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Dolphins do great work in the draft's shadows

The Dolphins are awesome in how they handle the NFL draft. No, I'm not saying they always pick the right players. We all know that is not the case. But they conduct the obfuscation part of the process like a maestro conducting a symphony.

At this point no one is sure what the Dolphins will do with their first overall selection -- No. 12 in the first round.

They could go free safety with Earl Thomas or Eric Berry (if he's there). They could go OLB with Derrick Morgan (if he's there). They could go nose tackle with Dan Williams, although I doubt that because he's not a value pick there. They could even go wide receiver with Dez Bryant.

Yeah, that's right. Dez Bryant.

Despite all that we know about the Dolphins and their philosophy about wide receivers -- that they typically don't want "problem children," that receivers aren't value picks that early because they rarely contribute as rookies, that investing so much money in a wide receiver with character concerns is a big gamble -- we might end up seeing the Dolphins go with Bryant in the first round.

I don't think they will, but it is possible.


Because the Dolphins have such a dire need at the position is one reason. That is not up for debate. And because none of us really know how troubled Bryant truly is. Not really. We're not detectives. We're not conducting an investigation on the guy's life. We don't know what about Bryant is a major character flaw and what is the mistakes of youth or environment.

The Dolphins, by saying nothing, are allowing the whisper machine to churn and let it feed on itself. And the machine has seemingly knocked Bryant from a Top 5 player to where the Dolphins will pick and perhaps beyond if Miami passes.

"Dez Bryant is most likely not going to be a top-five pick and there’s a good chance he’s not going to go in the top 10, 11 spots," ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said earlier this week. "

"Does he lose focus every once in awhile catching the ball? Yes. Does he need a little work as a route-runner? Yes," McShay said. "But that has nothing to do with where he’s going to wind up going. Dez Bryant’s character is impacting where he goes. It is the biggest detractor."

The Dolphins see and hear all these media reports -- trust me, I know they react when something uncomplimentary is written. But on this topic they are watching all sorts of media reports on Bryant's character and issues and there is not one reaction, not one nod, nor wink from the team on the topic. Nothing.

It's wonderful!

So anyone that tells you they know what the Dolphins will do is merely speculating because those same people last year said the Dolphins wouldn't pick Vontae Davis because he had issues at Illinois. How'd that turn out?

Remember two years ago when this regime was new and they sent no one to Jake Long's Pro Day? I admit, that made me believe the Dolphins would not pick Long. I was wr, I was wro, I was mistaken.

It was perhaps a ruse. It was misdirection even if it was unintended.

It was great for the Dolphins and showed how well they handle this portion of the draft game.


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Jason Taylor must be used up front at the line, if not he will decline. That's what happens when DE transition to LB. Somethings missing.

Fake carlito at 10:23 pm and 10:28 pm.

I been a dolphin fan for 30 years. from the marino era to now and every year i hope that we land someone that can come in and make an inpact on the field no matter what player comes in he needs to give us 100% on the field and off the field, show us that the drafts pick that was wasted on him wasn't in vain.hope that this year with the draft we can up grade the position that are need to get us to the playoff and past the division.because is been 25 years since we last visited the super bowl!is time to give the fans the taste of a parade

Fake Dolphins @ 8:14

Fake dolphins @ 11:14


F**U Beezy

Comprehend this? You kidding me, so I just told you exactly why and you still couldn't get it. lol
What ever but just remember your the D-bag over and over again. lol

dolphan sf,
He is 6'3 and has enormous hands great jumping ability and is fast... Kinda like fitzgerald how is that no upside and if you watch footage he has plenty of YAC who are you watching?

Dolphins4life you are an idiot. I never said the Dolphins will draft Dez Bryant or that I think they should. Get it? I used him as an example that Parcells has never taken a WR, NT, or FS in the first round and that he has a good chance of bucking one of his "draft trends" in 2010??? Get it???

What a fool...

Now , now girls , play nice.

My son has a better touch pass than Henne ever will and he has the star power Ross likes to fill that stadium (and pay for his new roof).

