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Henne clarifies Tebow comment, talks WRs

It is a beautiful day in South Florida, a perfect golf day, and that's good because about a dozen Dolphins players are participating in the Athletes in Action charity tournament now.

Chad Henne is participating because he's a good community guy. He talked to reporters today -- The Herald's Jeff Darlington and David J. Neal were there because they love golf -- and they asked Henne about his controversial Tim Tebow comment Wednesday, in which the Dolphins quarterback said, "In my judgment he's not an NFL quarterback. So leave it at that."

Today Henne didn't want to leave it at that. Today Henne was surrounded by reporters that asked better questions. Today Henne backtracked a little bit.

"I didn't really say he wasn't wasn't able to be one," Henne said of Tebow. "We're all in this process, learning how to be an NFL quarterback. Obviously, he's taken the right steps to improve his game. His throwing motion actually looks a lot better with his release and everything. I think his Pro Day went really well and he was happy with it. I can't really say anything. My quarterback coach from college is coaching him in college. We're coming from the same people.

"He's obviously learned a from a lot of good people. And with Urban Meyere up there, he's learned from the best. Those [comments] were way out of proportion, he's not going to be an NFL quarterback. Wherever he goes, he's going to make that team better because he's such a competitor and a great person."

Henne was uncomfortable that the comments got national attention. He was more uncomfortable that his comment was perceived as coming from the Dolphins -- as an inside the Dolphins organization opinion.

"The thing about that is that dragging the Dolphins and our coaching staff into this when it's way out of proportion," Henne said. "I never talked to them about Tebow. They never mentioned anything. It was all what I was perceived to say. I have nothing against him. I really like him as a person. I met him last year up there at Florida working out their receivers and got an opportunity to play against him so he really is a wonderful person and I only wish him the best."

Henne claimed WQAM, where he made the original Tebow remark, cut him off before he could explain his comment. He said he would have liked the opportunity to add that Tebow is working on what he needs to and he liked what he saw.

On the football front, Henne has been consistent in saying he sees improvement from Miami's current WR corps. He believes in those guys. But ...

Henne admits he wouldn't mind the group being improved with a proven player.

"There's definitely guys out there, like you said," Henne said. "There's T.O. [Terrell Owens]. There's Brandon Marshall. There's guys in the draft. Where we're at, we have a bunch of young guys who are definitely learning and going to be explosive in the next coming year.

"But you need kind of a veteran guy that's really going to take hold of our young guys and teach them the right ways."


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Well, he undo his steps. that is good for all parts.


first. Henne should stay away from the media for a while, or Tebow will slay himbin a game 1st chance he gets

Why does Tebow get the Obama treatment??? Everyone knows he's overrated, but it's like a crime to say it..

I'm sure measuring what you say to the media everyday when they are always trying to trip you up can be difficult...
I'm glad he modified his response. Keep the negativity to the pundits, PZ's and TO's of the league.

What a disgrace! We don't want low character players on this team!! Let's cut him and draft tebow in the 2nd round. Usually turns out well for us when we take qbs in the second round!!!

What is it with the American public and Tim Tebow that every negative comment slung his way is akin to throwing stones at a saint? Chad Henne was right. He stinks. Didn't anyone watch the Senior Bowl? Intangibles are off the charts but when I see him play, I don't see an NFL skill set. F**k Tebow!

I cant wait for the draft. every year i think it should be scheduled a little sooner than it is

This is perfect example of why blogs should go through copy editors.

Henne blows

Who cares

I wish more players would speak their mind. They know a lot more about the game then anyone commenting on any of the blogs.

i would take tommy frazier or charlie ward and pay white over tebow as far as best to play QB in college

Answering Jmatt113 about "Why does Tebow get the Obama treatment?".
Well he's a pretty boy, Heisman winner, showed toughness on the field and great commitment for his team by playing on his senior season and is tagged as a good family boy.
So he owns the right image for almost everyone: publicity, politics, team image, local inspiration, you name it.
So last year when a lot of scouts and expert analysts exposed doubts and critics on his chances as a pro QB, so the general conception was he would need to work more than anybody. This year he is making the homework, molding his throwing techniques and making everything he can in order to meet the expectations.
You can't be rude against that, so that's the reason. It's something close to accept all critics from 2009 and consider his efforts this off season and wait until draft day for final comments on him.

my bad pat white

L M FREAKING A O !! @ PO Last night. Alcohol and Blogs don't mix. PO should have to blow into a computer before he's allowed to use it. :)

Step 1 – Player gets asked his opinion.

