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Crowder on the wrong post-season team

Over the weekend I shared with you the list of players that must step up from what their career byline has been so far in order to turn the Dolphins from also-rans to playoff contenders in 2010. In that regard, I served up positive spin because many of the guys I mentioned could indeed turn into excellent players.

But there is, of course, the famine side to the feast I served.

Players obviously can go in the other direction as well, playing well one year and then laying an egg the next. Joey Porter took that route in 2009. Chad Pennington was on that path the season's first three games until he got injured. Akin Ayodele also went in that direction in 2009 after a solid 2008.

Well, the folks at Pro Football Focus have put together an NFL-wide All-Declined team. That team is comprised of the players whose careers are on the downward trek. But the list also includes players who simply suffered from down years.

One Miami Dolphins player made the team.

ILB Channing Crowder.

Crowder was pretty good in 2008 -- at least good enough to earn a three-year contract from Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. Crowder led the team in tackles in nine 2008 games. The Dolphins bought in on Crowder.

But after delivering a career-high 114 tackles, six passes defensed, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery in 2008, Crowder's 2009 production tanked.

He had a career-worst 51 tackles, one sack, three passes defensed, and one interception in 2009. Crowder led the team in tackles in only one game.

"[He was] unable to make the big plays and really out of place in coverage," the Pro Football Focus guys write. "Definition of a down year."


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And this is exactly why they will be looking at ILB in the later rounds, including Travis Goether, at whom they have already taken a look. Yet another position that needs some spring cleaning. Unfortunately, so does just about every other position on the team. The only positions on the team where I feel we are in solid shape is:
3/5 of the OL
1/2 of ILB

The positions that are shaky (much longer list):

OG (left)
OG (right)

DT (2x)
OLB (2x)
ILB (1x)

Special teams

crowder---in 2008 would be fine----

2 knees and a bad foot later---he will limit the LB crew effectiveness and will be the target every week---

No sh*t sherlock, but it's a critical piece to winning it . Add to it the rest of our draft, a few veteran FA pick ups and progress on D under Nolan and we are there. Jets are not great and Patriots are beatable.

fort worth fishfan

Suh ---isnt a 3-4 NT---end of story


With the addition of Dansby,i think now's the perfect time for Crowder to step up and learn a thing or two. I still think Dansby will play outside and we'll draft McClain though.

Craig M Crowder's production did slip last season which could have been injury or just his ability. He was good against the run in 08 and I trust Tony S to evaluate Crowder to see if he lost it. I would be disappointed if the Fins picked up an ILB in the first 4 picks because of all our needs.

Well there is also a note about "all improve team" were is Lousaka:

i think if mcclain is there they will pick him, b/c of his value---even though pass rusher is the bigger need---

But he wont be there----bills, jags, broncos---all need a MLB

I'm not a fan of Crowder at all. He is immature. He thinks he has some sort swagger or bravado which totally doesn't agree with his play. All these guys think you have to bark to be a good player. They are all Ray Lewis wannabes. I didn't want him to be resigned last year but he is on the team so I hope he can be a decent compliment to a playmaker and very good player like Karlos Dansby.


I agree with your comment about Haley. Only thing is he's worked with BP before in Dallas and has connections to him. I would think if BP thought Haley doesn't like him he would steer clear.

andy NJ--

He was resigned but, torbor makes 3 times wat crowder is making---crowder is makn backup money and is hurt too often---to think he is a lock starter next year ---i think is false

good info Craig M

Didnt know that---but if pat kirwan worked with parcells----any jerk can

So did they say Crowder was in a down year or would decline from now on?

teddys slip are by design
he wants to fall because he is a wimp

Team Tuna

DE is not a position of need. I'll assume you mean DE instead of DT. Merling could step it up a little, Langford is solid, Starks is great, and McDaniel can fill in if needed. Remember in a 3-4 you don't get a lot of sacks out of your front 3, you rely on the OLBs to get the sacks.

