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But wait ... The Cards aren't folding on Dansby

As Karlos Dansby is scheduled to visit the Dolphins today it is obvious Bill Parcells and Co. are making him the priority free agent of this offseason.

But ...

Dansby isn't going to simply come in, shake hands with Tony Sparano, and ask for the nearest contract and pen. He is clearly eager to work the system to get the most (meaning cash) out of whatever team is bidding on him ... and now that includes the Arizona Cardinals.

A league source texted me moments ago saying the Cardinals today reached out to the Dansby camp to "talk about keeping him." Translation: The Cardinals are offering Dansby a contract, too.

On another note: Want to update the Chad Pennington situation. The team and quarterback have talked about a one-year, $2.5 million deal with incentives. but as ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported yesterday, he wants a no-trade clause in the deal. And the Dolphins aren't giving that right now.

One thing to remember: It is not a done deal until it is a done deal. It's not done yet.

Keep coming back throughout the day for the latest updates.

[Update 10:55: Well, that didn't take long. Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network is reporting the New England Patriots have an offer in to Julius Peppers. Yikes! Peppers is visiting the Bears today.]


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you woke up mandito

first LOL LOL

We're dead meat. Dansby is just using us to get what he wants elsewhere and the Fins coffers are not as full as other teams' if you believe Ross. Rolle is a much more likely prospect, although the Giants may scoop him up before the Fins get a chance at him. Depends on how much he really wants to play at home.

Ugh. Well, at least they're making a go at it.

Sorry bubblerefuge.... JAJAJA

Armando with Doomsday breaking news. How about Ben Watson and WR prospects... what is going on?

Well I hope they keep Penny as he has already accepted the back up to the back up role. If they let him go, another team i.e.(The Jets,Bills,) will grab him. I sure don't want that. And this should've been expected from Dansby, a player of his caliber wont fold early in the game. The trifecta will be ready for this and other bumps along the road, he will be a Dolphin after it's all said and done.

As much as i'd like him to be playing in Miami next season,i dont think Parcells will offer Dansby the money he wants. Sorry guys,expect him to leave Miami without a contract (Hope i'm wrong though)

Get those South Beach sluts over there!

Just read about this on NFL. Com. It seems Arizona is also reaching out to Rolle as well. But did not say anything about a contract offer. Arrggh!

Keeping fingers crossed for Dansby. Armando, how about other lower profile moves, maybe low pick for Shaun Rogers or picking up Jamal Williams for a 2 year deal. When does J. Porter get cut?

Who are we getting to quote Tuna "more offensive firepower"
40 year old Mason???? come on

member when dansby won that exciting playoff game in overtime against the packers a couple of months ago. he still has that ability. give him everything including those southbeach sluts.

there needs to be some action in this football world!! BORING and not many signings yet. Miami should of been talking to Dansby at 12:01 AM


South Beach sluts...I love it!!

Do we really need this guy?

I'm not sold on rolle, he's not that great of a player. He plays with 2 very good corners and still gets beat in coverage just like gerbil.

Do we really need you not saying dumb comments like if we need him...of course!! Did you see our LB's last season NOT GOOD!!

Nathan Green is 5 under at the Honda Classic

MANNNNNN....I have a real, real, real bad feeling about this. But, he would not be making the trip if they were not in the ballpark I guess....Rolle is as good as gone, I do not see Boldin either becuase they truly love their draft picks....this is going to suck, I hate this, all excited for nothing!

Panthers released LB Na'il Diggs.

Tuna type scrub.....

Akin missed some open field tackles last year that made me sick. He goes for the big hit instead of wrapping up, some 3rd and longs became 1st downs cuz of him. Go after dansby!!

Mando any word on when he is expected to be there? Also, if he is signed are both Aoydel and Torbor gone?

Bad News:

The player rep for free agent Julius Peppers says that the Eagles have made a substantial
offer, but the Bears are the first stop.

What you dont see here, is the Skins making a play for Peppers.... WHO DO YOU THINK THEY ARE GOING TO GO HARD AFTER:::: KARLITOS DANSBY

Of course we NEED him! What games were you watching last season when are leading tackler was our safety Bell. Not a good look.

Dansby is a damn fooool to turn down the big tuna. Jf dansby understands why you lift all them weights for he will not hesitate and sign on the dotted line.

Tuna makes splash WR signing "Mason signs 2 year 15 mill deal"

1) As a seasoned sales guy I can tell you that if we let Dansby leave South Florida without a contract, we are not gonna get another shot at him. Also, I believe that Dansby would help upgrade our ILB position but that he wont be worth the $$ we would spend on him.

2) I think we are set with our current three qb's and don't really need Pennington at this point. He brings nothing to the table. We don't need his short vertical game being an influence on Henne or the other two qb's.

3) I am not sold on Rolle.

4) Cromartie was terrible in coverage and refused to make necessary tackles while on the field for the Chargers last season. Good luck Jets! LOL.

5) Give up our first for Brandon Marshall!

Keep it coming Armando. This is dooo sick how I'm here at work checking your blog every hour in the hour.

Why is football sooo controlling over our lives? Geeesh!!!

why would tuna sign 40 yeer old d. mason to a 2 year 15 mil. contract? we have enough slot recievers, we need a big dude. dwayne bowe type.

