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Dez Bryant to work out for Cowboys

Hard to figure out where Dez Bryant lands in the coming draft but as this ESPN report suggests, at least one team thinks he might be available late in the first round.

ESPN is reporting the Cowboys, which own the No. 27 overall selection in the first round, will bring the Oklahoma State wide receiver to their Valley Ranch facility for a private workout on April 1. Bryant will conduct a workout for all NFL teams March 30 in his hometown of Lufkin, Tex.

It wasn't that long ago that Dolphins fans were hoping, praying that Bryant would be available at No. 12 when the Dolphins pick.

But Bryant's well-documented history, his suspension by the NCAA last year for lying, and the fact he hasn't worked out this offseason has caused his stock to tumble somewhat. Bryant has been nursing a hamstring injury and didn't work out at the Indianapolis Combine or at the Oklahoma State Pro Day.

Several draft "experts" now see Bryant going as low as 22nd to the Patriots or below that, which is where the Cowboys would start to factor.

[Update 6 p.m.: Count ESPN's Todd McShay among the experts saying Bryant is dropping.

"Dez Bryant is most likely not going to be a top five pick," McShay said on a national conference call, "and there's a good chance he's not going to go in the top 10, 11 spots."


"Does he lose focus every once in awhile catching the ball? Yes. Does he need a little work as a route-runner? Yes," McShay said. "But that has nothing to do with where he’s going to wind up going.

"Dez Bryant’s character is impacting where he goes. It is the biggest detractor."]

Of course that would mean he would be available when Miami picks. Should the Dolphins pull the trigger?


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I don't know - sure Cushing had a great year and he might turn out to be the best player from last years draft (and hindsight being 20/20 and all) but Crabtree came in with no training camp; a mediocre QB behind a subpar OL and had 48 catches (27 for 1st downs), 2 TDS, with a 13 yard average in only 11 games as a rookie WR. Bryant is a much better propsect and a much better player than Crabtree. I think Bryant would flourish with Henne and a strong OL and running game.

Granted this is all moot as Parcells is not taking a WR in the 1st Round.

All you have to do is watch his YouTube highlight reel.

They'd have to be really dumb to pass on him, but then they signed Pat White, so it wouldn't surprise me.

No way should the Phins take this kid at 12. It has been pointed out that we sucked at defense last season and the numbers prove it. Especially that New Orleans game. What was that????

I'm of the opinion that we shouldn't even contemplate taking this kid at #12. If we were thinking along those lines then just trade for Marshall.

Marshall isn't nearly as big a risk because he's had time to prove his talent as a scumbag. What happens if we draft this kid Dez and even with his dark background he turns out to be a fine upstanding citizen?

We will have wasted a pick that could have been used to secure a known a ss-clown in Marshall.

Armando let me ask you: What stops an excellent athlete such as this one that already knows his past troubles are going to affect his draft order to feign an injury and not work out in order to fall and be drafted by one of the top teams. Whatever money he was going to be paid as a middle first round pick will be nothing compared to what he's going to reap if say Dallas or the Patriots or God forbid New Orleans bring him on board? It's a gamble but...

If WR Dez Bryant is available at the 12th pick and Miami don't pick him, as a dolphin Die-hard fan, I'm going to be very upset. Either him or Marshall. Chad needs badly a #1 WR and these are the only are available. Otherwise it will be another long season for Miami fighting very hard to get a field goal (just like last year).

yeah the whole rest of the draft doesnt like him and his risk but hey! we need a playmaker that doesnt show up for camp cus his agent is a moron!


Farley said it.

You know he is gonna hold out too on top of the other issues.

He'll pull a Crabtree and say he is worth #4 or 5 pick money.

One thing you guys dont realize is that last year we scored points. We scored right along with the best teams in the league. Problem was on D. We allowed too many points. With a developing offense in place, we need to work on the D. D wins championships. Can I get an AMEN!

#12 will be FS NT or OLB.

Slight possibility of ILB.

Lil to no possibilty; RB & WR.

Sorry folks.

Next years draft.....


Kasey, I guess ur going to b very upset...

Think of it like this.....

If we have the year we all hope we will have this year, next year if there is no lock out we can trade our #28 or 29th first round pick for a "# 1 WR"

Hopefully we pick at # 32 next year.

