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Dez Bryant to work out for Cowboys

Hard to figure out where Dez Bryant lands in the coming draft but as this ESPN report suggests, at least one team thinks he might be available late in the first round.

ESPN is reporting the Cowboys, which own the No. 27 overall selection in the first round, will bring the Oklahoma State wide receiver to their Valley Ranch facility for a private workout on April 1. Bryant will conduct a workout for all NFL teams March 30 in his hometown of Lufkin, Tex.

It wasn't that long ago that Dolphins fans were hoping, praying that Bryant would be available at No. 12 when the Dolphins pick.

But Bryant's well-documented history, his suspension by the NCAA last year for lying, and the fact he hasn't worked out this offseason has caused his stock to tumble somewhat. Bryant has been nursing a hamstring injury and didn't work out at the Indianapolis Combine or at the Oklahoma State Pro Day.

Several draft "experts" now see Bryant going as low as 22nd to the Patriots or below that, which is where the Cowboys would start to factor.

[Update 6 p.m.: Count ESPN's Todd McShay among the experts saying Bryant is dropping.

"Dez Bryant is most likely not going to be a top five pick," McShay said on a national conference call, "and there's a good chance he's not going to go in the top 10, 11 spots."


"Does he lose focus every once in awhile catching the ball? Yes. Does he need a little work as a route-runner? Yes," McShay said. "But that has nothing to do with where he’s going to wind up going.

"Dez Bryant’s character is impacting where he goes. It is the biggest detractor."]

Of course that would mean he would be available when Miami picks. Should the Dolphins pull the trigger?


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No! No WRs in draft and no FA signings. We dont need any more. Um.. Ted Ginn will have a breakout year.

T wat the hell are you thinking Ted has shown potential but have u read any of mandos articles? The guy was a waste of a pick

I'd take him...at least he isn't a woman beater.....

Yes. I'm afraid so. Parcells, move him in to your house. Kid just needs guidance and a kick in the pants. I'm sure that their thousands of Dolphin fans down in South Florida that would wake this kid up every morning and drive him to practice for free...

I was being sarcastic... but I honestly thing our needs on D outweigh our needs for a "dynamic" WR.

I don't care who they select in the first round as long as they make an IMMEDIATE impact. With that said, it won't be this guy

Quick comment Mando. I read your blog every day, but reserve my comments most of the time. However draft day approaches and in my opinion, spending a 12 th overall pick on Dez Bryant is WAY worse than spending major money on Brandan Marshall. At least with Marshall u get a proven stud in the NFL, and a guy I'd like to watch run over some CBs and safeties for the fish. Just in fan draw alone you can justify him. The guy wants to be well paid, but name me three receivers better than him that are NOT well paid? Let's use the draft pick on someone who instanty solidifies the team and does not need to overcome both immaturity, as well as injury and prove himself in the NFL. Marshall is a WAY better gamble here. Specially in an uncapped year! Think about all the plays last year that could have decided games, and we were throwing to Ted Ginn! (sick) Plus, having Marshall here might spark something in Ginn as well. Let the Cowboys try to fix Bryant like they tried with TO! Later! And thanks for the blog man. Love catching up on Fish stuff daily!

Randy Moss was same way entering the draft. Passed up by 20-21 teams because of his history. How did that work out?


Trade down with the Cowboys and pick up an extra 2nd round pick - I am sold!

Dallas is one of those places I would hate to see Bryant go, because he could easily put up big numbers in that offense.
The guy is talented. If he came to Miami, he would immediately be the guy who defenses put their best cover guy on, and would be gameplanned against. Thus, he probably wouldn't have a great opening year.
And idiot Dolphins fans would complain.
If he went to somewhere like Dallas, where he would be at best the 3rd option, and arguably 4th or 5th, he could take advantage of going against nickel CBs or a S. Thus he might have 850 yards and 8 TDs.
And idiot Dolphins fans would complain.
The only way we don't hear the 'I told you Dez was awesome' is if he goes somewhere and falls flat on his face.

No one will make a bigger impact than this guy. Its just will he make it to the field before kickoff. A kid like this... Bad upbringing and everything... I think part of Parcells attraction to his position is to not only to build a football team but to take in guys who need guidance and structure and show them the light... There is no better feeling than helping a fellow person "get it"... Its what all parents want for their children... Here is what could be one of the greatest challenges of Parcells career... Will he run from the challenge or will he embrace it? Tune in April 22nd...


Marcus, I just shed a tear....

Trade down with the Patriots, and if he's still there at 22, SNATCH HIM UP!!!!

Only because I don't think Demaryius Thomas makes it out of the first round. I would much rather have Thomas but he can't justify the 12th pick. Would love that to be our 2nd round pick.

This is a deep draft and the dolphins have many needs, so they should trade down twise and get 2 more picks, that way they can get more players and still get quality players.

Draft him yesterday. We are going nowhere without two new WR's that are actually good. Ginn needs to go back to college. Same with that wr/qb who got KO'd the first time he was touched.


