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Dansby to make first free agent visit to Miami

The Dolphins today have to be considered the early favorite to sign linebacker Karlos Dansby.

Dansby, 28, confirmed on ESPN after midnight Friday morning that he will visit with the Dolphins Friday. "I just got off the phone with my agent," Dansby said, "and he told me our first visit right now is Miami. We have other things lined up."

And away we go!

Obviously, Dansby will be in South Florida sometime in the afternoon. He was not, contrary to various reports, aboard a plane to Miami at midnight. (Oh and reports that claim they were slightly "off" on their claims were wrong, too. This isn't horseshoes or hand grenades.)

The Dolphins will do everything they can to keep Dansby from leaving town without a contract. They have a relationship with Dansby's agent Todd France, who also represents running back Ronnie Brown.

But Dansby will cost. As I reported earlier, he's looking for $30 million guaranteed.

The Dolphins were not messing around Thursday even before the new league year began at midnight. They were among the first teams to speak with local agent Drew Rosenhaus about safety Antrel Rolle, according to a source close to Rolle.

I have not confirmed that Miami has offered Rolle a contract as has been written elsewhere. Going to be cautious here.

On another front, a source close to Chad Pennington is saying the quarterback wants to play for the Dolphins. Nothing new thee. There is no contract agreement, but it seems the veteran will do whatever he can to be with the Dolphins as a backup.

If there is a follow through on this -- and remember it's not done until and unless there is a contract -- the Dolphins may find themselves with four quarterbacks at the end of training camp. And that could be one quarterback too many.

I do know the Buffalo Bills have sniffed around about Tyler Thigpen so that might be an option for alleviating the crowded quarterback room.

One small caveat to all this: The Carolina Panthers released starting QB Jake Delhomme on Thursday. Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning coached Delhomme the year the Panthers went to the Super Bowl. Not saying it's going to happen, but again, until Pennington has a signed contract with the Dolphins, he hasn't.

[Update: Chris Mortenson of ESPN is reporting Pennington wants a no-trade clause to sign with the Dolphins. Dolphins have resisted. Like I said, it's not done until it's done.]

The New York Jets, perhaps Miami's biggest rival, have already made a significant move Thursday evening. They acquired cornerback Antonio Cromartie from the San Diego Chargers for a 2011 third-round pick that could be a second-rounder depending on Cromartie's play and how far the Jets advance.

Cromartie led the NFL with seven interceptions in 2007 but has only five picks in the two years since. The Chargers had grown weary of his unmet potential. Rex Ryan, who loved Cromartie coming out of FSU years ago, believes he can play man-coverage on either side now and bring even more pressure than he did last year.

The Jets had the No. 1 defense in the NFL last season.


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Nice report Mando, looks like you got pwned on the Dansby-flying-to-Miami thing.

I think this trip was scheduled first as the fall back plan. He knows he isnt going to get the money he is looking for from Miami. So he comes here first and gets their offer. Then goes to visit with the big guns, Washington in particular and sees if he gets what he wants and if not back to Mia he comes for the smaller contract.

Go Miami! Go Karlos Dansby! If Dansby is a good as people say that he is; he'll definitely want to play for the greatest defensive mind in the history of football! Yes, that is none other than Bill Parcels, i.e., "The Tuna!"

Henne is our QB, Thigpen is a good QB but won't be replacing Henne, sign Pennington and pick up that extra second or third draft pick for Thigpen and give Parcells another pick in this deep draft!!!

WestVafins, I gonna disagree with u, NFL Network was saying last night that the majority of free agent signings that are done are the team a player first visits...If the Fins are aggresive and determined enough they have Dansby signed today but it's on Dansby now

I doubt that while mostly sitting on our shelf, that Thigpen's value jumped from a 5th to a 2nd or 3rd.

I think we would be lucky to get a 4th.

Bobby i cannot completely disagree. My thought was that he wants that 30 mil guaranteed. We are clearly not going to do that so he owes it to himself i feel like to try and get that before he settles. But by all means please settle for us lol.

Lips, even if ur right I would still sign Chad and trade Thigpen, this draft is very deep and needs to be a homerun for us

The only way i sign chad is if he can be traded. Then look at the way the draft shakes out. See who is still in need of a backup and then trade him for a vet at a position we are unsure of after the draft.

