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Dolphins do great work in the draft's shadows

The Dolphins are awesome in how they handle the NFL draft. No, I'm not saying they always pick the right players. We all know that is not the case. But they conduct the obfuscation part of the process like a maestro conducting a symphony.

At this point no one is sure what the Dolphins will do with their first overall selection -- No. 12 in the first round.

They could go free safety with Earl Thomas or Eric Berry (if he's there). They could go OLB with Derrick Morgan (if he's there). They could go nose tackle with Dan Williams, although I doubt that because he's not a value pick there. They could even go wide receiver with Dez Bryant.

Yeah, that's right. Dez Bryant.

Despite all that we know about the Dolphins and their philosophy about wide receivers -- that they typically don't want "problem children," that receivers aren't value picks that early because they rarely contribute as rookies, that investing so much money in a wide receiver with character concerns is a big gamble -- we might end up seeing the Dolphins go with Bryant in the first round.

I don't think they will, but it is possible.


Because the Dolphins have such a dire need at the position is one reason. That is not up for debate. And because none of us really know how troubled Bryant truly is. Not really. We're not detectives. We're not conducting an investigation on the guy's life. We don't know what about Bryant is a major character flaw and what is the mistakes of youth or environment.

The Dolphins, by saying nothing, are allowing the whisper machine to churn and let it feed on itself. And the machine has seemingly knocked Bryant from a Top 5 player to where the Dolphins will pick and perhaps beyond if Miami passes.

"Dez Bryant is most likely not going to be a top-five pick and there’s a good chance he’s not going to go in the top 10, 11 spots," ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said earlier this week. "

"Does he lose focus every once in awhile catching the ball? Yes. Does he need a little work as a route-runner? Yes," McShay said. "But that has nothing to do with where he’s going to wind up going. Dez Bryant’s character is impacting where he goes. It is the biggest detractor."

The Dolphins see and hear all these media reports -- trust me, I know they react when something uncomplimentary is written. But on this topic they are watching all sorts of media reports on Bryant's character and issues and there is not one reaction, not one nod, nor wink from the team on the topic. Nothing.

It's wonderful!

So anyone that tells you they know what the Dolphins will do is merely speculating because those same people last year said the Dolphins wouldn't pick Vontae Davis because he had issues at Illinois. How'd that turn out?

Remember two years ago when this regime was new and they sent no one to Jake Long's Pro Day? I admit, that made me believe the Dolphins would not pick Long. I was wr, I was wro, I was mistaken.

It was perhaps a ruse. It was misdirection even if it was unintended.

It was great for the Dolphins and showed how well they handle this portion of the draft game.


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BASED ON THIS ARTICLE MIAMI WILL PICK UP DEZ W THE 12th pick. Go mmmiiiaammmiiii!!

Playing your cards close to your vest. Classic Tuna.

Profootballtalk reporting yesterday that Bryant attended Pacman's workout. With his character issues already in the mix, why on earth would he even want to remotely involve himself with Pacman Jones? Apparently, he's not too bright either. This of course is following an interview where he defends himself, and adding he's surrounding himself with "bright" and "positive" people.

If the NT is not worthy of the 12th pick then u must get Bryant.

12 years ago, Miami passed on a supremely talented WR with character issues. And have lived to regret it to this day. I don't want to see Randy Moss part two play out on draft day. Bryant has the potential to bring the most impact of any offensive player in the entire draft. I think they take the chance instead of going with an old reliable pick like DE or NT.

Great article armando i knew you had it in you. You were wr wr wr mistaken. Ha!

I do not believe the Trifecta knows who they will pick, but they have a list to choose from. Like every other team they have a top 20 players list according to the positions needed. If their #1 guy is available at 12, he is a Dolphin. I would think Dez is on that list.
Thanks for keeping us posted Mando, I read you every day.
Go Miami!

The teams picking after them now think that they are taking their guy. Perfect scenario for a trade down.

I'm a detective... And from my professional view, dez Bryant has problems.

