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Carlton Mitchell a WR sleeper to watch

While we're waiting for the NFL preseason schedule announcement at approximately 3 p.m., I wanted to catch you up on a wide receiver that intrigues me -- most wide receivers intrigue me because the Dolphins have a great need there.

USF's Carlton Mitchell had, by most accounts, a very good day on Tuesday during his Pro Day. At 6-3 and 215 pounds, he showed he can run like a much smaller man.

My source tells me four scouts clocked Mitchell with the wind at: 4.40, 4.42, 4.41 and 4.46. Obviously, different scouts get different times but it's safe to say Mitchell can run a 4.4 in the 40.

Against the wind, my source tells me Mitchell was in the high 4.4s and low 4.5s: 4.47, 4.5, 4.48, 4.51.

The low times, were an improvement from Mitchell's combine time.

But that isn't what was most impressive to me. According to aspiring scout Chris Cordero, the question mark on Mitchell was neither his productivity (although that could stand improvement with another season in college) nor his size and speed.

The problem has been his inconsistent hands: But here's the impressive thing. Mitchell apparently recognizes that weakness and is being proactive in trying to correct it.

"He has inconsistent hands [but] he's been catching 300 balls a day from the Jugs machine to work on them," Cordero tells me. "Apparently, at the Pro Day – he dropped some passes and looked inconsistent catching the ball at times. He runs good routes and is able to sink his hips and get in and out of his breaks quickly for a larger man.

"He didn’t do the vertical at either his pro day or combine that I know of – so he might not have the best ups, but he has long arms and big hands to go along with his 6-3 frame. He needs work as a blocker – but gives good effort in that department. Should be a threat in the red zone."

[Update: Cordero corrects that Mitchell did do a vertical. It was 33 inches.]

[Update 2: Mitchell's agent Christina Phillips tells me Mitchell's vertical was actually 36 inches.]

That is obviously the bright side and the blemishes. But as a value pick in the third round, Mitchell has the goods.

"I have him as my 5th best WR behind Dez Bryant, Demaryious Thomas, Arrelious Benn, and Golden Tate," Cordero said. "I give him a late second to early third round grade. He could develop into a No. 1 WR."

One hopefully the Dolphins are considering.

By the way, the Marvin Lewis, Tom Coughlin and Lovie Smith were among the people present for the USF Pro Day.


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Yes, thank you for news from this decade Mando! Keep up the good work...


This is NJ's guy... I don't know about him being the 5th best wr in the draft though...

For what the Dolphins need - a big physical fast WR - he falls in there as one of the Top ones for their needs.

Is the draft starting yet ?

Cannot WAIT till Goodell goes to the podium and says "The Miami Dolphins trade their #12 pick to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for Dallas' 1st rd. pick and their 2nd round pick. and with Miami's 1st round selection... Weaterspoon out of Missouri.

Oh yeah... I agree with the previous post, Marino was well and dandy in the nineties but what does it have to do with now ? McNabb ? Doesnt have any revelance to the Dolphins at all.

Maybe Damian Williams and Brandon LaFell COULD be considered in the Top 5; maybe Taylor Price - but they are not as explosive, big athletes with the potential that Mitchell has.

Just because,


South Florida WR Carlton Mitchell ran in the 4.41-4.42 range with the wind and 4.48 against the wind in the forty-yard dash at Tuesday's Pro Day.
According to the NFL Network, though, Mitchell wasn't overly impressive in position drills. Raw coming from an extremely run heavy South Florida offense, Mitchell needs to improve his pass-catching fundamentals and route running.

Another Ted Ginn, Fast and cant catch....

Let's shoot for Mcnabb

Golden Tate, smaller but runs all routes and can catch everything.

Why draft another "project" WR in the 3rd. Better use that pick to get depth at OLB or ILB or on Cam Thomas

The reason we never won anything with Marino is because Shula sucked at consistently drafting talent, especially in the 1st round. We never had a running game with Dan, ever. Shula's ineptness was staggering in the 8 years following the Marino draft:

'83 - Dan Marino
'84 - Jackie Shipp - sucked
'85 - Lorenzo Hampton - sucked
'86 - no pick
'87 - John Bosa - sucked (see the pattern here)

'88 - Eric Kumerow - are we serious???? and he passed on Ickey Woods, Ironhead Heyward, Chris Spielman, Daniel Stubbs, Randall McDaniel, Lorenzo White, Brad Muster, Jumbo Elliott in this draft alone.

