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Dansby to make first free agent visit to Miami

The Dolphins today have to be considered the early favorite to sign linebacker Karlos Dansby.

Dansby, 28, confirmed on ESPN after midnight Friday morning that he will visit with the Dolphins Friday. "I just got off the phone with my agent," Dansby said, "and he told me our first visit right now is Miami. We have other things lined up."

And away we go!

Obviously, Dansby will be in South Florida sometime in the afternoon. He was not, contrary to various reports, aboard a plane to Miami at midnight. (Oh and reports that claim they were slightly "off" on their claims were wrong, too. This isn't horseshoes or hand grenades.)

The Dolphins will do everything they can to keep Dansby from leaving town without a contract. They have a relationship with Dansby's agent Todd France, who also represents running back Ronnie Brown.

But Dansby will cost. As I reported earlier, he's looking for $30 million guaranteed.

The Dolphins were not messing around Thursday even before the new league year began at midnight. They were among the first teams to speak with local agent Drew Rosenhaus about safety Antrel Rolle, according to a source close to Rolle.

I have not confirmed that Miami has offered Rolle a contract as has been written elsewhere. Going to be cautious here.

On another front, a source close to Chad Pennington is saying the quarterback wants to play for the Dolphins. Nothing new thee. There is no contract agreement, but it seems the veteran will do whatever he can to be with the Dolphins as a backup.

If there is a follow through on this -- and remember it's not done until and unless there is a contract -- the Dolphins may find themselves with four quarterbacks at the end of training camp. And that could be one quarterback too many.

I do know the Buffalo Bills have sniffed around about Tyler Thigpen so that might be an option for alleviating the crowded quarterback room.

One small caveat to all this: The Carolina Panthers released starting QB Jake Delhomme on Thursday. Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning coached Delhomme the year the Panthers went to the Super Bowl. Not saying it's going to happen, but again, until Pennington has a signed contract with the Dolphins, he hasn't.

[Update: Chris Mortenson of ESPN is reporting Pennington wants a no-trade clause to sign with the Dolphins. Dolphins have resisted. Like I said, it's not done until it's done.]

The New York Jets, perhaps Miami's biggest rival, have already made a significant move Thursday evening. They acquired cornerback Antonio Cromartie from the San Diego Chargers for a 2011 third-round pick that could be a second-rounder depending on Cromartie's play and how far the Jets advance.

Cromartie led the NFL with seven interceptions in 2007 but has only five picks in the two years since. The Chargers had grown weary of his unmet potential. Rex Ryan, who loved Cromartie coming out of FSU years ago, believes he can play man-coverage on either side now and bring even more pressure than he did last year.

The Jets had the No. 1 defense in the NFL last season.


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I don't know about that. He wasn't at Michigan either. He can be for us though, with our wr staff.

He has speed and must have better hands than Ginn

I think the Fins are making a big mistake not giving Pennington the no-trade clause. I think the perfect situation would be Henne, Pennington, Thigpen. Unfortunately, the FO isn't gonna quit on Pat White after one season, which I think is another mistake, so it's Thigpen or Pennington. (White would also have ZERO trade value.)
Obviously, since they won't give Pennington the no-trade clause, they haven't decided which of the two they want to keep. As much as I like Thigpen, to me the choice has to be Pennington. He is a SOLID veteran backup that has proven he can win with this team; he is a great mentor for Henne; and he is the consummate professional. Besides, there would be plenty of teams in the market for Thigpen. We could easily get back our 5th rounder for him, and maybe even do better than that since this is such a weak draft for quarterbacks.
IMO, the FO is making a HUGE mistake here. Period.


True story. Me and my girlfriend watched the draft. When they announced White as the pick, I looked at my girlfriend and she said it looks like you just sucked on a lemon. I said NO, the Dolphins just picked a lemon.
I understood what they were trying to do, I just couldn't believe it.

It's time for the Trifecta to quit trying to be cute and pull the plug on the Pat White debacle!!!!

Nate Burleson agreed to terms with the Lions just two hours into free agency. So much for letting the Seahawks match an offer.
Still leaves Boldin and my personal fav Antonio Bryant available so far..lol

I know he has better hands than ginn, so does my Grandmother

Sportsmonkey,Key word is backup,don't think he wants to be.

Well said Odin. They try to be too cute sometimes.

Against Buffalo with the infamous Ricky hb pass. Too damn cute

That's all Henning he tries to be too clever I think he is getting a little senile

Odie I agree but something nags at me about the coaches helping tebow.Something afoot?

