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Quick react: Bryant Pro Day good, not great

Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant will likely be available when the Dolphins pick in the first round at No. 12.

But the chances of Bryant being the pick are not great, in my opinion. It's only an opinion, mind you, not anything anyone has told me.

Bryant had his Pro Day workout at Lufkin High School in his hometown of Lufkin, Tex. today. Approximately 20 teams were in attendance. including the Dolphins.

But the Dolphins were not represented by any of The Big 3 -- as Jeff Ireland, coach Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells were probably more busy doing work on guys that, you know, they actually might draft.

There was a report from ESPN's Adam Shefter earlier in the day that Bryant ran a 4.32 time in the 40-yard dash last week. Well, what a difference a week makes. On Tuesday, Bryant ran an average 4.55 time in the 40-yard dash with one time with the wind at 4.5 and change one time against the wind in the 4.6s, according to a source.

[Update: Gil Brandt of NFL.com says the time narrowed to hundreths of a second are 4.52 (with the wind) and 4.68 (against the wind). Brandt reports Bryant ran a third time and posted another 4.52. That averages out to 4.57.] 

Those are good times, on average, for a 220-pound man. But it isn't jaw-dropping. One interesting thing about Bryant's weight: He has dropped from the 225 he weighed at the Indianapolis Combine in February.

I'm also told Bryant had a 38-inch vertical leap. Also very good for a 6-2 guy.

I am awaiting word on how Bryant did in the position drills and how well he caught the football and whether he showed any rust after missing much of 2009 while he was on NCAA suspension. The test results, however, should do nothing to knock Bryant down.

Unfortunately for him, I don't think it appreciably raises his stock, either.

[This is a quickie reaction. Come back in a bit for more details and further analysis as they come in.]

[Late update: My source this evening told me Bryant caught the ball well enough and was solid getting in and out of his breaks But, but, but, "this just wasn't an elite workout. It was good. Not elite," he said.]


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Do not draft this guy.... thank you...

Like i said a million times , Dez Bryant will NOT be the dolphins pick. Either will CJ Spiller.

Pass. Grab Benn, Tate or the kid from GT in the 2nd round if they are there. Go defense or trade down in the 1st if possible. Spiller might be an option at 12 or good bait to dangle for someone willing to trade up for him.

NJ, Did you see the post from the guy that wanted to trade Chad(Neck fat)Henne for Jamarcus(Fat body)Russell????

This is bad news man. We need this guy to go in the top 10 so some other stud drops to us.

6'2" TE Dorin Dickerson with 4.4 speed in the 3rd or 4th round can be converted to WR should be a better value.

FYI, fins didnt have any of the big 3 at Jake Long's PRO DAY..

These guys have their draft board made up and will go by what they saw on tape and what they checked on the background info

Sure; let's pass on him and have him fall to the jets so that he can come down here and burn us for a couple of TD's every time. This guy is a game changer; how did not drafting Randy Moss pan out for us? If not him, I would love to have Spiller down here. For once, go with the best player available Tuna!

It´s funny how we where all crazy about mcClain and now that dansby is in the house he seems so not the cool-good draft...

McClain, Thomas, Berry, Morgan, Williams all seem like good draft picks. Befores I said Iupati would be a good pick, which he is but he is not such a pressing need as we have already thomas,igcognito and gardner(considering we trade smiley).

I´d really like to get an impact LB like Cushing, Clay Matthews, Maualuga or Laurinaitis.

4.55 not good

FB- your argument is completely flawed and What does not drafting Randy Moss have to do with anything.
AndilunioSpain- i am not certian what you are arguing. We needed an ILB so we got Dansby thats why the focus has switched from McClain... Pretty simple i think

Dez bryant is not a pre madonna. The guy can flat out play and this is coming from a sooner
fan who hates oklahoma state. But i wish he name would no longer come up on blogs regarding the dolphins,Because they are not going to draft anyone that high for the offense, defense maybe; but not offense. The have for years spent major money on defense only to fine the defense still located in most catagories in the bottom half of the defense.
i wish some times they would spend major money on the offensive skillz positions sometime instead of bring in players like dansby and porter give them boat loads of money only not to perform up to expectations

I would be seriously looking at Le'Sean Haskins, Darnarius Trufont or Demetrius Smith as darkhorses /real value picks that become your future Colstons, Boldins. They have been mentioned by guys like Polian, Pioli in KC and the Steelers scouts. I'm all about value.

Early during his position drills, Bryant did drop some passes, but he looked much better after getting into the flow of the drills with former Oklahoma State QB Bobby Reid.

