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Crowder on the wrong post-season team

Over the weekend I shared with you the list of players that must step up from what their career byline has been so far in order to turn the Dolphins from also-rans to playoff contenders in 2010. In that regard, I served up positive spin because many of the guys I mentioned could indeed turn into excellent players.

But there is, of course, the famine side to the feast I served.

Players obviously can go in the other direction as well, playing well one year and then laying an egg the next. Joey Porter took that route in 2009. Chad Pennington was on that path the season's first three games until he got injured. Akin Ayodele also went in that direction in 2009 after a solid 2008.

Well, the folks at Pro Football Focus have put together an NFL-wide All-Declined team. That team is comprised of the players whose careers are on the downward trek. But the list also includes players who simply suffered from down years.

One Miami Dolphins player made the team.

ILB Channing Crowder.

Crowder was pretty good in 2008 -- at least good enough to earn a three-year contract from Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. Crowder led the team in tackles in nine 2008 games. The Dolphins bought in on Crowder.

But after delivering a career-high 114 tackles, six passes defensed, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery in 2008, Crowder's 2009 production tanked.

He had a career-worst 51 tackles, one sack, three passes defensed, and one interception in 2009. Crowder led the team in tackles in only one game.

"[He was] unable to make the big plays and really out of place in coverage," the Pro Football Focus guys write. "Definition of a down year."


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Dolphins Joey Haynos is a class act!!!

Crowder is not an Alpha ! He needs to play behind an Alpha to be where he us most comfortable.

Not sure I totally understand the list but both Merling and Langford took a step backwards last year. Not that their careers are in trouble but they need to step up this season.

i would have added Joey Porter and Will Alen to the list too.

Crowder's biggest problem is his immaturity. If he ever grows up he might become very solid. I hope they let Dansby call the defensive signals.

If Crowder can stay healthy he should have a great year. The best FA pick up the dolphins got will make Crowder much better as long as he can stay in each game. I'm talking of course of DC Mike Nolan. Dansby will be a big help too though.

Will Allen got injured. How can you say that he had a down year when he couldnt play? i guess brady had a down year two years ago bc he lost his starting job due to an injury. Heres an idea folks. you want to trash talk your team everyday and say how they are no good and this and that. No one is holding a gun to your head and saying that you have to be a Dolphins fan. Shut up or jump on someone elses bandwagon. Including you Mando.

He talks a good game but seems to be a pedestrian on the field.

You could never confuse him with Zach Thomas.

how can you go from 100 plus to 52 tackles and yet still have people standing up for you?

Crowder is horrible.

Thank you Mark in Ottawa, my sentiments exactly. For all the talk Crowder brings, he rarely backs it up. I remember, all season long, him being out of place, over-running plays, missing tackles, getting blocked. I'd see that occassionally from Zach, but that wasn't the norm. And to think, if both were in this year's draft, the Trifecta would be more likely to draft Crowder, the prototypical LB, than Zach. And what a mistake that would be. So they need to do their homework and find the players who are TRUE NFL PLAYERS, whatever their size, etc. say.

Joey Haynos sucks as a TE. Wake me up when the guy breaks a tackle or outruns an ILB. Strike that, I bet he ran circles past Clam Chowder, Torbor and Ayodele last year.

Well, it is not surprising, for what would you expect from a player, such as Carol Channing Crowder, who camps out on the injured list every time she even reaches back to wipe her ass? Get whatever you can in trade value and wipe the slate clean, and send her packing.

Clam Chowder signed his deal and took the year off, but left his potty mouth on.

I hope they draft 1 or 2 ILB, and have Clammy ride the pine. How many years before this guy's next INT?

I hope however sits on the bottom level behind the endzone, puts a little poster for next years home game

" CLAM CHOWDER ZONE, with a campbell's logo and a picture of this dreadlock dud"


Why wasn't Tedd Ginn JR on the list...Oh thats right he was was terrible since minute one!!!

Good post DC. A lot of people don't realize it but Crowder played behind Zach and had the opportunity to learn from one of the best. Zach didn't have the size but made up for it with intensity on the field and many hours watching film.

