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Dolphins do great work in the draft's shadows

The Dolphins are awesome in how they handle the NFL draft. No, I'm not saying they always pick the right players. We all know that is not the case. But they conduct the obfuscation part of the process like a maestro conducting a symphony.

At this point no one is sure what the Dolphins will do with their first overall selection -- No. 12 in the first round.

They could go free safety with Earl Thomas or Eric Berry (if he's there). They could go OLB with Derrick Morgan (if he's there). They could go nose tackle with Dan Williams, although I doubt that because he's not a value pick there. They could even go wide receiver with Dez Bryant.

Yeah, that's right. Dez Bryant.

Despite all that we know about the Dolphins and their philosophy about wide receivers -- that they typically don't want "problem children," that receivers aren't value picks that early because they rarely contribute as rookies, that investing so much money in a wide receiver with character concerns is a big gamble -- we might end up seeing the Dolphins go with Bryant in the first round.

I don't think they will, but it is possible.


Because the Dolphins have such a dire need at the position is one reason. That is not up for debate. And because none of us really know how troubled Bryant truly is. Not really. We're not detectives. We're not conducting an investigation on the guy's life. We don't know what about Bryant is a major character flaw and what is the mistakes of youth or environment.

The Dolphins, by saying nothing, are allowing the whisper machine to churn and let it feed on itself. And the machine has seemingly knocked Bryant from a Top 5 player to where the Dolphins will pick and perhaps beyond if Miami passes.

"Dez Bryant is most likely not going to be a top-five pick and there’s a good chance he’s not going to go in the top 10, 11 spots," ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said earlier this week. "

"Does he lose focus every once in awhile catching the ball? Yes. Does he need a little work as a route-runner? Yes," McShay said. "But that has nothing to do with where he’s going to wind up going. Dez Bryant’s character is impacting where he goes. It is the biggest detractor."

The Dolphins see and hear all these media reports -- trust me, I know they react when something uncomplimentary is written. But on this topic they are watching all sorts of media reports on Bryant's character and issues and there is not one reaction, not one nod, nor wink from the team on the topic. Nothing.

It's wonderful!

So anyone that tells you they know what the Dolphins will do is merely speculating because those same people last year said the Dolphins wouldn't pick Vontae Davis because he had issues at Illinois. How'd that turn out?

Remember two years ago when this regime was new and they sent no one to Jake Long's Pro Day? I admit, that made me believe the Dolphins would not pick Long. I was wr, I was wro, I was mistaken.

It was perhaps a ruse. It was misdirection even if it was unintended.

It was great for the Dolphins and showed how well they handle this portion of the draft game.


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Why would we want Tate??? Don't we have enough 5:10 WRs??? We need a BIG, Physical receiver, that's not Tate

Twix, Morgan, Kindle, Graham... I take Morgan

Its that type of misdirection that has me thinking that the Dolphins are all over Tebow and will try to get him by trading down and getting additional picks somewhere in the late second round or third which is where he will go. I remember reading that Parcells really liked Tebow from people at ESPN last year, so if he drifts, Phins will work to find a way to take him.

greg and Finatic,

In a comparison with Morgan I will still take Graham all day.

I will try to post the most fair comparison I possibly can to make the case...

In the past 2 years they both played at major colleges. Check

Height: Advantage Morgan by 1 5/8ths inches at the combine
Morgan: 6' 3
Graham: 6' 1 3/8

Weight: Advantage Graham by 2 lbs at the combine
Morgan: 266
Graham: 268

Arm Length: Advantage Morgan by 2 1/4
Morgan: 34 1/2
Graham: 32 1/4

Speed in the 40: Advantage Neither they tied Morgan: 4.72
Graham: 4.72 (Pulled a hamstring but finished)

Tackles for Loss: Advantage Graham by 18 in 4 less games
Morgan: 28
Graham: 46 Sacks:

Advantage Graham by 1 in 4 less games
Morgan: 19.5
Graham: 20.5

Tackles: Advantage Graham by 4 tackles in 4 less games
Morgan: 106 w/ 3.92 per game avg
Graham: 110 w/ 4.78 per game avg

Bench Reps: Advantage Graham
Morgan: None In two seperate workouts (Combine and Pro Day) he has not benched. I am thinking he does not want to get exposed or is injured although there is no evidence he is.
Graham: 31 reps of 225lbs

Curious Morgan didn't bench at his Pro Day either... Here is a cut and pasted excerpt of Morgan's Pro Day: "Derrick Morgan completed only defensive line drills today, no linebacker drills and sources told us he looked a bit winded.

