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Dansby to make first free agent visit to Miami

The Dolphins today have to be considered the early favorite to sign linebacker Karlos Dansby.

Dansby, 28, confirmed on ESPN after midnight Friday morning that he will visit with the Dolphins Friday. "I just got off the phone with my agent," Dansby said, "and he told me our first visit right now is Miami. We have other things lined up."

And away we go!

Obviously, Dansby will be in South Florida sometime in the afternoon. He was not, contrary to various reports, aboard a plane to Miami at midnight. (Oh and reports that claim they were slightly "off" on their claims were wrong, too. This isn't horseshoes or hand grenades.)

The Dolphins will do everything they can to keep Dansby from leaving town without a contract. They have a relationship with Dansby's agent Todd France, who also represents running back Ronnie Brown.

But Dansby will cost. As I reported earlier, he's looking for $30 million guaranteed.

The Dolphins were not messing around Thursday even before the new league year began at midnight. They were among the first teams to speak with local agent Drew Rosenhaus about safety Antrel Rolle, according to a source close to Rolle.

I have not confirmed that Miami has offered Rolle a contract as has been written elsewhere. Going to be cautious here.

On another front, a source close to Chad Pennington is saying the quarterback wants to play for the Dolphins. Nothing new thee. There is no contract agreement, but it seems the veteran will do whatever he can to be with the Dolphins as a backup.

If there is a follow through on this -- and remember it's not done until and unless there is a contract -- the Dolphins may find themselves with four quarterbacks at the end of training camp. And that could be one quarterback too many.

I do know the Buffalo Bills have sniffed around about Tyler Thigpen so that might be an option for alleviating the crowded quarterback room.

One small caveat to all this: The Carolina Panthers released starting QB Jake Delhomme on Thursday. Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning coached Delhomme the year the Panthers went to the Super Bowl. Not saying it's going to happen, but again, until Pennington has a signed contract with the Dolphins, he hasn't.

[Update: Chris Mortenson of ESPN is reporting Pennington wants a no-trade clause to sign with the Dolphins. Dolphins have resisted. Like I said, it's not done until it's done.]

The New York Jets, perhaps Miami's biggest rival, have already made a significant move Thursday evening. They acquired cornerback Antonio Cromartie from the San Diego Chargers for a 2011 third-round pick that could be a second-rounder depending on Cromartie's play and how far the Jets advance.

Cromartie led the NFL with seven interceptions in 2007 but has only five picks in the two years since. The Chargers had grown weary of his unmet potential. Rex Ryan, who loved Cromartie coming out of FSU years ago, believes he can play man-coverage on either side now and bring even more pressure than he did last year.

The Jets had the No. 1 defense in the NFL last season.


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Make it rain on dem hoes!

Ummm, Zach...You can't block 7 with 6 either. It would be a matter of can they get to the QB before #5 gets open

Since when did grammer AND logic walk hand in hand on this blog?

Good point payuengsnwings. We are an impressive bunch

Thought the blow was a given being that we are talkin' strippers and hoes here, lol...OK, well, looks like no news till tomorrow...out here

Pats are best and Pats they will sign Dansby. Jets and they will sign the Antonio DB and the Dolphins will be in 5th place this time. I think not that Dolphins have true chances to signs these people because they will become the crap when they begin to play on such the crap team like Myami. Dolphins best players are two who quit them on before, one for smoking green smokes high, and one who weared red tampon colors with indians. It is sad day for Myamiphins.

Dying breed u never heard of jamal williams---before his injuries the last 2 season he was condisered the best NT in the league----he is 32---He can give us insurance behind Big Paul---have a nice combo at NT---and veteran leadership----Lets soali that 3rd year to show if he is the future---i think it is too early to find a new NT to grrom b/c even if we draft Cody or dan Williams they will not have an impact year 1---

Rookie DT never have an impact in thier 1st year---Haynsworth was a no name his first 2 years----Only DT i remember who had a great rookie year was Tommie Harris-

Lets us adress LB in draft--instead on NT----in this draft

Serious lol at Carlito

Thats why I love you guys.(in the manley hand shake way, not the other...not that there is anything wrong with that).

What up folks. Just updated this post again if you're interested.

Any questions?

Seriously. They could pay me league minimum to be an NFL player in MIA. Could there be a better place to play, with the strippers, hoes, blow, and weather? lol..Ok, now I'm really out. Crossing fingers

Pauyuenswingee the hand shake is unsanitary. I prefer the fist bump Elbow bash or tuff guy head nod.

mannn, we need rolle and Dansby specially with the jets getting theyre already #1 defense better.
We need playmarkers, and thats what they are, ask Aaron rodgers and the packers!

rolle and dansby. forget about receivers we get this guys and draft dez bryant

WHat are the chances at the three arizona players

Now you move chowder over,move wake over & draft d. Morgan at 12 & u got a sik lb core baby!!!