On previous posts we were talking about RB's. I like LeGarrette Blount in the 6th round, which where he is projected. He is not a speedster but he is deceptively fast for his size (6'1", 241 lbs.) He certainly fits prototype. One heck of a beast.

cuban...graham dropped two passes in his 3rd game playing football since his freshman year in high school - very big momentum killing drops nonetheless. but don't remember him dropping any the rest of the year. dude bounced back. his hands, size and speed are all above average.


True, is there anybody that's worse at putting a mock draft together than Pat Kirwan?....seriously!!

They stated that Crowders performances in 09' were alot worse than in 08'.

He was'nt the only one. How about these...

Vernon Carey
Anthony Fasano
Donald Thomas
(I would put Ted Ginns name here but he's always been crap) LOL

Do u guys agree with the signing of haynos or want another te?

His position could be upgraded, goes without sayin.

lots of good prospects late in this draft. Blount can be a good one. Stefan Johnson might be a real steal for some team, too. he was the best RB for USC the past 4 years when they had like 15 5 star RBs come in.

Team Tuna,
What about RB?

Craig M, did you see Charles Davis's? might beat Kirwan. But who knows. At this point anything is possible just about.

24 Days till Rolando McClain puts on his Dolphin hat....

So many holes, I forgot to put one down. RB under shaky. Thanks PriceMaster. I know we have Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, but Ricky is getting close to retirement and Ronnie is in the last year of his contract, hasn't shown he can stay healthy, and always suffers a setback when he seems to be on the verge of realizing his potential. The other backs are not every down backs (Lex Hilliard and Patrick Cobbs) although they are helpful in special teams.

You can never have enough tight ends....LOL..

Cuban Menace former altar boy...he knows well


I'm probably gonna get slated for saying this but i dont actually think TE is a big need for us. Dont get me wrong,i'd love to have a TE on this team that resembles a Dallas Clark or a Jason Witton but i feel like we should try to address some other areas of the team first like NT,FS,OLB,ILB and WR.

If a TE gets drafted,i'd prefer it to be in the 6th,but no earlier

I didn't know that Torbor makes 3x as much. Where are you getting these contract numbers from Madden? lol. But that is good info. I do want a whole new look to this LB group with I guess the exception of Crowder that will be true.

lots of good TEs available to take. can get a good one late in the draft.

LMAO didn't Kirwan have Odrick going to Miami at 12? I spoke to Kirwan before on NFL serious he was a "know it all" I never called his hour again. I talk to Jim Miller and Gil Brandt. Brandt is a kook and a know it all but I like him, Jim is the man.


I'm lovin your post @ 06:05 :)

Odrick wouldn't be any worse a pick for the fish than Dan Williams in my opinion. He's more Jay Ratliff like than Williams that's for sure.


Love your post at 6:05 too, but does that mean Dansby goes outside? Or is it just for a year until we replace Crowder? Would you also conced that if we go this route, we bring JT back for a year?

Crowder is the most over-rated player on the team. My opinion, he sucks.


I think b12 and i are on the same page regarding Dansby. We draft McClain,then put Dansby outside. Sounds damn good to me..

we need to draft a playmaking LB. to take Crowders spot and trade him to the Cards so he can be with his brother Joey and ruin that team..Crowder is an average LB with a big mouth no motor and never makes game changing plays except for the 5 yard int against the Pats that was tossed right to him because of camron wakes killer rush on Brady. Crowder hurts our defense...We never pick the right players from the Florida schools !! Yatil and crowder were total wastes..


I saw Charles Davis' mock....pretty scary!! But maybe he knows something. I thought the Spiller pick to the Bills was the funniest.

Andy, I'm not surprised to know that Pat Kirwan is a 'no-it-all'. I used to like reading the guy on CNNSI until I heard him in interviews and he totally rubbed me the worng way....so condescending.

There was something in the air that night, the stars so bright, Rolando...

Crowder is the "Ted Ginn" of the defense. Lots of potential with little result.


I'm totally onside with that.....EXCEPT that.....Dansby is beeter inside than out. There's no doubt about it and this can't be argued. I'm not saying that he's not good outside, just that he's able to do more things inside. Also, I'm concerned that the pass rush still hasn't been upgraded enough in this scenario, unless we're going OLB in the second and I feel there are other needs we should be looking at first.