The Seattle Seahawks ran the drills but the Jacksonville Jaguars also sent a large contingent to watch Morgan.

Among those in Atlanta for the Georgia Tech pro-day was Chicago Bear head coach Lovie Smith and Ken Wisenhunt of the Arizona Cardinals." End

Besides Morgan being a little taller with longer arms Graham's actual game production beats Morgan's in EVERY category. I value Tackles for Loss greatly as it implies you are in their backfield. Some value Longer Arms more than I do.

I would rate Graham's motor as better although Morgan plays hard too and has a good motor. He also is proabably stronger as BG benched and Morgan simply has not.

The perceived height disadvantage can well be an advantage for leverage as low man wins in line play most often.

With his longer arms Morgan could potentially bat more balls or fight OT's arms. In posting the superior sack totals this has not stopped BG in the past.

To me Graham while not rated as high in "Mock Drafts" is the better prospect. I know many people on the blog disagree and I am cool with that.


TEBOW!!!!??? ROFL LMAO Tebow, no chance we waste a pick on Tebow,

Very true Jimmy...little value at 12...in addition, we have so many holes, we could go in different directions. I would love to trade down, but it's likely not to happen. Who'll be there at 12 that teams will be willing to give up picks in a deep draft to get? Only way that happens if a QB like Clausen or another big name falls. My guess is the Fins take whoever is left at the top of their board unless we're just insanely deep at the position.

WR, D. Thomas, D Williams if early, C. Mitchell if not

Mike in Houston, first u say it's a deep draft and in the same breath no value at 12?? makes no sense

In posting the stats and my opinions I do realize full well that I am in the minority about Graham being a top 15 talent.

Most websites, articles, "experts" and draftniks have Morgan going earlier than Graham.

I am also not saying the Fins will chose him at #12. If BP & Co go after their rigid size standards BG will be out of the running barring a trade back.

My hope is that due to the great success that Nolan had with an even shorter Elvis Dumervill he will have them bend the rigid boards rules a few inches to accomodate a flat out productive, high motor football player that makes plays in Graham.

It's much more fun to project what would be the best for our Fins than to simply be guessing what Parcells will do with the picks imho.


Rob in OC, I see no bending here, This is Parcells baby, I have a feeling we are gonna get much bigger on defense within Parcells parameters...No maybe', no projects no mistakes...we need a KILLER draft and I think we get it

I don't understand what "this phase of the draft" is. And whatever that means, who cares? There r so many better teams at drafting players and getting better value/talent in a player. I'd rather have a GM actually drafting hits rather than doing AMAZING research and drafting whifs.

I just mean there's a talent drop-off between picks 10 and 16 or so. Many of the mocks have us taking players that could be available a tad later in the 1st, which would make trading down the smart thing to do. Unfortunately, finding a partner will be hard. There's a consensus saying the true value is in the 2nd round...and of course, the freaking Patriots have three of the first 15 picks or something crazy like that.


You may be 100% right and it fit more the long term principles the BP has had some success with in the past.

Do you think that with the game evolving into more of a passing league the last 5-8 years that BP should alter his philosophy at all?

The Wildcat thinking is HUGELY outside the box from conventional offense. Although it is mostly Power football when Ronnie runs it and I know that tickles BP's fancy.

I am with you 100% we need a draft with the fewest misses as possible. I am more of the belief that whatever guy they draft whether it's WR Golden Tate or RB Spiller or more size oriented selections like your DT Williams or ILB McClain... THEY HAVE TO NAIL EM!