'89 - Sammie Smith, with the 9th overall pick no less. Shula sucked bad. Passed on Trace Armstrong, Eric Metcalf, Steve Atwater, Andre Rison, Steve Wisniewski. We did get Louis Oliver with a 2nd pick late in the 1st round. Doesn't make up for Sammie Smith though.

'90 - Richmond Webb - finally got one right after 7 years.

'91 - Randal Hill - sucked. By the way, passed on a guy named Brett Favre.

we have alot of problems with our passing game. it could be one or all of these issues. #1 is it our receivers #2 is it our coaches #3 is it our QB's #4 is it playcalling #5 is it our lack of veteran receivers who teach the youngsters? it would be nice to draft some quality receivers but i'm not sure if this alone will fix our deficiences in the pass game. we really need to commit to the pass and bring our team into the 21st century like the pats,colts,saints,cards etc.

errelious benn---in 2nd or david gettis in 4th---dolphins might not select a wr---i wouldnt be shocked----TEd ginn has to be moved or where is the room for this new WR----Bess, Hartline--are locks for playn time----P turner will got reps and is a lock for the roster---Ted gin and camirillo---those 2 arent parcell picks---and 1 of them have to be moved be4 we add a WR

and i watched a lot of south florida---t see JPP live during the year---Mitchell cant catch---he drops balls like Brayleyn---

watching henne in practice can be a bit frustrating because he seems to throw the ball only one way;always with alot of zip and always on a line. what happens if he has to drop it over the LB's and in front of the safety's? and what about the rockets he fires on a simple screen to lousaka? these issues should have been addressed last year in camp. i like thigpen for these reasons in that he can make all these kinds of throws as well as sensing pressure in the pocket. QB should be an open competition until someone wins the job!

I've talked about him awhile ago. He had to play with a freshman qb who was terrible after starting qb matt grothe went down with an injury. Besides his size and speed , He's also tough and goes up and fights for balls. He can be a steal in in round 3.

Texas S Earl Thomas reportedly ran a 4.35 forty at the Longhorns’ Pro Day on Wednesday.
Thomas ran in the 4.44-4.53 range in Indy, so this is an improvement. ESPN’s Todd McShay noted that Thomas “so far has had the biggest day” of any Longhorn. Thomas seems unlikely to fall out of the top-20 picks this April.

Sign this guy up

The only knock with camarillo is his durability. patrick Turner is not a lock for the roster. If a draft pick and a free agent come in and explode on the scene, watch what happens to turner..he will be gone so fast your head will spin. The dolphins arent running a salvation army, the players have to hit the field when they are a 1-3 round pick.

I'll take camarillo over bess or ginn. He didn't drop a 3rd down pass all year.

He or Mardy Gilyard would be great additions in the 5th rd if they fall that far Mitchell might go a lil higher maybe

but there is no way he is a 3rd rd pick that would be a huge waste so much talent would be available. Do you really wanna see another 3rd rd pick play absolutely no games i don't see him beating out who we already have we need to go 1st rd dez and trade down for Wspoon OLB or Graham or get one 2nd rd. period

How can we even compare this guy with Ted Ginn? Ginn is 5-11 (with heels on) 180lbs - this guy is a monster not afraid of contact and who at least is working to correct his one major flaw. When have you heard of Ginn trying to improve his hands or toughness?

To account for the "Sammy Smith" Shula pick... Sammy was one of the best RB's ever in Florida State. We thought Marino Finally had his running back. Keep those things in perspective before trouncing on them. Who knew he would later be known as "Fumblin' Sammy"? You left off a bunch of names which were not so bad either. I agree Shula was not the best Drafter ever... But.. Take a look at who is the closest to him right now in wins and tell me he did not know what the hell he was doing. He has a record I would say is very safe.

Crazyness, everyone knows the draft is a crap shoot so you can really blame Shula

and I just hope the Phins draft someone who sticks and becomes a playmaker for the team

You're right . lets waste the 12 pick on Dez with his baggage with so much other talent around. Besides , if you get a 3rd or 4trth for smiley , you can still select a mitchell in the 3rd and still get another talented player with that extra 3rd or 4rth.

cant*** really blame shula (typo error)

The main thing I see with Mitchell is that he catches the ball with his body alot.

