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Dansby to make first free agent visit to Miami

The Dolphins today have to be considered the early favorite to sign linebacker Karlos Dansby.

Dansby, 28, confirmed on ESPN after midnight Friday morning that he will visit with the Dolphins Friday. "I just got off the phone with my agent," Dansby said, "and he told me our first visit right now is Miami. We have other things lined up."

And away we go!

Obviously, Dansby will be in South Florida sometime in the afternoon. He was not, contrary to various reports, aboard a plane to Miami at midnight. (Oh and reports that claim they were slightly "off" on their claims were wrong, too. This isn't horseshoes or hand grenades.)

The Dolphins will do everything they can to keep Dansby from leaving town without a contract. They have a relationship with Dansby's agent Todd France, who also represents running back Ronnie Brown.

But Dansby will cost. As I reported earlier, he's looking for $30 million guaranteed.

The Dolphins were not messing around Thursday even before the new league year began at midnight. They were among the first teams to speak with local agent Drew Rosenhaus about safety Antrel Rolle, according to a source close to Rolle.

I have not confirmed that Miami has offered Rolle a contract as has been written elsewhere. Going to be cautious here.

On another front, a source close to Chad Pennington is saying the quarterback wants to play for the Dolphins. Nothing new thee. There is no contract agreement, but it seems the veteran will do whatever he can to be with the Dolphins as a backup.

If there is a follow through on this -- and remember it's not done until and unless there is a contract -- the Dolphins may find themselves with four quarterbacks at the end of training camp. And that could be one quarterback too many.

I do know the Buffalo Bills have sniffed around about Tyler Thigpen so that might be an option for alleviating the crowded quarterback room.

One small caveat to all this: The Carolina Panthers released starting QB Jake Delhomme on Thursday. Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning coached Delhomme the year the Panthers went to the Super Bowl. Not saying it's going to happen, but again, until Pennington has a signed contract with the Dolphins, he hasn't.

[Update: Chris Mortenson of ESPN is reporting Pennington wants a no-trade clause to sign with the Dolphins. Dolphins have resisted. Like I said, it's not done until it's done.]

The New York Jets, perhaps Miami's biggest rival, have already made a significant move Thursday evening. They acquired cornerback Antonio Cromartie from the San Diego Chargers for a 2011 third-round pick that could be a second-rounder depending on Cromartie's play and how far the Jets advance.

Cromartie led the NFL with seven interceptions in 2007 but has only five picks in the two years since. The Chargers had grown weary of his unmet potential. Rex Ryan, who loved Cromartie coming out of FSU years ago, believes he can play man-coverage on either side now and bring even more pressure than he did last year.

The Jets had the No. 1 defense in the NFL last season.


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Sweet. Pay the man.

Please don't let him leave town without a contract.

Now, just a NT, 2 DE's, 2 OLB's, a FS, TE, WR, to go...That is, if we pony up tonight

Show him around Mando...

Seriously...They need to have 30 sluts from South Beach waiting at the airport

Whatever it takes

Didn't get pace,didn't get Scott.3 times the charm.dansbys a fin by 4:00pm

Oh Mandy, guess you need to tell Jeff to get his head out of his 5th point of contact...

"Karlos Dansby is not on his way to South Florida this evening, according to The Herald's Jeff Darlington"

There you getterdone. He wasn't on a flight to miami at midnight. The good news is he's coming tommorrow.

Marc 2 DE's... child please.

there you go

sign dansby, Jamal Williams, Then seal it up on defense with adalius thomas----Then the flexibilty in the draft is there----

Trade Thigpin for a 4th, thats why they would sign pettington back, not b/c he is a betta option then thigpen, I think the young kid has a future, remind sme of romom--but the fact is he has tarde value and we should move him cuz Henne has the reigns..

Ginn trade--for anyhting less than a 5th

Cross your fingers that some1 signs fasano to an offer

Take him over to Trick Daddy's house. Then have D-Wade get a bag of blow to do off Parcell's wife. That should clinch it.

Jeff was right . dansby wasn't on his way coming last night. He's coming today.

