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Another big news day ahead at Indy Combine

Most of the media left Indianapolis on Sunday and more will leave Monday morning. Dolphins In Depth is still in Indianapolis because the workouts continue and aspiring scout Chris Cordero is still looking to corner more general managers information.

First off, if you missed the weekend here shame on you. The NFL doesn't take the weekend off, even during the offseason, so why do you?

We are reporting here the Dolphins interviewed Florida ILB Brandon Spikes, nose tackle Cam Thomas, outside linebacker Ricky Sapp, ILB Micah Johnson, and Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan since we last reported interviews on Saturday.

The Morgan interview is interesting in that most scouts have him as a 4-3 DE and many don't think he can convert to a 3-4 OLB. Perhaps the Dolphins aren't convinced of that and are continuing their due diligence on the player.

Secondly, if you indeed did miss the weekend's action check it out here for a newsy update on Dexter McCluster and Anquan Boldin and then go here for a report along with Cordero's opinion of Sunday's wide receiver workouts.

Speaking of the wide receivers -- and yes, I find a way to do that a lot because they're kinda sorta important in today's NFL -- sidelinescouting.net does a wonderful job of offering a comprehensive look of what the wide receivers did in their testing Sunday.


The nose tackles and the linebackers (including future Dolphins draftee or future Salguero adopted son Brandon Graham) will be on display. And this is Cordero's report on what to look for and expect:

Should be a good day for everyone looking for the Dolphins to have a defense heavy draft.

NT -- Obviously their bench rep and physical strength is vital to the position but another drill to keep an eye on is the broad jump. Core strength comes from the lower body and a good broad jump helps in determining that. The vertical jump is also another factor but nearly as important as the broad. Watch the linemen in the 20-yard shuttle to see their short area quickness and flexibility. You won't see many NTs running 40 yards in an NFL game so this shows more important aspects and traits. Finally, the 3 cone drill is another key determinant in agility; footwork; and balance - watch to see if these big guys have trouble keeping their feet going around the cones.

NT prospects to watch -- Dan Williams, Terrence Cody, Cam Thomas (who has spoken to the Dolphins here in Indy), Torell Troup, Linval Joseph, Al Woods, Jay Ross, Aleric Mullins, Brandon Deadrick, Jeff Owens, and Art Jones.

OLB/DE converts -- Many of the same drills important for the DLine are important for these players as well. Watch many of the DEs prospects, such as Graham, Jerry Hughes, and most of the guys who played with their footwork if they work out with the linebackers.

DE/OLB prospects to watch: Derrick Morgan (who has spoken to the Dolphins here and will work out with LBs), Brandon Graham, Sergio Kindle, Jerry Hughes, Jason Pierre-Paul, Thaddeus Gibson, Everson Griffen, Brandon Lang, Koa Misi, Ricky Sapp (who has also spoken to Dolphins), George Selvie, Cameron Sheffield, Antonio Coleman, Jason Worilds, Willie Young, Greg Hardy, and Eric Norwood. Watch for how many undersized DE prospects decide to work out with the LBs.

ILB prospects to watch -- Rolando McClain (who won't do much here), Sean Weatherspoon (who spoke at length with the Dolphins at the Senior Bowl), Micah Johnson (who has spoken to the Dolphins here), Brandon Spikes (also spoken to Dolphins), Donald Butler, Jamar Chaney, AJ Edds, and Sean Lee.

This might be the position of Miami need with the least depth in the draft. I will keep an eye out for any potential late round sleepers.

-- Chris

Cordero will have updates throughout the day, which means you'll get updates here throughout the day. If I'm away from the computer, I'll send the updates via my twitter.


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Ricky Sapp, very smooth

Gerald McCoy just said he interviewed with the Dolphins.

My Google huh? How was I embarrassed for you accusing me of Googling?? Do you know me personally, NO! Did you talk to me to know that I googled or was embarrassed, NO!

It is impossible to embarrass me on a blog.

So because I posted some facts, you think I had to Google huh? That is comical. My bad for knowing something NJ and posting it. Aren't others allowed to post facts besides you?

The real McCoy?


Why aren't Jason Worillds or George Selvie doing the LB drills? You think they could use the exposure.