He doesn't care who catches the ball. Henne will be traded on draft day to make room for my boy!


You don't need no Dez, it's going to be 100% Wildcat time when my boy comes to town!

The fins will pick someone that they do not attend there workout. I think it's Sean Weatherspoon. I don't know if fins attended his workout but at the combine Sparano was out of his seat all giddy just staring at what Spoon was doing when he was doing his drills. I think Spoon is the pick. What do you guys think Spoon or would you take Graham. I don't think Fins attended Spoons pro day. No hints given to any teams.

Posted by: Rob in OC
... scroll up and read this blog...the debate of what Dez has been rumored to have done is on here.

Yeah I know what all the rumours are but does anyone have anything concrete (besides what he admitted, Deion incident and being around Pacman)? Who's to say most of the info on Dez is all smoke and mirrors by teams hoping it scares other teams away so they can draft him?

I don't know a lot about him besides what I read, but I have read many scouts saying he is the best WR since Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson........ if that is the case why wouldn't we take him?

carlito from golfito

your the fool and any body that reads what you and I said would think as such. But if it makes you feel better ok.
After all you have to maintain what little credit you have on the blog after all you are a main stay. lol+

Rob in OC:

Also to add to your thoughts about why teams are not lining up for Marshall, I wonder if all his arrests has him on the short list to be suspended, maybe that is what is scaring most teams off? We all know how Roger Goodell likes to suspend players that routinely get in trouble (if if they are convicted or not).


I don't think it is an IF, he was there. The questions are about his judgement and his focus, hanging out with Pacman is very poor judgement.

I also won't hide the fact I have no interest in a first round pick on a WR. This is a running based offense that needs to play good Def. I say go Def early and often, and lets get a young RB in the middle rounds, maybe a TE project.

Dez bryant won't be a dolphin. next topic ?

Dolphins4life is a douchebag know it all. He's a jackAZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

Thank you DONKEY.

Takes one to know one. huh

Carlito and Donkey are one tonight have same jack ass mind! lol

I'm out thanks for the moranic baby banter girls.

To my real peeps good night Dolphin nation, may god bless you and the great Miami Dolphins and the US of A!


Dolphins4life! Out!


I agree, I think the Phins really like Graham and Weatherspoon and wouldn't be surprised to see us trade back with Dallas and take either if they are available. I seen the Dallas scenario on here and I was thinking the same thing for a few reasons: 1) Dallas is having a private workout with Dez 2) Jerry Jones is always willing to pull a move like it and 3) Jones and Parcells have an obvious history and have made trades in the past

" Thank you donkey " . You're welcome. at least you admit you're a douchebag and jackAZZZZZZ!!

I would much rather see them waste the first pick on a free safety.

Carlos M. DeOro
Golden Autoworks
9440 NW 13 Street Bay 59
Doral FL 33172

Josh in Ottawa,

Your second post is right on. That is what most Fin Fans that say "No" to Marshall are referring to.

What's the point in having ALL WORLD talent if you get yourself a knarly timeout from Roger Goodell? That guy is NOT playing around and has already handed down some stiff fines and penalties. He would easily make an example of BM costing a year or more if he gets busted for actual battery or serious domestic violence.

The worry has nothing to do with Marshall's ability and EVERYTHING to do with fearing the consequences if he blows it.

Many Fin fans go on and on about how he has never been convicted of this or that but it's the next lurking issue that keeps teams at bay. Plus with nearly 100% of the teams staying out of race for his services I think they know "other" information we don't know. I bet a bunch of teams are trying to reason and rationalize his immense talent vs what they will give up if it doesn't work out.

Any team that signs him knows that they must be prepared to literally throw what was invested in big money, draft pick(s) and/or players it traded to gain his rights.

In my opinion there is no more damning evidence than NO team making a move on BM even though Denver put only a 1st round tender on him. Denver is probably suprised they have not received more action than just one team interviewing him.

The talks for his services might heat up if it becomes only second 2nd round compensation or teams may be simply waiting to see what they get in the draft. Maybe it will be a draft day type deal... who knows?



