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Quick react: Bryant Pro Day good, not great

Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant will likely be available when the Dolphins pick in the first round at No. 12.

But the chances of Bryant being the pick are not great, in my opinion. It's only an opinion, mind you, not anything anyone has told me.

Bryant had his Pro Day workout at Lufkin High School in his hometown of Lufkin, Tex. today. Approximately 20 teams were in attendance. including the Dolphins.

But the Dolphins were not represented by any of The Big 3 -- as Jeff Ireland, coach Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells were probably more busy doing work on guys that, you know, they actually might draft.

There was a report from ESPN's Adam Shefter earlier in the day that Bryant ran a 4.32 time in the 40-yard dash last week. Well, what a difference a week makes. On Tuesday, Bryant ran an average 4.55 time in the 40-yard dash with one time with the wind at 4.5 and change one time against the wind in the 4.6s, according to a source.

[Update: Gil Brandt of NFL.com says the time narrowed to hundreths of a second are 4.52 (with the wind) and 4.68 (against the wind). Brandt reports Bryant ran a third time and posted another 4.52. That averages out to 4.57.] 

Those are good times, on average, for a 220-pound man. But it isn't jaw-dropping. One interesting thing about Bryant's weight: He has dropped from the 225 he weighed at the Indianapolis Combine in February.

I'm also told Bryant had a 38-inch vertical leap. Also very good for a 6-2 guy.

I am awaiting word on how Bryant did in the position drills and how well he caught the football and whether he showed any rust after missing much of 2009 while he was on NCAA suspension. The test results, however, should do nothing to knock Bryant down.

Unfortunately for him, I don't think it appreciably raises his stock, either.

[This is a quickie reaction. Come back in a bit for more details and further analysis as they come in.]

[Late update: My source this evening told me Bryant caught the ball well enough and was solid getting in and out of his breaks But, but, but, "this just wasn't an elite workout. It was good. Not elite," he said.]


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Menace , that wasn't me , maybe it's you

Don't overlook Kwambfue Nakatome . Dude is a absolute speed demon who makes sick catches.

NJ, Did you see the post from the guy that wanted to trade Chad(Neck fat)Henne for Jamarcus(Fat body)Russell????

Posted by: Cuban menace | March 30, 2010 at 01:54 PM

I saw the post CM, I think the guy must have been joking or nuts. On this Dez Bryant thing, the phins will say no.

Kent brockman, Didnt he play for Springfield???

Rob, I doubt he will run. Not sure how much that will help or hurt... Doubt he breaks 4.6 with a healing foot. He probably would be better off not running.

Compare BEST vs C.J.SPILLER, RB .... both are lighting fast ... although CJ is better receiver and on kick/punt returns BEST has significantly higher yards per carry ... Best was on his way toward 2009 Heisman until he had a mid-season concussion.

If we can get IUPATI,LB and also BEST we will have a great running game ..... and a great running game makes the passing game much better.

Marcus - thank you for some perspective - I am not advocating the Dolphins take Dez - I don't think they take Dez - but I would like for them to take Dez; the only numbers that are important are 147 catches, 2,425 yards, 29 touchdowns and 3 punt returns for touchdowns - playmaker supreme; and able to make plays when teams knew he was the main weapon.

Besides FS (and I would take Eric Berry over Dez) there is depth at the OLB position; there is depth at the NT position; and there is depth at TE in this draft for those positions to be addressed later in the draft.

I would LOVE to have Demaryious Thomas or even Arrelious Benn - even Golden "call me Steve Smith from Carolina" Tate for that matter in the 2nd - I doubt they make it that far. Henne needs help - and it's not going to happen in Free Agency or Trade apparently....

Also look at Kent Brockman. He is a beast.

Posted by: Fantasticle | March 30, 2010 at 02:25 PM

Bill will prob. draft for the Defence this year then next year with Ronnie and Ricky gone he will draft play makers.He does not change,and he likes to draft in pairs.

That can't be Rex Ryan as he would have said "s hit"


Homework on D. Thomas - Can run fast, but can't run routes. Is big, but can't catch. Has potential, but is very raw.

What a mistake if Dez Bryant is available at 12 and the Dolphins don't pick him.

At 12, you could easily say he was the steal of the draft before anything else even happens.

I love having a laughing stock of wr. I live in New York. i talk to jets fans and they always say our recievers suck. That's what they always say. Dez Bryant would shut them up

Anybody remember Larry Fitzgerald 40 times, and Boldins 40 times from last years pre-draft workouts? If memory serves me correct, they were about the same in the 4.5 range..
I just hope we dont miss here on a guy who could be a game changer and give us that #1 wr. So tough considering we need more defensive picks..

BOO we are going to mess up and not pick him over 40 yd times LOL. Whatever I now see I can forget seeing a playmaker WR on this team as long as parcells is here. Weaksauce more boring offense I see us having great.

If Bryant is available at 12 and the fins don't draft him, it might be a Randy Moss fiasco all over again.

Also something that may be more indicative of Dez Bryant's elite ability.... He had a 11'0' broad jump... Same as Calvin Johnson.

Posted by: Marcus | March 30, 2010 at 02:37 PM


Very useful for those "come to a complete stop and then jump as far as you can" routes...

OMG, enough with the Randy Moss comments already... ONE good receiver that the Fins passed on (along with 20 other teams). It wasn't a "fiasco", he slipped because of valid character concerns!

What about all the crappy receivers who were supposed to be great, were drafted in the Top Ten and never did anything? Maybe drafting Dez Bryant would be another Troy Williamson / Mike Williams / Ted Ginn / Reggie Williams / Darius Heyward-Bey "fiasco"!