Gerald McCoy? That's surprsing, he's sure fire top 3 pick and not sure he can play a position on Miami. Shows what I know.

The real mccoy ??? 23 reps at 295 ??? I don't know

Mandito, any chance you are in the running for game commentator for the phins game?

He doesnt want to get exposed on his slow time.


You sure like that word don't you NJ??


pierre- paul is the pick if jacksonville doesnt take him at 10---i think they will go derrick morgan who is only a 4-3 end---but is the most for sure talented pass rusher----

Pierre-paul has more risk but more versatility then morgan---he is the pick if there---i think Dez bryant goes top 10----so the broncos will take mcclain----

Brandon Graham i could of told you he wasnt going to compete---why he ran a 4.7--the drop back and lateral drills would of exposed his lack of physical talent---so he will wait for pro day---he is a second round pick that i know isnt a fit for a Mike Nolan/Parcells 3-4

Allen, the Pierre-Paul and Morgan drop back drills were a wash. One looked good during one while the other looked better during the other. Just not enough there to adequately judge. Going to come down to their pro days.

The Tuna looooves PRODUCTION and EXPERIENCE , @ of the things Pierre- paul doesn't have. He wil NOT be the pick. To much risk at 12 !!!

2 of the things pierre -paul doesn't have

I like Pierre-Paul as much as anyone but even I have to admit there is a large boom or bust element with making him the pick. He will either get 120 sacks in his career or 3. Very volatile.

No wonder you think you know so much NJ, your favorite friend is Google. Congrats on your creative way of obtaining knowledge!

Everybody Googles!


GOOOOOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOGLE . You love it . You admit to using it all the time , you post links from google and you tell posters to look up things you say in GOOOOGLE !!! It 's your crutch to all things football . GOOOOGLE INDIANA !!! LMFAO!!!!

Just sitting down to catch up on the combine for today... missed most of the morning...

I am very disappointed to hear that Graham and McClain and Spikes will not be working out. I guess we see that Ndamakong Suh is much stronger than McCoy...

How is Micah Johnson and Dan Williams doing?

I googled and it seems Jimmy Graham at number 12 is the pick!

Told you guys - he had an awesome weekend!

Anybody see sparano on the phone right now while spoon was running.

Wow!!! Weatherspoon just ran a 4.57... nice!!!

How many peolpe feel the combine is overrated? How much stock is really put into the 40 times, and how high, or far a player can jump? .Does it really matter all that much to the brass if a player shows well, or poorly? If a team is interested the players still have their pro days to wow.What can running a fast 40 time tell us more than watching tape of that player actually playing football? I understand the combine is part of the proccess, and it give us something to talk about. I just think it's not that important

chile is a great country in south america even better than costa rica and mexico .


Yeah he was asking Tuna if 12 was too early

That's about a 4.6 offically. Nothing suprising. That was expected. late 1st round is where spoon will be taken at OLB


Micah ran a 4.99, not very good.

Spoon is ridiculous.

Id be shocked if fins pick graham. They dont like short linebackers with stubby arms.

per ProFootballFocas--Antrel Rolle rated 67th of the 87 safties--65th against the run--70 in coverage.... Dolphins G. Wilson 15 over all---20th against the run--26 in coverage...shocking

LOL @ carlito. actually sparano was on the phone way before spoon ran but it was still funny.


I was expecting 4.8 or so from Micah Johnson, but yeah 4.99 is a little slow... he is a big dude though, how many times did he bench?

Whats up with the NT's? (Williams, Thomas, and Troup)


dan Williams 5.17 both times, 27 reps on the bench

Wow... Danny Williams not putting in a #12 pick performance...


Micah did 31 reps. Remember him coming off injury too, could be good for us if he slides a round or so.

Troup 34 reps, 5.10
Thomas 31 reps, 5.27

Again, NJ, don't be too sure that 'Spoon is solely an OLB. I'm sure he can play there but go back to his Senior Bowl interview. When asked where he can play at the next level, he was advised that he could either play OLB in a 4-3 or an ILB in a 3-4.

As much as I want defense, a couple of bruising Rb's are the only guys that have really jumped out at me.... For example Montario Hardesty, Blount, and Ben Tate

PS, I understand your opinion that's probably where you think he will play but it can always change. Dansby and Seau spent their entire careers rotating between OLB and ILB in various systems.

