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Henne clarifies Tebow comment, talks WRs

It is a beautiful day in South Florida, a perfect golf day, and that's good because about a dozen Dolphins players are participating in the Athletes in Action charity tournament now.

Chad Henne is participating because he's a good community guy. He talked to reporters today -- The Herald's Jeff Darlington and David J. Neal were there because they love golf -- and they asked Henne about his controversial Tim Tebow comment Wednesday, in which the Dolphins quarterback said, "In my judgment he's not an NFL quarterback. So leave it at that."

Today Henne didn't want to leave it at that. Today Henne was surrounded by reporters that asked better questions. Today Henne backtracked a little bit.

"I didn't really say he wasn't wasn't able to be one," Henne said of Tebow. "We're all in this process, learning how to be an NFL quarterback. Obviously, he's taken the right steps to improve his game. His throwing motion actually looks a lot better with his release and everything. I think his Pro Day went really well and he was happy with it. I can't really say anything. My quarterback coach from college is coaching him in college. We're coming from the same people.

"He's obviously learned a from a lot of good people. And with Urban Meyere up there, he's learned from the best. Those [comments] were way out of proportion, he's not going to be an NFL quarterback. Wherever he goes, he's going to make that team better because he's such a competitor and a great person."

Henne was uncomfortable that the comments got national attention. He was more uncomfortable that his comment was perceived as coming from the Dolphins -- as an inside the Dolphins organization opinion.

"The thing about that is that dragging the Dolphins and our coaching staff into this when it's way out of proportion," Henne said. "I never talked to them about Tebow. They never mentioned anything. It was all what I was perceived to say. I have nothing against him. I really like him as a person. I met him last year up there at Florida working out their receivers and got an opportunity to play against him so he really is a wonderful person and I only wish him the best."

Henne claimed WQAM, where he made the original Tebow remark, cut him off before he could explain his comment. He said he would have liked the opportunity to add that Tebow is working on what he needs to and he liked what he saw.

On the football front, Henne has been consistent in saying he sees improvement from Miami's current WR corps. He believes in those guys. But ...

Henne admits he wouldn't mind the group being improved with a proven player.

"There's definitely guys out there, like you said," Henne said. "There's T.O. [Terrell Owens]. There's Brandon Marshall. There's guys in the draft. Where we're at, we have a bunch of young guys who are definitely learning and going to be explosive in the next coming year.

"But you need kind of a veteran guy that's really going to take hold of our young guys and teach them the right ways."


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Henne was just speaking the truth about Tebow. Still, he should have kept his mouth shut. I have a feeling Tebow could end up running the Wildcat on some other NFL team.

I DO like that Henne spoke up about the WRs. Nice for him to get SPECIFIC instead of all the usual vague BS you hear from the organization. Hopefully that means Miami will step up and try to get a guy like Marshall. I really think by doing so we'll see dramatic improvement from Henne. There are no good QBs in this league without a good WR. Examples? Manning/Wayne, Schaub/Johnson, Brees/Colston & Co., Rivers/Jackson, Brady/Moss & Welker, etc...

Incognito or should i say demarick smith, b, edwards was a low cost option ? ??? Really ?? he cost the jets 2 draft picks , 2 players and was tendered at the highest level which means he will be paid among the top wr's in the game. That's not a low cost option and edward drops alot of balls . Dez won't be picked by the fins at the 12 spot.


does anyone else just think that today is a good day?????

I think alot of you are to hard on our recievers...

Maybe we need a big playmaker, but Hartline showed alot of promise last year... I think this kid could be good....

Also Bess has great hands and instinct...

Give them some credit....

The problem I see here is everyone is aware of our needs on D on this blog. The problem is no D player that would fit a need the fins have is worth the 12th pick. So if we are going D expect us to trade down for more picks to fill needs on D. There is no VALUE at all with the 12th pick as far as D players go. DEZ is worthy of the pick, but i know our FO and their history of WR's so while I want DEZ with our 12th, it's most likely not going to happen and I am just fine with that. We need playmakers period, regardless what side of the ball they play on.