He's arguably the 4th most talented player in the draft (I don't feel like arguing but I think only the 2 DT's and Berry are better) and sure there are tons of WR's in next year's draft and sure Demaryious Thomas, Arrelious Benn, and Golden Tate COULD be there in the 2nd Round (unlikely) but this is a guy who just needs a little direction in life and could make a huge impact for this team and Chad Henne's development.

Hell yes! Pull the damn trigger and get us a playmaker!

maybe that #12 pick is going to be traded to dallas????????? then lets grab marshall with dallas's #27. hopefully we will have dallas's second round selection too! we will regret letting marshall go.

if i was selecting i might pull the trigger but tuna wont----

When i look at dez he has the size andre johnson---but is a lot shifty in the open field---he has talent that you rarely see---at that size he was a punt runterner----thats just silly----

and for the people that say the top wrs dont always pan out---i dunno about that statement

calvin johnson, andre johnson, larry fitzgerald, braylen edwards-----the freak work out at a good connect rate---

its bad when you take the small guys like a ted ginn, heywerd-bay


Please yes!

If Bryant is available and we pass on him, I will cry.

We know Bryant was late to meetings and games and all that, but did he play lazily? Was he focused when on the field and play hard every down? If so, take him.

Hell NO!!! Not cuz of Dez's history, but cuz of the scumbag agent he chose.. Since he's top 4 talent, he'll want top 4 $$$$... Regardless of where he's picked..

WOW ! LOL @ MARCUS. I also shed a tear. The tuna loves teaching players the in and outs of the game not babysitting them.

I don't know if you can compare Dez Bryant to Randy Moss. Moss had Chris Carter to show him the way. Carter was on his way to the H.O.F. He had adversity in his career, a little street cred if you will. There was no pressure to be the #1 reciever. With Dez if he came here, we don't have a #1, we have nobody to show him how to become that #1. What we have is a collection of posestion recievers, and a guy who hates to get hit. I hope if it comes to 12, and Dez is on the board, we pass. I don't think Dez is the answer

Guys, just to shed some light... The background that Dez Bryant is coming from... Is becoming the norm for the African American community... I have ten kids in my bible study class, all of them come from single parent homes or live with grandma... Some parents are locked up or are dead beats or are dead... These kids all have stories of abuse or neglect... Same with the kids on my football and baseball teams... Some of them, I am the only father figure they see... Five years from now, half of the kids at the combine will have come from some type of drama from childhood. So running from a kid like this with is futile... Soon, you will have no choice. Unless you want a team full of Hartlines and Camarillos or Ted Ginn and family...

Parcells is no longer the coach. I think he has taken on a larger responsibility and baby sitting if need me should be part of the criteria if you can change a kid's life.

Tired of crappy seasons. Make a few decisions that might pan out, get marshal !!!


But does that excuse laziness, showing up late consistently, lying to the NCAA, etc....

Not every great reciever with personal problems had a mentor. If they pick him, I have confidence that they did their due diligence and he will be fine. In my opinion, if he is there, take him. Because the other need areas for this team in this draft, are well stocked and deep. There is only one WR with this kind of talent. We'll see.

I agree, I was just saying that with a guy that a has maturity problems, it helps to have someone who can show him the ropes. Dez never had to learn how to run correct routes in college, he was bigger, faster, and stronger then almost everyone he played against. He could play without thinking. In the NFL he will have to learn to play a different game, and it takes time. He will be expected to contribute right away, and I'm not sure he can do that.

Marshall vs. Bryant??

Easy one...Go get Marshall!!!

Both require our 1st round pick (#12).

Both fit the physical prototype the TUNA loves.

Bryant is injured, has a questionable character and is UNPROVEN at the NFL level. Picking him at 12 will cost a major contract and he wouldn't have played a down in the NFL when we agree to it. Most top tier college receivers needs 1-2 years to develop into star.

Marshall is healthy, has a flawed character and police record, and he will cost a big salary/contract. But he is a PROVEN NFL STAR!!

Take Marshall!!!

Then use remaining picks to take best talent available to get a NT, OLB, S or CB and TE. Our O-line and RB's are good and will serve us well in 2010.

Take a Safety or Corner Back depending on if the staff believes Will Allen can take Wilson's spot. Love that idea!!!


The Tuna has him work at Dallas, gets all the info and we decide to take him or not at 12

The Tuna takes a dump on fins fans again!!!!NO WR FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe Dez Bryant will be a tremendous WR in the NFL,however,we should'nt pick him because our Defense was truly awful. I'd rather we pick a WR in the 2nd,someone like Arrelious Benn or Demyrious Thomas

I believe Dez Bryant will be a tremendous WR in the NFL,however,we should'nt pick him because our Defense was truly awful. I'd rather we pick a WR in the 2nd,someone like Arrelious Benn or Demyrious Thomas

IF they don't go after B Marshall, then I don't see any other decision OTHER than drafting Dez Bryant. I mean, is this team trying to get better offensively, or just trying not to get worse? Because I don't see Incognito making this offense Saints-like. WE NEED A WR PLAYMAKER!!! There's no winning without one.