That would help move the Fins towards the playoffs in 2010.


Mike in Houston,

3 second rounders for the Pat's... that should be a crime. Damn, Bellycheat!

Here's a toast to hope they draft all ghosts!


Mike in Houston, Ok Many mock drafts have these 3 players in the top 10 who could easily fall to us, Earl Thomas, Derrick Morgan, Dan Williams...even though I don't see it u have De Bryant who many see as the most talented receiver in the draft falling into the 20s....anyone of these top 10 talents will be there for us...there will be plenty if value at 12

Ron in OC, and how did NE get 3 I'm second??? I believe Bellicheat has followed Parcells formula througout the years...hopefully the Fins will get to this point someday


Who would you place as the TOP 3 or Top 5 best drafting teams in the NFL?

Just out of curiosity...

My list for the last 5 years would include:
San Fran


Trade back until you do get value at whatever number you pick. We have so many holes we can fill that extra picks will be important. Look at what Cleveland did last year they kept trading back and accumulating picks and got Alex Mack. And how did that turn out.... I know Cleveland has not been draft gurus by any stretch over the past 10 years but their strategy last year netted them some big picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds which is where you get value.....my suggestion is trade out of the spot at all costs.....

Heck yeah bobby,

I want to have the franchise that has 5-6 picks in the first 3 rounds. That would have to be a huge boost in the arm.

As long as the Pats have Brady they will be dangerous although they sure didn't scare people as much last year as they have in the past. Maybe Brady was just rusty? I sure hope not. Welker with shoulder and knee stuff looks like he won't be haunting us in games... he is a tough s.o.b. so I will stop short of saying he won't play.

I think this is a very crucial draft for them as well as they have lost a TON of talent through turnover, trades, FA's and retirement in the last 3 years.

I want the cracks in their armor to end up being mini Grand Canyon's!


Rob in OC, honestly, I don't believe Parcells strays from his phiosophy....looking back at 2009 I believe we were in games agaist teams such as Indy because we were able to keep Peyton on the sideline with are grind it out type Offense...Colts don't score with Peyton on sidelines...we had two major problems one of cpuse being our defense but toe not finishing drives inside the red zone with TDs...We don't need to be in shootouts to win, but we need to score TDs

Does anyone know what Dez did wrong? I have only heard hearsay about a few things. I know he was suspended for lieing about visiting Deion Sanders (not really worth a full year suspension IMO) but what else has he done wrong to get the character issue tag? Has he ever been arrested, did he have other off the field issues? I have only heard about the Deion part and some unconfirmed rumours about being late a few times.

Bobby, what mocks are those? I've seen one mock in which Morgan is taken 10th...same mock (Pro Football Weekly) , Williams is taken 20th with Thomas 22nd. In one other (Shutdown Corner), Thomas is taken 10th, with Williams 12th and Morgan 16th. I have yet to see any other mocks with any of those players taken in the top 10. Look, I'm not saying they're not talented, I'm just saying they could be had later in the round. I wouldn't be upset at all with Thomas or Morgan, but watch, the so-called experts will criticize Parcells and Co. for reaching for them if taken at 12.

Uncle Dave,

Amen bro. If they trade back this is exactly the type of draft to do it in with the 2-3 rounds being laced with potential stud starters.

I would even be willing to give up a little value than they normally would get.

I.E. If trading back with Dallas to #27 would normally net a 2nd rounder I would do a the swap including a 3rd and a 5th this year and a 3rd in 2011. Maybe giving them a 6th this year to counter the 5th they give us.

So it would be like:

Dallas gets:
our 1st rd #12 and our middle or second 6th round pick.

Miami gets:

Their 1st rd #27 pick their 3rd and 5th this year. Also their 3rd next year(2011)

Something like that I would pull the trigger on. Of course if Dez is not there I don't think Jerry moves up as I just have a hunch he would like to add Dez's firepower for Romo.


Josh in Ottawa,

... scroll up and read this blog...the debate of what Dez has been rumored to have done is on here.


