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Another big news day ahead at Indy Combine

Most of the media left Indianapolis on Sunday and more will leave Monday morning. Dolphins In Depth is still in Indianapolis because the workouts continue and aspiring scout Chris Cordero is still looking to corner more general managers information.

First off, if you missed the weekend here shame on you. The NFL doesn't take the weekend off, even during the offseason, so why do you?

We are reporting here the Dolphins interviewed Florida ILB Brandon Spikes, nose tackle Cam Thomas, outside linebacker Ricky Sapp, ILB Micah Johnson, and Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan since we last reported interviews on Saturday.

The Morgan interview is interesting in that most scouts have him as a 4-3 DE and many don't think he can convert to a 3-4 OLB. Perhaps the Dolphins aren't convinced of that and are continuing their due diligence on the player.

Secondly, if you indeed did miss the weekend's action check it out here for a newsy update on Dexter McCluster and Anquan Boldin and then go here for a report along with Cordero's opinion of Sunday's wide receiver workouts.

Speaking of the wide receivers -- and yes, I find a way to do that a lot because they're kinda sorta important in today's NFL -- sidelinescouting.net does a wonderful job of offering a comprehensive look of what the wide receivers did in their testing Sunday.


The nose tackles and the linebackers (including future Dolphins draftee or future Salguero adopted son Brandon Graham) will be on display. And this is Cordero's report on what to look for and expect:

Should be a good day for everyone looking for the Dolphins to have a defense heavy draft.

NT -- Obviously their bench rep and physical strength is vital to the position but another drill to keep an eye on is the broad jump. Core strength comes from the lower body and a good broad jump helps in determining that. The vertical jump is also another factor but nearly as important as the broad. Watch the linemen in the 20-yard shuttle to see their short area quickness and flexibility. You won't see many NTs running 40 yards in an NFL game so this shows more important aspects and traits. Finally, the 3 cone drill is another key determinant in agility; footwork; and balance - watch to see if these big guys have trouble keeping their feet going around the cones.

NT prospects to watch -- Dan Williams, Terrence Cody, Cam Thomas (who has spoken to the Dolphins here in Indy), Torell Troup, Linval Joseph, Al Woods, Jay Ross, Aleric Mullins, Brandon Deadrick, Jeff Owens, and Art Jones.

OLB/DE converts -- Many of the same drills important for the DLine are important for these players as well. Watch many of the DEs prospects, such as Graham, Jerry Hughes, and most of the guys who played with their footwork if they work out with the linebackers.

DE/OLB prospects to watch: Derrick Morgan (who has spoken to the Dolphins here and will work out with LBs), Brandon Graham, Sergio Kindle, Jerry Hughes, Jason Pierre-Paul, Thaddeus Gibson, Everson Griffen, Brandon Lang, Koa Misi, Ricky Sapp (who has also spoken to Dolphins), George Selvie, Cameron Sheffield, Antonio Coleman, Jason Worilds, Willie Young, Greg Hardy, and Eric Norwood. Watch for how many undersized DE prospects decide to work out with the LBs.

ILB prospects to watch -- Rolando McClain (who won't do much here), Sean Weatherspoon (who spoke at length with the Dolphins at the Senior Bowl), Micah Johnson (who has spoken to the Dolphins here), Brandon Spikes (also spoken to Dolphins), Donald Butler, Jamar Chaney, AJ Edds, and Sean Lee.

This might be the position of Miami need with the least depth in the draft. I will keep an eye out for any potential late round sleepers.

-- Chris

Cordero will have updates throughout the day, which means you'll get updates here throughout the day. If I'm away from the computer, I'll send the updates via my twitter.


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Carlito and Guys. Don't take to much out of the top guys not performing at the combine. This happens every year . The combine has diminished over the years now that there's the pro day workouts. There's to much risk and to much money involved . If a player gets hurt , the NFL teams move on to the next player. The hurt player is out millions. The exception is dez bryant because he missed a year of footbal and teams want to see what kind of shape he's in and more. He could lose money.



Micah looked a little heavy footed on the last drill, but you see his lateral agility. I wanted to see that drill, he did as I expected.

INDIANA , you didn't even now what unrestricted and restricted free agents meant and what the differences were between them until i explained it to you. LOL !! Now you going to talk about MY football knowledge and google ?? You're not in my league son. Stop tryiing to be by using your GOOOOOOOOOOOGLE !!! LMFAO !!!! GOOOOOOOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOOOGLE!!!!

