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Dansby to make first free agent visit to Miami

The Dolphins today have to be considered the early favorite to sign linebacker Karlos Dansby.

Dansby, 28, confirmed on ESPN after midnight Friday morning that he will visit with the Dolphins Friday. "I just got off the phone with my agent," Dansby said, "and he told me our first visit right now is Miami. We have other things lined up."

And away we go!

Obviously, Dansby will be in South Florida sometime in the afternoon. He was not, contrary to various reports, aboard a plane to Miami at midnight. (Oh and reports that claim they were slightly "off" on their claims were wrong, too. This isn't horseshoes or hand grenades.)

The Dolphins will do everything they can to keep Dansby from leaving town without a contract. They have a relationship with Dansby's agent Todd France, who also represents running back Ronnie Brown.

But Dansby will cost. As I reported earlier, he's looking for $30 million guaranteed.

The Dolphins were not messing around Thursday even before the new league year began at midnight. They were among the first teams to speak with local agent Drew Rosenhaus about safety Antrel Rolle, according to a source close to Rolle.

I have not confirmed that Miami has offered Rolle a contract as has been written elsewhere. Going to be cautious here.

On another front, a source close to Chad Pennington is saying the quarterback wants to play for the Dolphins. Nothing new thee. There is no contract agreement, but it seems the veteran will do whatever he can to be with the Dolphins as a backup.

If there is a follow through on this -- and remember it's not done until and unless there is a contract -- the Dolphins may find themselves with four quarterbacks at the end of training camp. And that could be one quarterback too many.

I do know the Buffalo Bills have sniffed around about Tyler Thigpen so that might be an option for alleviating the crowded quarterback room.

One small caveat to all this: The Carolina Panthers released starting QB Jake Delhomme on Thursday. Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning coached Delhomme the year the Panthers went to the Super Bowl. Not saying it's going to happen, but again, until Pennington has a signed contract with the Dolphins, he hasn't.

[Update: Chris Mortenson of ESPN is reporting Pennington wants a no-trade clause to sign with the Dolphins. Dolphins have resisted. Like I said, it's not done until it's done.]

The New York Jets, perhaps Miami's biggest rival, have already made a significant move Thursday evening. They acquired cornerback Antonio Cromartie from the San Diego Chargers for a 2011 third-round pick that could be a second-rounder depending on Cromartie's play and how far the Jets advance.

Cromartie led the NFL with seven interceptions in 2007 but has only five picks in the two years since. The Chargers had grown weary of his unmet potential. Rex Ryan, who loved Cromartie coming out of FSU years ago, believes he can play man-coverage on either side now and bring even more pressure than he did last year.

The Jets had the No. 1 defense in the NFL last season.


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Fear the fins? What Playmakers do we have??

Sureshock what were you referring to i am a bit confused LOL.

WIll,You have to understand it's pretty rare for a WR to be an instant hit in the NFL so if the Dolphins were to draft Bryant in the 1st round,he would probably take a good 2-3 years to really peak. Hartline will be a quality WR for this team but give him time. Not sure about Turner though

I swear to God, they better not let dansby leave without signing. He said he wants to take every visit. F that. If they let him leave, we can forget it. Get it done.

The patriots haven't done any moves yet, I expect them to focus more on the draft, the last couple years they signed veterans that haven't worked out. The Jets got Cromartie, but they couldn't stop the Dolphins run game last year, so doesn't impact Dolphins too much as long as they upgrade their WRs and continue to improve the OL. With Dez Bryant's no show at the combine I expect he will be available at #12 for the Dolphins. Sign Dansby to help with the LBs!

Just like they said on the NFL network last night, the majority of the FA this year would all be great pick ups 5 years ago. The real FA all have a tender on them. That's when it will get interesting if at all.

I'm not questioning your loyalty, I'm questioning your judgement on making such a comment. Everyone is excited. It's Christmas time for football fans right now.

Where do you guys get the information that we don't have money to get this guy or that guy? Have you seen the Miami Dolphins budget? I think we are getting Karlos. We just need to let it play out. I can already feel it! It's going to be a great year!!!