I think the Trifecta has done an excellent job of building a solid foundation with some quality depth.
NOW it's time to add some playmakers into the mix.
If we sign Dansby and trade the 12th pick for Marshall, I wouldn't mind at all.
It beats the hell out of Wilford and Torbor.

While White can sure take a lickin and keep on tickin, one reason management will most likely not quit on White - yet - may have to do with Brown. The two of them in there on the same play must certainly have been what the front office had in mind. When Brown got hurt, that pretty much placed a bullseye on White which every D was then easily able to hit.


Actually, he very much wants to stay in Miami (knowing he will be the backup) and was ready to put pen to paper, as stated in the report. It was Pennington's request for a no-trade clause in the deal that put the whole thing on pause. Not only that, but the news comes from a team that was interested in trading for him, meaning the Fins were taking offers for him before they even re-signed him. As I said, I think that is all a mistake on the part of the front office, and they should give him the no-trade clause, re-sign him, and trade Thigpen instead.

As far as coaches helping Tebow I think that's just a coach doing what he loves to do and seeing a young talent that needs help I don't see any other motivation behind it


Good question. I would have more confidence in Tebow than White.
White was great at the collegiate level. Every time he stepped on an NFL field he looked like a scared rabbitt.

See here's the thing about
P e n n i n g t o n....

Much of his value is based on his exemplary Attitude and Leadership. (even as a Backup.) The Dolphins appreciate his uncommon qualities.
They want Chad because of his positive impact on EVERYONE ELSE.

I know this sounds idealistic -- but if a guy LIKE THAT requests some security then GIVE it to him.

I think part of the reason the FO would rather trade pennington over Thigpen is that if Henne goes down they have to change the offensive game plan for pennington but Thigpen can throw the deep ball

Ok thanks SM just want to know your thinkin and perspective.

I've stated this in a post before. To get more bang for the buck, I hope we draft C.J. Spiller with the # 12 pick. He can be an immediate upgrade at kick return and punt return. We can get rid of Ginn. And if R. Williams decides to retire after this year like he's stated, and Ronnie Brown can't stay healthy; he'd be great insurance at the running back position. Just imagine Henne throwing to that guy out the backfield. No linebacker could cover him. I'm sure Fasano would love the extra attention that'd Spiller would attract. Plus the trifecta has repeatedly mentioned needing a "playmaker". Spiller is exactly that.

When Brown got hurt, that pretty much placed a bullseye on White which every D was then easily able to hit.

Posted by: Spiller fan | March 05, 2010 at 02:25 AM

Hit? He got knocked the F U C K out!!!!

spot on, Frank.


Any interest in Jamal williams----?

Also Just b/c we are after Dansby doesnt mean we wont draft an ILB in the draft---maybe just not in the 1st round with Mcclain---

The way i see it is they might like JPP or Derrick Morgan---and know those two guys are the only OLB in a 3-4 that fit thier mold as a strongside 3-4 guy---

Sapp, Hughes, in the 2nd have the same role as Wake on weakside----
I culd see brandon spikes in 2nd

Crowder is only still on this team cuz he is cheap---if they cut akin and torbor---they would have 4 wholes---JT, JP, Akin and torbor---adding dansby doest get rid of the need for another ILb-----Door wouldnt be closed on Mcclain ---also considering he has elite size as well as dansby so they could be used on outside as well as inside-----

I wish we never drafted White and would have just waited one more year for our Wildcat quarterback in Tim Tebow. As a Gator who spent the last 4 years watching this kid play, trust me, he wins games by sheer force of his own will. Everyone in America (even me!) is tired of hearing about him and how great all of his intangibles are, but you cannot deny that it's true. He's a winner, period. Don't get me wrong, I don't recommend the Fins picking him this draft because we possibly have 4 quarterbacks already (if we do re-sign Pennington), but I'm just saying "What if?"

like a sack of potatoes!

Hit? He got knocked the F U C K out!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | March 05, 2010 at 02:33 AM

Yes, yes he did. I seriously thought the kid was dead when I saw that. I was like, "Holy s**t, Dan Henning's play calling killed him!" He is just WAY too small to be our Wildcat QB!

Ginn and WHite should both be cut neither is worth the roster spot they occupy and if the Dolphins don't get Spillar in the draft the they should consider LT as a third down back and also if either of the other RBs go down he could step in as the #2

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a fan of White or Ginn, for that matter. Anyone who weighs less than say, our host, has no business taking hits from freight trains like Suh.