So, what happened? I don't know but I can't get over the feeling that Crowder's lazy.

Lions re-signed restricted free agent OL Daniel Loper to a one-year, $1.226 million contract.
Loper, 28, flopped in five starts at left guard last year. The Lions are keeping him because Loper is versatile enough to also back up at right tackle.

Possible destination for Smiley Cyrus

ccrowder the clown should tackle with his mouth-it's big enough to swallow the other team

No Worries...our new Defensive Coordinator will get him into the right schemes...I'm excited to have Mike Nolan onboard and expect great things from this unit.

what can we get from the Lions for smiley???

Hey Rick S,

Get a life!! Don't tell me to shut up!! Will Allen got burned on more than one occasion and often for big gains BEFORE he got injured.

I'm calling a spade a spade. Just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean you can go around shouting your mouth off...

You tell him Craig....

Rick S...You gonna take that?

Round one...DING!

We can get a fifth round pick or pitch in our second with Smiley for Calvin Johnson

The Dolphins should get a fourth from Detroit so Smiley can reprise his role of left side mentor to Okung whom they`ll draft this year.
Since this blog entry is about Crowder I`m wondering if and what he`d bring us as tradebait? We could always draft McClain as his replacement.

"[He was] unable to make the big plays and really out of place in coverage," the Pro Football Focus guys write.
Couldn't have said it better myself. Crowder couldn't cover ANYONE last year.

Tired of these guys trying to say who can be a Dolphin fan and who can't just because we have a different opinion than them. I'll say it again....Will Allen was ordinary at best last season and awful at other times. Time for him to pick up his game or he won't be there in '11.

I would give a fifth or six for Clam Chowder if I needed an ILB.

Good: He has a lot of starting experience
Bad: He is slow and sucks

Dear Craig,
Will Allen is the reason I suggested we used our 3rd round draft pick on a new "Cleat" Guy. I've never seen any other Corner slip more than Will Allen prior to being burnt toast and given up at TD.

Bills re-signed restricted free agent S George Wilson to a one-year, $1.759 million contract.
The 29-year-old converted wide receiver has emerged as one of the league's most underrated safeties. Wilson racked up a highly impressive 103 tackles last year to go with four picks and two sacks. He should be locked into the starting strong safety job in 2010, especially if Donte Whitner is traded.

Possible trading partner: Fins

I hope they keep Davis and Smith at CB and move will allen to FS. He was just ordinary last year before he got hurt. Hopefully the position change would allow him to use his experience to make up for his drop in speed.


that would be too simple for Morano and company. Look for them to reach for a Safety in the 2nd and 3rd rounds as they love to blow away picks in the first 100.

Thats my issue with keeping crowder---he will make dansby worse-----Dasby has all the talent tot be the linebackker who makes all the splash plays----crowder doesnt have that ability and if he isnt a student of the game and cant make calls he shouldnt be a starter---i think we need a linebacker who either has playmaking abilty or can make the calls next to dansby----

Crowder is dead weight b/c of his injuries and lack of a mind---but i would keep him on roster as a back-up b/c he is a good guy with exeperience that has the size to play the position and is VERY CHEAP CONTRACT WISE

I'm a Crowder supporter, having met and talked with him numerous times. He really is a smart person, but i think his pension for being the center of attention is what leads to dumb decisions. Here's hoping Mike Nolan and Dansby along with a space eating NT can revive a player who "if" he can get it together can be a play maker and a huge fan favorite!!

Carefully HvK, your not allowed to say that on here....LOL.

Waterboy, thanks for backing me up. The guys on thin ice and needs to pick his game up. Are you surprised there hasn't be more noise about Whitner coming to the 'Phins. Seems like a natural fit. Would they do it for Thigpen?


Justin smiley and a 4th round pick for Dewayne bowe

Justin smiley, Ted ginn jr and a 6th round pick for dewayne bowe

Justin smiley, ted ginn Jr and a 4th round pick for Dewayne bowe and a 5th

I would do every option listed above your thoughtss?????


