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Anquan Boldin headed from Arizona to Baltimore

The Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens just concluded talks on a deal that will send receiver Anquan Boldin and a 2010 fifth-round pick from the Cardinals to the Ravens for 2010 third- and fourth-round picks.

ESPN's Adam Schefter was the first to report the move.

And while it doesn't affect the Dolphins directly, I'm adding it here because, well, I am terribly disappointed the Dolphins weren't involved in this thing.

The Ravens needed wide receiver help. I get that. So they made the deal and will likely sign Boldin to a nice contract very soon.

[Update: He has agreed to a four-year, $28 million contract.]

Guess what?

The Dolphins need wide receiver help, too.

Does anyone believe the picks they will use in the third and fourth round this year will produce as much as Boldin does in the next couple of years? I seriously doubt it.

Does anyone think Ozzie Newsome is not nearly as smart a personnel man as Bill Parcells?


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Still haven't signed Rolle or Dansby, now this, we could have had Boldin for just that, and a reasonable 4 yr deal on top of it? Dolphins front office is getting out of touch with whats really going on. Do they ever want to win or just stay a pretty good team? Signing sub par free agent talent won't improve the team. Another Parcells-Ireland-Fasono mistake!

akin was just as horrible as crowder and they keeping him the LBS were terrible in general ... crowder 51 tck 1 sck 1 int 3pd
akin 70 tck 1 ff 1 fr

Boldin = posession WR. What we need is a stud #1 WR. Wake up people.

BTW, it's Ozzie Newsome, not baseball hall of famer Ozzie Smith.

"i just our writer do a better job..."

nice writing Dr. Love.. nice. your writters do a much better job.

Oh look, negative nancy strikes again...

You think Boldin is a possesion reciever only because thats what his role was in Arizona, Fitzgerald was the #1. Is he as good as Fitzgerald, not at all, but he's a better #1 than anyone we have had in over 10 years!

We should trade Akin for a 1st and 2nd rounder ...ha!

I disagree with you here Armando...Boldin is 29 years old (two years on the wrong side of 27) and had injuries the past two seasons. I think Balt got a good aging receiver who already is showing signs of slowing down for a very very steep price.

Sometimes the best deals are the deals that are not made. Kudos to the Dolphin brass for not giving in and paying to much for Boldin!

Now lets go afer Marshall who is only 26 (the right side of 27-the key number for age in the NFL) and we only have to give up one pick!!!!


I'm glad we didn't pick Boldin because he was old, injury prone, give up pics, yadda, yadda.

Sour grapes theory, psych 101

I was just on the phone with the Dolphins and I am scooping it here first for all to see who Armando's source is.

The Dolphins are looking to add Karlos Santana to play the vacated lb position. They cut Terry Porter because he wasn't bringing it anymore. If Thurgood Marshall can get himself to Miami tomorrow the Dolphins GM Bill Walton will meet personally with him.

Peace out y'all.

Guys you can forget about Antrel Rolle he is taking a physical for the Giants according to Omar Kelly at sun sentinel.

2 picks and $28 mill? No thanks. WR is not a big need for Miami. I rank that need about 7th or 8th.

Anyone else thinking that the release of Ayodele means the administration is very confident of signing Dansby? The fact that he is still in Miami is very encouraging.

Call me an eternal optimist.

Antrel Rolle can say he wants to play in his hometown all he wants, no state tax but he is going where the money is. Rolle is just a liar because he wanted to be here he would like he said. dolphins offered him a contract but of course Rolle will go with the money!!!

I think that the Ravens gave up too much.

Well this is not good news Armando LOL. Well I will just cross my fingers and hope we are going to jump in on Marshall I know that's against popular opinion on here, but at this point we need to make some waves and he is a true #1 talent and if anyone can keep Marshall in line it's this Dolphins staff.

Yeah, and Parcells is nowhere NEAR the shortstop Ozzie is, either. C'mon Tuna...DO THE BACKFLIP!

the difference between Parcells and Ozzie is Ozzie doesnt have the holes that we have to fill this off season. Ozzie can afford to use two picks and money on the WR position. Parcells has major holes at both inside and outside LBer and saftey positions on top of WR, TE and nose.

Ozzie Smith was a heckuva baseball player

A 3rd, 4th, and $28m is to much for Bolden. If we can shore up our defense and shave 7-10 points a game, we're in the playoffs with our existing offensive players. I'm not saying we should be satisfied and not look to upgrade, but it's the defense that really needs the attention. Last season we averaged 30 points a game.

Forget Brandon Marshall. If what I've read is true (and no offense armando but i recently read that Ozzie Smith is the GM of Baltimore, so take it with a grain of salt) Seattle is willing to give up the 6th pick this year. Do the math. Miami's 12 ain't cutting it. Take it a step further, Denver without Marshall and 2 picks (6&11) ahead of Miami will absolutely take dez Bryant. I know I told everyone to chill on the boldin deal, but NOW WHAT?

It's a joke Boldin is a declining player who would have weighed the dolphins down for years to come with his nagging injuries. FA and the draft are crapshoots, or maybe Mando knew that Darren Sharper would be a better free agent signing than Albert Haynesworth. Boston was not the answer at WR for the fins, he does no harm in Baltimore.

Ahhh, the nauseating smell of fear and panic from the peanut gallery over Boldin or Marshall.