"We're hearing talk of teams possibly trying to invade the lower reaches of the top 10 in order to get a crack at Spiller, with rumors currently focusing on the Dolphins and the Giants"



Are you wishing the pick is McClain too?

Dansby will play inside. Brandon Graham will start on the outside opposite Wake.

If the Dolphins do draft McClain, I prefer that they unload Crowder instead of moving Dansby to SOLB... This is the year to get rid of big contracts with no cap hit


Rolando McClain has been my #1 choice at 12 for months....

I am not a believer but it's out there.


I agree with your thoughts on McClain too. Only problem is where does our pass rush come from our OLB....obviously you are saying that JT will be back.


I'm still not convinced that we've signed Dansby for $9 million a year to play ILB. Lets not forget that in Nolans system,Dansby could be awesome on the outside.

I believe playing Dansby outside and drafting McClain is Parcells 1st choice scenario but if McClain goes to Jacksonville or Denver,then i think Dansby plays ILB and we'll draft someone like Kindle

How don't u take McClain if he is sitting there??? Best LB in this draft, anyother LB is a reach, Morgan, Graham, Kindle, Hughes, none of them are in McClains class...he is THE best pass covering LB out there...Dansby, McClain, Crowder, Wake make up a formidable LB Corp as any in this league...Nolan would have a field day with these guys out there


I would like to see JT comeback for one more year, I am a big Cam Wake fan though and hope he has a breakout year with more playing time

I don't know if anyone touched on this but I'm going to anyway. Channing Crowder has got to be out of his mind. I can't come up with any other reason for his behavior.

He plays okay in 08', not spectacular but had a decent year. I know the stats say he made all of those tackles but I don't remember him being in on too many game or momentum changing plays.

The team rewards him with a new contract thinking 'hell, he played well for us this year and can only get better so we have to lock him up for a few years'. So he gets paid, half for his production in 08' and half for what thay believed he would bring to the team in 09'.

09' comes and he is M.I.A. for most of the games and injured for the rest. He makes ONE big play that I can remember, an interception that was thrown directly to him to seal a game. He was a step too slow in pass coverage and out of position in run support 75% of the time. It was as if he was confused as to what the other team was doing most of the time which makes me question his film study habits What is more disturbing about that is the fact that he learned how to study from the best in the business, our man Zach Thomas.

So after getting paid pretty handsomely by the team he drops off the face of the earth the following season.

He then decides that it wasn't good enough to screw the team by being unprepared to play, he now needs to bad mouth them in a public forum to some cheezy radio host. He sticks up for a guy who only cares about his own image, over the very team that rewarded him and asked him to be a part of their future.

And now this article, proving that we the fans weren't the only ones who witnessed his decline.

So I ask, how in the HELL are we supposed to root for this jackass now? How in the HELL does he expect to walk in that locker room and get any respect from his teammates or coaches, all of whom he completly threw under the bus? I hope he does well but only because it will help the team. I used to root for him because I liked him as a person but that dissapeared the minute I heard the interview. Two more years on his contract is way too long for me and I only hope that we are able to trade or cut him at sometime before that last season. I would root for him and forgive him but not until I hear that he apologized to his teammates, coaches, AND the fans for disgracing the team with J. Sleazy.

Where's the apology Channing, we're waiting.


I agree with you that McClain is the safest pick at 12 out of all linebackers, but I think alot of that has to do with the fact that he will not be playing a new position in the NFL like Morgan, Graham, or Kindle would

Snowman, forget Graham, he is not a fit in the 3-4 and not big enough

Carlito, absolutley, the guy is far and away more talented then any LB out there...the guy is a natural



Mark and Bobby,

McClain would be a great addition to this team. But I think I would prefer to see Dansby play inside and for us to move Crowder and keep JT. If we can't move Crowder, I say move Dansby outside and I still say if unable to get another young kid bring back JT in a rotation with Wake and Anderson.

crowder was just another bad signing by the front office. guy plays in slow motion

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