You are saying to take a stab at S E. Thomas then?

I think there are a few Safeties I wouldn't mind later so I would go OLB in Graham or Weatherspoon. If they can possibly trade back and pull it off then that would be outstanding.

If you get picked safety in the 1st what are your 2nd and 3rd round picks?


Josh If we trade down with Dallas No way Spoon will be there at 27 the falcons will snatch him up they like him. Look Guys who do you think will be better pro Weatherspoon or Graham? Spoon won't be there if we trade to far back Spoon is a stud and so is Graham. NEither will be there if we trade down with Dallas. If we reach for Spoon at 12 so be it........................

I will check back later... cheers


I have chatted up Graham for quite a while now. I like Spoon a lot too and don't think ether would make a bad pick up.

I just believe that Graham's size 268lbs, strength, quick hands for keeping Ol's hands off him and serious motor will = great success in the NFL.

Another thing he does really well is set the edge so that nothing gets outs of him. Unless he is on an inside stunt or twist action he forces everything inside to his teamates.

The runs to the outside on JP's side especially killed us in many games last year.

I can see Graham becoming like a Lamarr Woodley type player and NOT because they went to the same school.


Funny thing how there are comments on all the blogs about ... Look how Randy Moss fell in the draft & panned out.
Well, he turned into a draft bust no matter how you slice or dice it for MinnySota. He put up big numbers, created big problems ... and LASTED ONLY 7 years fraught with production & front-page issues.

Bombed in Oakland.
NE, more production & still some problems. (worth the discounted price IMHO)

Is that worth a high pick?? Debatable???
Don't know about Dez' character, don't believe we fans get accurate info.

Did you know ... Moss bombed at FL State, too ... transferred to Marshall & was Chad Pennington's #1 target ... they made each other famous!!

Rob in OC:
The talks for his services might heat up if it becomes only second 2nd round compensation or teams may be simply waiting to see what they get in the draft. Maybe it will be a draft day type deal... who knows?

I agree, if Denver dropped the asking price to a 2nd rounder I think he would be gone quickly (I think you may see some action at or near the draft). One of the things that makes me wonder about him is the teams in need of WR help that are always willing to take on character concern players haven't really sniffed at him yet (see Jets, Cowboys as 2 examples, both with low round choices too).


If we moved back to Dallas's spot at #27 that probably would end up being the best situation. There are a number of guys that may be there plus the extra pick(s) would be great to fill more roster spots.

The guy I really like, RB Jahvid Best would be a great pick in that range. How about faster than CJ Spiller and most likely better hands. Can help RB, WR, PR, KR and trick plays.

Other picks that could be there:

WR D. Thomas
OLB Sergio Kindle
OLB Jerry Hughes
CB Kyle Wilson

There are even some theories that S E. Thomas might fall or DT Dan Williams but these would be not non likely scenarios. Not likely at all but QB Brady Quinn fell as well as QB Aaron Rodgers into the 20's and QBs are typically the most coveted position.

Anything can happen and some team will add drama by picking a suprise pick. Raiders anyone? LOL



Yuppers...some very valid viewpoints there w/ Moss.

I would say 7 years at his production level was worth it in Minn's case as that is still light years better than whiffing on the pick.

Moss has always been a tough guy to get an exact bead on.

The 4rth that NE gave up teamed with Brady is a very tough combo.

Moss seems to be mailing it in some even in NE. When he told Vontae to keep at it and he will be a good CB that was pretty kewl and telling. He said I am just leaving while you are just getting started.

I don't see Moss playing forever...maybe leave a year or 2 before his skills plummet much like Barry Sanders did.


Josh in Ottawa,

Yeah the Cowboys or the Jets would probably need to trhough in "other" compensation if the price tag for Marshall became a 2nd round pick.

I doubt Denver would give Marshall up for just a super later 2nd. Maybe give a future draft pick plus their 2nd? I am just throwing ideas out there though.


Rob in OC:
The guy I really like, RB Jahvid Best would be a great pick in that range. How about faster than CJ Spiller and most likely better hands. Can help RB, WR, PR, KR and trick plays.