Mike in Houston, Pat Kirwan on NFL.com Mock Draft 3.0 has Dan Williams at 9, Earl Thomas 10,cClain 11, Kindle 13...that said all mock drafts have different opinions, which are as good as you n me to be honest...point is I don't believe there will be "less value" at 12...value will be based on what we NEED, if we get what we need, we get good value...

Dez Bryants Character really doesn't matter
If he were a 6'3 linebacker that weighed 240lbs he culd be a serial killer and parcells would take him because he had "PROTYPICAL SIZE" Zach Thomas was a GREAT person not a good person GREAT person and A HELL of a linebacker who made plays but he didn't have protypical size so parcells released him. I will be so happy after we go 3-13 in 2010 and Mr. Ross sees that The TRIFECTA dont have protypical brains and tosses out all 3 and hires a real football mind like the GM from Baltimore or even the JETS!

#1 pick MUST MUST be one of the following:

CJ Spiller, Dez Bryant, Everson Griffen, Rolando McClain, Earl Thomas

Then add as many of the following players if available:

Brandon Lang, TROY
Cameron Sheffield, TROY

(I pray we can land both of these guys fom TROY)

Jared Odrick, PSU
Brian Price, UCLA
Cam Thomas, UNC
Chad Jones, LSU
Golden Tate, ND
Damien Williams, USC
Dorin Dickson, PITT
Anthony McCoy, USC
John Jerry, Ole Miss
Nate Allen, USF
Major Wright, UF
Roderick Muckelroy, UT
Montario Hardesty, TENN


I hear ya mang...

I have been one of the one's that says there are two ways to skin the cat... get more DEF ONLY OR get some on BOTH OFF and DEF. I lean towards the latter.

I feel like with a few key OFF draft choices that deliver the Fins will add more points per game, help gain more 1st downs and thus keep the DEF more rested, score more TD's in the process. Further keep huys like Manning and Brees off the field. We didn't win those games but we weren't far from it either.

I look at it much more ying vs yang than most. Most people say ONLY DEF and that will win more games and I am not sold on that. Pulling a WR like Marshall out of round #2 would be epic compared to if they get an OLB that ends up being less dynamic. If Parcells ends up drafting a NT type in the 3rd or 4rth round maybe he can sneak in a shot at one of the speedy RB's or a TE like Gresham early to further pressure opposing Def. With Ronnie Brown nicked all the time maybe he snags a Toby Gerhart (231 lbs and 4.55 40) so he can keep T.o.P. high and keep banging on teams. That guy is the biggest beast in the draft at RB and ran over so many folks in college. Some would say Lex Hilliard would be that guy and while possible he did not have close to the resume of a RB like Gerhart.

I am fluid on quite a number of routes to go as the draft will always offer curves.

Let's hope the Trifecta pulls off the Triple Lindy!


I hadn't seen his 3rd version...point being, no matter the mock, the top seven seem to be the same players, just some not to the same team. Beyond that, it's a guessing game...I'll be happy with Thomas (given that Berry's gone which he will be), Williams, or Kindle. If we take Bryant, someone's going to get hurt...more than likely, a jets fan.

Finsfaninsc...ur joking right??? U can't be that stupid that u wish ur team to go 3-13??? Parcells has done nothing but build winners, and guys such as Bill Belecheck, who Parcells taught, has won what, 3 Superbowls with his approach??? Obviously ur one of the Marshall nutz who think u need a criminal or thug to win...Marshall won NOTHING with Denver...A WR is a piece, not the whole puzzle, buy a clue

Ron in OC, u don't draft all defense, I mean I want Gronkowski real bad and hope he is there, we need that huge TE who can make plays downfield...we getting closer!!!

I will be so happy after we go 3-13 in 2010 and Mr. Ross sees that The TRIFECTA dont have protypical brains and tosses out all 3 and hires a real football mind like the GM from Baltimore or even the JETS!

Posted by: finfaninsc | March 20, 2010 at 07:03 PM


Common Mando you as well as anyone will know the Phins are not going to draft Bryant. It will be a FS, LB, or NT that is taken with the 12th pick. WR will be addressed in the 2nd or 3rd round.