Would the Dolphin's trade with the Bills? Hmm?

how about if DAnsby signs with Miami; then MIami trades Crowder + a low draft pick to ARZ for Boldin and then select Rolando McClain in the draft to fill big-mouth Crowder's old position... would you take that?

i can't believe the nfl free agency period started already!!!

Armando has anyone signed yet? and now that Carolina has cut Delhomme what do you think they`d give us for Thigpen, that is if it`s true that Pennington is re-signing


When do you think Porter will be (re)released?

Armando, is it a question of Dansby or Rolle, or could both feasibly sign with Miami?

Marc, i've been saying that for years

mando please what r u hearin

Bob, the Baltimore Ravens are off Brandon Marshall, suggesting they'll be chasing Anquan Boldin, according to league scuttlebutt.

So while I think the Dolphins will talk to Arizona about Q, I think Baltimore and Chicago will both be very aggressive there.

Schefter reports the Skins are not gonna be the Skins of old. The Bears are locking up Peppers. What are the chances Dansby is a Fin.

Chicago is where receivers go to die

Armondo,How about the odds on THE one.Dansby?The others are I'll worry about later,and what do you really think about dansby?NO really think?NO pulled punches.

The Dolphins are making a play for BOTH Rolle and Dansby.

They've set a budget for BOTH. But they're not going to go crazy, stupid on Rolle. There is a limit to what they'll do.

The priority is Dansby.

I believe Rolle is smoke...the Dolphins are using Rolle to get another team to bite...so the Dolphins have one less team to worry about with Dansby.

Whats up with Derrick Mason. Are fins interested. This is being reported.

that sucks what about rolle

There's nothing Happening tonight. Dansby is in tommorrow and Rolle was Offered a deal by miami but is visiting the giants tommorrow. Good night all.

We need safety help. We need Rolle

we are in trouble with what the jets are looking at

I dont think the Giants break the bank on Rolle, I think Rolle comes home. Giants are not serious they are sitting back.

Robert, I haven't heard the Skins are backing off free agency.

They just cut 10 guys. More might get cut in the coming days. They are remaking their roster and they can't fill all the voids with draft picks.

They'll be active.

But the Dolphins have to be considered the top choice for Dansby.

Mason?Did Baltimore talk him out of retirement last year?I could be wrong.


I have serious, serious doubts the Dolphins are interested in Derrick Mason who is 36 years old.

I just don't buy it.

Denver to have Rex Hadnot for visit

are there any rumors about trades for anyone

Hey Armando,

Is the feeling mutual between Chad Pennington and the Dolphins, do the Dolphins want to have him back?

by the way, the same report about Mason mentioned Antonio Bryant.

Mason and Bryant have the same agent so you pretty much know who the source for that report it.

I might buy Miami has interest in Bryant. Mason? Hard to swallow.

Dansby isn't coming to Miami...if he isn't already there, to just visit. He would make far more in Florida than most states due to the fact that Florida doesn't have a state income tax...add the weather...and a no nonsense coaching staff...bingo.

Salguero best question of the night. If Rolle is signed do Fins move on to OJ Atogwe and boy was Ireland lying

If Chad resigns, do you think the Dolphins will try to experiment with Pat White at WR perhaps?

Zach, the Dolphins love Chad Pennington. But this is a business. Until there is a contract, which has not been offered by the way, nothing is done.

If someone better comes available the Dolphins will consider it. If something better comes available for Pennington, he's less likely to take it because he wants to be here. But he will have to at least look at it.

Trade v. Carey for 2nd round pik.trade chowder for anything.at 12 pick d. Morgan/then a. Benn & spikes in 2nd.cam thomas in 3rd.

Mando u r a trooper brother!! u think ginn gets traded

Seattle is interested in Marshall.

Salguero best question of the night. If Rolle is not signed by Miami do Fins move on to OJ Atogwe and boy was Ireland lying

will anyone want him (ginn)

Stop with the Dez Bryant crap. Who in their right mind would draft bryant with the 12th pick instead of trading it for Marshall?

Reality check!!!!

mortreport: Filed to ESPN: Pennington's new deal w Dolphins snagged by his request for no-trade clause, according to another team interested in Chad.

Times are tuff...who is going to trade for Ginn and his family?

Mando, Doesn't seem like the jets are getting set up faster then us

Remember the story about the hare and the turtle?

why do we seem to never get the breaks


Hypothetical question: If we do sign Dansby, who or what position, in your opinion do target with the 12th pick of the draft?

true but we have seemed like the turtle making the wrong turns

Robert, good question. The problem with Atogwe is the Rams can match any offer. And yes, the Dolphins can use some poison pill in an offer, but I'm not sure they want to play that game.

Armando,Any plans on a pre-draft night blog?The rumor mill is at the highest that night.Like the night before halloween.

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