I was just trying to make sense of that ridiculous #2 pick.


He got hit so hard it hurt me. Just the same, when I read your last post I LMFAO!

"Holy s**t, Dan Henning's play calling killed him!"

Too Funny.

I'm saying that if Brown or Williams got hurt then LT could be the #2 Rb and if all are healthy he would be a great 3rd down back catching balls out of the backfield or lining up in the slot it's not a draft pick he has been released and could be had depending on how big a contract he wants




LT has zero chance being picked up by the Dolphs. The multiple use player is what these personnel guys look for and coaches want. LT is not about to multi task like say Lex Hilliard, who's in the roster due to his ability to play special teams.




Posted by: westcoastkid | March 05, 2010 at 02:53 AM

The problem is, if they took crowder for Boldin, they would want a 2nd rd pick instead of a 3rd.

LT has stated he wants to chase a Super Bowl ring. We would have a hard time selling him that the ring is from Mimai next year.

Also he won't play special teams like Siller fan said.

He also wants to be the man... I am not sure LT realizes his numbers have receeding for 3 years now. He can be a spot player / 3rd down guys possibly for someone... not the Fins


Nate Burleson going to Detroit was the "other" WR that would have made a difference for Miami.

I think it's down to possible signings of:


Brandon Loyd

I would say Vincent Jackson but the Bolts won't let him go anyways unless someone overpays.


In my opinion, last year Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall were the two most dangerous receivers. While Larry is obviously not going anywhere yet, Marshall probably is.

The thing is that I'm not at all convinced that Parcells and company believes that their receiving corp is all that bad! I can easily see them trying to wing it with what they currently have, while selecting the best available at #43 or even later.

While certainly gifted, Marshall does not seem to fit the Tuna mold.

LT to the Dolphins is just my wishful thinking I know that

His numbers have dropped over the last few seasons but some of that is due to the chargers themselves changes in personnel and over using him to the point of wearing him down there was quite a while he touched the ball on %75 of their offensive plays I think he still has a few productive years left in him

Lex Hilliard may be able to play special teams but will never be a true offensive threat lets hope Cobbs comes back strong this year

Here's an example of what I mean.

Let's play "WHO DOESN'T BELONG?"

Don, who do you have for us this evening?

Well Alex, we have:

a. Joey Porter
b. Paris Hilton
c. Chad Pennington
d. Brandon Marshall

Who doesn't belong?

It will be very interesting to see if the "No Trade" clause stops the re-signing of Pennington.

I was thinking along those lines clamoring to sign Pennington as there will be some very QB needy teams and the draft won't bring much relief.

If Pennington was signed off medically he would fetch a decent price in this environment.

I like Penny a lot and have been a huge fan since he arrived. I think it was a stellar effort to learn so quickly and help Miami go 11-5 in his 1st year here.

That said, the hard core realist knows that this is yet another significant shoulder injury to a man that gets paid to use his arms. I know he is 33 y.o. and not a young 33 injury wise. He was 0-3 when he went down in 09 and seemed like he wasn't as magical as the prior year. He also was not getting his starting job back as Henne has received the needed experience to keep starting and keep growing.

Henne likes Penny and I do believe Penny wants to be in the city of Miami. He is a great leader, mentor and team guy. It sounds, by some accounts, that Penny picked up on the fact that some teams were talking to Miami about his availability. His asking for a "No Trade" clause could monkey wrench the whole grand plan.

For the record I like Thigpen due to his upside, being younger, not as beat up and way more mobile. He started to bring us back vs Pitt last year and actually made it close with very little practice last year. I say he should be allowed to compete.


Hilton? What did I win Wink??? ;)

I hope Penny ends up feeling so grateful to the Fins he does not force a "No Trade" clause and just signs.

If he truly wants a chance to start I think it would happen faster with some other team that has a worse QB situation.

Regardless of what the Fins do...hat tip to ya CP!

Ma'ake Kemoeatu Nt from panthers got cut---

He has a history with Nolan---nolan was the coordiantor in Baltimore when they signed him as a undrafted FA---he molded Ma'ake Kemoeatu into the player he is, which allowed him to sign his big contract with panthers---his coming off an ACL tear but he is only 30 and its his first major injury i think this could be a nice fit, which would allow us to focus on LB. TE, and WR in the draft

Can't say I blame Penny. He has always been a smart cookie who is looking out for #1. I'm sure he prefers to stay in Miami, even as a back-up, but his poison pill demand is a clear indicator that he knows only too well that business is business and holds no personal guarantee from management.