It's already a great day!!! Two of the best headlines came out this morning 1. Cromartie has more legal problems 2. Jet fans up in arms over Cromartie trade it's a Dolphin day!!


I happen to think the Cromartie trade by the Jets was a good one. I think this guys personal life is a mess and a disgrace but if this guy has his head on straight, which I imagine he will this year, he and Revis are a pretty formidable tandem. It's just another reason why we need to pick up a big receiver....and I'm not going to get that debate started again.

Regarding Pennington, my fear is if we sign this guy, we have to wait to make absolutely certain his shoulder is 100 per cent before we do anything with Thigpen. I like Thigpen and think he has a lot of potential as a backup. I think he could start for a few teams. I would think you could get at least a fourth for this guy.

One thing I dont understand, this guy was a beast at ILB and Sparano likes him as an OLB???

My money is he signs with the Skins

Stop the petty comments directed to other Miami sources. NEWSFLASH: must of us enjoy following multiple team sources, and don't really care who gets the scoop 55% of the time versus 45%.

Otherwise, love the info, keep it coming

Pay him the frickin money Dansby,then sign Rolle,then Boldin

To the choir of "NOs" against a brandon Marshall trade:

Who will get open against the Jets Revis and Cromartie?

Pat Turner

Craig M, even the dumbest fans on the planet ( Jet fans) know they can't keep trading their draft picks away and I think u could put Gibril across from Revis and have a formidable tandem...Point is they gave away another high pick and just like alot of teams before them, they are about to find out they are good, but not Superbowl good and it will take YEARS to recover once Fat Man gets canned

Luis likes to dream big cant fault him for that just very unrealistic. Waterboy what has happened to you. Brandon Marshall really? come on i thought you were better than that. Bobbyd good point.

I just got in from last night. My eyes hurt. Dansby coming in is a good sign. YOu know that biatch Snyder will be lowing up the agents phone while Dansby is here telling him not to sign. But why would anyone want to sign with the Redskins? They're a mess. Do the right thing Karlos. take a little less, you'll be set up for life regardless and enjoy the peak years of your career playing for an emerging power, not a team that will release you in 2 years and continues to spin its' wheels.

Looks like Marc has the entertainment set up

WestVa, is there a better receiver in the 2nd round or FA that we can get?

Trade Torbor and 2nd Round for Marshallito
He promises to be a good kid.

Penny deal not done.

This is sign and trade situation. Miami just wanted to get an extra 5th for old noodle arm.

Send him packing… I will take my chances with Henne, PigPen and Patty White.

Waterboy, you must have missed the article two weeks or so ago...yes, Sprano sees Dansby as a strong side OLB, so do the Giants and alot of NFal people agree he would be fine OLB...Both the Dolphins and the Giants both said an ILB is not worth as much as an OLB and one of the justifications for paying Dansby at a higher rate would be his versatality as qn OLB...You may not agree but by moving Dansby that takes out a major must have position and there are TWO must haves OLB and NT...and please, enough Marshall, that will not happen

Will this mean Clam Chowder will keep his Mike position? Maybe his game will be elevated with a tutorial session by Karlitos

Its time for the trifecta to admit Pat White was an experiment gone wrong. Thigpen has more NFL experience than White, can do everything White can do with regards to running from the Wildcat formation and can throw the ball down-field in a manner that won't make every Dolphin fan wince and look away. Henne Penny and Thiggy look like a winning combination. Now to get somebody to throw to....

Waterboy, it opens up the possibility of an incredible LB Corp , Dansby Wake Outside Crowder McClain inside

Pat White stays put count on it smaknstein... If we sign Penny that is a huge mistake and an awful way to start off the offseason.

Smaknstein, sooty but ur wrong, no way, no how do u call a player a bust till after year three...White has been here 1, no one has a clue about what the Dolphins and Parcells have for him but he is going to be a part of this team for at least a couple more years

Don't let Dansby leave Miami without a contract!!! I think he will do very well in Nolan's style of defense!!

If we could pay him 30 million fake dollars with little dolphins printed on them then he would certainly not leave without a contract but we cannot so we hope peppers goes to washington and then he should be ours at a discount.

Greg Olsen will be on the trade block! Bears just signed TE monmamyula!

Why trade Thigpen? Offer them Pat White for a 2nd rounder. That pick last year was a freaking waste! We needed playmakers and got a luxury pick that looks like a scared rabbit.