If that was the case wouldn't Ryan Mathews be a better choice? Isn't he the better back and fairly versatile himself? Also, doesn't Best have injury issues?

Josh in OT, ;)

You bring up some good points about RB Best...

1st off Ryan Matthews is really on the radar of San Diego @ pick #28. Maybe, they could get further compensation by swapping picks with SD one spot.

Ryan Matthews would be a definite possibility as well. Ryan is a little taller, 19 lbs heavier and 1 second slower in the 40. Ryan would be a workhorse compared to Best in body stature anyways. Chris Johnson of the Titans kind of changes opinions of smaller backs some.

It would simply come down to who one prefers. I think if you are talking about potential chunk plays only Spiller can rival Bests ability to go the distance on any given play.

They have the ELITE speed that can't be taught not very far behind RB Chris Johnson.

With the fact that they have Ronnie, Ricky and Lex I would think that they would want the serious change up guy in Best even more so than Ryan Matthews.

The concussion that really caused the concern with Best was a very "freak" type tackle. He was headed into the endzone and tried to jump over a DEF player. In tackling Best the DEF player pushed him way into the air up about 10 feet or so and he fell ackwardly on his back.

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Srhg2JMA9bM

You be the judge...that looks like a very fixable accident. I think if Best stays on the ground he dives in easily no problem and continues his season.

The injury concern is there but Spiller will be gone many picks before and in that sense you can get great value with a similar talent much later coupled with extra pick(s).


Roasted a whole hog today. The best part... The Cheeks. Simply delicious. Too much Fernet good night!


I bring up a fact and actual football discussion and all you trying to do is argue... You think I don't know that Dez is a primadonna and Parcells doesn't like that???? It is a FACT that Parcells has never picked a WR, FS, or NT in the first round. Why can't you understand this? It is exhausting to try to talk football with such an imbecile.

Passing judgement on anyone because of something you heard or read is stupid. Nobody is perfect. If there is anyone on this blog that is without falt, or has never made a mistake or even lied, then you are not keeping it real. Be a fan and not the judge, jury, and executioner. GO FINS!

G1...bull. It happens everyday in the real world when people get hired or not. A potential boss will judge ur character and decide whether to hire u or not. This guy I'd interviewing for a job that will pay millions, the fact he seems to be making poor decisions, hanging with PacMan, gives people the right to question and judge if he should be on our team

Use the pick for Dez Bryant. Trade next year's number 1 for Brandon Marshall. Then, with Bryant, Marshall and Incognito on the team, use our second round pick on Dr. Phil.

Nobody knows what anybody will do.


Pay Attention draft addicts. Fish will draft Dan Williams @ 12...absolute lock.

Next...2nd round Golden Tate WR ND

3rd rd....lb selvie s.florida

5th...tight end dennis pita byu

All this talk of WR ?? Forget Parcell's 'history', forget development.... Let's just look at our team. The LB core was getting old/couldn't cover TEs. Tackling was poor. DEF ranked 22nd overall yards given up and 25th pts given up. WR group is young (Bess 2 yrs, Hartline rookie, Ginn 3 yrs). Hartline was the guy going deep (perhaps better at route running or separation). Keep Bess cuz he is the 'go to' guy on third downs (led the league). To be a better TEAM the offense was not the problem, the Defense was the problem.

We can't draft everybody so we must finish rebuilding this defense. I really feel we are very close. This is the linebacker year. Charlie Anderson is great depth, but I don't trust either him or Wake to be the week in, week out superstar. Dansby plus another great OLB STAR puts this defense back to top 10.

NT is important, but Wilfork couldn't keep Baltimore from running down NE's throats. I'll take NT in 2nd or 3rd, but definitely LB in first. Only way we don't go LB is if Berry is available. No offense in first two rounds. Doesn't make sense as a football TEAM.

JWE, you are absolutely right, however, I have always liked the "best player available" approach and if the team decides Dez is in fact the next Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson (as I have read from a number of scouts) then I say go for it. Can we make the playoffs with the current WR group? Well we did 2 years ago with a worse group so why not? With that being said I wouldn't be disappointed at all if we got Dez, a little surprised but not disappointed.

