picking up a olb with our first pick the team would have killed 2 birds with one stone if you ask me and they wont really be losing out on anything there is no value at the 12th pick unless you want dez bryant who i would love but i know the tuna wont take

Cmon, So McClain did 24 reps and people are questioning?? Pierre-Paul the beast 19 Sergio Kindle 25 so let's not jump up n down...short armed Graham only did 31 he bragged at least 40.


Huss, did u happen to read yesterdays article on Dansby in the Miami Herald?? It said if the Fins get Dansby they are going to put him at strong OLB...All the better reason to draft McClain since he is an ILB..that would give us one heck of a LB Corp

I like Allen's suggestion on Ronnie Brown. As much as I like the guy, I would prefer to ship him out now for picks. Ricky is a good insurance policy for a new kid coming in. Could also sign Thomas Jones for a year with an axe to grind against the Jets. There's a lot of options.

If Philly or SD was willing to drop a late 1 and either a mid-rounder or a higher pick next year, I think I'd do it.

The Morgan interview is interesting in that most scouts have him as a 4-3 DE and many don't think he can convert to a 3-4 OLB. Perhaps the Dolphins aren't convinced of that and are continuing their due diligence on the player.

-- Chris

I don't think we can stand anymore experiments or projects.

Byebye, PFT had an article yesterday about Rolle, Arizona is probaly going to resign him to a long term deal right after they release him...They are only releaing him to get out of a 7 million dollar roster bonus, Rolle's agent said he was favorable to resign with Arizona...sounds like a done deal to me

NO ONE in the NFL is going to give ANYTHING for Ronnie Brown...the guy is coming off SERIOUS foot injury/surgery..he can barely WALK yet...stop with the trading Brown nonsense

Cocoajoe, that's right, a proven player at a position, enough of this experimental/project shyt...draft is too deep for that

Great article in PFT about all u Dezzy fans....
Said one source of Bryant, who passed on all workouts at the Scouting Combine: "I wouldn't draft that kid unless I had someone to wake him up in the morning to get to meetings, someone to wake him up for practice and someone to wake him up for games." Another source backed up the contention that Bryant was "consistently late" for team activities. Including games".....NO WAY I draft this guy, and I don't think Parcells or Ireland do either

I told everyone going WAAAAAAAAAY back that the Dolphins would look at Derrick Morgan as an OLB.

Only Derrick Morgan and the team that drafts him will determine whether he is an OLB or a DE. He's has supreme atheltic ability and is not TOO big and stiff for the position.

And Bobby, AGAIN for the millionth time 95% when drafting an OLB that was a DE in college is not an experiment - it's the way it is because there are a lot of similarities between a 3-4 OLB and a 4-3 DE. You shouldn't eliminate the guy for this reason because if you do this, you are eliminating the best OLB prospects in the draft.

Wow I heard Dez Bryant gettin ripped on fins radio this morning as a lazy diva who you have to wake up and drive him to practice destined to be a problem or whoever drafts him. NO THANKS.

Ben Watson's agent, Drew Rosenshaus, said he has spoken with the Patriots and he expects Watson to be a free agent.

SIGN THIS GUY UP and send NAL-BONER back to Mammouth College

LFAO.... was anybody going to draft this joker in round 5??? What a wasted pick

The Tuna Strikes again...
I hear they like Golden Tate in Round 3... I doubt this guy passes the first 50 picks. Golden Tate will be a Patsie.

I wouldn't write off Nalbone yet. 4.5 speed for a TE doesn't grow on trees.

@ Thunderbolt,

I think this guy has been targeted by a team at 15-20 and they want his stock to drop... stirring bs rumors.
Remember Percy Pot Head Harvin went all the way down to 20 something

He is running fast on the Practice squad. Maybe he can crack the lineup faster than Turner

Maybe Waterboy, maybe not. I am not counting on those two players anyway. If they contribute (which they have some talent to think they can) it will be a nice bonus to the team in 2010.

Yeah bobby12, It's time to shelve the 'turning over rocks' philosophy. I want to believe that Parcells/Ireland will be more careful this year. Another losing season and the villagers will be looking for their torches and pitchforks.

