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Bill Sheridan checks out ILB at Arizona St.

Recently hired inside linebacker coach Bill Sheridan was at the Arizona State Pro Day Friday (wow, that's a lot of consecutive capitalized words) and a source tells me he was there primarily to lay eyes on ILB Travis Goethel.

Goethel is 6-2 1/2 and 238-to-240 pounds. Although originally believed to be a late-round type of player, Dolphins In Depth aspiring scout Chris Cordero tells me he has him graded in the fifth round.

The ASU Pro Day took place outdoors on grass, and Goethel ran the 40-yard dash in 4.58 and 4.62 seconds unofficially. He had a 9-2 on the broad jump, a 4.22-second short shuttle, a 6.71-second three-cone drill. He also did positional drills but there is no report on how he looked.

This is what Cordero thinks of Goethel:

"He is a solid tackler who can deliver some big hits. He has very good instincts and good read and react ability. Does a nice job in pass coverage as well. Has also been very durable and is a team leader. The only thing keeping him from being a high draft pick is average athleticisim and his lack of elite size -- although he did some work to dispel some of those athletic doubts at the Pro Day. I give him a high 5th round grade."

Yesterday was also Pro Day at The U.

If you don't know what The U is, well, I got nothin' for you.

Tight end Jimmy Graham is Miami's most impressive draftable player. He stood on his 4.53 Combine time in the 40-yard dash. He did catch the ball for scouts. The Dolphins were represented at the workout but apparently not by a coach or GM Jeff Ireland.

How my boys have fallen. Used to be every single team would send a head coach or a general manager or both to watch the six or so first or second rounders Miami would put on display at its Pro Day.


By the way, if you're interested to find out why O.J. Atogwe hasn't gotten much play in restricted free agency, check this out. It could explain some things. 


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Hey Armando, off topic of your blog. Any update on the Smiley trade talks?

Not even sure we have a stud QB and please draft a stud receiver #1 or #2!

checkout wtc7.net & learn the truth of September 11th.

If you really want to be in the supa bowl in 2 - 3 years...Phins wish list;

1. Clausen
2. Berry
3. Morgan, OB
4. Bryant
5. Thomas, S

9/11, no Clausen will be Quinn 2.0. Nuff said

Sounds like a special teams ace to me. The team will also be looking for depth at the ILB position.

And no worries Mando, the U will get it's swagger back probably as soon as next year. Still have my doubts about Shannon though.

I could definitely see us taking an ILB in rounds 6 and/or 7, so scouting players like this makes a lot of sense. I don't know anything about this kid, but if Sheridan was there, i'd say we're really interested in him.

The U a proud tradition of youg men who snort coke hit women and sometimes murder people oh yes what a proud proud family you must be lol

God are really interest who may take in sixth or seventh round. That's like annoucing who won a hundred dollars on a scratch off lotto ticket.

Is Spiller the next Chris Johnson or the next Cadillac Williams?

Lol at twix

Shannons got to go already. Only then will The U be what it should of been these past 3 years. Like norv and wandstat, Randy is best at being a coordinater.

As one Sheridan to another..you go guy! Get us some defense.

Don't know a thing about the kid but from depth standpoint could be good. Maybe in the sixth round? Don't we have a couple of picks in the sixth or am I wrong? I some point in the not too distant future we need to find a replacement for Crowder. He just breaks down too much and isn't all that. Maybe this kid works on special teams for a couple of years until he's able to move into that role.

The U will rise again!!!

I was hoping for D Williams at 12 but the more film I watch on D Morgan the more I am convinced that he is the man. With him and Wake on the out side it will be a long year for opposing QBs. Bryant is the best WR but Mike Williams will be there later and is going to be a stud receiver in the NFL. The only reason he quit the team is because of academics.He has great hands and not afraid of contact unlike another high rd WR who will go unamed.

watup fellow dolphans,dont really care where we draft a wide receiver just want someone that dont fall down or go out of bounds like ginn

morphin, I also have targeted Morgan for months despite being ridiculed on this blog for it time and again.

The only way they pass this guy up is if they're sold that Wake will be the starter at OLB.


I've seen the future and I am convinced that our first round pick is........Dan Morgan. I really mean it....I've seen him being announced as our pick and I've seen him playing for us next year. Two things though.....I was absolutely convinced we were picking Brady Quinn a few years ago and was absolutely STUNNED when it wasn't him....
Also, I'm not absolutely convinced that Morgan will be there when we pick. By I can tell you with some certainty that it's Morgan if he's there.....he just fits everything Parcells likes in a football player and we have a need on our team for a guy like that.