Also, might I add, all us fans wanted Brady Quinn (me included) and were supremely upset we didn't draft him. Well how has that worked out? As terrible as Ginn has been as a #9 pick I would say he has had a better career to date than Quinn. Just some food for thought for all those people out there that think they know what is best.

Right now,i'd prefer to have Quinn on the team than Ginn.

Thats how bad Ginn is...

I pray this yr Ginn will growup and grow balls though. I wanted him off this team soooo bad but when u check his highlights out, u want to keep him and Hope to God he gives him courage in 2010.

Remember fins never attended Jake Longs pro day they did not want to tip there hand. I think fins will never bring in Weatherspoon fir workout and them baaam they draft him. Did you see Sparano at the combine on TV as Spoon was going through his drills he was all giddy and grabed his cell phone and was up and down his chair. He made it so obvious..........

I like Hartline and Bess quite a bit. If we do draft a wr in first few rounds, somebody is gonna have to go... Ginn, Turner? Hartline had pretty good year for a rookie. I'm just not so worried about wr position as so many people seem to be. Henne was starting for first time as well (lots of overthrown balls). I think the passing game was not All on the wrs. There's an old saying (and since I'm old I'll say it): sometimes the best offense is a great defense ... to which someone else says the best defense is a great offense! hmmm.

New Orleans #1 offense won Superbowl 25th Def.
but... in order following NO are Dallas, NE, Houston, Minn, GB, Pitts, NYGiants, Indy, SD (to round out top 10).
top Defenses in order: Jets, GB, Balt, Cincy, Pitts, Minn, Denver, Carolina, Dallas, Washington

Makes me wonder which model do we follow? NO is 'best def is a good off' kind of team. But they have the personnel for it.

So how do you get to the SB? Offense, Defense, solid in both? NO and Indy did it with Offense... but Defense will put you in playoffs consistently (NO was a bad Favre pass from ending the debate).

For me, it's a dominating defense in the top 5 and an offense in the 8-10 range. Miami's defense is much further from this than the offense is. for some reason I just got depressed looking at these numbers :(

Today could be a Sad day, The american dream and the america our founding fathers built cound come to a sad end. The america we once knew will be finished , The freedoms you once knew will be all over. Please pray for america today or we will become Socialist Europe.

I must admit , I was pissed when the phins passed on Quinn for that idiot ginn. And I was pissed when the phins passed on chris long for Jake long. I was also pissed when the phins passed on clay Matthews for vontae Davis . Man i pray " and I really do pray" I'm pissed again this draft

Sometimes in life: You have to watch what you ask for as you just may get it. 8)

JWE or anyone really,

Where do you stand on if the Dolphins need DEF more than OFF due to last years rankings...

If they come up to to the 3rd and there is an OFF player there rated 20-30 spots higher than the best DEF guy BUT the DEF player fits an exact need...

Which do you take?

The BPA (Best Player Available) style of draft says you go for the higher rated but non exact need OFF player.

Drafting for needs you would take the lesser rated guy but it would be a needed position filled on DEF like FS, NT or OLB.

Just for the record I am a BPA guy. I think it is hard enough trying not to miss on picks without reaching for a guy that fills and exact need imo.


How True rob . :(

Rob , This will be just the beginning. it will be a disaster just like europe.

I was not as upset with the Fins choice of Ginn at the time as I had emailed some crazy youtube videos to a friend of returns for TD's that Ginn had done in college. I emailed the vids saying check this guy out. I said he would look good in aqua and orange but we will never get him as he will be an early pick in the first... Whoops! The Fins ended up drafting #9 and though I was expecting them to call Quinn's name it was more because of need and general consensus than what I wanted.

At the time I was saying they should trade back some and target WR D. Bowe because I thought he reminded be of a T.O. type tough guy receiver that could make the difficult TD grabs and take the hits after catching 1st downs.

Even though I never saw the fearful, self preserving nature of Ginn coming I still think it's better that we have him then Quinn.


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