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Crowder on the wrong post-season team

Over the weekend I shared with you the list of players that must step up from what their career byline has been so far in order to turn the Dolphins from also-rans to playoff contenders in 2010. In that regard, I served up positive spin because many of the guys I mentioned could indeed turn into excellent players.

But there is, of course, the famine side to the feast I served.

Players obviously can go in the other direction as well, playing well one year and then laying an egg the next. Joey Porter took that route in 2009. Chad Pennington was on that path the season's first three games until he got injured. Akin Ayodele also went in that direction in 2009 after a solid 2008.

Well, the folks at Pro Football Focus have put together an NFL-wide All-Declined team. That team is comprised of the players whose careers are on the downward trek. But the list also includes players who simply suffered from down years.

One Miami Dolphins player made the team.

ILB Channing Crowder.

Crowder was pretty good in 2008 -- at least good enough to earn a three-year contract from Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano. Crowder led the team in tackles in nine 2008 games. The Dolphins bought in on Crowder.

But after delivering a career-high 114 tackles, six passes defensed, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery in 2008, Crowder's 2009 production tanked.

He had a career-worst 51 tackles, one sack, three passes defensed, and one interception in 2009. Crowder led the team in tackles in only one game.

"[He was] unable to make the big plays and really out of place in coverage," the Pro Football Focus guys write. "Definition of a down year."


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NY Scott,

I can forgive Crowder, if he comes back to the team and apologizes and becomes more commited to the program. Your right about his MIA and his disappearance at times. It can't be anything else other than lack of effort and lack of focus. He needs to lose some of his arrogance and become a better teammate.


How is Graham not big enough? He outweighs our heaviest OLB by almost 20 lbs. He and Kindle would not have to undergo a position change. If either of them were drafted, it would be for OLB, which they both played in college. Morgan is the only one who would not work because Morgan was a DE in college and has been performed poorly in workouts trying him out at OLB. Morgan is projected as a 4-3 DE so he will not be a linebacker at the next level. However, this limitation only applies to Morgan, not Graham or Kindle.

Scott NY,

AGREED! AGREED! AGREED! Crowder is a chump. He has a loud bark and little bite. I want a complete makeover at the LB. I would like to see 4 new starters out there but will settle for 3/4. Inside Dansby and more then likely and unfortunately Crowder. Outside Wake and Graham/Kindle/JPP/Morgan or whoever they draft.

Bobby, Elvis Dumervil was a little smaller than 3-4 olb usually are. He exploded in Mike Nolans system. Love Graham's motor.


When you say 'move Crowder',do you mean move him to a different position or trade him?

If you mean trade him,i dont think we'd get alot for him to be honest bud. The guy has'nt been the best for us. Be lucky to get a packet of peanuts for him LOL

Craig M...Dansby played his whole college carreer as OLB at Auburn except his first year when he was a strong safety....Why would putting Dansby outside be so terrible???


Thanks AL.

Dansby was a great signing because he does give Miami the flexability to go a few different ways when drafting at LB. I like the theory of drafting McClain and moving Dansby outside but Dansby is most effective playing inside IMO. He can be moved around on certain plays to give the defense different looks. Nolan did it with DJ Williams this past season in Denver. He lined up mostly inside but also played outside and blitzed.

Totally off topic, but just read a post on profootballtalk.com regarding rumors circling that the Dolphins and Giants are looking to move into the top 10 for the potential services of C.J. Spiller. I'm sorry, but I'm going to be pissed if we ship away draft picks in order to pick up a running back. I still have all the faith in the world in Brown, and our defense needs some serious help...this better be a smokescreen.


I know that. I just think Dansby has shown to be most efective at ILB, a position he has played the last two years. i think most people would consider him a better ILB than a OLB.

send brown, butter fingers ginn, will i have another drink allen, boston clam crowder, to the eagles for Mcnabb. Hell Yeah!!!

Spiller would be Henne's best friend. Screens and dump offs when pessured? Yeah.

Mike in Houston,

I believe that is jut a rumour that someone has cooked up. We talked about that today and perhaps it's the kind of thing they could look at for someone like Berry but it's not Bill Parcells style to give up draft picks to move up, especially someone I think will be there at 12. So, I think you can relax on this one...I don't think it's going to happen.

Team Tuna, Graham didn't play in a 3-4 as an OLB either...Graham has stated he THINKS he would be able to drop back and cover, he has NEVER done it, while McClain has done it verysuccessfully his whole college career..Thajority of scoring reports all say the same thing, Graham will be a good player in the 4-3....Plusando just did a blog on prototypical players, Graham is 6:1 way shorter then what Parcells typically takes AND has short arms, which certainly grow any longer...Even Armando admitted there is very little chance Dolphins take Graham...Kindle wpuld be a much better pick then Graham for our 3-4 but even he is a reach at 12...


