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Dez Bryant to work out for Cowboys

Hard to figure out where Dez Bryant lands in the coming draft but as this ESPN report suggests, at least one team thinks he might be available late in the first round.

ESPN is reporting the Cowboys, which own the No. 27 overall selection in the first round, will bring the Oklahoma State wide receiver to their Valley Ranch facility for a private workout on April 1. Bryant will conduct a workout for all NFL teams March 30 in his hometown of Lufkin, Tex.

It wasn't that long ago that Dolphins fans were hoping, praying that Bryant would be available at No. 12 when the Dolphins pick.

But Bryant's well-documented history, his suspension by the NCAA last year for lying, and the fact he hasn't worked out this offseason has caused his stock to tumble somewhat. Bryant has been nursing a hamstring injury and didn't work out at the Indianapolis Combine or at the Oklahoma State Pro Day.

Several draft "experts" now see Bryant going as low as 22nd to the Patriots or below that, which is where the Cowboys would start to factor.

[Update 6 p.m.: Count ESPN's Todd McShay among the experts saying Bryant is dropping.

"Dez Bryant is most likely not going to be a top five pick," McShay said on a national conference call, "and there's a good chance he's not going to go in the top 10, 11 spots."


"Does he lose focus every once in awhile catching the ball? Yes. Does he need a little work as a route-runner? Yes," McShay said. "But that has nothing to do with where he’s going to wind up going.

"Dez Bryant’s character is impacting where he goes. It is the biggest detractor."]

Of course that would mean he would be available when Miami picks. Should the Dolphins pull the trigger?


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Mike Mayock keeps saying Dez is the third best player in this draft, too bad he falls to the 20s, Dolphins need defense, Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall JUST SAY NO cause it won't happen

@ Mark
Sign up Sharper or the dude from the Rams at Safety. With Dansby picking up the slack for Clam Chowder and Anderson and Wake Starting at OLB we should be ok.
Go all Defense round 2-6

Rob in OC. AMEN !!! and well said. These are all freaking excuses for DEZ.

I think parcels keeps ginn cause he been watching the small amount of highlights he had w/ Miami and he still dreaming how great he can be.

That said, if I was ever forced to pick one, it would be Bryant, at least he isn't an All-Star Criminal like Marshall...Marshall NEVER gonna happen!!!!

The Tuna will probably wait for an old scrub (Holt, Coles) to sign after the draft.

I like Dez Bryant, just don't think there is much of a difference between him and Regus Benn. Very similar players to me and I have a slight preference for Benn. Both are around 6'1 or 6'2 and 220. Benn probably is faster and has better after the catch running ability. But Bryant is only a step slower most likely and isn't bad after the catch either. Bryant played with a QB that could actually throw in college so we got to see him catch the ball a good bit more.

with all that said I like Thomas from GT better than both of them.

Is there a possibility of swapping 1 st round picks with Dallas for either Marcus Spears or Miles J. Austin in exchange !!!!

Simple answer: yes

STOP the Presses!!! NJ PHIN...you do know its me right? ;)

Yeah, we are definitely on the same plage with guys using crutches to justify this and that.

He can be a break out player with his level of talent but his track record suggests a higher level of bust than most potential #12 picks.

Feels damn good to be on your team for a change bro!!!


Draft Bay Bay in round 2. Wait till 2012 for a breakout year from Pat Turner


I dont know how knowledgeable you are on this years Draft prospects but do you believe there's another WR in this years Draft that could be as good as Bryant? Are you saying that it has to be Bryant in the 1st or no other?


I dont know how knowledgeable you are on this years Draft prospects but do you believe there's another WR in this years Draft that could be as good as Bryant? Are you saying that it has to be Bryant in the 1st or no other?

@ Mark

Draft Bay Bay in round 2


broke foot though

Sounds good to me...:)


What's up with these Dez Bryant fans?

Let me give you the chance to tell them one more time.

IF you were going to use the 12th pick for an offensive player(big if), Marshall or Bryant?

Waterboy, Thomas won't be around when round 2 starts.

NJ Phin and Rob in OC agreeing? Holy cow! I miss the fighting.

IF they don't go after B Marshall, then I don't see any other decision OTHER than drafting Dez Bryant. I mean, is this team trying to get better offensively, or just trying not to get worse? Because I don't see Incognito making this offense Saints-like. WE NEED A WR PLAYMAKER!!! There's no winning without one.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 18, 2010 at 02:53 PM

Ok, so who is the Saints "WR PLAYMAKER?" Marques Colston? Guess what, he was a 7th round pick.

If the Tuna is scared of taking Bryant at 12 well trade back to the 20s and get Dan Williams or Bay Bay then.