Step 2 – Media blows response way out of proportion with extrapolations, allegations of hidden agendas and innuendo.

Step 3 – Public outcry.

Step 4 – Player “clarifies” statement to mollify the public.

Step 5 – Rinse and repeat.

We have seen this dance so many times. Every player should be required to buy the Peyton Manning book of rote answers and meaningless responses.

How many pundits have said that Tebow is not an NFL ready QB? I would venture to say that most of them have but the second an NFL player says it that player’s statement is dissected and everybody goes *gasp*. I can’t believe he said that!!

what i dont understand is why colleges are not more geared to the nfl since thats where most of the players hope to be one day!! myers is a good coach but his style does not bold well in the nfl!JMO!!

This is why athletes like spewing cliches and never really say anything in interviews. The second they speak honestly and what they think they get blasted for it because it doesn't conform to what the majority believe. All he said was that he thought that Tebow was not an NFL-caliber QB. Several scouts and personnel guys have said the same exact thing. But since Henne is a QB and the masses and media are in love with Tebow, Henne gets hit with massive blowback. Again, a prime example as to why athletes prefer to stick to a script rather than talk freely and honestly.

I like Henne. He can give his opinion as anybody in this country. People in Florida love Tebow and overreacted. Truth is that there are big questions about Tebow. He was MVP, championships, etc... so, how come nobody is going to pick him in the first round.

I support Henne. Vamos Henne!!!

"All of it is just rumors," Dez Bryant said in an interview Thursday with Orlando Alzugaray of WQAM (560-AM). "I don't know why people are saying those things. I feel like if you're going to write something about somebody you need to ask that person instead of writing things like that. I surround myself with positive people. I don't have time to get into trouble. I'm trying to pursue my dream, which is to play in the NFL. ... I never did anything wrong. I never committed a crime.

"It bothers me a lot," he said. "I just had a talk with my advisor and my agent [Wednesday], and I told them that I'm not a bad person and I'm not used to people saying bad things about me. I like to make people smile. I like to bring excitement because that's what I do, and I want to keep it that way. I don't want a bad image. My bad image in my childhood, that is long gone. I've surrounded myself with bright people and I'm going to continue to stay out of trouble and move forward and play in the NFL."

Dez Bryant also dismissed reports that he's shown up late for practices and games.

"I've never been late to a game or a practice. My freshman year, I've been late for a meeting. But as my career got going at Oklahoma State I [became more responsible]. I overcame a lot. Everything is positive now."

Dez Bryant said he believes much of the criticism he's received stems from his suspension for lying to the NCAA about his relationship with former NFL star Deion Sanders.

"I really do feel like that's when it started," he said. "At the same time, I manned up for what I did wrong and told the truth. I feel like I didn't get the credit I deserve. I know God is going to take care of the rest. That's Ok, though. That's in the past and I've moved forward. I'm just trying to do something better with my life. I just want to jump on an NFL team and make that team feel great about having me. ... Whoever drafts me they're going to get what they want out of me. I'm going to give it my all and play my hardest. I have a real strong passion for the game. I LOVE football. I'm just ready to get on the field again."

FU MR. Tebow

Wake me up when we sign a Receiver.

Just Because,

If what Dez said was true, he's back in the running for the #12 pick. I trust the administration will find out the truth - just like they did when they stole Vontae in the draft.

Must be Ireland spreading all the crap about Dez to make sure he falls into our lap at 12.

If he has a good workout and pro day the dude goes to Denver and we are screwed.

Well i concur with Henne. We need a WR like Marshall here. I also wouldn't mind DEZ either the kid is getting a bad rap period.

from now on, when teams start say character issues,im just going to say they dont want to pay the money and it not about the players skill set! i bet over 50% of the league is filled with players who have broken the law in some form or another!! we need playmakers not good characters!! irvin was and still is a problem to some degree but was talented on the field as well and he still made the HOF

Peyton Manning looks like "Kiko" from El Chavo del 8

I for one would take him there Toronto - no matter what Parcells and his allergy to WRs in the 1st round says - the kid can play and if you check him out his sophomore year; when it was him dominating games even though teams knew he was getting the ball - you see a special player with special qualities - as a Miami fan the comparison to Andre Johnson is blasphemy - but not far fetched. Henne would look like a Pro Bowl player with him in there.

