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Anquan Boldin headed from Arizona to Baltimore

The Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens just concluded talks on a deal that will send receiver Anquan Boldin and a 2010 fifth-round pick from the Cardinals to the Ravens for 2010 third- and fourth-round picks.

ESPN's Adam Schefter was the first to report the move.

And while it doesn't affect the Dolphins directly, I'm adding it here because, well, I am terribly disappointed the Dolphins weren't involved in this thing.

The Ravens needed wide receiver help. I get that. So they made the deal and will likely sign Boldin to a nice contract very soon.

[Update: He has agreed to a four-year, $28 million contract.]

Guess what?

The Dolphins need wide receiver help, too.

Does anyone believe the picks they will use in the third and fourth round this year will produce as much as Boldin does in the next couple of years? I seriously doubt it.

Does anyone think Ozzie Newsome is not nearly as smart a personnel man as Bill Parcells?


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I'm Drinking a cold drink.About time,thats great.Dansby a Dolphin.

Yeah, Boldin's so tough that he's only played 16 games twice in his career.

Good, now we can focus our attention on Spiller. Please please please get spiller and trade ginn. Please!!!

The Ravens can have him.Its really no big deal.

Never mind Dr STUPID Luv.Simply consider the source.

IMAGE-Point goes to YOU.

Good Job My Man.

Will turn out to be a smart move, the phins can still pick WR FA Bryant and not give up any draft picks...how would a Bryant and Bryant starting WR duo sound???? Pretty good to me. The inaction tells me the dophins have a good idea that they can get a star WR through the draft. Even if Bryant is gone they can pick up a quality LB the first, Golden tate in round 2, and McCluster or another RB or DT in the round 3...by the time Henne is ready to win Boldin will be 32 and past his prime...If the guy they want is gone at 12 I think they should consider trading down for a late 1 and extra 2nd or 3rd round pick...too many holes to fill to be giving up two draft picks...getting a fifth round back is craps shoot at best..

I am glad we didn't get involved man. He is too old and wants too much money. No I don't believe for a second that a 3-4th round receiver would be better these next two season but I do believe we can get enough out of a Derrick Mason or Antonio Bryant for the next two years and fill other holes.

i have to give more then just my opinoin who ever thinks we are better of not tradeing 4 boldin beacause of what we had to give up or beacuse of being too cheap to pay him what he deserves is CRAZY !!!!!! dolphins defintley screwed up by letting him go to bal and i dont see this team takein the next step with out up grading our below average WR until or if they go out aand trade 4 some 1 marshall if there smart or draft bryant or who ever even if they sign dansby

Ozzie smith was a great shortstop, I'll give u that.... I can't imagine parcells diving for lined shots up the middle..... But I'll state that Ozzie can't pull the same personnel moves as the tuna can...........

I know I know... It's not Ozzie smith the shortstop

Assuming Dansby is a Dolphin tomorrow...here is the winning plan:

1) Give up our first round pick for B. Marshall. We don't want a rookie WR. They almost always need time to develop. We have several young developing WRs now. Marshall is a diva but so are most #1 receivers. But he is a proven #1. He will make Ginn and Hartline better...they will run free with everyone doubling Marshall. He can't possibly want to go to Seattle? Get Marshall!!

2) Sign a veteran safety in Free Agency. Does not have to be a huge talent. Just an experienced vet to help groom the young talent we have.

3) Use draft picks #2 and beyond to get a young NT, OLB, RB (hopefully a tweener 3rd down back to add another element to our offense) and a TE. That is 4 positions with 5 or 6 picks. We should be able to get 3 solid players to add value now.

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