Marshall is the best option but wont happen because of Tuna's track record of stone age football.

Dez and Vontae are different. Vontae at least had a grandma. And his older siblings. She was very stict and provided discpline for him. Dez had no such thing.

If the Phins were to draft any offensive player in the first round, I think it has to be Spiller. Trade Cobbs for a 5 or 6th round pick maybe to Philly, then take a flier on a reciever from a smaller school, Simonds 6'6 from colgate, or Terrel Huggins from Elon,6'3 234. No pressure on these guys. Dez should not be our choice.

Notice that BAY BAY catches everything with his hands. Maybe Teddy Ginn can learn

Here's an interesting fact, not that it means much except that an elite QB is much more important than an elite WR. The Saints didn't have one player in the top 15 in receiving yds or receptions and they still managed to win the SB.

I wish we would take DEZ at 12, but we won't that's the problem here.

LMAO @ROB IN OC !! Ihave to run . I'll be back to answer some more.

I disagree. You guys do not work these guys. All they are to you is a number. So you can be cold. But if all it was about was playing football, there would be lots of misguided NFL players right now... Why do the have the rookie symposium, why do they talk about veteran leadership in the locker room? That's because these guys do not come into the league fully grown individuals. Alot of them are still kids and there is still much maturing and growing up to do. Like I said, 5 years from now... Half the draft prospects will be Dez Bryants...

Dez Bryant's off field issues aren't a big deal. Suspended for lying about meeting with Deion. Not the best of students. And at times disinterested with doing all the little things. Not a bad guy or anything. Maybe a little immature? Like any of us wasn't still a little immature at 20/21.

No, he's a turd and people should look into him and not speak until they see all the facts.

I'm starting to think they should. Dan Williams and Earl Thomas are both a reach at #12, and unless you can find a pass-rusher that is a sure-fire choice, you can't pass on Bryant.

No to Bryant.

The guy barely played all year and he has a bad hamstring.... WHAT???

people that actually like the dude say they wouldnt count on him....SERIOUSLY???

no to Bryant.

Dez Bryant is on wqam right now...


ABSOLUTELY. This guy is better than Crabtree and is the best WR to come out since Calvin Johnson. He is in the mold of Andre Johnson. This is the guy that would have the biggest impact on the Dolphins and that is what you look for in your first round pick. I would hate to see the Phins pass on him and see him become one of the most dynamic receivers in the league.

Brandon, he's no Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson. He's not nearly as much of a freak of an athlete as those two. The one area I question with Bryant is his willingness to cross the middle with any type of regularity. Outside of WR screens he didn't have to do that too often in college.

Oher turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, Rob - and he fell for the same reasons that Bryant might fall as well. These guys are supremely talented but because some people thought that they might have an issue off the field (not arrests or violence or anything like that) they wouldn't take that chance on them.

How about this question - before seeing that he was going to hold out - would you have drafted Michael Crabtree if he was available at the #12 spot last year?

None of us are prospects that a franchise is ready to drop millions of dollars on. If it was any of your money, would you gamble it on someone with maturity issues, or would you go the safe route and go with someone that had no baggage?

I hope Bryant doesn't end up with the pats or jets if he falls that far

Chad Henne has the solution:

(On Brandon Marshall): "If we get a big guy, it'll definitely help out. But we have Patrick Turner sitting on the back burner. Let's see what he does this off season."


I may have been late a few times from drinking heavily the night before coming out of high school at my 1st job as a bus boy/dishwasher at a local eatery BUT, I DANG SURE was early to wrestling every day as it was important to me.

The Trifecta has as part of their "criteria" to find players that show football is important to them.

"Wake me up for game time" and "I had a flat coach again this week" doesn't scream give that young guy millions.

Marcus, the fact that tons of these types of players will be coming into the league means they should be made the example of. That is not cold that is life. If Dez goes at 5-12 he will be rewarded with crazy money. If he tumbles to say #27 then he may still consider it crazy money but at some point will realize if he had walked the straight and narrow more often he would have been a much more wealthy guy. When they are old enough and mature enough to know that the formula is:

This much talent X doing the right things x working hard = long term success.

That will cause some to clean up their acts. Keep rewarding the sloughs, laggards, troublemakers etc and you will create more of your own monsters. At that point the league is inviting it. If you establish the code of conduct and stick to it they can keep sending the message of what they want from the kids.

I agree with some others that WR Bay Bay Thomas and WR A Benn would be better value in the 2nd round if the Fins go WR. Then you would be able to use your top pick on the best Defender.


It seems from reading Mando's column that many of you would take Berry if he slips to #12 because he could be an immediate starter.

Why not move up and get him by trading spots with the Redskins (Berry probably won't get past the Chiefs)?

