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Anquan Boldin headed from Arizona to Baltimore

The Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens just concluded talks on a deal that will send receiver Anquan Boldin and a 2010 fifth-round pick from the Cardinals to the Ravens for 2010 third- and fourth-round picks.

ESPN's Adam Schefter was the first to report the move.

And while it doesn't affect the Dolphins directly, I'm adding it here because, well, I am terribly disappointed the Dolphins weren't involved in this thing.

The Ravens needed wide receiver help. I get that. So they made the deal and will likely sign Boldin to a nice contract very soon.

[Update: He has agreed to a four-year, $28 million contract.]

Guess what?

The Dolphins need wide receiver help, too.

Does anyone believe the picks they will use in the third and fourth round this year will produce as much as Boldin does in the next couple of years? I seriously doubt it.

Does anyone think Ozzie Newsome is not nearly as smart a personnel man as Bill Parcells?


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Ha!!! Wow!! ok, so please bring the news damn it!!!

the Dolphins are a boring team. Everything about them is boring from the coach on down. And I love the Dolphins but its the truth.

I'm glad they didn't make the trade. It's not the issue of picks, its the issue of the contract he is going to ask for, the fact that he is almost 30, the fact that he hasn't really played a full 16 games without getting injured.

Mando Fins have a ton of holes.
WR,ILB,OLB,NT,FS,CB. Ravens dont have a ton holes and they gave a 3rd & 4th. I love Boldin, but the fact he is injury prone & a posession WR really worries me. Just my opinion

Honestly I'd rather they grab rolle or dansby. Hartline and bess aren't going to do anything but produce more this year.


I just don't get it.. so disappointing..

Who's next on the WR radar?

I think we should have given 2011 a third round pick that could turn into a second round pick

Anyone think Armandop is a closet madden GM who couldn't hold Parcells smelly bra ?

Where are we on Dansby? Rolle? Damn it mando! Where are your hook-ups bud?

I'm fine with them not going after Boldin. Giving up the picks and signing him to a contract would be too much to give for a 30 yr old injury prone WR, that isn't even a number 1 guy.

Ozzie newsome?

mando has no hook ups other then his lips on rosenhaus special spot.

Why do I have a feeling were gonn end up with the same receiving crew as last year

ozzie smith? mando i believe you have a serious case of baseball fever.... and that probably a good thing because the i do believe our medicore team will continue on its merry little 8 win way for many years to come.... yipieee cardinals shortstops

It's Ozzie Newsome, not Ozzie Smith.

Someone needs to hit the people who run this team in the head with a hammer. why is it so hard to understand that we need a freaking #1 wr? All we have are 2's and 3's and i'm not even sure that Ginn is a 4.

Boldin and the ravens have agreed to a 4 year 28 million dollar deal. Im glad we passed on Boldin too. He's aging and injury prone but i am dissapointed that we are not in the mix for Brandon Marshall. It's not too late. Maybe we can still make a run at him before Seattle closes the deal tomorrow.

Glad we got rid of the trash but now we need to make some things happen because there's no point in releasing everyone on the team if we arent going to pick anybody up. Step up TUNA!

Ozzie Newsome...ha ha ha, what a reporter.

(ozzie newsome) ....why am i dreading another football season?

How about this now, reports are Fins could intensify talks for Mason

Breaking News: Ben Roethlisberger is a rapist lol. He's been accused of molesting another woman a couple days ago. How many molestations is it going to take before they figure out this guy has a problem? Or maybe they'll wait til he rapes one and throws her in a dumpster and lights her on fire, then they'll atleast have some solid evidence(unless he has a good lawyer).

where does leave the Fins on Rolle or Atawajknjdbs from the Rams?

i will tell you what i think this means for miami at the the wide out position .... teams are going to put 8 in the box and take the chance that ginn cant catch ....more vanilla flavored offense i am starting to wonder if they know or like any other flavors ....

Ozzie Smith? No. Ozzie Newsome? yeah, he's a pretty bright football guy.

Wow shame!

Mando, I assume you mean Ozzie Newsome not Smith? I think Bolden is on the downside of his career anyway the Ravens paid to much. I would not be to surprised if Hartline (4th round pick) has similar stats to Bolden in '10, guess we will see.

Just my opinion.

Ozzie Newsome has proven himself time and time again. Excellent decision by the Ravens. Why oh why did the Dolphins not get involved? Boldin would have been solid, even if it would have only been 3 years - we need it.

Hopefully we can get Rolle. If not, they need to draft the kid from Tennessee.

I really would love to see Crowder go. I'm tired of seeing him get run over. I thought those were tattoos all over his body but they were actually foot prints.

The defense killed us more than the offense did last year -- why spend $ on this yutz.

Armando.. he's old and broken, I'm glad they didnt make the move. We need help at TE first, next year we can work the draft to get a WR considering it's deep at WR in 2011.

Re your comments on our 3rd and 4th? Lets not forget, Jason Taylor was a 3rd. Do want a shot at the next JT or Boldin for maybe 2 good years?