Flipper, no defensive player would fit our needs at 12....Let's see we need a NT, Dan Williams who alot of people are seeing as a top 10 pick, he is worth a 12....Earl Thomas, FS need one of them, again lots of people see him in the top 10, 12 would not be a reach...should I go on??? To say there will not be a guy there at 12 who can help this D is pretty far fetched

Its amazing to me when stupid people speak.I thought the DOLPHINS didnt allow our players to speak. And this is the reason why. And i watched every game last year and i dont believe he is a super bowl qb as well. So who is he to speak..Just saying/


I agree both Thomas and Williams have great value at 12..

The more I think about it though, the more Thomas makes sense. If we double up on the position, we can pick Thomas at 12 and maybe grab a SS type in the third...

Bell has his problems with injurys, and is not the youngest of plyer anymore...

What happens if Bell goes down early in the season?

We need to draft two safteys...

Space man, both Ronnie Brown and Channing Crowder have their own shows on WQAM... I'm pretty sure they are allowed to talk

my logic is undeniable when I said cut the gerbil after the 3 week into 2009 season


It was funny the first time.2nd time it was a lil weak.

Follow me on twitter

Just sayin

NJ, Never mind i'm an idit, goes with out sayin LOL


Personally, I would of kept Gibril if he would have restructered his contract...

He could of been a good backup to Bell at SS...

Holly crap. 2 West Va players will be suspended for tunnel brawl after the game.

Can you imagine old TO on the fins saying "thats my quaterback" when people ask for the benching of Chad Henne and incoming Penne

comfortablydumb, Wilson had to go period. He was horrible last year. Just for the sake of still believing in Parcells and company which I still do, Wilson was a a must cut. He can't tackle or cover so what good is he to Miami? I remember Dallas Clark blowing past him in the opener and it went down hill from there. How about Shockey mugging him for about 25-30 years before he made a tackle. Gibril is a sucker and needed to go.

Waterboy thats actually funny to think about. Parcells would never bring in T.O. not after the year they spent together in Dallas with the over dose incident and the fact T.O who I actually like is a "me" player. But hypothetically it is funny to think if Pennington was his QB.

Penne to TO for a 15 yard Bomb down the sidelines.

Or Pat White Hits Fasano's Helmet, who is still running the route, and the ball is caught by TO for a first down.

Wetz signed LB Lance Laury, formerly of the Seahawks.
With zero career sacks, Laury will be asked to learn the inside linebacker position in New York's 3-4 system. Primarily, though, he'll be running down kicks and punts. Laury led Seattle in special teams tackles last year.

See the Wetz hire Scrubs too!!!!!!!

LMAO Waterboy, 15 yard bomb! hahaha

What's the big deal...Tebow does suck as a QB..
( unless he comes to the dolphins-then he is good )

Henne is just telling it like it si

Careful Po, the dream police will track you down.

Henne's comment: "He's obviously learned a from a lot of good people. And with Urban Meyere up there, he's learned from the best.

When I read that, I laughed so hard, beer was spraying out of my nose. Hey, I like Henne but he's got a ways to go before speaking to the media.

lol @ Joe.


My point is Gibril is actually pretty good against the run. He was playing out of position at FS.

Still had 93 tackles on the season...

And it ties in to my original point, what happens if Bell goes down early in the season? Who do we have to take his place? Gibril could have been a good backup if he would have taken a HUGE paycut...

Henne wants a WR, lets get him a WR - enough said.

Even Henne knows the Dolphins need a quality receiver.

The Dolphins didn't go to Dan Williams pro-day.

Brandon Marshall

I wonder if the Front Office is waiting for B. Marshall's price to drop as we approach the draft?

Comfortablynum6 not dumb sorry wasn't trying to mock your screen name just misread it. Anyway I don't agree with Gibril being a good strong safety either. Tackles are recorded by the team so 93 tackles means nothing to me. It's a stat but stats are over rated, especially tackles. By watching every game he is a bad player. Whether he restructered his deal or didn't it still doesn't make him any better of a player for cheap. I have to say we agree to disagree.

As far as a replacement for Wilson, I would much rather see Clemons out there making mistakes as a rookie or now a second year player then see Wilson in a Dolphins uniform. If Clemons fails so be it but Wilson is a total liability out there.

that's a nice way of saying our receivers suck.

Jack Gunn, there waiting for Marshall to go elsewhere, not for his price to drop

Henne backtracking comments simplified:

"I meant exactly what I said yesterday but wish I wouldn't have said it and don't want the negative publicity."