So in no particular order it's:

! Morgan
2 Bryant
3 McClain
4 Dan Williams
5 Eric Berry.....if he's dropped that far. If not, I hate to say it, but I think it might be Kindle

I am sure my list will change in the next 26 days again but that's where I am right now.

Craig M . DERRICK !! Dan is a broken down LB.

Good point NJ.....sorry man, had a good workout this morning and my brain is a little mushy.....sorry.

Craig , No problem ! I'm glad to see you working out. It's music to my ears.

Mark . i don't see why wake would be a problem for miami in selecting morgan. They might feel morgan can play SOLB. He will have to improve in the run game though.



Craig M

You two are workout guys, got time for a question?

Cadillac Williams has never dreamed of being as fast and as elusive as CJ Spiller. Who ever takes him will have the next Chris Johnson and easily one of the fastest playmakers in the league. Who not only has elite speed...but elite quickness. Hard combo to find...as Ted Ginn who takes a while to build speed and has little lateral quickness.

Yeah . I do even though i'm at the gym now. shoot !

Yikes, Morgan or Wake playing SOLB? Not an ideal position for either on a full time basis right now.


Go for it.....what's your question?

Mark , that's the Problem.


I agree, I think Spiller is going to be a star. I know there are questions about this guy but he has all the skills. My only questions about him will be how he holds up after the beating he's going to take in the NFL and how he runs between the tackles. He's got all the elusiveness and speed in the world. I just wonder about his durability.

Mark in Toronto,

What's your problem with Wake and Morgan playing OLB right now? Are you concerned that both of these guys need to develop a bit more? Maybe the trifceta agrees with you and they bring JT back for one more year in a rotation with these guys.

Morgan is one of those guys with questions (can he set the edge, can he cover, can he be converted into a solid OLB despite these things and his (over)size).

#12 is intriguing because the guys who will likely be available are those with questions or those for whom the Fins would be overpaying at #12 . I would prefer to get the solid guy with few/small questions (e.g Dan Williams) for whom we'd overpay than the guy with larger questions (Dez, Morgan, McClain, etc.) who has enough knocks against him, despite his obvious talent, to wonder if he can transition into the NFL or change positions.

I really do not like Morgan, Bryant or McClain at #12. It's such a difficult draft slot. The top ten are relatively clear, the next ten, not so much, the value picks up again from #20 onward. Our real hope then is that another team wants to move up to make sure they get their guy and that #12 is where they think they can get him.

You frigging idiot. Let me guess, you are the same idiot on the "other" newspaper 'Fin blog who is always going on and on about "chemtrails". You are so stupid it makes MY brain hurt. Douche bag conspiracy theorist.

Armando, PLEASE DELETE AND BAN "9/11"'s POSTS!!! His user name is linking to an outside website...

I love Cam Wake, but I don't think he'll ever be an every down LB. He will be a pure pass rusher, a guy who will play a ton in nickel sets. I have said before, in this deep hybrid pass rush draft, I wouldn't be surprised if we took 3 of them.

I have a feeling we're going to have a rookie playing OLB unless JT is resigned

Dream scenario would be Eric Berry being there at #12. If he is everyone would be on board with that pick. In the 2nd round they could get a WR or DT which ever is best available. Less than a month away

Die , the douchebags name is Shawn

Hey 9/11 take your political BS and stick it where the sun don't shine - you useless tool!


I agree with you on Wake. He said some amazing stats in CFL but the CFL is pretty much stricly a passing league so the defence knew what was coming and could just 'tee-off' on the quarterback. I think he had like 20 sacks one year.

Jimmy, you talk about larger questions....is there really larger questions as far as McClain is concerned? I don't know about that. I actually think he's a pretty safe pick. I'm just not sure he's a 'homerun' pick. But I don't see a lot of rish with him. And I have to disagree with you. I think there are almost as many risky picks in the top ten.....Bradford, JPP, Bryant, Trent Williams, Hayden, Claussen, maybe even Okung.....and the price you have to pay these guys is much steeper. I think we're in a great spot at 12.

Craig M,

OKUNG A RISKY PICK??? Huh? What's not to like in him?

I saw your post and just to let you know, the feeling is mutual. No disrespect to you but, I HATE your picks too!

It's the nature of this funny talent eval biz...Phase 1 Eventually we all will have picks that are set in stone before the big day.

Phase 2 the Trifecta will reveal their true idea of who they thought had value and who didn't. Some people will claim victory in this phase and I say not so fast. The TRUE test of eye for talent is not in trying to guess what the Trifecta will take it's who can ACTUALLY freakin play in NFL! Most can say "Ugh, BP like'em big guy, he big guy, we take him." I kid, I kid but you get my point. That will be handled in the most important Phase 3.