Actually the hated Pats are rumored to be interested in Bears TE Greg Olsen from the U

Colts resigned Brackett to a 5 year contract worth $33 million and $12 million signing bonus...the bar has been set. That is the minimum we can offer Dansby

We are not going to empty our pockets for this guy, they didn't do it last year and they won't start this year.

Okay ya'll, so I missed the last couple of weeks due to an extreme work load. I missed the Combine, and I missed a few blogs, but now on this first day of Free agency...I'm Back!

WTF has been going on, can I get quick updates? I feel like a 5 year old who got up late on Christmas morning!

No worries, was such bad coment when some guys are wondering why Miami has not signed Dansby yet? When in all sense he is not due at Miami's facility until this afternoon.

Dolphins need to trade away some of their overpaid and useless players and pick up extra draft picks, get some extra 3rd-5th round picks. We should be able to get a 4th round pick for G.Wilson. Probably a 3rd or 4th for Ginn. Sign Dansby and trade Ayodele for a 5th round pick. Camarillo could fetch a 4th round pick. Package these extra picks to move up when needed in the draft. Sign NT Williams that was released by San Diego.

1) As a seasoned sales guy I can tell you that if we let Dansby leave South Florida without a contract, we are not gonna get another shot at him.

2) I think we are set with our current three qb's and don't really need Pennington at this point. He brings nothing to the table. We don't need his short vertical game being an influence on Henne or the other two qb's.

3) I am not sold on Rolle.

4) Cromartie was terrible in coverage and refused to make necessary tackles while on the field for the Chargers last season. Good luck Jets! LOL.

5) Give up our first for Brandon Marshall!

New blog up guys...

Everyone is excited. It's Christmas time for football fans right now.

Posted by: Datajack | March 05, 2010 at 10:23 AM

Had the same thought when I woke up this AM.
Let's hope Santa shows up this year.




Patriots aren't brining Watson back so I could see them signing Olsen, but Miami could use an upgrade at TE also. We don't have Porter and Roth salaries anymore, there should be room to sign Dansby, the Dolphins need to make a move if they want to get back to the top of AFC east, Dansby is a solid piece to the solution. Add a NT and WR and we will be able to compete with anyone.

Come on Miami, lets go for the three cards studs as Mando named them. Dansby, Rolle, and Boldin, what a free agency period that would be if we can land all three. Not to mention we have a nice 12th pick in the draft.

That 12 spot is a commodity. Spiller may be available, Bryant may be available, McClain may be available. I Think all three could be immediate impact players on the phins no matter what we do in FA.

However, I am intrigued by Taylor Mays. The size at 6'3", 230lbs, and 4.4 speed sounds like a closer, a real heavy hitter. Like a guy that could close a hole and make people not want to cross the middle. A guy that can run with just about anyone in football, especially any TE. I know value-wise you don't pick safties too high ,but wow, makes me want to trade down.

It seems there is parity at the NT position after the big 2, so one could be had with our second rounder. Or maybe even third. With such a deep draft I think the best value is to trade the pick for a later 1st rounder and another pick down the line, if that option presents itself.


sureshock i never mentioned any of that i think you might be confused.

Get Marshall. I mean no ones better than him in the first round. What we will pay him is about what we would have to pay that rookie. And if he is ass like Ted Ginn in his first couple of years then he's not worth it. We need to win now. Sign Antonio Bryant, then Dansby, which looks like its bought to happen, draft an OLB with second, then a NT with the third if theres one worth getting...

The jets Jane cromartie too now? Haha freakin great we can't pass on them with our non recievers AS IT ISSSSS

Miamihurricane whats up bro? With all do respect please get Taylor Mays out of your head. Everyone knew he was going to blow up up at the combine. He has great straight ahead, downhill speed. He is a liability in coverage though. I watched him in DB drills and he was falling over his own feet. He isn't worth a 12 and he isn't worth a number 1 pick at all. Taking a risk reward flyer on him and round 2 is worth it for some teams but not Miami. Miami took their risk reward pick with Pat White last year and we have too many holes to blow a high second round pick again.

In Response to: Andy NJ|March 05, 2010 at 11:17 AM

who responded to: Miamihurricane|March 05, 2010 at 10:52 AM

I've attended the U since '02 and I've seen some special ball players come through since then. Players with things you just can't teach.

This guy reminds me of someone special, and I wouldn't mind making him a phin.



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