I DIDN'T shed a tear. I simply poured a little of my 40 on the ground for my dead homies up in Oaktown. =)

My hope is that Jerry Jones, the Man, the Myth, the Meddler gets absolutely infatuated with his Dez (he can be my T.O. like drink stirrer) Bryant WR and swaps picks with the Fins.

The draft is DEEP and there is nothing at #12 that seems to blow anyone away... Berry will most likely be gone, McClain? Even the people that were wailing for him have died down after the Dansby pick-up, S Thomas? 2nd best safety? Williams? With Cody coming down in weight and no projection to NT is Williams that many spots ahead? 1 big year production wise?

The fact remains that we would get a ton more mileage if we drafted at 27 and got an extra 2nd round pick.

More early picks = more chances = getting the good/gooder/goodest players to fill the Fins most needed positions!


Sorry...last point:

Bryant is injured, has a questionable character and is UNPROVEN at the NFL level. Picking him at 12 will cost a major contract and he wouldn't have played a down in the NFL when we agree to it. Most top tier college receivers needs 1-2 years to develop into star.

Ginn was picked at (#10 or 12 in the draft - can't remember). He was injured, had a great character, was paid a big contract, and was an unproven NFL player. He is NOT a STAR.

Why take the risk on another UNPROVEN WR???

Go get Marshall!!!!!!

I am with Marcus imagine being the son of a mother who had you when you were 15 - your father was 40 - and your mom had two other kids before she was 18; resorted to selling drugs and then using drugs and ended up in jail; you moved in with your father and step-mother - who end up kicking you out to the streets. Live in different homes and don't have a real "home." He is not a bad kid - just doesn't have any structure in his life and a team; which hopefully would become his family; could be just what he needs.

The talent is undeniable.

Keep suffering Fin Fans with the 2 yard pass to Bess

NO WR FOR YOU says the Tuna Nazi

Maybe the Cowboys already know that they will acquire the Dolphins pick in a trade to be named later and are doing their homework...

yeah i know...

Listen, there will be no players on my team with troubled pasts unless they are linemen... haven't you guys figured it out yet? I'm stubborn as hell and won't budge from this thought process, even if it means getting a playmaker!

if that pats take him I'll get sick.

His background does not excuse his actions but should help you relate and understand... Alot of us if we didn't have some one getting us up in the morning growing up would be totally different space then we are in now...

NO WR FOR YOU says the Tuna Nazi

Babysitting IN THE NFL should be on Nobody's criteria.

Don't get Marshall....he'll cost too much....don't get Bryant....he's not worth the 12th pick....no wonder why the Dolphins suck at receiver. Owens at 36 years old is asking 5 mil a season...5 mil!!

Boldin a guy that many here wanted...who's going to be 30 years old in Oct, will get 7 mil a year for the next 4 years.

The Dolphins need a receiver that scares defenses....that produces each and every game...that gives a chance to win important games against the good teams....until the Dolphins acquire one of those receivers...they will not be a contender.

I thought Vontae had a shaddy past???
how did that turn out??

yes please! Who cares if he lied to the ncaa! the truth is a ton of good players are on the take and lie to the ncaa. The fact is simple, Bryant got caught. When he scores 10 td's in his rookie year I hope we arn't one of the teams crying about passing on him.

@ Fishypete

Dolphins scary receiver is Pat Turner. He is a ghost in the lockeroom


I understand what you're saying,i really do bud but we did score a quite respectable 360 points last season and also scored 30 or more points in 4 consecutive games. The 1st pick has to be on the Defense IMHO


I understand what you're saying,i really do bud but we did score a quite respectable 360 points last season and also scored 30 or more points in 4 consecutive games. The 1st pick has to be on the Defense IMHO


Turner may be a ghost....but Ginn isn't...every team that plays us knows all he is, is a deception.

Marcus and Just Because,

Your hearts and minds are very admirable and helping your fellow man is a more important calling than fixing flailing football franchises.

That said, I would say drafting needy players to help, support, guide and provide nuturing to them as misguided youth is the wrong way to think about about building a football program.

I just think they are two seperate venues. He is a very talented kid with a rough background but there are doctors, lawyers and some very accomplished men that pulled themselves up from the ruggedness in which they came from.

Maybe you're getting "Blindsided" a bit here? Remember, the Baltimore Ravens drafted Oher early becuse they thought the other family had already sufficiently fixed Oher so he could succeed on his own.

I am not calling you guys out on your beliefs and am just throwing out food for thought. If you guys want to select Dez with the #12 pick it's your choice.


Vontae davis didn't have a shaddy past. Vontae davis is a perfect example of how to act like a pro in the adult world of the NFL. He was Brought up by his grandma with no parents around in the bad parts of town . She took care of him , went to church , went to college and you didn't hear a peep from him this year. There's no excuse for dez. he needs to grow up or the men of the NFL will eat him up.

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