Menace , yeah i see in it. I also seen some mcnabb trades for miami. Incredible !!! Also 305 is an IDIOT !!

Spain. I agree with you.

Draft Dez Bryant. Go on YouTube and look up 2009-2010 Miami dolphins highlights and NONE come up. We have NO big play or #1 recievers. What's R&R going to do with 10 in the Box

Pre-Madonna? Tell me you don't really think its spelled like that.

Trifucta rebuilding D-Fense

1) Fergie : Good Move
2) Ayodele : Scrub
3) Torbor: Scrub
4) Anderson: Scrub
5) Langford: Good
6) Merling: Good
7) Starks: Excellent
8) Dansby: Excellent
9) Vontae: Excellent
10) Smith: Excellent
11) Wilson: Bust
12) Wake: Good
13) JT: Good

They have yet to address the OLB in the draft and NT in the draft. I would say 3 or 4 picks out of the 10 will be at these positions.

If he's there when the Dolphins draft, expect a phone call from the Cowboys .....

Where are all those with the man-crush on Bryant? I'd love to hear your arguments for him now!

Yeah guys let's pass on a # 1 reciever so we can draft another pat Turner. Yeah!!!!! Another Pat Turner and we'll light up their D!!!

Trifucta rebuilding O-Fense

1) Long: Excellent
2) Smiley: Good
3) Grove: Good
4) Bess : Good
5) Carpenter: Excellent
6) Fields : Good
7) Henne: Good
8) Turner: Bad
9) White: Bad
10)Wilford: Bust
11) Penne: Good
12) Mclown: Scrub
13) Hillard: Good
14) Hartline: Good
15) Fasano: Scrub
16) Haynos: Scrub

Enough of bryant talk not gonna happen we will draft a TE that will help the recievers we have. That is parcels mo he always gets a TE watch a replay of bills giant sb 90 this dolphin team looks a lot like that giant team. Parcels has system but he needs time look at all the teams he built. Jets how do you think herm won so many games in begining , whose team is wade philips winning with all the play makers on d are parcels guys. Jason witten romo austin.

"Pre-Madonna? Tell me you don't really think its spelled like that.


This is good stuff

devin , go to youtube and see how many big plays the dolphin defense gave up. Try 380 points and a NFL record 140 points in the 4rth qt,

Miles Austin Powers was caught partying at the Playboy Mansion... Does he have "character" issues like Dez Bryant????


Can we get some love for Eric Berry?? He would be perfect for us! Lets prey he falls into our laps!

1) Corned beef sandwich on rye - delicious
2) Rueben sandwich - close second
3) Philly chessteak w/ - stock rising
4) Cuban sandwich - ehhh
5) All beef dawg - yea baby
6) Kobe beef burger - dropping stock
7) Maury Amsterdam - Classic
8)Meatball&cheese-proven winner everywhere he goes
9) PBJ w/ banana - unheralded workhorse
10) Crab cake sanwich - enjoyed on eastern shore of MD w/ cold beer

For the Tuna to take Bryant, he has to be the obvious value play. At 4.5+ he's not at 12.

As much as I was hoping for a stud #1 WR in the first round (and Dez is the only real candidate for that), it looks like it just ain't gonna happen unless they trade down and grab him.

Looks like Spiller is the only O player who has any knid of chance to go to us at #12.

Gents, please do your homework on Demaryius Thomas. Big, fast, strong.

Has Miami Dolphins second-round pick written all over him.

Does anyone know if Brown will be ready to go in September?

Who's going to run the Wildcat if he's out?

I can see the FO drafting a RB (which round, I don't know)if it looks like Brown won't be ready.

JOSE i would love to see that

Give us a breakdown of special teams too. Please.

Also look at Kent Brockman. He is a beast.

Mel must be from NY...

Waiting for a stud to fall into your lap? That is so gay.

Also look at Kent Brockman. He is a beast.

Posted by: Fantasticle | March 30, 2010 at 02:25 PM

Is'nt he the news anchor on"The Simpsons)???

Kenny Brocklestein

Gents, please do your homework on Demaryius Thomas. Big, fast, strong.

Has Miami Dolphins written all over him.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | March 30, 2010 at 02:22 PM

Armando, is he 1st pick material??

Can we get some love for Eric Berry?? He would be perfect for us! Lets prey he falls into our laps!

Posted by: JOSE | March 30, 2010 at 02:21 PM

JOSE, I think no one would doubt to grab him if he is there when miami picks...

