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Another big news day ahead at Indy Combine

Most of the media left Indianapolis on Sunday and more will leave Monday morning. Dolphins In Depth is still in Indianapolis because the workouts continue and aspiring scout Chris Cordero is still looking to corner more general managers information.

First off, if you missed the weekend here shame on you. The NFL doesn't take the weekend off, even during the offseason, so why do you?

We are reporting here the Dolphins interviewed Florida ILB Brandon Spikes, nose tackle Cam Thomas, outside linebacker Ricky Sapp, ILB Micah Johnson, and Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan since we last reported interviews on Saturday.

The Morgan interview is interesting in that most scouts have him as a 4-3 DE and many don't think he can convert to a 3-4 OLB. Perhaps the Dolphins aren't convinced of that and are continuing their due diligence on the player.

Secondly, if you indeed did miss the weekend's action check it out here for a newsy update on Dexter McCluster and Anquan Boldin and then go here for a report along with Cordero's opinion of Sunday's wide receiver workouts.

Speaking of the wide receivers -- and yes, I find a way to do that a lot because they're kinda sorta important in today's NFL -- sidelinescouting.net does a wonderful job of offering a comprehensive look of what the wide receivers did in their testing Sunday.


The nose tackles and the linebackers (including future Dolphins draftee or future Salguero adopted son Brandon Graham) will be on display. And this is Cordero's report on what to look for and expect:

Should be a good day for everyone looking for the Dolphins to have a defense heavy draft.

NT -- Obviously their bench rep and physical strength is vital to the position but another drill to keep an eye on is the broad jump. Core strength comes from the lower body and a good broad jump helps in determining that. The vertical jump is also another factor but nearly as important as the broad. Watch the linemen in the 20-yard shuttle to see their short area quickness and flexibility. You won't see many NTs running 40 yards in an NFL game so this shows more important aspects and traits. Finally, the 3 cone drill is another key determinant in agility; footwork; and balance - watch to see if these big guys have trouble keeping their feet going around the cones.

NT prospects to watch -- Dan Williams, Terrence Cody, Cam Thomas (who has spoken to the Dolphins here in Indy), Torell Troup, Linval Joseph, Al Woods, Jay Ross, Aleric Mullins, Brandon Deadrick, Jeff Owens, and Art Jones.

OLB/DE converts -- Many of the same drills important for the DLine are important for these players as well. Watch many of the DEs prospects, such as Graham, Jerry Hughes, and most of the guys who played with their footwork if they work out with the linebackers.

DE/OLB prospects to watch: Derrick Morgan (who has spoken to the Dolphins here and will work out with LBs), Brandon Graham, Sergio Kindle, Jerry Hughes, Jason Pierre-Paul, Thaddeus Gibson, Everson Griffen, Brandon Lang, Koa Misi, Ricky Sapp (who has also spoken to Dolphins), George Selvie, Cameron Sheffield, Antonio Coleman, Jason Worilds, Willie Young, Greg Hardy, and Eric Norwood. Watch for how many undersized DE prospects decide to work out with the LBs.

ILB prospects to watch -- Rolando McClain (who won't do much here), Sean Weatherspoon (who spoke at length with the Dolphins at the Senior Bowl), Micah Johnson (who has spoken to the Dolphins here), Brandon Spikes (also spoken to Dolphins), Donald Butler, Jamar Chaney, AJ Edds, and Sean Lee.

This might be the position of Miami need with the least depth in the draft. I will keep an eye out for any potential late round sleepers.

-- Chris

Cordero will have updates throughout the day, which means you'll get updates here throughout the day. If I'm away from the computer, I'll send the updates via my twitter.


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my preference has been Earl Thomas for about a week now. I still like Williams, I just think the dropoff to the next S isfar more drastic than the NT drop.

Dan the Man only 27? How about Mount Cody, how much did he bench?

Take Mount Cody baby...

I just ran a 4.24 to the toilet

LMFAO @Mark in toronto. I got your post last night. The USA Set a all time record for most medals in a winter olympics with 37 in Canada home trrf . OUCH !! that had to hurt. The last i heard , the winner is the most medals not most gold. USA was First and the winter olympics isn't USA's thing. It's suppossed to be Canada's. You want to talk about The summer olympics ?? I think NOT !! Canada isn't in the usa league.

NJ, only coming first counts, baby!