What is this organisation building??? Boldin doesnt fit the mould.

Not very often do I get first hand personnel news on Dolphins players so I am very excited to be the very first person to report that Ted Ginn can't catch well and is afraid to get hit, Pat White is too frail to play QB, and Joey Porter may be getting cut. Remember you heard it here first.

Whew, what a scoop!!!

I'm sorry, but I don't do this deal if I'm the Fins...maybe...maybe if our picks were later in the round, but not where they're positioned this year. Time will tell if your man-crush was justified Mando...maybe when he's an injury scratch, you can invite him down to watch some games with you!

"I'm adding it here because, well, I am terribly disappointed the Dolphins weren't involved in this thing."

Just STFU. You are the Jerry Springer of sprts writers, with a little Sarah Palin thrown in.

i hope they pull off dansby signing cause they jus keep releasing for more money room ... pretty soon they will be jus a salary cap friendly (they jus gunning to keep it in check even though there isnt one ) team with mediocre talent at best .... i am a fan of mediocracy(spelling) i guess but you get the drift ...wow us mr parcells do something out of the box please

I am in agreement with most of you. I'm not mad about the Boldin siging. I am going to be physically sick if we don't sign Dansby. Signing Dansby will improve this defense and make other players better. For starters it allows Crowder to just be the thumper and make tackles which he is pretty decent at when healthy. Dansby can drift into coverage, blitz and still has the ability and instincts to make tackles all over the field. Throw a one dimensional Cam Wake who is a younger and more explosive version of the one dimensional Porter minus the fake persona and bravado and the defense looks better on paper and the field already.

I would still target Kindle with the first pick to complete the revampled linebackers.

Oh wait Miami didn't sign Dansby yet. Let me slow down.

its better than boldin going to new england....

parcells is a coach !

not a personel guy !

bravato only gets u so far !

The former gold glove shortstop is now the GM of the Ravens? God, Armando, you're such a tool. Boldin thinks this is still college - he's good for 10-11 games a year. Too injured. We're going to draft Dez Bryant.



WTF... when will we wake up and get a reciever... maybe when baltimore wins the super bowl with boldin on their roster in the next few years

Karlito for Dansbito?

If all you D-Bags hate on Mando so much, why do you continue reading and commenting on his blog?? get a life and find something better to do with your time...

The rest of us appreciate his time and effort to let us know whats up with the team..

Ozzie Smith played shortstop in the 80s. Glass houses armando.

Well, there goes my 2010 road map to Super Bowl. The Fins brain trust clearly is missing the boat.

We need Dansby, Role, Jones and great draft picks to have a chance just in our own division!

i would like to say thank goodness for the release of wilson and porter ...but makes me wonder if they couldnt have gotten a 5 or 6 th rnd pk for akin

You can't just sign everyone, Armando. Unless you think like a spoiled 13 year old girl. Oh wait.......

Everyone needs to relax with the boldin news. We got our anquan boldin in Bess. A capable, sure handed, possession reciever with a little speed. And guess what? He costs ALOT less. What we're looking for is a Larry Fitzgerald. I'm not big on Marshall the man, and if the Seattle rumors are true than we can't compete anyway, but Marshall the player? That's what we need. So perhaps Dez Bryant fits the bill. Again, if the Seattle rumors ain't true, in which case, with 2 picks ahead of the phins at 12, Denver will definitely scoop him up. I don't know. I've been drinking!!!

We wouldnt have gotten a twinkie for Akin. He's horrible.

Please, please do not sign Mason. It's a waste of money.

Armando you Rock. Don't listen to the haters. You are doing great job.

If we sign Mason then i'll shoot myself. Just look back at all the washed up veterans we have signed over the years: Trent Green, Daunte Culpepper, etc. No more old dudes. Lets get some talented youth with off the field issues. That's what wins games!

Hey Dr. Love - I'm guessing you know from personal experience?

Perhaps you like spending your friday nights looking to insult people with more sucessful careers then yourself..

You think Boldin will play a full season?

You are missing the point.........

The Raven get BACK a 5th round pick from Arizona. They only give up one pick!!

Translation: It cost a 3rd and "moving back" one round (from 4th to 5th). 4th -> <- 5th

In other words, the Dolphins would have had Bolden + their 1st, 2nd, and now a 5th (from Arizona). Yes, we already lost our OWN 5th in the trade for Thigpen. We NEED to recuperate some picks in this record talented draft.

Trade Thigpen (correct the mistake)get at least a 5th back....so that we have one.

Who else can we trade?

Pat White --- LOL What a joke. A 2nd rounder with 0 trade value.


Hip Hip Hooray for Mando!


Come on.hi Does anyone have any pull over there at Phin central? What Hell is going on with dansby and rolle?????

Boldin=David Boston

The guy is always hurt.

Why do people think that Boldin isn't a true number 1 wr? He posted 1000 yard seasons before fitzgerald arrived in arizona. The fins really missed the boat on this one.

I just our writers to do a better job. Mando sounds like preteen girl most of the time. Funny how the critics get all butt hurt when they themselves are criticized?

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