Don't worry Dolfans, they will screw up the draft as usual. It has become a anual ritual since Shula was forced out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I screamed from the mountain tops in previous blogs:

"TAKE BAY BAY at 43" I was referring to Thomas.
The problem is he might be taken before 43

I would be glad with Thomas or Golden Bear Tate at 43

I like sittin on my sofer with ma durn shirt off and squirtin that aerosolized cheese in a spray can in my mouth - gol darn that stuff is real good like.

All I'm trying to say is that we need a playmaker on this offense. We need a receiver who can stretch the field and make a catch at the same time. As we all know, this is a little too much to ask of Tedd Ginn Jr. Poor baby can only return punts 25-30 yards and get out of bounds. He was told not to over exert himself in games, and to save it for practice.
Anyway, all kidding aside, watching this offense without anyone making a play of more than 15 yards other than our rookie WR Hartline has become very redudant and boring.

Would like to point out that Larry Fitzgerald ran a 4.63.

And all I'm tryin ta say is shut your piehole! No one cares.

Mando...interesting...two of the first three things you mention about Thomas as a wide receiver are physical attributes (and Heyward-Bey was fast too). Here are a few things also said about Thomas: extremely poor route runner, struggles to separate, loses focus, and inconsistent hands. That scares the crap out of me...


SO glad you mentioned D Thomas. Problem is I don't think he makes it past the Jets at 29. How do we get him?

Ideally if Jerry Jones loves Bryant (they are having dinner tonight btw) we trade back with Dallas, they can draft Bryant and we get an extra pick or two. It's a win/win.....assuming of course, everything goes as planned.

Guys, I'm all for building the defence....no problem here. But please give us ONE play-maker for the offence. It's another 9-7 or 8-8 season without one, I'm afraid.

There are 10 players in first round who should be available at #12 ..... however if we trade down to 1-20 at least 3 of them will still be there ..... plus we can get another 2nd round pick. Using that strategy, here is my draft:

1-20 IUPATI,LG (put him next to J.Long .. WOW)
2. BEST,RB running behind Long/Iupati WOW
4. M.WILLIAMS, WR (syracuse)
6. F.BARNES,WR bowling green
7. KAFKA, QB nw
(2 more 7's ... BPA)



i wouldnt be upset if we went with the best guard in the draft mike "ay un partee" iupati if you want prototype there you go

yea the pick doesnt sound as fun

but we can solidify our o line once and for all

demaryius thomas stock is rising fast someone might get desperate and reach for him before we do i think he'll go early second but dam i would love to have him playing for the phins.

Also something that may be more indicative of Dez Bryant's elite ability.... He had a 11'0' broad jump... Same as Calvin Johnson.

Looky here.... this is about our boy Ernest Wilfod, the trifecta's Golden Nugget WR coming out of college:

Negatives...Not sudden coming off the line, as he's very choppy getting into his routes... Shows marginal stop & start ability (takes false steps)...One-speed type who is not explosive in and out of his cuts...Will not separate using his speed, rather relying on his leg drive, power and stiff-arm...Lacks the burst and acceleration to be much of a deep threat (possession-type), but runs hard with good second and third effort to break free... Has a marginal Wonderlic test score, but has no problems digesting a complicated play`book...Shows stiffness in his routes (possibly due to hamstring problems in the past)... Not a quick-twitch type, needing room to run in order to be effective in his routes.

The Tuna cant spot WR talent..... He will never draft Dez

Armando . We've done out homework on D Thomas. We've been talking about him for what it feels like MONTHS!!

I like sittin on my sofer with ma durn shirt off and squirtin that aerosolized cheese in a spray can in my mouth - gol darn that stuff is real good like.

Posted by: Some dang redneck named Jed in West by God Virginia | March 30, 2010 at 02:33 PM

N.J, still hating on Jed(Getter done)Whatever his last name is......


I wonder if GT WR D. Thomas will be able to run for scouts before the draft?

It's hard to tell how fast a player is on game film but, it looks like he could run a sub 4.5.

I think he is more physical than Dez but doesn't have experience running as many paterns in that GT offense.

I believe that they will end up drafting DEF. I just hope they make the right call as I think there are some DEF picks that appear on the surface to warrant #12 area value but will end up being mediocre players.

A trade back would be a pot o' gold type play.


Thought I'd just drop in and say we're gonna kick the livin bleep out of you next season. Have a nice day los.. ladies.

Kent brockman?!? I say we go sideshow bob... Think he's got good height to be a wr

New blog post is up, folks. Interesting news IMO.

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