Jason Cole of Yahoo.com wrote a piece on Dez Bryant today that was interesting.

It basically called Bryant the biggest risk in the draft.

Among other nuggets, the story said Bryant was sometimes late to games. Yikes!


Come on, we are tough for a small nation. We are only 30 mill people. What's the population of the USA? I'm only guessing but isn't it 100 mill or so?

Also , you can give mccclain a run for his money in 24 reps at 225 ???? I doubt you can do 225 1 time. LOL !! How did you boy Mardy Gylyard look yesterday. He was terrible . he ran slower than expected and dropped ball left and right in the gauntlet drill. Inconsistant hand will drop him to the 3rd. He does show up in games.

Haha, I trust coming late to games doesn't sit well with the boss?

Your right NJ Phin. We should be comparing a nation of three hundred million people to a nation of thirty million people. There's a fair comparison!! Listen, Canada had an OUTSTANDING Olympics!! Don't take anything away from what they did by trying to compare their stats to anybody else. All of Canada is VERY proud of their athletes!!.....let's leave it at that.

Say no to Dez "I Wont" Bryant!!!

Mark, why would u take McClain off the board??? The Fins are looking at Dansby as a strong side OLB, if u sign him u sign McClain and have a heck of a LB Corp

NJ, trust me, I can handle 225 easily. You're not the only guy who works out here.

Dez Bryant is the biggest risk in the draft. Where did i hear that before. Late for games ??? This chickenshyt shouldn't even be on miami draft board

Well, Cody just ran the 40-yard dash in 5.75 and 5.73.

That is not a misprint.

Brandon pulled a hammy, join Dezzy on the side

Mark, the United States boasts a population of 300 million.

Mark , all in good fun, congrats on canada's hockey team. Morgan ran a 4.74 wich was great at DE but decent if you want him at OLB. I'll be watching the LB and cone drills carefully.

QAM 560 was talkin bout thr article this morning. The hosts were rippin Dez Bryant real bad citing friends they trust.

Craig miller , in all due respect i wasn't talking to you and you shuld learn to stay out of things that doesn't concern you. Mark took a shot at me and the USA last night in a post to me . I responded to him, this is all in good fun

worth the risk

Trivia: Give me the name of the Dolphins player who was LATE to a Dolphins playoff game.

Bobby, I read the same article, that's not what it said necessarily about Dansby. It actually said that they see the true value of Dansby as an ILB but can also move him outside on the strong side.

I would prefer addressing another position than ILB. In a 3-4 system, an OLB or NT has a bigger impact. It's not that I don't like McClain, I just think the pick could be better used elsewhere. I mean, you can pick a Jerry Hughes in the 2nd to play strong side and still have that heck of a linebacking crew.

But, if the administration feels that McClain is the best player regardless of position, then draft him. They know more than I do. It's just that personally, he doesn't stand out that much to me. He's very good, but much better than Weatherspoon? You can't convince me of that.

LOL @ Bobbyd12 . maybe dez and graham can play domino's together while nursing their " hammy's ". RED FLAGS all around

Dez Bryant didnt go to the combine does that mean he didnt train like he should have? It would be interesting to name players who skipped the combine in the past to see if this translates to a lazy nfl player.

Well folks, it is with much regret that I report the following:

Brandon Graham said he'd try to run in the 4.5s and lift 225 40 times.

Well, he ran high 4.6s, lifted something like 31 instead of 40 and didn't do position drills because he got hurt.

Not a great combine in my estimation.

No Dez Bryant said he wasn't running because of a hamstring issue.

Either he is not as fast as advertised and is trying to hide thefact.


he hurt it because he hasn't been working out as much.

If you want to see his combine, just watch the Under Armour commercials

Armando, what do you think about dropping Gibril And going after Antrelle Rolle? Apparently he is being released March 5th.

Lets not forget that Brandon graham also checked in at 6-1 with some of the shortest arems you'll see on a DE/OLB, Graham will NOT be the pick for miami. I guess that man crush is over ??? LOL !!!

LOL @ bobbyd12.

Mark in Toronto, re-read the article...it states both the Giants and Dolphins are looking to use Dansby as an outside strongside linebacker...it says the Dolphins cant see paying Dansby that kind of money that he wants if they are going to play him at ILB...IN other words, if the Dolphins sign Dansby for big bucks, he will be playing strong outside LB..I just reread article to make sure what it said and thats what it said...dont matter though cause Dansby is going to the Giants, thats where he wants to be and the Giants will pay him

300 mill people, whoa, that's a lot.

