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Another big news day ahead at Indy Combine

Most of the media left Indianapolis on Sunday and more will leave Monday morning. Dolphins In Depth is still in Indianapolis because the workouts continue and aspiring scout Chris Cordero is still looking to corner more general managers information.

First off, if you missed the weekend here shame on you. The NFL doesn't take the weekend off, even during the offseason, so why do you?

We are reporting here the Dolphins interviewed Florida ILB Brandon Spikes, nose tackle Cam Thomas, outside linebacker Ricky Sapp, ILB Micah Johnson, and Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan since we last reported interviews on Saturday.

The Morgan interview is interesting in that most scouts have him as a 4-3 DE and many don't think he can convert to a 3-4 OLB. Perhaps the Dolphins aren't convinced of that and are continuing their due diligence on the player.

Secondly, if you indeed did miss the weekend's action check it out here for a newsy update on Dexter McCluster and Anquan Boldin and then go here for a report along with Cordero's opinion of Sunday's wide receiver workouts.

Speaking of the wide receivers -- and yes, I find a way to do that a lot because they're kinda sorta important in today's NFL -- sidelinescouting.net does a wonderful job of offering a comprehensive look of what the wide receivers did in their testing Sunday.


The nose tackles and the linebackers (including future Dolphins draftee or future Salguero adopted son Brandon Graham) will be on display. And this is Cordero's report on what to look for and expect:

Should be a good day for everyone looking for the Dolphins to have a defense heavy draft.

NT -- Obviously their bench rep and physical strength is vital to the position but another drill to keep an eye on is the broad jump. Core strength comes from the lower body and a good broad jump helps in determining that. The vertical jump is also another factor but nearly as important as the broad. Watch the linemen in the 20-yard shuttle to see their short area quickness and flexibility. You won't see many NTs running 40 yards in an NFL game so this shows more important aspects and traits. Finally, the 3 cone drill is another key determinant in agility; footwork; and balance - watch to see if these big guys have trouble keeping their feet going around the cones.

NT prospects to watch -- Dan Williams, Terrence Cody, Cam Thomas (who has spoken to the Dolphins here in Indy), Torell Troup, Linval Joseph, Al Woods, Jay Ross, Aleric Mullins, Brandon Deadrick, Jeff Owens, and Art Jones.

OLB/DE converts -- Many of the same drills important for the DLine are important for these players as well. Watch many of the DEs prospects, such as Graham, Jerry Hughes, and most of the guys who played with their footwork if they work out with the linebackers.

DE/OLB prospects to watch: Derrick Morgan (who has spoken to the Dolphins here and will work out with LBs), Brandon Graham, Sergio Kindle, Jerry Hughes, Jason Pierre-Paul, Thaddeus Gibson, Everson Griffen, Brandon Lang, Koa Misi, Ricky Sapp (who has also spoken to Dolphins), George Selvie, Cameron Sheffield, Antonio Coleman, Jason Worilds, Willie Young, Greg Hardy, and Eric Norwood. Watch for how many undersized DE prospects decide to work out with the LBs.

ILB prospects to watch -- Rolando McClain (who won't do much here), Sean Weatherspoon (who spoke at length with the Dolphins at the Senior Bowl), Micah Johnson (who has spoken to the Dolphins here), Brandon Spikes (also spoken to Dolphins), Donald Butler, Jamar Chaney, AJ Edds, and Sean Lee.

This might be the position of Miami need with the least depth in the draft. I will keep an eye out for any potential late round sleepers.

-- Chris

Cordero will have updates throughout the day, which means you'll get updates here throughout the day. If I'm away from the computer, I'll send the updates via my twitter.


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I think if his contract is us and he becomes a free agent that way, then the rules of top 4 and top 8 kick in.. but if he is released by his team, then he is fair game.

Is that correct?

4th rounder for Boldin no other players involved.

Dennis Pitta was awesome this weekend. I hope he gets drafted by the Phins. Any of you know what round Pitta is projected?

It was my impression that the Top 8 teams were not allowed to sign a FA unless one of their FA's were signed by another team. The whole new uncapped year rule changes have me a little confused still.

Here is an article from ESPN with a little explanation:


From the article I posted:

The Jets do have some options. They're allowed to sign players who have been cut before their contracts have expired and free agents who didn't play in 2009.

The Jets also can make all the trades they want.


you're right, i just found an article speaking about it... they're allowed to sign players who have been cut before their contracts have expired and free agents who didn't play in 2009.

JerseyPhins - you get that from the blog on ESPN I posted above? If not, was there any other information in the article you found versus the one on ESPN?

NJ I have always enjoyed your football comments on here but now you are just being really annoying today.

I dont get why you waste so much time trying to make people look dumb sometimes.

Just stick to the football comments man.

The article is a couple of days old and it is still early on in the process but it's still a little disheartening to see that we may be heading for a lock-out in 2011.


And don't worry, I didn't GURGLE it. I leave that to the ladies. LOL

TN, CBS currently has a 4th round grade on Pitta. Take it for what it's worth I guess.

I will apologize for all the Google/Not Google crap today. I could care less how anyone gets information as long as they can back it up with URL's for the rest if us to read. Other people think that they are superior than others and like to think information shared is not from the brain, but rather from Google. Either way I could care less. Hopefully tomorrow we will not have to hear that stuff from NJ anymore. I'm out for now...

Can someone find out if I am going to be cut?

NJ, cue the music
"Its too late to apologize... its too late"
Hit single by One Republic

If mcclain is at 12--we will take him, unless the trifecta luvs pierr-paul which they might.

I think you have to forgot about what the experts think and study the people in charge of your decisons past selection. Parcells always goes after huge line-backers, and Mike Nolan drafted Manny Lawson in the first round when he was a head coach----

Mcclain will make me feel more comfortable b/c the question will be is he good or great.

Pierre-paul could be the next dominant 3-4 freak--or could be another gaines Adams---

To take it a step foward i think a lot of these guys it really depends where they go.

If JPP was in Miami, with a great coordinator like Mike Nolan or in a simple system like jacksonville- or Tampa---his career could go in opposite directions----we have a great coaching staff with a superb front office ---apreciate whate you have because Mike Nolan will be the best pick up we get all offseason---not any player we draft or sign---Dolphins are finally gonna have a scheme that you will have to respect.

Yet Another Endorsement!

"He (McClain) is a heckuva football player," 49ers coach Mike Singletary told The Birmingham (Ala.) News. "Intelligence, toughness, awareness, instincts. That’s probably his No. 1 quality. ... Anybody that gets him is getting a good football player."

New blog up.

McClain college career in one word SOFT. This kid is to big and too quick not to be an absolute thumper watch the tape he's not worth the 12 th overall pick not with the talent in this draft

NJ Phin. Just got your comment back to me from noon today. If it was all in fun then that's great....no harm done!! I was just sticking up for my country. An amazing amazing accomplishment!!

"most scouts have Morgan as a 4-3 DE and MOST scouts don't think he can play in the 3-4" Chris Cordero

3. trade for BOLDIN or MARSHALL, WR
3. JERRY, OG to block for Best
4. PITA, TE .... great blocker
6. BARNES,WR Bowling Green

i can live with this

Pitta is a 4th or 5th rder

Good Mourning Armando Great Job so Far, with Chicago scheduled to rap Pepper, The Skins backing off FA, what are Miami's chances Dansby is signed

Good Mourning Armando Great Job so Far, with Chicago scheduled to rap Pepper, The Skins backing off FA, what are Miami's chances Dansby is signed

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