I'm with you dude. Trading up for Spiller makes no sense whatsoever and although Brown seems to be injured more often that not,taking Spiller would be somewhat of a luxury pick imo.

Good...here's to hoping Craig...

Don't like Kindle. Jerry Hughes would work in the 2nd round.

And what if Graham is unable to drop back into pass coverage??? He becomes a wasted pick...no thank you, McClain isn't a project Graham is

Perfect way to put it Mark...total luxury pick.


I may have asked you this before but how likely do you think McCLain is there at 12? Who are the teams we need to worry about? I'm guessing Jacksonville, Denver and the possibility of NY Giants trading ahead of us to pick him. Thoughts?

That's what I'm looking for Craig, just an apology. It's driving me nuts that this happened and everyone's acting like it was just a dream. I understand that he won't feel like it's necessary to apologize to the fans but I do. I don't think it was right for him to throw the organization under the bus like that, it's OUR team! He made it an 'us against them' situation. Well I'm siding with them because we were here long before he arrived and will be here long after he's gone (God willing). He's on the 'us' bus and the person driving it was just arrested for dui so he's on his own now as far as I'm concerned. You dissed our team, where's the apology CHANNING?

I think it's time for some sleep.

Laters guys. Have a good evening... :)

Crowder should play WR. I mean he caught a ball over the middle that hit him in the hands and he didn't drop the ball. And he didn't look scared.

Really he is not a great player. Ok at times but he is always cutting the wrong way, taking the wrong route to cut off the outside runner and is often watching others make tough tackles.
I was kinda wishing they could have traded him to NE to get a perspective on playing football.

Craig M, I said if he is there u can't pass him up...whether he's actually there is another story, can't control that

Right Andy. But all I want is that damned apology. I'm interested to see how he does under Nolan but if this doesn't get resolved I'm done with Crowder. I lost all respect for him and can't support traitors.


Majority of Mock Drafts have Brandon Graham going in the late 20s, that's about where he should go IMO, certainly not a number 12 pick


On another subject,

have any of you ever been in a locker room with a real athlete after he has come back from a long work-out? I mean, you can tell he is sweating and very smelly. There is no feeling like it in the world.

Love all,


Agreed bobby. Graham is a bad value at #12. mid twenties I would grab him.


Couple of questions. I live in Canada. Is it true that there are a lot of Dolphins games that don't sell out? I don't get it, how come? Is it as a result of the economy or is the city just passive when it comes to the team. I just don't get it. What do you think if anything might turn it around? It kind of ticks me off that there isn't greater home support for our beloved team. In some ways I think we're not getting the true home ice advantage. I've also heard that the seats are a fair distance from the field and it's not the 'true fan experience' you would expect. Is that true?

I'm hoping to come down to Miami for my first ever game in Miami this year. Any tips guys? Do you think I'll have a difficult time getting a ticket? Thanks.

Ok, that post at 1912 means I'm outta here, not in the mood tonite to have someone fake post under my name ADIOS

That should have been 'home field'.....I'm such a Canadian, eh!!......LOL.



Graham would be a great fit. Graham can get to the QB and stop the run. He is far from a project. You are acting like OLB's are asked to be excellent cover guys. If Graham can set the edge in the run game and get after the QB the way he can and cover the flats and occasionally turn and make a tackle on tight end or slot who gets just behind him he will be fine. He led college football in tackles for loss and had double digits sacks on a bad Michigan defense and team. He was constantly doubled and his effort stands out on the field.

As far as his measurables not being the "prototype" then that would be your best argument but lay off the he can't cover nonsense.

Simple fact, Craig M, when that team puts on those uniforms every Sunday they are your team. Do we have a lot of under achievers. Yes. But you take what you have and you show support for everyone wearing the aqua and orange. Don't talk trash about our guys. Go be a Saints fan like half the country if you don't like our guys.

Yeh I think Crowder had an overdose of Peezy..watching those two strut around playing to the crowd before the games, then lay eggs during the game was hard to accept for me , a fan...I hope it got the coaches attention.


I am not gay.

I just wanted to express my feelings. Being in touch with my feminine side makes me feel more like a man. Have you ever felt that way? Anyone?

Back to subject at had, McClain would be exceptioal at #12 and moving Dansby to OLB.



Why you playing with bobbyd12's good name? I'm surprise he didnt catch you this time, he usually does...