In reality though, Canada's accomplishments during these games were off the charts. When you compare to how we did the last time we hosted the Olympic games in Calgary in 1988, I believe we finished with 1 silver and 2 bronze or something like that.

Since then, the infrastructure built in Calgary plus the contributions of a not for porfit agency called "Own the Podium" has worked wonders.

Nj, all in good fun. I still think Crosby, Thornton, and Marleau played like bums though.

NJ, I too am anxiously waiting for Morgan's agility drills. If they grade out, there's your #12 pick. He's the only guy who has the ability to be Demarcus Ware or Shawne Merriman there in the 1st round.

Does anyone know the exact date Free Agency begins? Is it this week?

Dolphins MUST pick: Graham AND Weatherspoon. Need both. MUST HAVE. These should be the first two picks then a WRs in the 3rd & 4th.

personally, I'm glad Graham bombed out. That can push him into the 2nd round. I still know he can play and play well. 31 reps is still impressive enough.

Give your boy Crosby credit Mark. He may have been pretty bad through most of the games but he scored the winning goal in overtime in the gold medal game.

Congrats on a fine showing in the Olympics Canada!!

Proud to share the longest border in the world with you guys.

Mark . i told you not to remind me about thorton. bad memories BAD!!! Just to give you a FYI. NYC alone has about 11 million peope which is 1/3 of canada's population. LOL !! I love morgan and i had him in my top 5 guys i want but so far i see him at DE. we'll see on the drills.

Zack Attack, so I guess we have no NT this year...WRONG...NT, LB, WR, TE

Zach , Thursaday at MIDNIGHT is when free agency starts.

Zach , thursday at MIDNIGHT is when free agency starts.

Just to give you a FYI. NYC alone has about 11 million peope which is 1/3 of canada's population. LOL !!

Nice Google stat NJ!! LMFAO!!

Lol Indiana.

Did they time Cody with a calendar?

At least Crosby made that contribution, I was ready to punch my tv every time he was on, especially when in their own zone and letting opposing forwards skate free.

I joke with my American neighbours but I've spent a lot of time in your country, I have immediate family with second homes in Florida and first cousins who settled in Massachusetts. The links with the USA are always there.

Check out the pipes on LB 12 - Curran. Too bad for him they don't have a curling test or a close grip bench test.

Rolando McClain will not "compete" in any drills today.

He will not run on field at all. He'll do it at Pro Day in Alabama.

McClain really disappoints me.

What really irritates me is now we have another almost 7 weeks of Graham/McClain stupidity.

Morgan's drop back wasn't the best but in reality, how often would he be in coverage? He would be at the line of scrimmage 90% of the time either tackling a RB or attacking a QB.

Holy Crap, Dough Boy was under 6 secs

Top 50 pick guaranteed

on the other hand Jason Pierre-Paul's drop back was very good.

drsamii, Rolle will be released according to his agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Rolle WANTS to play for the Dolphins. But if Miami isn't getting rid of Wilson, they're likely not spending more money on Rolle.

I would feel better about things if Jeff Ireland hadn't given Wilson a huge verbal hug during the Combine. But Ireland defended Wilson so it seems likely they're keeping Wilson.

And if that is true, I believe it to be a mistake that will eventually cost Miami games in 2010 as it did in 2009.

Nah , i only live in the NYC area so i should no a thing or 2 about it. it's a well known fact.

Mandito dont worry.
The Gerbil will be on the beach waiting for Y Bell to blow out his knee.

Mr. Clemons, or Draftee will be playing Full time.

May be Graham over train his muscles

LMFAO !!!!, Indiana is still crying after 3 days after he got embarrassed on here for his famous GOOOGELING GOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOOOOGLE !!!!!

Morgan's "rush cover" was much better, Pierre-Paul looked a little gassed on his

Mandito, what do you think of letting Nate Jones hit the market?

Maybe mando googled to find out that there were 300 mil peolpe in the US or Maybe Mark googled to find out that there were 30 mil in canada. OR just maybe we all knew these well known facts. GOOOOOOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOOOOOOGLE. LOL !!!!

Is it true that Mount Cody needed a running start for the 40 yd dash?

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