Carlito, none of those guys are 1st rounders though. Earl Thomas inching ahead a bit more if Dansby is snagged in free agency.


I'm not talking about them as first rounders, just running backs that impressed me... its not all about the 1st round bud...

oh yeah, I forgot Gerhart

I think Micah Johnson can squat a truck. Those are some thick legs.

I can't remember who, maybe Mayock, but I saw yesterday someone had Earl Thomas ranked ahead of Eric berry

Mark , what did you want spoon to say ?? No i can't ?? LOL . Graham said he can play olb yet never played it. Spoon will have trouble disengaging blockes by the bigger OL in the NFL and shoots the wrong gaps to much for liking of a ILB. he gamble to much like crowder does at times. By all accounts from GM's to coaches , spoon will be better suited to play OLB to utilize his speed and athletic ability. He's a better fit for OLB in the 4-3 but can aloso play olb in the 3-4

who put up 44 reps???

Ya Carlito, I think it is Mayock that has Thomas #1. I knew you didn't them as 1st rounders, I guess I should have finished my thought.

Given you were impressed by those guys and not any of the names that have been bandied about as #12 possibilities, who is THAT guy?

PS , Seau and Dansby were BIGGER than spoon

re: the Dolphins Trivia Question

Armando, that was Bobby Humphrey who showed up late..to the AFC Championship Game in 1993 vs. Buffalo, no less!

Shula made a mistake starting him after that IMO; should have started Craver and sat Humphrey's @$$ on the bench. That was one of the first signs that he was getting a little lax about discipline in his final years; Cox and Ingram later got away with things Shula never would have tolerated in earlier years (to say nothing of Eric Green and his missed practices).

Lawrence Timmons is pretty good for Pittsburgh, and he is undersized. I think Spoon is a potential perennial Pro Bowl player at weakside OLB. But he could be good inside in a 3-4. IMO.

They just showed Mcclain sitting on the sideline and their raving about mcclain.They say to run saban complex 3-4 , it takes a smart instinctive football to master it. Not only did mcclain master , HE RAN THE WHOLE DEFENSE !!!!! THAT"S A F'N FOOTBALL PLAYER !!

Mark in Toronto,

I don't know... I'm going to have to re-work my top 5.... I still like McClain alot, but I am disappointed that he is not working out...

I am also a little disappointed with Dan Williams' performance and my man-crush on Dez Bryant is fading... You can't put too much credibility in the articles that came out about Bryant today as GM's will say some of those type of things to deter other teams from picking their guy...

Those were my top 3... I'm going to have to watch the safeties and think about it for a couple days.


As for Micah, he has a LEGIT injury issue, not some stupid agent induced hamstring injury. He had to have known he wasn't going to come out and run really fast. But he is competing, and I like that. Not Bryant, or McClain, or Spikes, who all seem to have something to hide. Micah has stuff to hide and he is still here, I like that.

I agree with Bootang, there is no reason to think that 'Spoon can't play inside. And given the coverage responsibilities the ILBs have in Miami's system, it might be a better fit in some regards. Everything right now is just opinion and everyone has a right to their own.

I tell you what, NJ you have some great information today that you found off Google. I am impressed with your knowledge. You are an amzing gift of football Googled knowledge!!! Can we know more from your Google searches please?


When did I post a Google result? I told one person one time to Google something that was non football related in which I did not feel like answering. Is there something wrong with that? Just curious...

Can you Google my questions to get my answers? That would be awesome...

I know that they just had Billick, Davis, and Mayock seemingly confusing themselves lol trying to figure out where to put Spoon. You guys know me, I like scheme versatility. This guy is the epitome of that. And that's not talking his leadership ability either. I don't care where you want to play him, a LB that runs 4.57 and benches 225 34 times, with his leadership and versatility, I'll take him on my team ANY day.

Gerbril Wilson has better stats than Rolle??????

Ireland knows best.

Gerbril will hold down the fort while all else is crumbling down!

Guys we seem to dislike Google scouting. What are everyones opinions of Youtube scouting? Lol

Spoon can play inside has the take-on strength, attitude, and coverage ability to play either ILB spot in the 3-4. Plus he had a great outfit on today.

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