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Henne clarifies Tebow comment, talks WRs

It is a beautiful day in South Florida, a perfect golf day, and that's good because about a dozen Dolphins players are participating in the Athletes in Action charity tournament now.

Chad Henne is participating because he's a good community guy. He talked to reporters today -- The Herald's Jeff Darlington and David J. Neal were there because they love golf -- and they asked Henne about his controversial Tim Tebow comment Wednesday, in which the Dolphins quarterback said, "In my judgment he's not an NFL quarterback. So leave it at that."

Today Henne didn't want to leave it at that. Today Henne was surrounded by reporters that asked better questions. Today Henne backtracked a little bit.

"I didn't really say he wasn't wasn't able to be one," Henne said of Tebow. "We're all in this process, learning how to be an NFL quarterback. Obviously, he's taken the right steps to improve his game. His throwing motion actually looks a lot better with his release and everything. I think his Pro Day went really well and he was happy with it. I can't really say anything. My quarterback coach from college is coaching him in college. We're coming from the same people.

"He's obviously learned a from a lot of good people. And with Urban Meyere up there, he's learned from the best. Those [comments] were way out of proportion, he's not going to be an NFL quarterback. Wherever he goes, he's going to make that team better because he's such a competitor and a great person."

Henne was uncomfortable that the comments got national attention. He was more uncomfortable that his comment was perceived as coming from the Dolphins -- as an inside the Dolphins organization opinion.

"The thing about that is that dragging the Dolphins and our coaching staff into this when it's way out of proportion," Henne said. "I never talked to them about Tebow. They never mentioned anything. It was all what I was perceived to say. I have nothing against him. I really like him as a person. I met him last year up there at Florida working out their receivers and got an opportunity to play against him so he really is a wonderful person and I only wish him the best."

Henne claimed WQAM, where he made the original Tebow remark, cut him off before he could explain his comment. He said he would have liked the opportunity to add that Tebow is working on what he needs to and he liked what he saw.

On the football front, Henne has been consistent in saying he sees improvement from Miami's current WR corps. He believes in those guys. But ...

Henne admits he wouldn't mind the group being improved with a proven player.

"There's definitely guys out there, like you said," Henne said. "There's T.O. [Terrell Owens]. There's Brandon Marshall. There's guys in the draft. Where we're at, we have a bunch of young guys who are definitely learning and going to be explosive in the next coming year.

"But you need kind of a veteran guy that's really going to take hold of our young guys and teach them the right ways."


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I third that notion

i love reading all these posts where people on here dont want marshall on the fins because hes a problem child or whatever but if he went to the U he could be a hoodlum or a druggie or even kill someone and these same people would love him hahaha too funny

As do I. You have the right to express your opinions, but this assinine behavior is infringing on my right to enjoy this blog. Not only is it annoying, the spam scrolls all of the football content from the iPhone blog and leaves a ton of homoerotic commentary.

Enough already

Marshall is a hoodlum. Marshal is also a bad locker room presence. Marshall can play ball, when not suspended. He is a risk outside of football and has proven to have a selfish chAracter around teamates.

Stop isolating and focusing on one issue at a time and think of everything. He is expensive in that he would cost draft picks. He will want to make big bucks, too. He is of questionable character on and off the field. Will get suspended or divide a locker room.

i am thinking of everything but the money and the locker room mean nothing to me the coaches and quality control people get paid pretty dam good to put up with some bad guys and marshall instantly helps the passing game and the running game but if you people want to keep watching field goals because your worried about team chemistry oh well

I agree with the guys who want to see change on this blog with childish games! This is not the first time we have asked for a decent place to talk about the team we all love! Remember some of us also paid extra money for an iPhone app to stay in touch 24/7.

I would love his talent, but i want a football team that thinks about team, not me myself and a bunch of I's.

I mean, if he could at least bring some supoerbowl experience with him.. then you've got something.. but i don't care about our receiving and qb stats... i care about wins and a team that plays for each other... how did Marshall do for Denver? lots of stats.. but on his ass benched when they needed wins.

If we picked him up, I would hope I was wrong, but unless we do, I am rooting against him coming here.


If we don't trade for Marshall, where do we go with the 12th pick?

I'm going scenario crazy. One day I'm thinking this, another day I'm thinking that.

One thing I do know is the more I read/see Dan Williams, the more i like him.

Did Henne really say, There's definitely guys out there, like you said," Henne said. "There's T.O. [Terrell Owens].

sign T.O

Sometimes a change of scenery and some disciplinarian coaches can have a positive effect on people. Brandon Marshall is a man beast and is still only 25 years old. The whole offense gets better if we get him. NE took a gamble on Randy Moss and that worked out pretty well for them, did it not? I say work out a deal give Den our # 2 and any one of our WR that they want (except maybe Hartline) and get BRANDON MARSHALL!!!!

Evening folks,

Yeah, Armando if you can cut down some of the crazy sexual content posts or poster(s). I agree with most that it gets distracting and that younger readers tune in to get Fins Football news and get the "Anything goes Blog". Not on you at all Armando just use your mighty blog prowess to keep it in check please.

Thanks for your help.

The Marshall debate rages on... me thinks it shant cool until he actually goes somewhere or re-ups in Denver. (I think he will be gone after the price comes down).

The crazy thing is most of the arguements posed "FOR" getting Marshall come from the stance that he is such a crazy talent there will never be another. He was a Denver 4rth round pick. He has a gaggle of baggage he brings and he is very talented...