Oh yea, teams will be flooding the Dolphin phones offering a second for White, better put in another phone line

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA at crowder your ideas are about as amazing as crowders play.

Say no to Boldin -- probably a 3rd would get it done but what about his new contract? 3yr 25 mil 4yr 30-32 mil? I say pass.

Say yes to an experienced NT -- Jamal Wiliams or maybe Kemo (value FA)

Say yes to Antonio Bryant -- fairly young experienced and NO PICK SURRENDERED

Say yes to any FS that has cover skills

Do what we have to draft back and get more picks as it would be nice to get RB Tate,Hardesty, Dixon; WR D. Thomas,J Williams, M Williams; TE Graham, Pitta, Gronkowski NT Linval Joseph, Troup, or Houston; as well any more LB's Austen, Lang,McMulleroy Perhaps G M Johnson (Ala), J Jerry......

Draft something like this:
@21 OLB Witherspoon or Graham (extra 3rd)
@43 WR D Thomas
@73 NT L Joeseph
@84 (from Cinci) RB B Tate
@107 TE J Graham

Things looking grim:

Pennington deal impasse due to no-trade

A. Rolle sez no to low money

Dansby unsigned with other stops on itinerary (you DO not let The Man leave town!!!)

Anyone else bummed by these failures??

Fins take a dump on fans with no moves in FA

SO FAR..........

What are the Patsies doing????

I don't like what I'm seeing about Dansby on PFT & other sites--

if he leaves town w/o signing, we will not snag him. Having already lost Rolle earlier, this would be a major mistake.

Armando biggest day o fthe year, where are you man.

Gary Brackett anyone? He may be better suited for a 4-3 though? Not sure what Indy runs...

The seer, you dont expect Dansby to say "I am only going to visit MIAMI" that would cost him mills in the negotiation with the fins.

Good thing is Miami has the first crack.

Rolle is drunk if he wants more than 5 mill per year

Where is the report that we actually offered Rolle a contract?

How many days do you all think before we sign anyone????

2 days, we will sign some scrub cut by the lions

Waterboy you are such a dumbazz! The fins take a dump on fans because they didn't sign someone at 12:01? You morons are amazing, a true product of America's "fast food"/instant gratification culture. Patience people... patience

Has anyone heard the status on Rolle ?

Karlito from Dansbito, go read the post again you deutchebag

any news on porter has he been released yet.

Porter will be traded for Boldin


alas---you are wrong on this one. The Dolphins free agency strategy is unraveling as we post.....Pennington, Rolle, Dansby.....why are they unsigned!?!

I don't think the Tuna will let Dansby go without signing him. They know what he wants and they know other teams will offer it, so if they want to sign him, they'll have to give it to him. They knew this when they setup the visit. So I would be surprised (and TOTALLY disappointed) if Dansby leaves without signing. If he does, he's as good as gone. Rolle was interesting. I was surprised the Dolphins offered him a contract. I didn't think they would go after 2 high money free agents. Lets see what happens with Rolle. He REALLY wants to play in Miami so don't lose hope until the fat lady sings (yeah I know its highly unlikely...)

If we sign pennington it will be a very sad FA period.

Send Noodle packing... 2.5 mil... save that money for Dansby you dumb Tuna

Dansby is not even due in Miami until this afternoon, relax people!


This is free agency dude. If you're a true fan, you're excited as hell. I think you're in the minority here.

Somebody remember to wake up Armando after his nap







you people are stumblebums

Lebron James wants to play TE

Well datajack I haven't slept and u have been up all night so don't question my loyalty

If Pennington wants to stay then they need to get him signed before someone offers him an contract he can't refuse. Having Pennington as a backup would continue Henne's development and give us a huge insurance policy when Henne misses a game. Thigpen is too far along in his career to develop much more and Pat White is a very long term project to get him to be a backup. Jake Long needs to show White were the weight room is. We need Pennington!

Why in the hell would any one in the fins position want to trade for Boldin or any other aging wr. We are building and in need of explosive playmakers who are not on the down side of there careers. Boldin is injury prone and slow.

We won't be able to complete a pass on the Jets this year and I am sure there focus in this draft will be offense. Fins have yet to prove they can draft good players on the offensive side of the football. Pat White...garbage backs like Cobbs,Hilliard. Slow plodding wr's like Hartline and Turner. It's like the Tuna is wanting blue collar...slow..un-explosive players. WTF!

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