Well, I will shuffle off to get some winkies in and hopefully wake up to some KILLER news!!


For what it's worth Spiller fan... I'm a HUGE Spiller fan and have posted many times that he should be on a short list for the Fins @12.

I say go Weatherspoon if they go DEF... and Spiller if the Off.

Spoon may be a bit of a reach but I thought he was an early 2nd rd since the Senior Bowl and has done nothing but pour it on and rise with strong combine and intangibles up the wazzou.

DT/ NT Dan Williams would be my next choice.



What do you think of Bannon the NT from Baltimore?

Spiller fan,

As long as he worked with management he could be involved in negotiations and would be able to help steer where he went... maybe he could keep a single veto power if it's some place he has zero shot to start or thinks is like Siberia (like Raiders or something?)

That way he could help the team get some rewards that gave him his shot after the Jets and have a better chance to start.


I will catch up to you guys!


Sorry Rob in OC,

That sounds way too compassionate and idealistic. In my life experience, everyone in business and above you is a raging A-hole, and not certainly not to be trusted.

It's late, I'm out.

i dont know much about bannon he size doesnt seem to impressive for a nose at 6"3 310--profootballFocus has rated as the 20th best NT vs the run this year----he is 30

in 2008--

Jamal williams ---rated #1 Nt vs the run on proffootballfocus.com he just truned 32

Ma'ake Kemoeatu rated #9 Dt in league vs the run--

Both have something left in the tank in their 30-32 age range

I think signing one of these veteran NT as an insurance at a cheap price would allow us to focus on other needs in this draft---if Cody drops in the 2nd round to us---you have to grab him but he wont----Top TE in 2nd, WR in 3rd-- get henne some weapons

I say sign the two ex-cards Dansby and rolle, trade a 4ht pick and Turner or Camarillo for Boldin and trade next years 2 or 3 plus one of our other Wr's for Marshall or trade Ginn straight up for one of those two. Now let Revis and Cromartie chase Marshall and Boldin all around the field. Both those WR are very physical and expierenced. Marshall,Boldin,Bess,Hartline, hah sounds good!Then we can Draft who and what We want! Olb,Nt,Wr

too much video game dreams marshall and boldin----there is something ivolved in this process call financial contracts---and limitations to spending---Dansby will be the only max contract we give out----thats why we wont bid on marshall or boldin---

Marshall is hard to say no to b/c he is soo good and only 25---

Boldin is overated and is hurt way too often

Damn I love her WAZZOU.What the hell was her name?AHH don't matter just the start of an early weekend.

Time to catch a plane to the dansby signing.Carlito my LIMO please.Cuban an escort to my townhome.AND DON'T BE LATE!Rob from oc ?? Get the satellite uplink up and running.See ya in dade.

I know that scenerio was a reach but I still would like us to try to get Marshall due to his age and skill set. Besides the Jets spend and trade at will, why couldnt we pony up a little and cut the unwanted excess to balance the spending during this cap less year with no cap penalty? The Jets:Faneca, Pace, B. Scott, B. Edwards, Cromartie and other FA, the draft day trade ups for there TE and Qb etc...This sounds like a video game doesn't it? Just saying we could go for two of our glarring needs before the draft and know what we are getting.

If the Dolphins want to keep the pressure on the Jets they'd better make some moves.The Patriots aren't as dominating as they used to be so let's get some play makers now.

SIGN DANSBY,ILB ... A.ROLLE,S ... PENNINGTON, QB .... and we covered a few holes. Then, trade down in first round of draft and get an extra 3rd round pick. Trade the extra 3rd round pick for BOLDIN,WR (another hole plugged)


3. DEXTER, RB/WR Ole Miss
4. JERRY, OG Ole Miss (to block for Dexter)
6. BARNES,WR Bowling Green
6. UDOFIA, NT Stanford (backup to Williams)
6. BLOUNT, RB Oregon (replace Ricky in 2011)
7. KAFKA, QB Northwestern
7. SCHOEFIELD, OLB Wisconsin

They have to be clueless to hold on to Pat White, totally clueless.

as much as i like penne its time to move on. thigpen is young and just as good as henne if not better. he is very exciting with his ability to make "all the throws" including the touch pass. tyler can run if needed and move the team down the field. he was spectacular against pitt in the comeback attempt. even his INT to ginn was clearly pass int. with 2 defenders;one on ginns back before the ball arrived. that was just a glimpse of what he can do with the energy he brings! dump the dead wood on the team; not the spark.

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