Tebow is diefied because he symbolizes the way we all "say" we'd like our athletes to be. Unfortunately that's not going to help him in the NLF. And I'll just leave it at that...


Miami's WRs don't suck they are just a bunch of #2 or #3 or slot receivers. I like Harline a lot he is going to be a solid #2. Bess is very good in the slot. Camarillo is a very good #3 or #4 guy. Ginn is a p**sy! I have no place for him on this team.

But what makes all them players play to their strenghts is that true #1. But they are hard to come by and we clearly don't have one.


So I'm guessing you don't want him on our team? lol

I think he would be a good fit!

Guessed right Jack!!


No problem about the name thing. Actually didn't even notice untill you pointed it out..

I agree Gibril didn't look good out there this year but, I wonder how much of that is from bad play on his part -vs- bad play of Phins D.

Yeah, he looked pathetic trying to tackle Shockey, but if we had an ILB that could cover or tackle, he wouldn't have been in that situation. It's tough comming to a new defence, learning a new scheme, and playing out of position. He had alot on his plate, so it was inevitable he was going to fail....

All in all though, he might not be the safety we were all hoping he was going to be but, I still believe he is a good enough player to be a backup SS if he would have taken a paycut.



For some reason, I don't think Dez Bryant is off Miami's board. I'm not saying that's who I would pick or if he's the frontrunner (I think it's Derrick Morgan) but I think he's in the hunt. I don't think they are even remotely considering CJ Spiller though.

I too would pick Ndakumong Suh or Eric Berry easily ahead of Bryant.

Why do the guys at the Sentinel think Joe haden is a possibility? I don't even have him on the 12 pick radar.

bobbyd12 yes I understand we have needs at those spots you listed. I just don't feel those guys you named are value at 12 to me they are late first rounders. Not saying they won't be good or can't help our team at all and I happen to like the players you named for those particular positions we have needs for on D.
The problem I have is to me a TOP 15 pick should be for superior talent best of the class at their position.

FS would be Eric Berry he won't last until 12, but he's worth the pick at 12, Earl Thomas to me is a little bit of a reach he's very good but not Top 15 good in my opinion but he's close so I see why there is an allure of snagging him at 12.

NT yes we do really need a young one to groom, but again I am worried about this Hype Williams is getting he's more a one year wonder to me with tremendous upside. At 12 he's another reach in my opinion. I just don't see a clear cut top NT in this draft they all are very close in skill set.

Now with DEZ and all the rumors circulating about his character and all that, I can see the concern but I strictly am basing this on his Talent he's the type of Talent you take with a 12 pick he's a TOP 15 Talent. While he also fills a NEED we have as well.

Either way we go on draft day I am sure we will end up with a Quality player at 12. I am just having a little fun with you Defensive minded guys on here.

Holy shyt, the Jets are looking at Iupati with their 1st round pick!!! Dolphins better snatch him up so the Jets don't get him and become a dominant team for the next five years!!!! Rolling my eyes

tebows garbage

Dan Williams aint coming to Miami. The first pick goes to someone who can provide TDs sacks or turnovers period.


Ok Flipper, u have ur opinion about those players, cool..I was just stating that most Draft Boards now have Thomas, Williams and Morgan all as top ten picks so in my opinion they are not a reach


Glad Henne was able to get his foot out of his mouth,as it will make it easier when Tebow is drafted by Miami.

Henne the Hero

Dan Williams will probably be coming to Miami...at least for a private workout. Thats the only possible reason they diddn`t go to the Tennesee pro day.

miami has zero interest in tebow


mama maria cares about henne .

Would be really happy if the first three rounds looked something like.....

1 - Earl Thomas, S, Texas

2 - Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU

3 - Reshad Jones, S, Georgia

Maybe a WR or NT in the 4th.....

OK Guys, The cuban is now on the blog... What is going on in Phinland" today????(Besides POs melt down last nite)(which was funny reading this morning... thanks PO) lol....

I aim to please.

NJ enjoyed it too.

Cuban, Ricky Williams has hired Drew Rosenhaus and now says he wants to continue to play after 2010 and wants a new contract, thoughts???

I like Ricky(puff-puff-pass)Williams, as long as he produces he's a great back come the 4th qtr, when the defense is dog tired, he'll break a long one, so I think its great.....

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