As far as this Kid Carlton Mitchell goes. I watched him play a few games. Never live. He looked fast and very tall. I suppose I just see all those huge receiver guys as either 100% hits... or 100% Busts. Its like there is not much in between. But the guys from 5'11 to 6'1 who are quick and have hands always have a knack as possession receivers. I believe its all about being able to separate from the CB's. Some of the Bigger guys either have the speed and lack the moves or try and use their size to muscle in but never break coverage. I suppose that is why the Large receivers who you know are good are so damn valuable? It would be great to see Demaryious Thomas fall to the 2nd Miami pick... never happen. A lot of Mocks have him going to the Jests and that would truly suck. Perhaps Arrelious Benn...? at 6'1 he has enough height to get it done not crazy fast but could fall to the 2nd Miami pick.

Earl Thomas is a really interesting possbility. I think someone may take him much higher than pick 12. The Fins need to go Defense with the first two picks. FS and OLB would be just fine...

NJ did tell me about this Mitchell guy awhile ago so i decided to check him out. The guy looks really good. Alot better than that Mike Williams guy that Mando posted afew days ago.

Idealy,i'd still like to take Benn or Thomas in the 2nd but would'nt be disappointed if we were to pick Mitchell in the 3rd

i agree with Allen on Mitchell. big and fast, but unreliable hands - especially in traffic. improving his hands is one thing, being willing to take a hit to catch it is another. that's the part i think might always be an issue with him. still could be a good #2 in the alvin harper mold.

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Dez Bryant quote today

"I haven't did anything wrong to nobody."

Given Emitt a run for his money.

i think Dez graduated in 3 years...just tries to cover up his smarts.

Another Nugget from Dez about him forgetting his cleats

"What do this got to do with me playing football? Even if I did forget my cleats, what do that have to do with me playing football? I don't think it has anything to do with me playing football

Ask Bill Ruger (@ 2:54 PM)


(...Now we just have to figure out why most American Kids aren't taught this in their Homes and Classrooms.)

LOL I really don't like this guys inconsistent hands, I say pass on him.

If we are to get a WR I think it will have to be in the 1st rd or 2nd rd.

Get Dez, Benn, or D. Thomas otherwise I say pass on a WR in the draft.

Or dare I say B. Marshall if the asking price comes down to a 2nd rd pick.

I just don't see any playmakers other than the 3 I mentioned but who knows there is always surprises in the draft in the later rounds, I just don't like passing on the elite WR talent if we have an opportunity to grab one of them.

Dez has the Trifecta's Makeup.....

DEZ defended Pacman Jones. "Why down talk the man?" Bryant said of Pacman. "The man did everything right."

Here is a good article from profootballtalk.com on Dez calling out teams that pass on him. LOL I love this guy we have to get him please.

Dez Bryant: "Whoever passes up on me, it's over with"
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on March 31, 2010 1:47 PM ET
Former Oklahoma State Dez Bryant's Pro Day left him open to some criticism, and the wide receiver has heard enough.

"I'm not the type of person that will try to confront somebody but now I feel like it's gone too far. It's gone too far," Bryant said to The Associated Press. "I haven't did anything wrong to nobody."

Bryant has a point. Most of the character concerns attached to him have been vague. Teams want to know how important football is to him, not if he needed a small army to help him wake up for class.

"Whoever passes up on me, it's over with. I feel like I'm going through the same situation Randy Moss did," he added. "That man had issues and teams were passing up on him, and when he got on that field, he killed them. He murdered them. Look at him today: One of the best players in the NFL."

Detractors may see these comments and say Bryant a loose cannon. I like his confidence.

We praise Peyton Manning for telling the Colts he'd kick their ass for the next 15 years if they passed on him. Bryant essentially just told the league the same thing.

Teams will take a receiver with edge over one that's unsure of his ability. A draft-day fall is only going to motivate Bryant.

Bryant also took umbrage with our report about his missing cleats. He said he had six pairs with him, just not his favorite one. And that it may not have made a difference.

"What do this got to do with me playing football? Even if I did forget my cleats, what do that have to do with me playing football? I don't think it has anything to do with me playing football."

so when Shula has poor drafts, the draft is a crap shoot, when anyone else messes up the draft, its because they are poor talent evaluators?


bad hands scare me we dont need more dropped passes

ill take a shorter guy that catches everything over a taller faster guy that drops everything

but this kid seems to have alot of upside so id be cool with him in 3rd or fourth

some people dont realize how deep this draft is we dont need to reach good players will fall into later rounds

Just a couple of quick hitters from the orfices here in Bristol:
1) Anyone who waits this anxiously for a preseason schedule should look into one of the many fine prescription meds for restlessness. Talk to your doctor as they have many fine products that induce visions of butterflies, astronauts, Abe Lincoln and woodchucks.