Dansby has already been on his way to Miami, just not physically yet! :)
Later today will be known as good friday for us fans...hopefully.
Then we can hear the bitchin about the money Tuna forked over.

I never heard of Jamal Williams why would we want him. He's a 3rd tier fa at least. We are now in the process of clearing out the crap not bringing it in.

i haven't seen Parcells wife, but, if I was gonna do blow off a chick in MIA, that prob wouldn't be the one...

Marc, you're lying. You wouldn't turn that opportunity down ... Might even drink her bath water

It was just a typo after all... Sign! Sign! Sign! All three!!

getterdone. :)

I didn't say I wouldn't, just wouldn't be the deal clincher...There's hotter ass than what Parcells can pull...Minus the prostitutes of course

Take him to the best strip joints in town Mando. You know he loves that. Now it's time for us to get boldin and draft Spiller!

Delhomme's gone...Pass

I am so glad I never bought a Joey Porter jersey.

Lol. I hear ya. Might not be the clincher, but nothing like a night out hoggin' to break the ice

Porter jersey beats a Boston or Carter jersey, lol

Pull the triger, Now. Don´t let go without a contract. Next Boldin and Rolle.

FB lets not get him arrested before we even get him signed lol.

Mr Ross, Danbys coming to town please do what billionaires do. U da man Mr Ross.

We land those three Cards and we immediately become legit. Maybe even 2 legit 2 quit

Dishpan, I would drink Bill Parcell's bath water if he gets Dansby signed.

Man, all this talk of Miami strippers, hoes, blow and titty bars has me itchin' to go down there...It's been cold here in Orlando lately

I know it's only 1 hour into free agency and a lot will happen.
"IF" we sign Dansby, does that mean we can go WR in round 2?

Stay off of OBT Marc, lol.

Let's get Dyingbreed on the Phins payroll. The man knows how to get the job done

i was thinkin the same thing dyin breed

Dishpan, lol!

Schwartz shows up at Vanden Bosch's house
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on March 5, 2010 12:33 AM ET
Taking a page from Rex Ryan's playbook, Lions coach Jim Schwartz showed up Friday night at defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch's house after midnight.


Dying Breed. OBT is the last place I'd go to get a hooker. I prefer mine with teeth

Mr ross make it rain on dansby

It seems to me that no one knows where Dansby is at this time...he was heard on a phone...they do have phones in Florida now.

I must say, this ESPN crap is BORING

Cold there?Try P.a,I'm flyin down in the morn for this signing.Strippers,hoes and blow here I come

Yeah ESPN is just lame right now. I'd rather read about crib death

I think LT will make people eat their words

LMAO @ dishpan and payuenwingsnthangs

Hey payuengsnwings, I'm no grammer or logic police, but I think strippers and hoes are terms that are mutually exclusive. Just sayin

Something tells me it will be sometime tomorrow before we hear that Dansby is flying to New York

I agree Marc, LT will show up in 2010

Disagree Dishpan, there is a DEFINATELY difference in hoes and strippers....SOMETIMES. the BLOW is the common denominator

Well played sir, well played

Bears sign Peppers, we sign JT, trade JT for Peppers and a 3rd rounder so we get a younger JT and they get a draft pick that they need...

Not all strippers are hoes.I think?

Have another beer Marc :)

Only in Miami baby

OK, it was a stretch GetterDone...

The counter to rex ryans defense is a 5 wide set...they cant blitz 7 and drop 5 because 7+5=12, you can only have 11

OK, well, they need strippers AND hoes to meet Dansby...There's plenty of both down there

And bring the blow...just in case

Hopefully Boldin on's the same flight? then miami can mail off nxt 3rd to AZ ( they have little bargaining power? )...Next send shout out to Larry Foote...Then we can sit back til 4/22 and give a holla to McClain? Get the kid TE from the "the U"...And wait til we see chuckle head Ryan,Revis,Cromartie...come the regular season..Yes!! I'm calling out those classless P-U-N-K-S...j-e-t-s!!!

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