None the big three were at Dez Bryant's Pro day? Guess that means Dez will be drafted with Fins 12th pick. Fourty times are soooo over-rated. Jerry Rice ran a 4.6 out of College and rarely was he caught from behind.

I think we should wait a year and Leonard Hankerson

Go canes!

Jay, for your information... The Broad jump is a measure of of quickness in and out of breaks and explosiveness. If you watch his tape, he outjumps everybody for the football.


Since the trifecta wasn't there, who was?

We can solidify our FS, NT, OLB, ILB, G positions, if we draft someone in those positions, but nobody would have as dramatic of an impact on our team as Dez Bryant. He should be ablt to take our offense to the next level.

If you watch tape on Dez Bryant he is consistently outrunning the coverage on his way to the endzone. He definitely plays quick and fast and is one of the more explosive receivers I have seen in a while.

We need dez Bryant on this team more than we need any other player on the draft. Unless we trade for a wr.

I've seen Dez play every home game in college. The guy is an instant game changer. Not drafting him will come back to haunt the dolphins for years. Mark it.

With today's workout D Bryant will fall out of the top 10, he still has mad skills but is not as elite as the scouts projected. I for one like CJ spiller as a R bush type runner / receiver, can u imagine in a perfect world an Elite Ginn and Spiller, Henne would enjoy the speed burst.

I love these Dolphins! Looks guys, these fins can go to the Superbowl with the WRs they have now-but they can't get there with the defense they had last year. They need Sharper at safety,
trade a 2nd pick for Marshall and pick draft 1,3 and 4 pick for defense. Pick up some DBs, TEs and OLs with the balance. If a deal can be had with Plaxico--for the future--I like him the most
(without guns)haha.

I would like to mention the Tuna trifecta is operating very differently, as the Qb situation (including trade clause on Penny, coming out and putting out they are trading smiley). Our biggest need is a NT and CB/safety, the top NT is not worth #1 and I really doubt Berry will be there on our draft time, Draft Spiller or trade down and then get the NT and build with more picks, So who would you rather have Tebow or White.


I agree 100%

Benn and Tate will not make it to 43, and you know Tuna won't waste 12 on them. Who you gonna get at 43, LaFell who drops passes? If we didn't want a veteran in FA then we should have planned on picking up a WR in round one. Bryant has talent and should be our pick. He won't, of course though.

I never thought he would be there at #12 well I was wrong he will be there at #12 and he will be the best left. I think Den passes on him at #11 and picks DWilliams (F**K) and we will end up with Dez. He will hold out for big money but will be a hell of a player for us a long time and the #1 WR problem will be answered. I have stated I wanted DWilliams sence the season ended but with Dez blowing this whole draft thing Den will end up with the best NT for yrs to come but we will end up with a hell of a playmaker and a TD waiting to happen. I have a strong felling Dez will now be the pick.

De. Thomas is slow...I live in atlanta and have seen him multiple times. Kid is not worth drafting and will be another Patrick Turner.Big...slow...poor route runner with no burst or ability to be a big play guy. Mike Williams is also big..stiff and non-explosive.

Also, why the hype around golden tate. Kid is a product of the system at ND and can't be compared to Steve Smith. Kid is no where near as fast or as explosive in the open field.

Dez Bryant is better today than any wr we have on our roster. Sad but true. Kid is big...plays very fast...can give you shake or a stiff arm or just run away from you. U won't find any other wr in the draft with his skill set. Can stretch the field on the deep routes and can catch underneath and be a threat to gain major r.a.c.

Hartline...Camirillo...Turner....Ginn are also terrible with a good t.e. or without. Won't make a bit of difference. Bess is a good slot wr but will never be elite or a featured guy.

First who cares about his timed 40...anyone with a brain can figure this kid is out of football shape....he hasn't played in over a year...now the important item's...his last full season he acquired 1480 yds 19 tds in 13 games for a 17 yd per reception avg...his last season playing in college he had 17 recp for 323 yds...thats a 19 yd's per reception avg.
The kid is a player...period. He's a rock solid 220 pound receiver...he's not 185 pounds like Ginn...and I may be giving a few pounds up to Ginn. Anyone who says this kid isn't worth the 12th pick doesn't know squat about football...here's two players that weren't known for their speed...M. Irviv and J. Rice...both in the HOF.

I keep telling you, but some will not listen. They have Bryant goggles on or something. Dez Bryant will not be drafted by the Phins. Put your money on it. It will be a NT, LB, or Safty. If they don't trade down.

Don't think they will take Dez , still think he's going to be a beast #1 WR for yrs to come.

i wish we would draft him cause it looks like he'll fall to 12 for sure now. But, there's no way our regime is gonna draft someone who forgets to bring his cleats to his pro-day...

I think anyone who believes Brian Hartline is a "Terrible" receiver is an flaming idiot. The kid came into Miami as a Rookie, and digested the playbook and caught 500+ yards in his rookie season with a what amounts to a rookie QB throwing the ball. You want to hate on Miami's current receivers fine... But don't make yourself look like a complete and total fool doing it. Just a footnote... There have been remarks by nearly every corner Miami played against about Hartline and his ability. Unless you have a better source as a critic... once again... stop sounding like a F***ing Moron.

Our WR's are solid group with Hartline, Cam, Bess and Ginn, young and upcomers, yeah we are missing that one elite guy but anyone who says they are terrible is a retard not worth listening too....we have far greater needs solve them 1st then come back and get a elite wideout.

The dolphins do a good job hiding who they are going to draft. so what that non of the big three were there. that doesnt mean anything. if anything i would think that if they were there that would mean they are not going to draft him. they dont want anyone to know what they are going to do. we wont know until the 22nd.

u know the one their going to draft is the one that gets the least talking about (mclain)

dolphin man it's prima donna

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