What is Dez supposed say , yeah i did all those thing and i'm a total jerk ?? Don't Draft me because i need a baby sitter ?? :)

dez byrant is the only talent worth the 12th pick if he's there and of all the WR in the draft coming out im surprised mike williams hasnt been mentioned much in the later rounds even though i think he's first round talent (with baggage of course). JMO!!

Wheres Carlito and Jamillion?

Only player I would take over Dez is Eric Berry

just because, i sure hope we get to reap the benefits of those WR coming out of the U over the next year or two!!

stand up guy!

Demaryius Thomas, How can we get this guy?

i love thomas(GT) but he's raw, we dont need another WR we have to train without the presence of a veteran WR! IMO our WR coach sucks!! JMO

What if the Wetz trade up for Dez... I bet all you fins fans go looking for a diaper.

BAY BAY THOMAS after a trade down and watch Dez Score 10-15 tds per year for another team.


henne man up and stick to your comment, now is seems that u r sorry or u r retracting from this because u may have upset a few ass****/, f..k the press and say whatever is in your mind, the day we stop being honest and start saying crap is the day.......

NJ..PO has to blow into a computer to use it LMAO!!! Great line

Every single player the Dolphins don't get is going to the Jets...some of u guys are beyond help, u really need meds

bobbyd12, Thanks. Just like a car ! LMAO !!

Wow look at Chad throwing T.O. out there. He needs recievers to succeed. Look at what Baltimore is doing for Flacco. However, it did take them 2 fulls seasons to get Flacco more help. Henne is going into his second year and it's hard to address so many needs in one offseason.

No way Miami goes Dez Bryant in round 1. Not with so many holes on defense. I like Dan Williams or Sergio Kindle in round 1 and Damien Williams in round 2.

Braylon Edwards was a low cost option that could have nicely replaced the megabust of Ernest Wilford.

Reinaldo Hill was a low cost option that could have stayed instead of getting Gerbil Wilson

Funny, I heard the Henne interview and 1. He was pretty forceful when he made the Tebow comment and 2. He said he trusted management would do the right thing on WR and mentioned we have Patrick Turner on the "backburner". Chad needs to be consistent with his stories

LMFAO Waterboy @1:34

Chad Henne seems desperate to get a WR and or is providing smokescreens for the Tuna to enjoy

Peyton Manning after talking about Tebow:



You Heathen Henne,

Now you're back pedaling after talking trash about my boy!

I bet you got a call from your mama!

Reported Ricky Williams has changed agents and wants to continue to play beyond 2010

CB Will Allen was arraigned today in Dade-County Court on DUI charge, pleaded not guilty, no court date set.

What a Ted Deutsche Bag

Aye Bay Bay. DT has sick highlights on youtube.

braylon edwards would have been a nice low cost option but im glad hill was go too. Hill was not physical at all and didnt make that many plays either. draft and groom younger faster and bigger guys to compete!! these 3 players will be fire=okung,berry,and bryant!! outside of them you really cant call it!!this is just my opinion though!! if bryant is there you have to take him, the last time we passed on the best WR in the draft nuff said (moss). besides all the players the dolphins seem to like can be had at lower rounds!! i want us to draft players at their natural positions with high picks not somebody converting to another spot b/c they might take to long to develop. believe it or not we are right there barring injuries to competing with any team! injuries,lack of speed and effort, and shitty play calling kept us from seeing the full picture(not saying super bowl but...)we was in most games we lost

Good to see Henne has been working on his Backpedaling skills...

Henne the Hero

Pats sign TE Crumpler, I know they need a TE but Crumpler???

Don't worry Incognito, Dez will be there, and he will still be there till someone picks him up in the mid 20s.... He has fallen off the draft board at the speed of light

I don't care what Dez says...

Could care less if he buys 100 boxes of girl scout cookies, or volunteers to give sponge baths at the old folks home...

We are not going to pick him...

We are going D...

Earl Thomas at 12.....

Dan Williams, Earl Thomas, Morgan or Kindle at 12...

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