Rick S,

You showed your face again. WOW!! I think maybe it's you who needs to take a hike, pal. This is what they call a BLOG.....a place where we get to express opinions. Because you don't happen to agree with it doesn't mean you can run around and tell people to 'shut up' and 'go support another team'. I called out Will Allen for his play last year because it was pretty ordinary. I've you've bother to read on you'll see there were others who shared the same sentiment.



Been reading Mandos posts and the replies for about 2 weeks now. As a die hard dolphin fan, I must say this site is great.
I would agree w many of you who believe we need a big strong fast WR, and I'd love to see it. Unfortunately, I don't think its gonna happen, and if it does it will be a 2-4th rd pick "sleeper". And the more I think that the spiller pick would be absurd, think about miamis offensive philosophy- run the ball, grind the clock and play "good" defense. Saying that, this draft is defensively rich in talent and they prob feel they can get some good players later (NT, OLB, FS). Ronnie Brown has lots of talent but can't stay off the injury report and ricky is not a long term solution. Do not be surprised if the dolphins take Spiller, or more realistically, Jahvid Best in round 2. Maybe Mike Williams in round 3 or 4? After the pat white pick last year I just wouldn't be surprised.


It must have been Crowder then

he sucks, always been overated. i cant believe they gave him the contract he got. he has never made a game changing play.

Crowder? Who cares about crowder? this is parcells last draft...we are left with a bunch of nonamers that would have trouble starting on most teams. We cant complete in our own division. It doesnt matter who we draft-Parcells will leave town. Here we are with ireland? Morano? Morano can barely speak on a six grade level. Without parcells, he would be run out of town as an idiot. Pennington? What can henne learn from penny...how to hold on to ball longer? Dont take any chances? beat it penny!!! Pat White..WTF-Look at all the flipping needs we have right now!!! We'll have them next year too... maybe just another couple of years...maybe 5? powers that be have destroyed our franchise through FA and the draft for more than tens years and it will continue.

Crowder has been average
If mcclain is there I hope fina take him. Ideally we take lbs with the first 2 picks and trade crowder

Pat White will be traded during or before this years draft. Also McNabb will be a RIADER by the end of this weekend.

Crowder is simply AVERGE. And nothing more.

The Dolphins have too many holes to be worrying about an already good Channing Crowder. Yes, I said good. The difference he makes on the field is tremendous. Look at the defense and how they play when he is not playing. It's lousy. Yes, he doens't get sacks or ints like other people do, but he does make plays in other ways. Over all, he is a solid tackler and he creates opportunities for others. A lot of time, when he is blitzing, he doesn't get the sack, but someone else will come over to help pick up his blitz, allowing someone else to get the sack.
Crowder is actually a good play caller and is smart when it comes to football. He learned a lot from Zach Thomas and it shows. Crowder does actually spend a lot of time breaking down and watching film.
One possible reason why he didn't have as productive of a year is because he was injured and our lb & safties didn't play well as a whole. He was out of place at times, shot the wrong gap at times, but I'd much rather him in there than him sitting on the bench.
Too many times, readers will jump to conclusions and agree with what other people are saying on blogs or comments when they don't really know what they're talking about.


Are you even a Dolphins fan, man? Just sounds like you need to throw in the towel....it all sounds just to frustrting for you, man.....you need to give it all up and find another hobby.

Craig M
Im a fan. Just frustrated after 20 plus years of bad product.

At least we have Pat White...maybe he'll put on a hundred pounds in the off season...


I couldn't disagree with you any more than what you just said.I'm not sure if you were trying to be funny or if your just trying to rile people up but you have no idea what your talking about.

You said things like 'Crowder actually is a good tackler' and 'he learned a lot from Thomas' and 'he actually spends a lot of time watching film'. From where are you getting all this stuff from? The reality is, Crowder is a central defender and he did a very poor job tackling last year. I argued before on here that if he'd done his job, Gibril Wilson wouldn't have been forced to make as many tackles in the backfiled as he did. And the reality is that Crowder's stats were down SUBSTANTIALLY from the season before. All that and the fact that Crowder rarely if ever makes any BIG plays. I defy you to tell me three big plays that Crowder made last year. And that's been his pattern all through his career.

Sorry man, I just don't GET your post......that's what makes me think you were trying to be funny.


I get it man. I'm frustrated too. I just don't think it's as bad as your making out to be. Sorry......


Dear Mr. Salguero

I've seen some posts that say Channing Crowder will play better along side of that Dansby guy and that Channing was better when he played along side of Zach Thomas.

So if this is true that makes Channing Crowder a good number 2.

Anywhoo thats what I think when I think of Channing Crowder a big stinky pile of number 2.

Soiled :)

crowder sucks

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