J porters 3 yr deal worth upto 24.5 mill.... Whatever! He might got something left but not that much.

Pick Tebow in the second round to run the wildcat. move Pat White to the slot receiver position. Henne should like that move.

Armando, what are you smoking? There's no way this FO is picking a WR in the first round.

If there's a playmaker on one street corner, then you can bet that the dolphins will be on the bus going in the other direction.

You are right Armando, we all have players that we like or that we think make sense for the Dolphins, but no one really knows who the pick is... I've made myself crazy a few times because of it.

You get alot of guys on here guaranteeing that the Dolphins will or wont pick this guy or the next, but there is no guarantee...

I was originally all about Dez Bryant and have kind of cooled off on him recently... You still cant count him out at 12 though

Unless it's Chrismas in April and Eric Berry is there at 12 and or we trade down for Earl Thomas/Dan Williams I say pull the trigger on Bryant. Who ever made the Moss comment made me see things in a slightly diffrent light.

My beleif is Miami should trade down, pick up a second rounder on the event, take Michigans DE/OLB Graham with their first pick. If Damaryious Thomas WR from Georgia Tech is available with their second, take him and anything after that, is icing on their cake!

That article states exactly what is happening and how a team should draft.

Berry could fall to us......

probably won't happen, but saftey is a deep position in this draft, so maybe teams will pass on him knowing they can get value in the second or third..

Maybe something like....
Rams - Bradford
Detriot - Suh
Tampa Bay - McCoy
Skins - Okung
KC - Bulaga
Seattle - Clausen
Browns - Spiller
Raiders - JPP
Bills - Trent Williams
Jags - Haden
Broncos - McClain
Miami - ERIC BERRY..........

Yes no one like the fins can look u dead in the face and tell u 1 thing and do another.

Just like high stakes Poker.

I love it. No.....I hate it......

F it, come on Draft Day already

That's why the miami dolphins SUCK!!!

I agree with blazzinace. If Eric Berry is there pull the trigger but i think that is wishful thinking. The Dolphins can't risk taking a WR in the second rd because all those guys second rd guys might be taken before we pick. Just like last draft all the "good" prospects were taken before we picked.

Are you sure all the teams that pick before the Fins, who need a game changing wide receiver, have bought into the hype about Dez Bryants lack of good character? I personally give the decision makers on those teams a lot more credit than that.
The Fins will have to be VERY lucky to have the good fortune of having to make a Dez Bryant decision.
If it were me, there would be no decision. At this point in time the need for a #1 wide Receiver would not exist, because Brandon Marshall would already be that player.

Are we going to talk about Bryant every single day until the draft? Talk about beating a dead horse.

And for the dreamers out there, there is a 0% chance that Berry falls to #12. Heck I'd say there is about a 10% chance he even gets past #7.

of all the clips you showed us Mando, eric berry looks best. Graham looks great.

DEZ does not look that incredible to me, IMO. Nothing spectacular after the catch. Isn't that big. He is NOT Randy Moss dominating. What about him makes him stand out other then that we need a WR.

Two things, The Dolphins sent no one to Dan Williams Pro Day and two, Dez Bryant comes on the radio on Miami and tells about hos great character then is seen with PacMan Jones, NFLs worst character....Again I don't think Dezzy is the pick but anything is better then listening to these Brandon Marshall idiots rant on this blog

Henne has the potential to turn the fins into a pass happy team that's exciting to watch, fills the stands, and wins in the playoffs. What more could you want as an owner. Oh ya, a player Henne can throw to. That player is Demaryous Thomas. Not Dez Bryant. I hope to god Bryant is gone before the 12th pick. Just so that when Thomas is taken at 12 he doesn't get the pressure of being the 1st WR taken.

You can see with Jamarcus Russell or Gholston, or many of the wide receivers previously taken, how some of these high picks who get tons of money have little incentive to really work hard to get better at their craft. Dez Bryant is truly a financial risk in the top 10.