The most exciting phase is this last one, Phase 3. To watch all these guys actually play real meaningful games and see who has talent. THAT is when the rubber meets the road on who has skills and who doesn't.

It will all be well documented so that there is none of this squim BS... "I kinda liked so and so as well, he was my guy too." BAH!, Nonsense after the fact. If my choices bite then I will man up easily. I think that some on this blog will have a much tougher time admitting they were wrong.

Oh boy there will be some crow to eat for some unlucky folks to be sure!


Craig, I don't have a concern with either playing WOLB right now becuase after all, the WOLB in this system is pretty much a 4-3 DE as has almost no responsibility besides rushing the passer. However, on the strong side, it gets a little more complicated becuase of the TE. There are more pass and especially rush responsibilities.

Not to say one or the other can't ever do it but to ask one to be a 3 down SOLB next year might be asking a bit much. JT would be perfect back in this regard but he seems hesitant to do the grunt work to play the 1st 2 downs on the strong side.

Jimmy Jam,

Great post at 3:09. Thanks for bringing some reason bro. You have some of the very same thought processes about all 3 of those players as I do. They have questions surrounding them just like any other picks.

I believe there is a ton of "Piling On" that goes on leading up to the draft. Some folks are not really sure who to pick and can't even form their own opinions even after they watch games, game footage or explore the zillions of articles and websites that offer insights. Some of the stronger personalities berate them if they have their own choices/ideas and the table is set for pick migration. Do your own homework and use your own eyes people. It's just a guessing game with nothing to lose except Pride and Bragging Rights.

Some websites seem pretty wacky but that goes with opinions as well. Many vary widely and once they set up camp they never leave. Others remain "flexible" right up to draft day as if they will hear a bombshell drop 2 days before the draft that will nix "that" guy.

Once these last few waves of Pro Days are done there will be no more evidence to collect. Short of a crazy drug bust, domestic dipsute, DUI incident or death/injury by accident any stacking can already be done after the last Pro day.

Get the cement out fellas and make it quick dry. In about 15 days or less there will be no more new evidence to gather.


Craig M and Mark in Toronto,

So you get Cam Wake or your Morgan pick all dialed in on the WOLB side.

After things are set I motion my TE right over in front of your guys that I know may not be able to handle... what do you do then?


After things are set I motion my TE right over in front of your guys that I know may not be able to handle... what do you do then?


Posted by: Rob in OC | March 27, 2010 at 04:55 PM

As soon as Dansby see's the motion, he audibles to an all out jailbreak.


Wassssup my mang!!! lol.

That would be interesting if an OC could dial up his own jailbreak blitz against himself anytime he wants it. ;) Predictability gets you killed in the NFL sometimes.

How's Sat going for you?


Haha, nice call Odin! But honestly, the threat of rushing an ILB with the pass rush skills Dansby has might make the OC think twice before getting cute.

Hows it going?

Me and "uncle Jack" pissed off two of my girlfriends and my best Bud's girl...so I guess it's going like usual LOL!

The biggest knock I had on Pasquali was when and how he blitzed.
The jailbreak reference was a joke...kinda. It can get you burn't, still I love it and wouldn't be able to resist at times.

Here's to praying for Nolan to be creative and aggresive when it comes to blitzing.

Here are our needs (in order of importance):

1) Nose tackle
2) Three-way tie between FS, OLB, & WR
3) Left guard
4) ILB
5) TE
6) RB

Obviously we have a lot of needs. I don't think you draft players based solely on need. If you pick a player based on need alone and the player isn't good enough, you waste the pick and you still have a need going into next year's draft.

Here is my strategy ...

1) Nose tackle: We need a monstrous nose tackle who can shut down the run. I believe the best nose tackle in the draft to suit the type of defense we run is Terrence Cody (at 354 pounds, is one pound lighter than Soliai, to give you a point of comparison). Nose tackle is the most important position in the 3-4 defense. It is the anchor of the defense. Although I am proud of Soliai for making the progress he has, he is not the dominant force we need. He fits prototype but his skill-set for now is that of a backup. Jason Ferguson is suspended the first eight games and he's getting very close to retirement. That leaves us perilously thin at the most important position on the whole defense. Soliai and Ferguson are the two nose tackles on our team period. To the extent we use the defensive tackles/ends as nose tackles (i.e., Starks, McDaniel, Merling, Langford, etc.), they are undersized and playing out of position. So, we desparately need a true 3-4 nose tackle. Cody fits prototype and has the skill-set to thrive. Cody should be available in the second round, so I am hoping we can snag him with the 11th pick in the second round.