I know it's been said on here a number of times but would they consider drafting McClain and moving Crowder somewhere else? Pretty sure they could get at least a fifth for him.

Fins dont like BOWE
they Like Austin and Calvin Johnson.

Forget about that trade


Are you really that high on Bowe? I know he clashed with Haley last year and the talk is he's somewhat lazy with an attitude. if that's the case, he ain't going to play on a BP team.

OK guys, The Cuban has arrived, What's on the slate today??

I dont know if they pull the trigger with the Bills, it seems like a fair trade, but both sides might not be willing to "better" a division foe.

We are discussing how Clam Chowder sucks and Will Allen always slips.
Also we are worried about the gapping holes at S and NT


I agree Waterboy. Probably makes too much sense for it to happen.

Why wouldn't the bills deal with us? Fins and bills are at the bottom.

crowder better step up or he will be the second uf guy we got that busted. we need to start getting some local boys. how about the TE from UM. red head boy that ran a 4.40-4.50?

Crowder will be fine next to Dansby. Outside linebacker is our most pressing need. With NT a very close second.

Water, I agree with your assessment, and nose tackle is a glaring need, Also too, besides will allen slipping a lot did you notice too that Ted(Fetal position)Ginn also slips alot....

I support Crowder for 2 reasons. 1: We have bigger needs and plenty of them. NT, OLB, S, WR, maybe TE before going for another ILB. If they can get a starter in the 6th or 7th that would be great but I don't see it happening. 2: Crowder is good at stopping the run. He was decent next to Zach, could do the same with dansby.

in 3 years in the league the first 2 he had 1000yds recieving dewayne bowe---and 6td ave---60 receptions----at 6"2 220----he is what tuna is looking for -----how mant guys can you trade for who are going into thier 4 year in the league how can have that production at that age with that size and get him for a mid round pick and smiley-----thats a STEAL

crowder better step up or he will be the second uf guy we got that busted. we need to start getting some local boys. how about the TE from UM. red head boy that ran a 4.40-4.50?

Posted by: zeik | March 29, 2010 at 05:27 PM

Zeik, His name is Graham I watched him drop quite a few passes against Vir. Tech, Crucial drops at that, there's a lot better Tight ends out there...IMHO..


I think Haley is josh mcdaniels 2.0-----so anything he sayd CONSIDER THE SOURCE----he hasnt got over his abilty to scream back at Boldin---and he got a HC job b/c of it----EHO MANIAC


My assessment of Crowder is somewhat strange. When he plays,i feel he does nothing but when he's not in the lineup,i feel we miss his presence on the field.

Maybe in Nolans system,he could go from being ok to really good.

We shall see....

also im not for cgetting rid of crowder---i just dont think he should start---he would be a greta backup---and he is making backup money----so if they wanted to use a draft pick on an ilb i would def be for it---b/c it would allow Dansby to play at a higher level


I'd be fine with that but I'm not sure KC will move him and I'm not sure he's Tuna's kind of guy.

HvK, Crowder wasn't so hot at stopping the run last year. Wasn't all his fault but he didn't do the job last year. his number were way down....

every1 gotta look at contracts more---i think at crowder is damaged goods, but for his experience and the money we are paying him u should keep him as the 3rd ilb---just draft one---like Jamar chaney, or brandon spikes with a late--mid round pick

Mcclain will be off the board by 9-11----bills, jaguars, or broncos will select him

Crowder is not a leader. At least he does act like one. he only does good when someone else is going to good, so that fuels him. he is like a complementary linebacker. I think with Dansby in the mix. he should have a good season.

Mark, We also notice when Crowder is out. This year it was less of a big deal. Maybe more good players will help Crowder's game?

Smiley + Pat White + our #12 in rd 1 to Lions for 2nd overall pick. Two players to move up 10 spots.

We pick Suh, we win the division.

Crowder will be fine...he will have a real good year with Dansby and Nolan coaching along with some more "real players" on the line

One person isn't going to "win" the division for us....

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