Berry could be there damnit...


You have to believe....

There is a lim chance Berry makes it down to us just based on how much money a team would have to pay him if he gets picked top 10, most teams dont want to pay a rookie more than the best guys at the position get now.

Floydphinfan, my only issues with your mock are Clev, Spiller (they need a power back to compliment Harrison, Harrison plays the same role as Spiller) Seattle Clausen(Seattle just traded for their young QB) If you can fill those two spots in you might be good.

If there is a chance Derrick Morgan or JPP test well as far as an OLB in the 3-4, I think you have to take a hard look at those two guys.

..."And because none of us really know how troubled Bryant truly is. Not really. We're not detectives. We're not conducting an investigation on the guy's life. We don't know what about Bryant is a major character flaw and what is the mistakes of youth or environment"...

Isn't it the job you folks in the media to find out such questions? Look to his past associations (old coaches, associates, teachers) to see what he brings to the table. Ask tough questions, don't just say, "I don't enough about this guy".

dez dez dez dez dez dez dez dez dez dez dez dez

I think Bryant will go to Seattle.
Carroll and the Hawks didn't sign Whitehurst so they could go QB with their first pick.

They're looking to replace Nate Burleson.

Sorry all you Dezzy fans, it aint happening.

The Dolphins probably didn't send anyone to Dan Williams Pro Day because our coaching staff coached him during all the Senior Bowl practices, drills and game. They saw all they needed to then.

I'm big on Earl Thomas, but what if Eric Berry falls and they are both there with Bryant? I really think it is possible and almost certain two of the three will be there.

I just hope they don't over think it. Sometimes I think teams try to get too cute with the draft and do something that make people drool and oooh and awwww....like Cam Moron and his idiot side kick...They thought the duo of Beck to Ginn was going to be dynamic!! So they wanted a track star who I think is just as dumb as J Allen, (I'm just sayin) and comeback with an old QB in the 2nd.

Last time I felt sick like that was the Eddie Moore pick....Miami has given us fans absolute draft day Nightmares!!

It does not matter who they pick at 12 or any other round. I would suggest to just sit back, wait and see. Cheer for whoever is a Dolphin and wear the colors proud- win, lose or draw!

Bess,Haynos and Carpenter have all been resigned. Awesome news

I like Nick's comment. I think he is on to something.

If Berry and Bryant are gone and we select Thomas...which then really makes sense, Thomas would be the second safety taken and thus have a chip on his shoulder.

I usually don't buy into high school behavior, but Thomas is young enough it might just piss him off!

Interesting thought anyway.

Dez Bryant apparently is injury prone. Look at all the great NFL WR, they never miss a start. Moss, TO, etc. The last thing I want for the dolphins is another injury prone offensive playmaker.

And there are those who rather sit on the sidelines and cheer.....we need them too!

No offense, but did you never ask for anything for Christmas either?? Just sit back and be thankful for whatever moms and pops bought ya?

"I like Nick's comment. I think he is on to something.

If Berry and Bryant are gone and we select Thomas...which then really makes sense, Thomas would be the second safety taken and thus have a chip on his shoulder.

I usually don't buy into high school behavior, but Thomas is young enough it might just piss him off!

Interesting thought anyway."

I believe Nick was talking about Demarius Thomas, not Earl Thomas at 12.


Good call. Forgot Seattle picked up that Whitehurst guy...

In all reality, that is probably where Berry gets taken off the board....

Your right...first person I heard mention D. Thomas with the 12th pick, got confused....my argument for Earl Thomas still stands though.


Think 12 is a little of a reach for Demarius Thomas....

Most mocks have him going in the second.
Could be a pretty solid pick at 43 though...

Dolphins Signings,Carpenter,Bess,Haynos.Thought you would like to know.