Relax! If the Phins FO is to get Dansby and/or

Rolle, then that is where their focus is at right now.
Obviously they don't want to part with picks for Boldin or Marshall.
There is still Antonio Bryant out there, whom Tuna is very familiar with, both bad and good I might add.
Then in the draft Mike Williams will be the next Boldin/Marshall.

Look at the slouches they are getting rid of. The Phins FO has a good plan that has already started with the cuts....the adds are next!

I am convinced it will make no difference what Miami does... there will still be a bunch of your guys whining like women who think they don't have enough shoes. I hope to God Miami get ANOTHER guy who catches a football so that the rest of you will shut up about a "Play maker Receiver"... like getting one is going to solve the issues on our leaky defense... They have dumped everyone I have heard people whine about for 8 weeks... yet all I can hear is...ooooooh... we will NEVER win another game in our WHOLE lives until we get a "Play Maker Receiver"...SHYT... Watch... we'll get the best guy you can imagine and he will go out with an ACL the 1st day of practice...OH-MY-GOD... WHAT THEN? I suppose Ross should just sell the team until we get another "PLAY MAKER RECEIVER" (Jeeezzis that term has been burned down to the turf) But, hey!!! no more "PLAY MAKER RECEIVER" ... no more team... right goof balls???

Rolle is going to sign with the Giants. The deal will be in the range of $8 mill per year. The Dolphins offered $5mill.



Boldin was never coming here, anyways. So, relax chumpstains.

Now, how about an update on Karlos Dansby? Is he still in South Florida?

i dont know what's all the fussing about. baltimore make sure they had a franchise QB, great defenders before they spent money on prima donna receivers.




Marshall-might as well be gone

The freaking Lions and Bears are making moves...hmmm....wonder what's going on at Dolphins Central?

Tuna....your doing a great job, buddy. You and Ireland are solidifying our 3rd place position in the AFC East...keep up the good work. Still see plenty of orange empty seats at whatever the name of Dolphin stadium will be by time football starts next year.



What about Walter that receiver from Texans. He's 6-4 218 lbs. What's with Dansby? You do a good job Amando but an update would be nice. Sign Rolle also Bill.

No disrespect, but you all do not understand that wide receiver is the least important position on the football field, and the investment in Boldin is not worth it. I am perfectly fine with going into next season without a overpaid receiver and continuing the player development process. We can get one next offseason. Right now, too many important needs.

I know Parcells will handle everything, so I wont have to worry about it.

Cromartie also vowed to make sure his child support was in order.

"I have seven kids that live in five different states," Cromartie said. "I made some wrong decisions my first two years in the NFL. Now I have to take on the responsibility of being a father to my kids. . . . It won't impact my focus on the field."

Dood, ever heard of a condom, or pulling out and glazing her like a donut?

Have fun Cropduster fans...lol

Didn't Ozzie Smith sing lead for Black Sabbath?

I don' t have a good feeling on Dansby

Why is it so hard for someone to keep us updated on Dansby and Rolle? I could care less that Boldin went to the Ravens. What are the Dolphins doing right now? Did Dansby leave S. Florida yet? It would be nice if the fans knew what the hell was going on.

WE K. Walter staying in Houston

I think that the Dolphins are the same old boring, passive team that we've been accustomed to. I still don't know what they're waiting for to close the deal with Dansby. It shouldn't take this long. All of our AFC foes, i.e. the Jets and Ravens have made their moves and made out very well.
Keep waiting Ireland & Parcells. I guess that's why Parcells was a coach and not a GM. Ridiculous.

Sorry WR Walter

Shefter reports on NFL Live deal with fins should be done tomorrow

Dansby tomorrow

Dansby will be a Dolfan tomorrow says adam sheffler(sp?) of ESPN

When did you hear that MiaFins1?

5 yr deal for Dansby

hey hot off the press! The fins inked Dansby to a 5 year deal! Got it from Ktar.com...a radio show in Phoenix! Hey Mando looks like I'm doing your job! Go Tuna!

Just now

Dansby to the Dolphins!!!!!!!!'

Dansby signed with Dolphins. Just announced

We got Dansby!!!

nfl network just said the Dansby is ours and will sign late tonight or early in the morning.......

WHERE'S ARMANDO ? COME ON , WE are getting the news from from donkeys .

Dansby to dolphins, they can have the wide receiver we need most help on defense and we got our man!!!!!!!!! Joey porter who???????

The coffee buzz is fading and the Jim Beam's kicking in!
Not a F U C K I N G whisper out of Miami.
Unless J D Folsom is a lot better(not) than I think he is, I just don't get it.
Realistically speaking we have no ILB's on the roster. We have an uncapped year. We have an ownership group that could put circus of the stars to shame.
Ultimately, we have the top FA ILB avaliable "visiting".
It aint rocket science you douche bags! WTF is the problem?

There are MAYBE 5 impact players avaiable this off-season and we're leading the chase for the best one.

Still, the ignorant masses piss and moan over the has-beens and never was-es that we "missed out" on?

I bet half of the WR experts in this forum don't even know the difference between a post route and a fly...


One of the toughest and most productive WR in the game could have been had for a 3rd and change?

I suppose that we kept our 3rd round pick to be able to draft this year's version of Patrick Turner.

AFC foes are getting potential Pro Bowlers (Boldin, Cromartie) in bargain deals that the Trifecta is absolutely unable to smell. Sad.

Told y'all special celebration for Dansby at stadium closed deal - heard it on this blog first

Time for Kiper to revise that McClain pick.

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