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But wait ... The Cards aren't folding on Dansby

As Karlos Dansby is scheduled to visit the Dolphins today it is obvious Bill Parcells and Co. are making him the priority free agent of this offseason.

But ...

Dansby isn't going to simply come in, shake hands with Tony Sparano, and ask for the nearest contract and pen. He is clearly eager to work the system to get the most (meaning cash) out of whatever team is bidding on him ... and now that includes the Arizona Cardinals.

A league source texted me moments ago saying the Cardinals today reached out to the Dansby camp to "talk about keeping him." Translation: The Cardinals are offering Dansby a contract, too.

On another note: Want to update the Chad Pennington situation. The team and quarterback have talked about a one-year, $2.5 million deal with incentives. but as ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported yesterday, he wants a no-trade clause in the deal. And the Dolphins aren't giving that right now.

One thing to remember: It is not a done deal until it is a done deal. It's not done yet.

Keep coming back throughout the day for the latest updates.

[Update 10:55: Well, that didn't take long. Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network is reporting the New England Patriots have an offer in to Julius Peppers. Yikes! Peppers is visiting the Bears today.]


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fishypete I would rather have a fitzgerald or back in the day rice who are not divas but miami has enough trouble finding a #1 let alone one who is not a diva. Marshall has a lot of baggage but he doesn't poison a locker room.

"Dansby isn't going to simply come in, shake hands with Tony Sparano, and ask for the nearest contract and pen. He is clearly eager to work the system to get the most (meaning cash) out of whatever team is bidding on him..."

WHOA, what? Really? You mean a free agent might go to MULTIPLE BIDDERS before signing a contract that would potentially bind him to a team for years? GTFO, Mando. Damn. This blog is dripping, DRIPPING with shocking news and revelations. Bravo.

- Bebo

Dansby is not leaving miami without a contract he will be playing for miami and they just released Gibril Wilson now they need to go after rolle at fs.

FISHYPETE- Hang your keyboard up kid... You would rather have Brandon Marshall then Ginn. Who wouldnt????? If it was a choice between the two its not even close but here is the point. It is not the choice between the two. It is our first round draft pick and a huge contract compared to who we would get in the first round at a reasonable price. Fishypete you could set the record for moron of the day awards. Everytime im in here you are in the running and im going to go ahead and nominate you once more.

fishypete, being confident and border like arrogant is one thing, being a selfish diva hood off the field is another....Andre Johnson isnt like that....Rice didnt seem to be like that....But many seem to be....Owens destroyed like 2-3 teams single handedly....Marshall is a great talent, but the Broncos are desperately trying to trade him.....

Again, Marshall would answer tons of questions for the aquatic mammals, but he also could open new cans of worms....But Id support him if he came to the Dolphins....Root for him as well....The guy is nasty....Gamebreaker, Game changer....But I could see why teams would not touch him...thats all Im saying....

dansby and rolle to be dolphins by sunset!

Lets face facts...your choice is Marshall or Bryant...I'll take Marshall. I could care less what went on in Denver...and the fact that teams will be hesitant is a good thing...that means that Denver will lower the asking price...which means the Dolphins could get a top 5 receiver for a second round pick...I'll bet the Dolphins could get him with a 2nd in next years draft...and one other thought, does anyone believe that Parcells wouldn't put in a clause in his contract...that would cost Marshall IF he acts up in Miami. Poter was know to be a pain...yet how many fans were happy when we got him. Is there a risk...sure like every drafted or free agent player you will bring in...thats part of the game that no one likes...but it's there.

It is rumored that Marshall and his cousin's shenanigans directly resulted in William's death....He is very talented, but the Broncos are desperate to trade him....He is already being watched by the Commish and any other infraction could lead to a lengthy suspension....It is rumored he beat up his girl (now I know that is some players' MO, however, adding the rest up and it makes it even worse)....Where there is smoke, there is fire....Porter, is a loud mouth jerk, but that is different....

WestVA Fins

You're checking ESPN during your break for constant updates and you're saying I'm embarassing myself????....Do you see the irony of showing how little life you have that while you're on your break your whole main focus in life is looking breathlessly for free agnet updates, you loser. Get big weekend plans pal?...No you're embarassing yourself....and just because I'm forced to use a computer because it's the only technology left to communicate with because morons like you allowed it to be forced down our throats and dumb down society doesn't mean I can't complain about it. Where did you go to debate school Harvard?, oh right you're from West Virginia. Are you a fan of the Mountaineers, I bet you are....All those WVU fans still throwing batteries and bottles and all kinds of bad crap at the players of the visiting teams that they play every year at home. You know why they do that, because they all have nothing to do there. Like you, the highlight of their day is checking for updates on free agnet news when nothing will happen for hours or even days. Me, I'm having fun on my day off egging on hot heads like yourself who do nothing but "hang out" looking for "news"

By the way learn how to spell, you're embarassing yourself, oh that's right you're from West Virginia you don't need to there.