Po White, here's the thing Bro, Ireland sorta backed himself into a corner saying we need to get Henne some weapons at WR...this has put the fans into a frenzy this offseason....I mean, they could not do it and Ireland could just ignore what he said, Ireland could say too many other holes popped up or they can get a WR...he should have said we will look at a WR later in the draft and that woulda been the end of it...

" insert dez bryant in over ginn and the dolphins would've won those games , he would've caught the ball vs indy and he wouldn't of kicked the ball in the air vs NO .. " Yeah , that's if he woke up in time and actually made it to the game or wasn't holding out into week 2 vs INDY.

we need a NT bad. a big guy that eats up two linemen. then dansby would be a beast. but without the big NT its gonna be tough. i dont think there is a NT like that in this draft is there?

I still think the best scenario would be to Draft Rolando McClain then put Dansby as an OLB. Go with Wake,McClain,Crowder and Dansby as our Linebackers.

That would be totally reeking of awesomeness

I still think the best scenario would be to Draft Rolando McClain then put Dansby as an OLB. Go with Wake,McClain,Crowder and Dansby as our Linebackers.

That would be totally reeking of awesomeness

I'll take a WR in round 2 B12, any later than that it's a waste of a pick. IMO

Mark , that would be awesome,

Didn't Ireland say something good about Wilson?


I still have maturity issue.... forgive me...

New post guys....

Heard a rumor about the Phins looking @ Jared Odrick & Linval Joseph.

You CANNOT, let the Freakin' Pats or the dreaded Jets grab this Dez. If the Jets pull off that Marsahll trade its a douple dip, we lose out on Marshall AND... the Jets dominate us for the nect 5 years. This is a deep draft, go for defense 2 thru 7, but PLEASE draft Dez with that 12th pick or....go get Brandon. And thats all Ive got to say about that...

Everyone the Fins don't take on this blog is going to the Jets or Pats...u can't draft people on the outside chance ur rivals are going to get them....Jets will get a good player in their 1st round and the Pats have 3 second rd picks... So be it

If the Phins take Bryant at #12, then WHY WOULDNT YOU JUST TRADE FOR MARSHALL!! Both players are going to get paid bigtime, and both players have shady historys off the field, but Marshall is a TOP 3 wr in this league.. Bryant is unknown

AzPhinatic, because the Dolphins won't be taking Dez at 12, they have no desire to take either Marshall or Bryant...BUT if I had to take one it would certainly be the guy who has a problem being late to practices and lied VS. A guy who assaulted a police officer, pulled a gun on his own dad and beat two different women and may have been involved in the murder of a teammate... He I'd one incident away from a LONG LONG suspension and Sourh Beach is not the place to try to be good

they should absolutely pull the trigger if he is on the clock. he is the only receiver in the draft that can step in on day 1 and be our number 1 receiver. he is another michael crabtree.

Dez Bryant 6'2 randy moss 6'4 no comparason end of story

Dont know if the fins should take dez bryant or not cause of the rumors. Last year the rumors on Vontae turned out not to be true. Hes been a great pickup and so far a great character guy. Soooo how are WE supposed to know the truth? i hate to say it dude but your supposed to be telling your readers if dez bryant is a good pick at 12.

YES pull the trigger! Can u imagine the patriots with welker moss and Bryant?!?! Three playmakers (or even two if moss leaves) to our NONE we would be done in the afc east.

hell yea pull the trigger then see what trade deals pop up for him from desperate teams later on If we draft him 12 hold him up on trade block im ure one team will bite and we can trade down get more picks

Dez is a 10 + td guy no doubt rookie year easily the best hands in the draft

if he'd come out his junior season he would have been drafted top 5 no doubt

"Pull the Trigger" sounds like something Brandon Marshall has said more then once in his life

Arrelious Benn and Demaryious Thomas will not be there at #43 so you guys should stop saying that stupid s**t! Mike Williams from syracuse might be there but he has more baggage than Dez bryant and not nearly as good. Take Dez Bryant or line up with the very average two white boys.

I can see this guy being drafted by ravens, patriots or freeking jets and see him run by our D as he's giving a stiff arm to one of our dbacks; as that thought flashes through all of us dolphin nation, he could've been ours... Draft this kid, remember Randy Moss! He's no Ted Gin.