I think the quote was "......many don't think HE can convert to 3-4 OLB".

Here we go, the defense. Finally.

And MANY thought Ryan Leaf was the best player in his draft class.

Armando. Why can't we drop Gibril Wilson after March 5th and Pick up Antrelle Rolle? What the hell are we paying Gibril? Cardinals are apparently letting him go on the 5th.

ROB in OC---

Ther eis your boy shuttn it down i the combine b/c he has nothing to offer----Graham done after runnin a 4.7 pulln a hamstring----pierre-paul has over 2 1/2 inches in arm length, bigger hands and is 6"5----more fluid athlete that is more then just a 40 time which you would of saw if graham would of finished his workouts when compared to Pierre-paul----

Fact is with pierre-paul---you cant blame him for only playing one year---if you watch his tape there is no question of his talent---his skills, and his effort---and he made people stop even thinkn about selvie----this only played one year of foot in HS---upside is crazy

But if we go with a small guy i think jerry hughes is just a much better player then graham---and for you to tell me that you can predict the future and know what careers both guys are goin to have is inaccurate at best---you have to base your prediction on future projections-----

Donald Jones = Pierre Garcon

Jerry hughes looking really impressive super smooth---33 inch arms looks the part----has to bulk up 10 pounds---everson griffen looking decent as well---If you havn/t heard Brandon graham quit----i told people this yesterday---he didnt want to perform here because every1 would see his flaws as an athlete or lack of...just reporting the facts---he said he pulled a hamstring i think---great timimng right after he finished his second 40----quiestionable at best

4-3 teams---DT lamar Houston is a beasttttttttt---300lb DT who was naturally a RB--such a fluid athlete

Jerry Hughes really impressing me so far, really like his feet. He shows good quickness, too.

Yep, Bootang, Hughes would be a real nice OLB.


we seem to like a lot of the same guys. Who are the guys you have zeroed in on as far as #12 goes?

Did you see our boy 'Spoon on Total Access last night. He is great. Mooch threw him a bad ball, was pretty funny. I love this kid.

Graham ran a 4.6 and is listed over 260 pounds. Hope the trifecta took notice

I noticed that, we do have a lot of the same guys.

At #12, I still contend that it all depends on what happens with Karlos Dansby or even Larry Foote. If they sign one of these 2 guys, then you completely wipe McClain off the board and go with the best player available.

I like a bunch of guys there:

Eric Berry (if he happens to fall but don't think so)
Derrick Morgan (if he shows the proper agility with the linebackers that I suspect he will)
Earl Thomas
Dan Williams

Dez Bryant (if he convinces the braintrust that he has the proper makeup)

Then if they do nothing with ILB in free agency then McClain will have to be in the mix in the top 5. However, unlike all the others, he isn't the best value at 12 because I think Weatherspoon is just as good a prospect and could be had later.

Morning fellas.

I'm very disappointed Brandon Graham tweaked his hamstring in the 40. He's done for the day.

Waterboy i hope ur right!


Very interested to see what Dan Williams and Cam Thomas do coming up.

Mando, this is good news. We know how good he is but his true value is in the 2nd round, as it was before the senior bowl. We don't want him shooting up the board. Don't you think Jerry Hughes looks a lot like Graham? He would be a nice fall back plan if Miami doesn't go OLB 1st round.


what is going on with the iPhone app. It's been really bad the last 4 days or so with refreshing in the blog.

Bootang, I'm out of touch with the NFL network right now, keep me posted. Is Terrel Troup not at the combine?

Troup is there. 34 reps on the bench. Thomas 31. Williams 27.

Suh just ran a 4.98????? Whoa

That's really impressive for Troup, not so much for Williams

Troup 5.10
Williams 5.17
Thomas 5.31

I hope someone trades up for that guy and berry falls to 12

Williams moving out of contention for 12 in order for the Dolphins to pick a different NT later?

Any thoughts?

Morgan just ran 4.74 and pierre paul 4.64.

Man, does Dan Williams have the thickest legs at the combine? That's good to have in the tenches.

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