I wonder why it's wrong for Bryant to be at the same place that Jones worked out...when at least four NFL teams sent representives to watch Jones? The last I read, no one has proven that any of the accusations against Bryant are true....let me remind every fan that Marino had accusations against him before the draft...and he's not the only player to have that happen. If Bryant was such a lousy person, screwed up while at college, don't you believe that the school or his former team mates would be the people to say so...yet there's nothing. If you want to blame a person, why not D. Sanders...isn't he the person that should have known better and if that's the really worst that Bryant has done...I say big deal...he paid for it...perhaps more than he should have. We can't keep looking for petty crap to place upon players...or the Dolphins won't ever acquire playmakers, that make a difference.


What a sorry excuse for TE # 2... Let Sperry play or lets see why you invested a 5th in NALBONER

If D Thomas made it to 43 he is one of the few WR's I think is value at that pick. If his pro day goes well i don't think he makes it out of 1. The good thing is Wr is a position that often falls in the draft. With all the WR's on the roster, even though no one is a true #1, I just don't see it being a huge need pick, definitely not one to reach on. This is a running team that needs to play good D. I want to see two defensive starters come out of those first 2 picks. If its a DT, at least a guy in the rotation. The draft is deep, there are so many guys I like at our first and definitely our second picks. I have high hopes someone decent falls to the 3rd too.

Then maybe a pass catching TE later, and lets grab a young RB somewhere in the middle rounds. This should be a big draft.


Because Pacman has screwed up time and time again, he has proven that he just doesn't have a clue. That's not the kind of guy you want to be associated when people are questioning your character. Just shows that maybe the rumors are true, maybe you also have no clue. (not you fishypete, but Bryant)

I think the choice at #12 will come down to who is there and "if" we can trade the pick.

If Spiller, Dez, Morgan, JPP or McClain are still on the board at 12 those are players that seem to warrant the most saliva from other teams. These players are being touted (at least by the fans/media on most every website, article and tv program I find) as the best players at their positions. If teams drafting behind us have strong belief that we will be taking any one of these guys or could that might induce a trade. I say might as some may just assume call our bluff and take a chance we don't get their guy. Case in point, after getting Dansby I doubt the Giants will trade us #15 for #12 to get McClain and would let it play out/call our bluff.

The scenario I would prefer most would be to have all of these players still on the board (Morgan is the guy most likely to be gone if you use media as a source). Dallas owner Jerry Jones is into the flash and glitz. He knows a player like T.O. would fill his big stadium and take pressure away from WR Austin. "If" we trade with Dallas to get his #27 then he gives us an extra 2nd round pick for falling so far. He nails his T.O. like talent WR Dez Bryant. The cameras roll and the Cowboys make more news...he laps it up.

At #27 we could potentially be looking at players such as DT Williams, WR D. Thomas, NT Mt. Cody, OLB Hughes or RB Jahvid Best.

I think OLB Graham, ILB McClain, RB Spiller and probably WR Golden Tate would all be gone by pick #27 imo.

Just of 15 zillion different scenarios but one that would GREATLY help the Fins as they get 3 picks in the top 64!


I think it's Earl or Dez. If we draft Dez then Will Allen probably moves to FS (barring another top tier safety falling to #43). If we draft Earl then we get LaFell, Demaryius, Benn,or Tate in round 2. Round 3 goes NT (Cam, Troup or Joseph), and round 4 TE of the future (Pitta, Graham or Dickerson). Two of our 6th rounders will go to developmental DE/OLBs.

Bill Parcells shook my hand once, so I know all of the above to be factual.


Do you really care IF it's true or not that Bryant was there...I don't know if it's true or not, but again I say Big deal...perhaps there was a reason he was there...and not for Jones. I think jumping at conclusions before the facts are known is wrong...in many ways.
I'm sorry...if every thing check's out O.K. as Bryant goes, it would be stupid to say "I don't want him" because he was watching another player run and do drills.

Dez Bryant was at Pacman Jones workout to give moral support. If Bryant chooses to keep that type of company then I don't want him on the Dolphins. Period. Why would someone about to enter the league choose to hang out with such a reject. Not a good sign of his judgement.