It's 3:00 and still no additional blog posts? So much for the "big news day ahead".

When didn't I know what the difference was? My only confusion on UFA and FA is what would change with uncapped or capped year. I had uncertainty with the uncapped year and figured I would ask.

Since when am I crying? Can I not say you Google to get your answers? I guess not, because then I am crying (as you say). Grow up buddy. I could care less if you think I Googled about the Eric Berry facts I posted last week.

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Thomas Jones officially released by the Jets

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Do you guys think Dansby will be like Haynesworth last year and sign somewhere within hours of free agency starting?

What is google?



Trivia: Give me the name of the Dolphins player who was LATE to a Dolphins playoff game.


Bobby Humphrey in the 1992 AFC Championship Game.

Fins interviewed McCoy...man, how insanely sick would it be if he fell to us...

What's with this whole "google" thing

Indiana , this was your response to a dansby arguement. " How can dansby be a unrestricted or restricted free agent when he's a FREE AGENT ?? " Posted by Indiana dolphan. Then you said : Dansby can't be a unrestricted free agent when he is already a free agent and probably won't be franchised " posted by indiana dolphan. REMEMBER THOSE STATEMENTS ??? LMFAO !!!! I had to expalin it to you. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGLE INDIANA GOOOOOOGLE !!!

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IMO, the Jets are a weaker team minus Jones

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NJ - I have used only 1 name on here, so think whatever you want to think buddy. I had impersonators trying to pretend to be my name quite a bit last week. So, when you get posts with my name let me know. Also, even if I made any reference to RFA or UFA, it was in connection to CBA/no CBA. I was unsure how thigns were going to play out with it being or nor being an uncapped year. I knew some thigs were different, but was not sure about what would be different.

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NJ, just want to address some of your comments made today....

McClain did not run today because he had hamstring issues too... SO I GUESS HIM, DEZ and GRAHAM can all go hang out together....

McClain's arms were only 33 inches long. Brandon Graham 32 1/4. Shortest arms you will ever find on a DE/LB??? McClain has only .75 inch longer arms. That is not a big difference. If his arms are short McClain's are not long.

Morgan worked out at OLB today... Miami interviewed him as well... So I Miami is thinking that play by play guy in ATL is wrong too, not just me. He also was almost 6-4, 266... That is about how big DeMarcus Ware is and Ware ran a 4.67 so 4.72 is in the ball park...

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Also, those of you jumping up and down about bench press numbers....

The bench press measures strength/endurance. Some of these lineman can throw up 500 pounds in the weight room... Just because they didn't do 40 reps at 225 doesn't mean they are not strong... Just means they don't have great endurance at the bench press... A great amount of strength in football is shown through core strength and strength in the legs...

I have not denied saying anything NJ and honestly said I could care less either way. I have also stated that any confusion on RFA or UFA have been due to capped/uncapped year. I obivously know the difference between the FA's, but ORIGINALLY did not know what effect the uncapped year would have on the FA's...that is what I asked about in regards to FA's!

I am not trying to prove anything right or wrong and would admit to not knowing something if I don't. If I know something (with or without Google since you think that is all I do) I will post it, if I don't know something I will ask. Is there something wrong with that?


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what do you think about these 2, sounding like an old married couple.... wasting time on your blog debating he said she said, google b/s?

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Breaking news...
Rolle will not be offered a FA contract by the Fins

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Jerseyphins , you're right and i'm not going to tie up the blog with this . I'm out til later.

NJ - I do remember asking about free agents, but like I said it had to deal with the capped/uncapped year. I was unsure about that, so I asked. I was not unsure about the pure difference of UFA/RFA in a normall capped year.

Indiana and NJ,

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I am surprised the Jets cut Thomas Jones. I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots tried to get him. Jones is a hard tough nosed runner in which the Jets will regret getting rid of him IMO...

He is going to Minnesota to back up Peterson

TNPhinFan and Waterboy...good ones!!

Signed, LMFAO!!!!

here's a question i'm unsure of. if Rolle is released, the Jets cant make a play for him because they were 1 of the final 8 teams this year, right?? i thought i heard something like that, because of the labor issues certain rules came into play and one of the rules was the final 8 cant pick up free agents unless some of their free agents were signed... anyone, anyone??? Bueller??? Bueller???.... FRYE??? FRYE????

Nalbone, Wilson, Torbor + 3rd for Boldin?


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