Man, Kansas just got wasted by Northern Iowa in the Tournament!!! Lot of Brackets just went down with that one!!

Tommy in LA,

I like some of your guys. Mine wish list in your format would go:

#1 round (Doesn't have to be #12 but I would pick these guys there) MUST MUST guys:

Brandon Graham, CJ. Spiller, Weatherspoon, E Thomas

Add as many of these as possible:

Jahvid Best Cal
Kyle Wilson Boise St
Dan Williams Tenn
Demaryius Thomas GT
Golden Tate ND
Regus Benn Ill
Terrance MT Cody Bama
Jerry Hughes TCU
Morgan Burnett GT
Rashad Jones Georgia
Jimmy Graham U of M
Jamar Chaney Miss St
Tyson Alualu Cal
Dennis Pita BYU
John Jerry Ole Miss
Toby Gerhart S
Linval Joseph East Car
Torrell Troup Cent Fl
Darrell Stuckey K
Jocoby Ford Clem
Riley Cooper FL
Clay Harbor Missouri St
Perrish Cox OSU
O'Brien Schofield W
Lamarr Houston Tex
Carlton Mitchell S. FL
Aurthur Moats James Mad
Akwasi Awusu-Ansah Ind(PA)

Of course these are not in any order but would look good as Fins.



My fav TE pick would hopefully later than Gronk or Gresham.

I like Jimmy Graham from Da U and Dennis Pita BYU. Both these guys bring MUCH greater downfield threat than any of our current TE's.

Still shaking my head on the Haynos re-signing.



EVEN if we DID NOT HAVE a single draft pick we would have much more than 3 wins.

Give'em the Plungie fer sure! X)


Haynos resigned simply in case they cannot get the guy(s) they want in the draft.

My Take on Rob Gronkowski,
Blessed with great size, good athleticism and soft hands, "Gronk" is a true threat on short and intermediate routes and a better blocker than Gresham or most of the other tight ends in this class. This all-around performer could sneak into the first round if he can work out for scouts and prove he's fully recovered from back surgery that sidelined him all of last season. This gents, would be a steal for our team if he is still there in the second round. I can't see Parcells not getting this kid if he falls into our lap.

rob, to be or not to be ,that's the question .
bobbyd12, mama maria came to the hoyse and no one was home .

I say look for this guy, Taylor Price, GREAT SPEED (4.36). Could be a steal for someone. Why not us?

get off this tebow talk, already wasted a pick on white

tebow is the savior for the dolphins .

tebow sucks.

Why in the world did we retain bess? Seriously. Here's why I hate the move. He is our number one receiver in yards, and he has three tds in TWO EFFIN YEARS!

Gresham is going to be a stud in the NFL. Mark em up.



tebows garbage, bess damn good move the chains slot guy


ALoco, U missed Mama Maria?? Sorry bro

And the Dolphins pick Jason Pierre-Paul...We need to get to the QB people

I nominate inimounts for tonight's plungie due to his comment at 8:57:

Why in the world did we retain bess? Seriously. Here's why I hate the move. He is our number one receiver in yards, and he has three tds in TWO EFFIN YEARS!

Posted by: Inimounts | March 20, 2010 at 08:57 PM


Yeah, if there's anybody that had Northern Iowa beating Kansas in your bracket, could please tell me who the Dolphins will pick too?

Jason pierre-paul SUCKS !!!

I think thats a fake Aloco, he never says such things

Porter got a pretty nice contract from Az.

If Roth, Porter & Wilford have big seasons then Soprano is going to have a lot of splaining to do.

Pierre Paul is tall but not so fast player like JT. D Morgan will fit in just right. I can see Roth and porter having good season but not Wilford.

I hope that is a fake pricemaster

Wilford sucks... didn't do anything last year

Porter had to go and is old... notice there is no guaranteed money mentioned in his deal? Probably because its performance based....

I noticed carlito, I'm glad Joey is gone too. Without an injury and a fulltime position Joey will better than 09 season. Oh well, we got Dansby!

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