Peppers clearly stated he wants a 3-4, NE nor Chicago runs a 3-4 last I checked

dansby said last night on nfl live

winning was more important than the big contract

we'll see how much truth is in that comment

on Pennington, i'm for not bringing him back. like the dude, class act, what he stands for(being in Jersey i saw his years w/the Jets up close, nice guy) and plus what he did for my football team but a 3rd shoulder surgery is scary. i think Tyler is capable back up. didnt get much of a chance to play in Mia w/Henne being the man which im cool with because this is Henne's team to QB but Tyler can play man. didnt look to bad against Pitt coming off the bench and plus in KC the previous year not too bad considering he was 3rd string on a bad team.

if they, the Trifecta decide to keep Penny i can live with it, as long as we get something for Tyler or White because this is Henne's team anyways.

I will just say picking chad pennington is a waste of what we have invested in Pen and white.

if philly gets peppers i dont see them getting rid of mcnabb

theyve alwways been compitetors in the nfc

and ive always said they were only a good D away from getting to the superbowl

YOu guys are such a bunch of Nervous Nellies!!....my God, it's only 11 hours into the Free Agency period!! Maybe we all need to try a little de-caf this morning and BREATHE!!......

Listen.....we're in the running for these guys....let's at least applaud the trifecta for that. As for whether this all comes off or not and whether that's a good thing, well nobody knows right now. Let's just be thankful that the trifecta realizes there are shortcomings on this team's defence. We'll get it all straightened out and I have every confidence we will be a better defensive team next year and a better team overall. But we are not going to make or break our team in the first few hours of free agency.....RELAX people!!

AFC east quickly becoming THE HARDEST DIVISION IN FOOTBALL!! We better make some moves bc everyone else seems to be.

Armando... remember this!

Jersey, everybody:

I think Ireland was being nice about Pennington. I don't think he'll be back. I don't KNOW that. Just a hunch. It's not a good idea unless you are worried about not keeping your job as a GM, VP. Then you want that insurance policy in case the starter goes down.

Parcells and Co. aren't worried about that.

Armando, any idea on whats going on with Rolle or if Dansby is in Miami now? Info please!!! and I'm really sorry for all the mean stuff Ive said about you over the years

thanks Indiana. was referring to Pennington. I apologize for the lack of clarity just putting the feelers out.

He could always cancel flight.

If he makes it in Miami they need to sign in.

Not real sold on Rolle.

guess some people have a lil pressure on them to win and win soon. or they feel Tyler or White arent good enough to step in for Henne

How can no one in the media have a clue if Dansby is already here or anything about Rolle? what is going on?

dansby and rolle will play in siberia or coocamonga if the money is right, so don't believe all this talk about how much they love miami or that they're from here and want to play for us. even if the dolphins offer 5 yrs. at 5 million for rolle and the giants offer 5 yrs. at 6, you can bet rolle will be playing in the cold. the giants are going to offer 6-7 million so u can kiss rolle goodbye, dansby said " i will listen to all offers and teams" translation- im not getting the money i thought i was going to get and so i'll probably flirt with the redskins and use dan snyder's deep pockets to try to get the dolphins to up their offer before i sign.

breaking news in my hometown of philly- the eagles FO have reached a deal to trade mcnabb to an unamed team thats NOT the rams but the trade is being blocked by andy reid, who prematurely last week stated mcnabb will be back in 2010 which ticked off the front office because they have not discussed or made up their decision on mcnabb yet.

Dansy wants $10 million per season and Rolle wants $8 million per season. There's no way in hell we get both of them with that kind of money

Meanwhile, the Ravens are working to retain wide receiver Derrick Mason.

Among the other teams rumored to be interested in Mason: his former employer, the Tennessee Titans, and the Miami Dolphins.

sonny- thats very interesting NFL news (McNabb) hmmmmm???

NJNJNJNJNJNJNJNJNJNJNJNJNJNJNJNJ where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol waterboy! Bobby Joe it was frustrated sarcasm in reference to our recent history of FA signings! Man I hope we pull off Dansby and one or two more much needed YOUNG and established players! trying to be patient

Lions sign Vanden Bosch to four-year deal

No Joey to Lions... dammit

You chumps didnt congratulate me on finally getting 1st post...

how bout Joey to unemployment???

Anybody think that McNabb might be going to Carolina? Seems like a natural, no? Only problem is Carolina doesn't have a first this year and I think they would be crazy to give up more draft picks. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see McNabb moved but outside of Carolina and the Rams I can't quite figure out who else would give something up for him. Not the Bills.....too many other holes!!

what value is a Pennington w/ a no trade clause? I yes hes a darn good backup but his value to the team would be in what he can to for our future not our present. especially if henne is our guy going into it. So whether he is a value as insurance (backup) or a value as potential trade bait are or should be considered a package. why sign the guy and tie one hand behind your back?

McRib is going to the browns

schefter reporting, peppers deal is "all but done" in chicago and should be announced this afternoon. AND THE EAGLES,PATS ETC. need to start looking elsewhere.

Pats after Joey Porter

How about... We trade DOWN our 1st to the area of picking 20th ? Get a 1st and 2nd in return, trade or 20th pick for Marshall and our 3rd pick for Boldin ? You pick up an extra 2nd round pick and... youve just filled your TWO WR spots, with Bess as your 3rd WR. ?
What da ya think ??

I hope thats true I dont want to see him a patriot!

yoo hoo....ARMANDO!!!! A little insider ingo please. Is he here yet? is Rolle a done deal with Giants? Some one has to know

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