Fishypete what makes you think the choice is bryant or Marshall??? where do you get this stuff from?

Williams death was by a punk...it didn't take anymore than that...yes he's had problems with his EX-girlfriend...but she's gone. Some players take time to mature. Again...lets all remember that one of Parcells favorite players was Taylor...who party'd, did Coke and in todays game would have been a problem...yet he played for Parcells because he was a great player that produced.


I guess if you knew something...you'd know that Bryant and Marshall are very much alike. Bryant is a stupid kid that can't even get thru College without getting in trouble..talent for sure...but you want to talk about a red flag...I'd be surprised if he gets picked before the 25th pick.

Shula there is a tv in the break room at my job so i was watching during lunch. That makes me a loser right????? HAHA you actually are embarassing your self. You are complaining about technology and the media on a BLOG. Thats the best irony. You truly are a fool and should hang your head in shame for your life. Big plans this weekend? HMMMM lets see, seeing as how i am never on here on the weekends would probably be in indication that i have plans on the weekend you tard. I am only on here because i hate my job and it passes time. So you once again look foolish but now it must be easy for you HUH????

I dont want either of them on the dolphins. what gives you the impression that i did. You and shula could probably could go on a date and have great conversation because you are both completely clueless.

FishyPete, again, you show your ignorance....Bryant was an allacademic honoree....his problem is that he's too drifty and not responsible....Marshall, on the other hand, was spraying bubbly on people at the club....he spilled it on the wrong guy who then confronted him....The Marshall crew, instead of saying my bad or whatever, escalated it, talking junk to the point where the other thug went to grab a "heater"....They allowed it to escalate....and could have just walked away....And that's in denver, imagine Miami....

Lawrence Taylor was one of the best players that ever lived.....Doing drugs and hurting yourself is one thing, but if it interferes with your performance or causes you to get arrested or your teammate death, thats another thing....You are comparing apples and oranges....

Arsenal we are just wasting our time with PETEY he just dont get it.

Apple's and oranges? If they drug test players back then like they do today..L. Taylor and half the NFL players would have been suspended.

You have it wrong...Marshall didn't spray anyone...it was his cousin that did that.


I guess you want Boldin eh?

Well, I understand his desire for the Dolphins to acquire a worldclass WR...All Dolfans have known for years that WR is a major issue for the team....Petey is right that Marshall is the best "available"....However, talent has to be measured against age, price, lockerroom demeanor, and knucklehead status....Therefore, when you measure it all together, I say its less than a one percent chance Miami bites....But Ive been surprised and wrong before.....

West Virginia Fins...

You're reply just proved my point. I don't even need to say anymore. Good Job genius. LMAO

Coach shula that is the best thing you have said all day. You are actually going to shut ur mouth because i believe it sunk it that you truly are an idiot. Your computer should be taken from you because people with your handicap should not be allowed on the cpu.

Why not read this story...maybe you'll see things in a different light;


I like shula's style to say that see you proved my point. But doesnt mention what point or what was said that proved his point. I get it, its like a small victory you because you are laughing yourself to death as the forty year old virgin in moms basement its cool. We wont mess with you while you clean your room any more.

If Karlos Dansby is great, he'll have to play for the Tuna! The greatest Defensive Guru of all time! If not, Dansby's just not that good! Watch!


I'd like to see Pat White do some of the great stuff he did at West Virgina. Do you think he'll make a major improvement this year?

Most Fin fans consider him a lost cause. I say Henne didn't do squat his first year so cut White some slack. Some will say that the hit he took is proof he doesn't belong in the NFL. I say anyone would have been knocked out with that hit (hell, he had picked up about 8 yards and was going for the first down). The Fins don't have any QB that would do that.

I believe the Trifecta will try to introduce more spread offense plays this year (to increase their scoring). On the high school and college level that's what's dominating. That's the future talent pool.

Profootballtalk.com has all the answers!!!

Ben Roughsexinberger has been accused of sexual assault again.
Damn, there goes the neighborhood. tisk tisk
Now we can trade them Thigpen for a 1st day pick...LOL

Well it must be a done deal we got Karlos Dansby because why would the Dolphins release Porter and Akin Ayodele just seen it on espn.com

At the end of the day.....Miami gets nothing. Just another typical Dolphin free agency..All the hype is for the fans but they won't spend a dime..
Sorry...just the way it is....

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