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But wait ... The Cards aren't folding on Dansby

As Karlos Dansby is scheduled to visit the Dolphins today it is obvious Bill Parcells and Co. are making him the priority free agent of this offseason.

But ...

Dansby isn't going to simply come in, shake hands with Tony Sparano, and ask for the nearest contract and pen. He is clearly eager to work the system to get the most (meaning cash) out of whatever team is bidding on him ... and now that includes the Arizona Cardinals.

A league source texted me moments ago saying the Cardinals today reached out to the Dansby camp to "talk about keeping him." Translation: The Cardinals are offering Dansby a contract, too.

On another note: Want to update the Chad Pennington situation. The team and quarterback have talked about a one-year, $2.5 million deal with incentives. but as ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported yesterday, he wants a no-trade clause in the deal. And the Dolphins aren't giving that right now.

One thing to remember: It is not a done deal until it is a done deal. It's not done yet.

Keep coming back throughout the day for the latest updates.

[Update 10:55: Well, that didn't take long. Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network is reporting the New England Patriots have an offer in to Julius Peppers. Yikes! Peppers is visiting the Bears today.]


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Peppers to chicago would spell disaster for our Dansby hopes.

In other news, Dansby has just used the toilet on the airplane that he is taking to Miami. No word yet on whether Bill Parcells called him in the toilet to talk about a contract, but we hear the Arizona Cardinals and six other teams called him while he was taking a crap to see if they could get him to sign with him. Why the Dolphins didn't call him in the toilet is inexplicable, but I'll let you know what kind of meal Dansby has on the plane to see if that's a clue that he is coming to the Dolphins.

Only in the modern age is more time wasted "reporting" on things that are pretty useless in the effort to be "first" and "up to the minute"....Wake me when someone actually signs with the 'phins or doesn't sign with them. I want the facts not endless speculation and drivel. The media has become the modern day equivelent of high school or bar rooms. Sorry, I'm old and I'll take the old days when news was "when something actually happened."....Until then it's more "I heard Dansby left a big tip to the cab driver on his way to the Dolphins complex." Yeah, the "high-tech" world, we are going backwards with all of it, which is why the country is in the dumper.

I'm here guys, ask away? I know how it will ALL shake out!

I'm still scratching my head on Pennington...it just doesn't make sense...either way what possible value can he have to any team, other than being a mentor. He has no value as a backup...has he thrown the football yet...can he throw it again...when will he be able to be worth something if ever as a QB again...why waste money on a player that can't play...sometimes you have to realize it's over...and that goes for management too.

Dont sign Noodle Arm....

The ball is still in Miami's court. Miami has to sell Dansby on his roll with the team. Dansby is a great player but went largely unrecognized in Arizona. Miami has to assure him his roll and throw the correct dollars at him and still wait and see because I am sure there are going to be other bidders.


This "Don't let him leave without a signed contract" plea is wishful thinking.

Although the quote below might be a negotiating tactic, it suggests that Dansby still wants to look for the highest bidder...

"Washington is definitely a place I'm looking at," Dansby told Jason Reid of the Washington Post. "My gate is wide open right now. I'm going to take every visit. I'm going in to every team to see what type of piece of the puzzle I will be."

The Dolphins are making a serious effort to pursue an upgrade for the team. That's really all we can expect them to do.

It depends on whether this guy is looking for a great place to play or if he just wants money.

The Tuna needs to take the "GodFather" approach. Once Dansby is sitting at the table, come up behind him and say "either your brains or your signature will be on that contract". Hell, it's an offer he can't refuse.

Pennington's mentoring could only hinder the progress of our young STRONG armed qb's...Best of luck to wherever he goes. They may win in reg season some but they aint going to the promised land with him folks!

Look for Pats to go after JT after peppers goes to the bears

andy nj,

dansby said " miami has to assure me of my roll and how i fit in the defensive scheme, i will listen to all teams." translation- i want max dollars or i'll flirt with the redskins, until i get what i want.


Coach shula i would just have to tell you that if you dont like it then get out!!! dont be on the internet or dont watch tv. and def. dont bring that crap in here. because we all clearly like it

So nobody knows anything about if dansby is here already or if rolle has mad up his mind. WTF!?!? NO ONE is ANSWERING MEEE!!!!!

Just get either Boldin or Marshall and go all D the rest of the Draft this is our best bet.

These D players we are after will help us for sure, but they are going to be priced out of what the trifecta is willing to pay. We should just sneak attack on a Big WR while these teams fight for Dansby, Peppers, etc.

I know we won't guys, but I just wish we would LOL.

Nathan Jones to sign with the Broncos... LMAO

Just got a twitter update from my homies at the complex. Dansby is in town and talkin it up with Bill. An't no big thing because none of these mofo's will ever be as good as I am.

fin4ever, agreed. lol leave a horse head in dansby's hotel bed. with a note- "bill parcells says hello"


The Dolphins will be releasing safety Gibril Wilson 2day which will make him free to sign with any other team.
Tweeted by Edgar Thomspon PBPost

Can anyone see my posts or is everyone making an effort to ignore me??