Then if the Marshal;l fans don't get him they say it has to be Dez Bryant then? He does seem to have the goods and moves well on the field but he has some red flags of his own...

In this crap shoot world of the NFL draft why can't A Benn or D Thomas be as good as Marshall? Maybe better? How about a 3rd or 4rth tier WR that no one is targeting that goes in the mid rounds just like Marshall did? Some guys that have some good all around athleticism and triangle numbers like:

Marcus Easley 6'2 3/4 210lbs and 4.46 in the 40.

Blair White 6'2 1/4 209lbs and 4.51 in the 40

Carlton Mitchell 6'2 7/8 215lbs 4.49 in the 40

These would be similar grabs to what Marshall was rated to make him a 4rth round and 118 players taken beofre him.

Super sleepers could be like:

Bryan Anderson 6'5 215lbs and 4.55 in the 40

Scott Long 6'4 1/8 216lbs and 4.46 in the 40.

The moral being that in ANY and EVERY drfat there are suprise guys. Why is it that people act like no one is ever stumbled upon past round 2? I hear so many people say we HAVE to take a safety in round 1 or all the other guys are crap. Or we HAVE to take a NT in the 1st or 2nd due to so much need.

Drafting for NEEDS alone causes reaches often times. It is NOT the end of the world if the draft is not scripted by position NT or S in the 1st due to need, the other position filled in the 2nd due to need, etc. That is not the best way to find players that can play for 10 years. Parcells and crew will find the guys to continue to move the team forward. I hope people don't jump off the bandwagon if the position they thought should be drafted doesn't in the exact round or two they wanted.


Armando, That makes it:
Just because
Rob in OC and myself just since midnight. This guy has got to go!!!!

sup odin...

Into the wee hours of Fins chat I see


Po and bigalfy were all for it last night and said they would email Armando many times daily over it as well.

Something has to give I am sure.

NJ PHIN and vitamin B12 were not digging it either.

Yeah there is a small mob of regular blog folks that have the torches and pitchforks out.

Armando please do what you can.


I like this lanky and quick WR Bryan Anderson from Central Michigan as a late round WR.

Ran a 4.55 40 @ 215lbs with 6'5" height. 5th year senior after RS freshman season. Has 54 games to his credit.

He has 290 career receptions for 3,648 yards. A career average per catch of 12.6 with 28 TDs.

A guy like this can be another Brandon Marshall or M Colston of the Saints that got drafted in the 7th round.

Aight... gonna shut er down for da night.


IMHO, the verdict is still out on whether Henne will make it in the NFL. One semi-decent season does not an NFL QB make.

How can anyone say that Tebow is overrated? He won a national championship, a Heisman, broke the SEC scoring record .... he is probably the outstanding QB in college history. Will he make it in the NFL? Hard to say .... Look at all the QBs who were top 5 picks and flopped .... and look at the low round QBs who were great ..... Hard to predict.

I just saw the highlight reel on Reshad Jones!

The guys a baller, man! Not only is he good at getting picks but he "hits like a mack truck too!" He also has the prototypical size that Parcels craves. In comparison... the knock on Earl Thomas is that he is small and doesn't play physical enough. IMO...Although Thomas is a very good ball hawk he just doesn't have the body to to lay the wood against bigger WRs, TEs and RBs.

Why use up our #12 overall on Earl Thomas, when we can draft a very good safety in Reshad Jones with a later pick. I'm pretty sure that the FO will use this kind of process of elimination (a hold off on a position that can be filled later theory) in determining who should be a must have with our #1 pick.

Henne is no hero. He isn't even the best QB on this team. Pennington is clearly a better QB (and I have never been a big Pennington fan, but he has earned my respect), but it is now Henne's time here. Henne hasn't even proved that is any better than that slime-ball Sanchez. Maybe he isn't, as much as we hope he is.
Look, a QB has to be smart, right? These comments he's made make him appear stupid and unprofessional. ...JEALOUS, even! Certainly not the comments of a leader. Henne's integrity is now in question, and he did it to himself.

Not smart.



You sir are a buffoon.

Henne the Hero lives on

That was great, I loved Henne's honesty on the original comment.

But it's pretty obvious how when Mando is all about one player he will give them a positive media light. If Porter, T.O. or Marshall would have said the same thing. That comment gets blown way out of proportion adding on as another reason why not to sign these "troubled" playmakers....

Even Henne himself mentioned the OBVIOUS two play makers available; MARSHALL AND T.O.
Lets stop all the bullish and get the young man the weapons he needs to progress!


This did get blown way out of proportion...

Yeah it did nation wide carlito, but in terms of Mando keeping it cool in the local level (which I like) but had it been those players mentioned, Mandito doesn't take that route....

He tears them a new one, Bias may-be?

This new politically correct world we live in is B/S....Henne said what most NFL people have said....I long for the days when u stick to what u say and forget this politically correct shyt


So the Dolphins swap Porter for Dansby.....or so it would seem

Florio is out there running Henne's name through the mud after the WR's comment. Armando, what are you doing?? You goad him for more opinions about WR's?? (Henne's response was, "like you said" so I know you asked him).

Enough already, leave Henne alone. Fill your column with something else for a day or two.

The guy gave his opinion...what's the big deal?!?!?

I think henne is right we need a break out reciever badly i think they should cut ginn bess is twice the reciever he is

bobbyd12, Thanks. Just like a car ! LMAO !! ohh good

Hey, Chad, *WHO* can't play QB in the NFL? Tim or is it YOU?

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