Thank u for visiting the "Dolphins won't take Marshall or Dez in this decade" blog...ur opinions are appreciated but will be ignored by the boss Bill Parcells

I don't care what the baggage is with Brandon Marshall,I would take him over an unproven,untested,wannabee diva rookie all day.The dude is at least the third best receiver in the league!!!GET HIM with that first or second round pick before someone else in your division does.

haha parcells has friggin mind lapse cause thats what the wide outs caused him to have..... miami picks dez at twelve and then picks benn 9th in the second ... what the ... i must have jus typed my dream i was having lmao

Of course!!!! We need him or Marshall badly

The fact that NJ Phin Phan doesn't want him makes me want him more. You assume automatically that since he has the same agent as Crabtree he will hold out. The fact that you think you're such an expert just angers me with every post I read from you. I hope Dez becomes a Dolphin just to shut all the "experts" up.

no!!!! we're goin to have to pay him 12th pick money or more with him having crabtrees agent.

i say we trade down in the first round pick up another 2nd rounder (maybe even for next year) and go after marshall ... if were talking receivers

but ive said time and time again we're goin to draft on the defensive side of the ball

i dont know dez but based on what ive read wether hes had a troubled upbringing or not which most of us have

i would simply call him immature

thinkk about an immature person, 20 years old, and ask yourself if youd want him on your team

we dont have time to be on top of people wether its on or off the field

Apparently we don't care about character issues. Didn't we just sign the "Dirtiest Player in the NFL"? And "he's" not even that good.

Perhaps Dallas will make a good trading partner to swap #1s as they seem to covet Bryant (not sure why since they have Austin and keep insisting that Williams just had an off year). JJ has been known to make stupid deals and maybe, with his history with Parcells, they swap 1st round picks and throw in a second or a couple of later rounders with it for the pleasure of doing the deal.

Okay - I admit I was a main offender about Marshall but, over time, I have come to realize that the Fins are not intereested in ANY number one WR. Why doesn’t anybody else see that this team is about ball control and short passes? They will NEVER go after a true #1. It goes against their conservative offensive philosophy. PERIOD.

Quit thinking about #1 receivers. It isn’t going to happen. I would love it, don’t get me wrong, but I am being a realist (finally).

Is it really necessary anyway? With a better TE this offense comes alive (See that extra 2nd round pick we get from Dallas - or just use the one we have). Even with a really awful TE duo, losing their #1 RB, a patchwork O-Line late in the season, essentially a rookie QB, and dicking around with the Pat White experiment, they still scored a bunch of points last year. Fix the Defense and quit yammering about a #1 WR because it's not going to happen. PERIOD.

All this continued talk about Marshall, Dez Bryant, or older #1s like Harrison or T.O. is just mental mast-r-bation. If it’s not real, it’s not worth fantasizing about.


I've been saying the same thing. We need to fill our holes on defense before we even think WR. Missing 4 starters right now (both OLBs, NT and FS).


That comment about inserting Bryant for Ginn. Totally ludicrous. First of all, if we had a good defense, we would be ahead and those plays by Ginn would not have mattered. They were big plays BECAUSE we were behind. If we're winning who cares if drops those passes? Second of all, Bryant hasn't played a down in the NFL. How can you be so sure he won't be another bust like Ginn?

Mando, no way in hell the Dolphin should take any offensive player with the first 2 picks.

Perhaps Dallas will make a good trading partner to swap #1s as they seem to covet Bryant


I say trade down to San Francisco and let them take CJ Spiller and give us a another second round pick. Grab Brandon Graham from michigan. Grab Taylor Mays if he's still on the board or Take big ol Terrence "Mount" Cody out of Alabama! With the other second round pick take Marty Hilyard out of Cinncinatti. He's like a black faster version of Wes Welker. In the 3rd round take Javier Arenas CB/KR out of bama. We need alot of help I say in the draft you need to draft on value and not on need. The Dolphins have been drafting on need for far to long it time to take some Damn Chances. If another one of those OLB is there in the second I say take him and form what the steelers have had for years. Peace fishfans!!!

The phins need to draft Dez at 12 if only to keep the Patriots from getting him. If the Dolphins are stupid enough to pass him up believe me the Patriots are not.

The Cowboys are the best team ever...

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