2) If there is one thing this team does not need it is a sleeper. I want my wide receivers wide awake.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on me as draft day approaches, especially my rich, luxurious mane of hair. My stylist has been working with some new products and I think you are going to love the results.


I feel the same way.

Hard to say how this guy ends up getting valued. Upside, tall with some speed but the inconsistant hands thing sometimes nevers goes away.

I would prefer a guy to catch everything within his zip code be just as big and maybe a little slower or not as big and just as fast but with the hands.

I am suprised Chris Cordero has him 5th best WR overall?

I say hold off until the 4rth as there are some really good safeties, some NT types and even TE Jimmy Graham that I would prefer in the 3rd or 4rth.


Seems like a poor man's Ted Ginn: fast (but not very fast) with stonehands.

I don't think this team can afford to develop another WR. We need a more polished guy.

He is not very good with the ball in the air. A deep threat.

Carlton Mitchell is just another guy. If you want a WR who's gonna be a difference maker on this team youve got to go Bryant or Benn. The rest of the guys are two raw to be a number one, or dont have the potential to be a one at all. When you skimp on a position it shows eventually. Finding diamonds in the ruff is nice but at some point youve gotta pay top dollar if u want the best. Draft Dez or Earl Thomas.

Mel Gel... for the "do" as you're drinking your "Dew".

You have to give Mel his "Due"...

As he was walking he stepped in "Well you know what" and got it on his shoe. :)

Going batty waiting for the draft!

LOL @ FLIPPER , you have questions about mitchell's hands yet you want benn who has also has inconsistent hands and runs poorer routes than mitchell ( who runs good routes ).

How about Dez Bryant showing up to the workout yesterday with 6 pairs of cleats! Story goes he forgot his favorite pair... But he did have 6 others with him... So those who jumped on him about that yesterday without all the facts... More crow for you...

Dolphins do NOT have a GREAT need at WR. They have starters on the roster. Do they need to be upgraded? Yes. But great need? No way. They have a great need at NT, where they have no clear starter. They have a great need at FS, where they have no clear starter, and they have a great need at both OLB positions, where, say it with me, they have no clear starters.

I've heard good things about this kid but i've also heard he has inconsitent hands. Glad to see he's working at it. I would be just fine adding this kid but don't know about taking him in the second. Seems like a third rounder but it would sure be nice to have a second second round pick.

I don't want anyone with inconsistent hands. You can learn how to run routes. But if you can't catch by now and you been playing WR since you were 6... Later for ya...

Dolphins have a need for more explosive plays on offense. And the players they have will not produce them. Ricky is the only consistent homerun threat they have.

Draft Eric Decker. A bigger faster Hartline.

I would go A. Benn or D. Thomas in the 2nd. If not I would wait on a guy late like Freddie Barnes or Jimmy Williams Tulane.

Dez may end up being a good pick but the way he just seems unprepared for what awaits him at the next level... the wake up calls, the whats the big deal so forgot my fav cleats going to a running jumping interview, etc.

Those can be fixed but I sure as heck would not risk setting the whole franchise back a 2010 1st round pick $$ or the "opportunity cost" of not being able to get another player in the 1st round.

He says Moss had the same situation. Moss had the amazing skills all the way through college. Moss's weight did not flucuate as much. Dez did a ton of damage at 205 - 208lbs and seemed quicker. Now he's slower but with some extra cushion 220lbs to take blows, just not sure of seperation he can get.

Tough call just a risk I would hate to take if i am the Trifecta.

definitely rob,

i still think te falls into the receiver category and it just another target for henne

i like jimmy graham or ed dickson in the later rounds as well

Ted ginn still hasn't LEARNED to run routes. You can definitely work on improving your hands.

soooooo now you guys want to draft for need... is that wise?

NJ, BENN is a more polished WR than Mitchell right now, do I really want BENN? NO I do not the only WR I want in this entire DRAFT is DEZ BRYANT and have said this numerous times. I personally would like us to not draft a WR at all if we don't want DEZ. But if we are going for upside guys BENN has more than Mitchell in my opinion I could be wrong, but I base that on level of competition Benn has faced better competition than Mitchell that is why I have him rated higher than Mitchell.

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