With the 12th pick in the draft the Fins take "Earl Thomas, Safety, Texas"

We overpaid for Porter years ago, but he did produce in a couple of those years, now he is washed up, depends on the length of contract for Dansby, if its more that four years forget it. Williams NT (San Diego) would be a great pickup.


LOL. Nice touch!!!

I am now putting making fun of people who think we are even considering brandon marshall as my favorite past time.

Did we get Rolle then???

Dolphins won't pick Earl Thomas, he is too undersized for Parcells to pick. Parcells is about size on defense.

so everyone is ignoring me?

West VaFins.....

Which is why the Country is in the dumper. Let me guess you're in your twenties and rather immature. I've followed the Dolphins since 1977 and no more about the team history and the team which includes people who work for the team or have worked for the team. It's a free country brother and I'll speak my peace. If you don't like it tough.

The Dolphins will be releasing safety Gibril Wilson 2day which will make him free to sign with any other team

westvafins, im with u.

Great Mando, keep the poisitve new coming. :rolls eyes:

I figured Peppers would end up with the Pats. Bears must have wanted him REALLY badly. Makes sense.....they have no picks in this draft!!...

I wonder if the Pats will shift there focus to Dansby. They have lots of picks to play with in the first two rounds to upgrade their pass rush but I still think they need a running back and a TE too. They are not quite the team they used to be....

Don't worry about Peppers, he'll likely take those games off when he plays us. You have a 50/50 shot.

Don't let Dansby leave. Sign him, offer a 2nd for Marshall and resign Penny and Ferg. Trade Thigpen for a 4-6th and get 2 OLBs a NT and anything else we need (TE, OG, ILB, S) in the draft.

the same can be said for you moron if you dont like it then tought???? Does anyone else see the irony in coming on to a blog to wine about media and technology. Kind of funny please coach stop youre embarassing yourself.

So Management does lie...Hmmm. Just a couple days ago wilson was "liked" by the Dolphins GM...B.S. LOL

interesting that they are releasing wilson TODAY, maybe chances have improved for rolle or they are planning on going after ryan clark or someone else.

why do people keep thinking we are interesting in marshall. who ever said that/??????

"Peppers to chicago would spell disaster for our Dansby hopes."

Posted by: WestVaFins | March 05, 2010 at 11:37 AM

WestVaFins, why would this ruin our Dansby chances?

I hear you "The Truth" but I know nothing as well, We need some Good news!

if u notice, Ireland said "we know what kind of player gibril is and he will be a good player in the future" ireland never said for the DOLPHINS' future, i thought that was interesting when he said it and now it makes sense. lol

Thomas is the best F.S in this draft...and possibly the best in years.

yeah why is armando such a "debbie downer" about dolphins news, i get excited about something the dolphins are doing and then i come on here and read mandos take on it and become depressed. lol

WestVaFins I don't think the fins are interested in Marshall. If they could get that kind of talent at a low cost (2nd or 3rd) I say take a chance. The broncos are desperate to unload him. If the fins meet with him and find there is no chance for a turn around then forget it. But I think it is worth looking into.

Gee what not to like in a receiver thats 25 years old and a top 5 receiver in the NFL...add he's a large fast receiver.

I guess it's obvious that since the Dolphins are dumping Wilson now...they have to have his replacement already lined up...so welcome Rolle.

Now lets dump J. Allen and Ginn and family...and make it a perfect day...er Year.

Talent wise, he's a no brainer....However, he does come with a ton of baggage and will want a huge contract....Teams are also reluctant to deal with his issues (domesitic abuse allegations and his weird cutting hand incident)....Rumors of his participation in the events that led the death of his teammate also raise major flags....

Yes! good possibility, maybe trade Ginn and the gang straight up for marshall

true he is one domestic or incident away from another suspension


So your saying that Marshall is just another NFL player right? LOL

Lol, yah but his age and skill set is much needed

There has got to be a reason for the Phins' not wanting to give Penne a no-trade clause. He could be involved in a package for Boldin. Just a thought. Cards need a veteran. I'm just sayin'.

FishyPete....lol...good point...

But seriously, imagine Marshall in South Beach....OUCH!!!!....The problem with Marshall then is that he must get caught more often....Trading a first rounder for a guy that could be suspended for 8 games or so is not a risk teams other than Washington or Cowboys or Bengals usually take....But man is that guy a player....

Freaking WR divas....Seriously, you are not that hard...You catch "balls" for a living and live in gated communities people, please!!!

LOVE DOLPHIN- It hurts our chances because if Peppers goes to washington then they will leave dansby alone. Peppers goes elsewhere and snyder throws the money at dansby to get his big FA. Simple logic.

Brandon Marshall is an unbelievable WR but that doesnt mean he belongs in MIA.

That makes sense WestVaFins. Thanks for the answer.

Although Peppers plays OLB and Dansby ILB. Washington always trys to make a splash in FA so if they can't get Peppers then they'll go harder after Dansby...

exactly love dolphin but we got first meeting set up so we gotta work some magic because i just saw on ESPN during my break that it was pretty much a done deal with Chicago for peppers.

First all great receivers are diva's...some are more louder than others but I don't have a problem with that..in fact I want a receiver who thinks he's the best...and of course proves it on the field. Given the choice I rather have Marshall than a guy like Ginn ANY day.

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