2) FS: We have Clemons and Culver. They may both develop into good starters eventually but I think it is dangerous to assume that one of them will be the answer right away. I think the Dolphins have two options: Draft Earl Thomas at #12 (or Eric Berry if he slips) or sign Darren Sharper as a free agent. After Berry and Thomas, according to the experts, there is not much left in terms of available safeties in the draft. If we don't go the free agent route, we pretty much have our hand forced to go with a free safety because of the lack of depth in the draft.

2) OLB: We are in trouble here. Cameron Wake and Charlie Anderson. How do we make Wake a starter when he can only be relied upon in obvious passing situations? Until he proves otherewise, Wake is a pass-rushing specialist and not a starting OLB. That doesn't mean get rid of Wake. His specialization is an asset and he may one day be an every-down player (hopefully), but he is not the answer now. We can hope for Morgan or JPP to slip but don't hold your breath. Perhaps the regime can find a hidden gem somewhere in the later rounds.

2) WR: I don't need to say much here. Everyone knows the scoop. I would be happy with Dez Bryant, Arrelious Benn, or Demaryius Thomas.

3) Left guard: Nate Garner performed well late last season but the regime wants to get rid of Smiley. Garner at least needs some competition and Iupati may be the man and could be even better than Garner.

4) ILB: Not sold on Channing Crowder. Obviously you hope Dansby is the answer at the other ILB position based on the investment this off-season. Crowder is adequate for now so I don't know how pressing our need is for ILB but it would be nice to upgrade over Crowder. McClain out of Alabama would be nice but we have too many other needs to be picking ILB at #12. Perhaps the ILB in this article could be a hidden gem. Who knows. The Dolphins will need to uncover a gem in the alter rounds to address ILB.

5) TE: Anthony Fasano is not the answer and the other projects on the roster leave a lot to be desired.

6) RB: This could be Ronnie Brown's last year in a Dolphins uniform. Even if it isn't, he hasn't proven that he can stay healthy a full season. Ricky Williams is nearing retirement and relying upon him isn't the safest thing in the world (reverse back several years ago). Lex Hilliard and Patrick Cobbs are good special teams and utility players but are not every-down running backs. So, believe it or not, the Dolphins still need to address RB too. Obviously, this is much lower on the totem poll that the other needs.


Nice, you and your old buddy John Daniel causing a fuss! LOL, excellent.

I second that motion to see some creative and aggressive blitz schemes to get free runners at their QB/RB.

Many of the Def minded types will now expouse the virtues of Dan Williams and Mt Cody cause the 3-4 DEF has to have a QB! I am like many that think that the Trifecta grabs a moldable DT big body or two later in the draft 3-4 round on.

Mt. Cody might make some sense but his HUGE flux in weight scares me. I am glad he has the discipline to lose it all so fast but where was it the 2 years prior? Scary talent but he may be best fit?



I agree with you on the getting cute comment. We need a lot more guys like Dansby. He actually puts a little fear in opposing OC's and players.
It's going to be wild seeing him play in the middle after watching Crowder and Ayodele stink it up last year.

Hopefully he helps elevate Crowders level of play as well.

I have to run off for a bit.

I will catch up to you's guys later.


If we do take Cody I'll stick by the FO and hope for the best.
I do have some serious reservations about the guy and the weight issue.

I don't care what round it is, I just hope for another "find" like Ferguson was. Finding "THE ANSWER" at NT in this draft would be

I think Cody will be able to keep his weight in check. I listened to a pre-draft interview he gave. He seems motivated to keep the weight off and, with the regime's strict/no nonsense work environment, I think he will be ok. If the Dolphins do nothing in this draft but find a dominant nose tackle, I would consider this draft to be a big success. It is so hard to find these guys.

How about J-Peezy gettin busted for DUI?
Good riddance

I find the most interesting part of this blog the Atowge piece at the end...so if Rams don't sign this guy he becomes a UFA June 1st... This leaves teams plenty of time to sign and get this kid into a camp way before the season...

we need a WR

Actually after hearing Tony Sparano last season say that they need players who can get chunk yardage and them not address the QB situation would be odd..

I dont understand why the dolphins refuse to make a move for a proven wideout?

my bad, I meant address the wr position.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say NFL linebacker Joey Porter has been arrested in Bakersfield on suspicion of drunken driving and accused of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. Any body else want to discuss Joey(Duhhh) Porters intelligence??????What a true Idiot(I am sorry if I've insulted any stupid people currently logged in..)

Cuban, told you Kobe had character...LOL

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