"Henne would welcome OWENS or MARSHALL"
More Dolphins NEWS.

Bryant was also with Deon Sanders...so I guess a future HOF player shouldn't be seen with Bryant either? LOL

Can somebody fill me in on Dez's off the field issues?

Agreed Waterboy,

I like the Carpenter and Bess resignings but Haynos?? Oh Nooooooooooo is right!!! I thought this draft would sweep him off the team. Maybe Nalbone is the one that goes? 5th round is about were I think they could cut ties with a pick quickly unless they see he is developing along behind the scenes? We sure as heck can't gauge that as same with Turner. Turner gets more rope due to being a 3rd rounder.

The Fins should take a shot at some new TE blood in this draft even if it is 4rth round (Jimmy Graham) or later a project/conversion guy like Colgate WR Pat Simonds 6'6 and 223lbs ran a 4.6 40. He had back to back 1000+ yards seasons w/ 23 TDs the last 2 years, career 16.5 ypc avg is super as well. Heck try him at WR 1st to see if he is not as good/better than Turner?



This could possibly be the best article you've written since the season ended!!!

While I know you continue to push for either Bryant or Graham, even when it seems you don't try...lol...this article finally tells the uninformed exactly HOW and WHY the Trifecta works the the it does.

This is why all the draftnik sites don't really know, well, much of anything really..all second hand info except for a couple of guys who are former team scouts.

I love the fact that WE, as 'Fin Fans, don't have a clue what going to happen. This whole offseason, process leading to the draft, simply leaves uber-fans dissappointed when there team doesn't draft the players that the "mock" drafts they follow don't align with what our favorite teams does.

+2 for great article, -1 for pushing for Bryant again when you didn't need to.
OVERALL +1 article

Dez Bryant is a wide receiver from Oklahoma State University, currently under suspension for participating in, but not fully disclosing, a workout with former NFL star, Deion Sanders. Prior to his missing the 2009 season, he was slated to go number one overall in many mock drafts.


Been gone for a while on business and I come back to your blog and I'm impressed. After the panic article, "five days into free agency" stuff you were screaming chicken little about. Most of your work has been very good and a pleasure to read. This latest entry is no exception, good work and that what I have been telling you since day one. The Trifecta does not tip their hand ever. And Parcells will never draft a diva WR in the first round. End of story about Dez Bryant. Now he may trade down and add a wr later and most likely not in the first.

Yes Parcells picked Davis in round one last year but he had a history of picking CB in first round before. I seriously doubt that is the case with a player like Dez Bryant but if the Dolphins traded way back in the first and had the 32nd pick then maybe they would go after a Bryant then, but would most likely be gone by then.
One player that I like in late first early second is Golden Tate. This guys has toughness and very good hands and speed. I've seen him take shots from Saftey and not even wink, while catching the ball.

I also like Cooper from Florida he's under rated and has good hands.

I still think that the Dolphins trade down and add more picks unless someone like Berry is around, I'm not big on Derrick Morgan and would be a reach there. I think that Parcells will trade down into the twenties and pick a OLB with his first pick, say a Everson Griffen, who at 6-3 1/2 272 may need to shed about 8-10lbs, but has speed 4.66/forty and strength 32 reps at 225lbs to rush the passer or set the edge against the run. Maybe they add another second rounder or package something together to get a player like Tate. Then they go after a Owners from Georgia NT. And then a TE like Dennis Pita in the third. We would be looking good on both sides of the ball and would have players on O and D that would challenge other teams CB's like Reveis of the Jets. What you do is create a level of compition for the team and against the teams we play.

Any way I'm out till later keep up the good work Aramando

Armando also read you IMO article about the Dolphins siging Incognito very good and spot on. Keep it going Mando keep it going.

Tofu dan . "so i know all of the above to be factual " then you need to get your fact straight, Dez bryant isn't a Safety and earlt thomas isn't a WR , MORON !!

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