Since QB is one of the holes the Skins want to fill, the Fins could throw in Thigpen to move up and ask for a late round pick. Thigpen could probably compete or be a good 2nd string QB for them.

Is this possible?

Esteban, you are right... Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson both ran in the 4.3s. Bryant is more of an 4.45 guy and is shorter than both but Bryant may end up just as good as Calvin... Calvin has been injury prone his first two years and I haven't necessarily seen him dominate...


Nice read

Rob, who said he didn't walk the straight and narrow? This kid has never been arrested... He was late to some meetings as a freshmen... He lied about talking to Deion... Everyone on this blog has lied before... He's not Reggie Bush, taking money from agents... That is worse. Is Reggie Bush a bad guy?

I'm tired of people crucifying people because of their mistakes... I really think that his background has been blown out proportion by the NFL teams so that he will drop to them.

Please draft this guy if he is available. Immediate impact fo sho.

To the guys who dont want Marshall or Bryant, wake me up when your choir boys get you to the AFC champ game

Let's see?

We scored 23 points v. Indy and lost.
We scored 34 points v. New Orleans and lost
We scored 24 points v. Tennessee and lost.
We scored 20 points v. Houston and lost.
We scored 24 points v. Pittsburgh and lost.

We need 3 or 4 defensive starters out of this draft to go with Starks, Langford, Dansby, Smith, Davis, and Bell and we could have a young Top 5 defense for years to come.

We can work on upgrading our offensive playmakers in 2011.

Fixing our old and crappy defense is way more important than gambling on a immature diva WR like Bryant.

Just Because,

You did see where I said that Oher was made into a pretty good student by the many hours of intense guidance by foster parents BEFORE the draft right?

All I am saying is it doesn't sound like Dez is receiving that now or yet and I think it would be risky to grab him, pay him and then start working with him. His talent, by itself, is very high.

With regards to last years draft I would have drafted LB B Cushing. The trio of USC LB's could all play the game hard and at a high level. I was actually thinking we would get LB Matthews over WR Hakeem Nicks with our first pick. I thought the Bloodlines would entice Parcells and he looked the most fluid of the 3 in all his workouts to me. Plus the same scuttlebut every year...Parcells drafts only LBs was in the back of my mind too. I was down on Crabtree due to his lack of running a 40 time. He eventually got signed and we shall see if he ends up being a great receiver.

I hope that answers your question bud.


Vegas, insert Dez into the game instead of Ted Ginn and see how many of those games we win... Dez makes that catch against Indy and he doesn't kick the ball up in the air against the Saints...

I love this whole process... This my March Madness.


I meant "straight and narrow" in more of a "clean up your act" type of a way.

Sorry, I didn't mean for it to get confused with running afoul of the law in any way. I will be more judiscious with my words next time.

I agree that no one is a saint including me... well maybe Drew Brees... in a literal sense anyways. ;0)


I wouldn't risk it on Bryant... I would wait for the second round to see if Tate would still be available. I think FS should be priority for the draft though.


Good point @ 4:01. Kiper accuses teams of "Piling On" all the time regarding the rumor that swirl.

If it benefits you it is good business as it pertains to getting the guy guy you want. Most, if not all teams do somewhat exhaustive research on background checks.

I think most can pick out the hoaxes imo.


1st three picks of the Phins = Defense.

BTW, Henne said we got Pat Turner we don't need a new WR. LOL

The Tuna doesn’t care about what WE ALL think or post on this blog. He does not read em.

He wont draft any GOOD WR as that's not his STYLE. So stop crying about Dez and Brandon or any OTHER.

With the Tuna at the helm he is building the team to last. Unfortunately, during his building we will once again SUFFER as we watch other teams that will kick our butts this season and for another 10 years draft all the players that your crying about.

The Pats and Jets have people that are willing to pick and BUILD the team with talent while the Dolphin fans will need to sit back and watch us mature S-L-O-W. In the meantime, NE and the Pats and Colts, etc will win Super bowls while we suffer.

If we dont improve at WR this season I will ONLY give Tuna one more year and if he still does not pick a WR FIRE HIS A**.

Marcus... what is this March Madness you speak of? What is a basketball? LOL

For me it is strictly NFL and UFC as my two vices sports wise. If the rest of the games went away I would not lose any sleep.

I do get swept up in this draft drama as like you said..it must feel kinda like march madness.


Yeah, I only watch the NBA playoffs... I watch some UFC, Boxing (the big fights), wrestling and football 365, 24-7... I like the game of baseball but aint no way I'm watching it.


Birds of a feather I see... GJ!


I am gonna act like a baby and "head out" for awhile.

Good chats folks.


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