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Dolphins do great work in the draft's shadows

The Dolphins are awesome in how they handle the NFL draft. No, I'm not saying they always pick the right players. We all know that is not the case. But they conduct the obfuscation part of the process like a maestro conducting a symphony.

At this point no one is sure what the Dolphins will do with their first overall selection -- No. 12 in the first round.

They could go free safety with Earl Thomas or Eric Berry (if he's there). They could go OLB with Derrick Morgan (if he's there). They could go nose tackle with Dan Williams, although I doubt that because he's not a value pick there. They could even go wide receiver with Dez Bryant.

Yeah, that's right. Dez Bryant.

Despite all that we know about the Dolphins and their philosophy about wide receivers -- that they typically don't want "problem children," that receivers aren't value picks that early because they rarely contribute as rookies, that investing so much money in a wide receiver with character concerns is a big gamble -- we might end up seeing the Dolphins go with Bryant in the first round.

I don't think they will, but it is possible.


Because the Dolphins have such a dire need at the position is one reason. That is not up for debate. And because none of us really know how troubled Bryant truly is. Not really. We're not detectives. We're not conducting an investigation on the guy's life. We don't know what about Bryant is a major character flaw and what is the mistakes of youth or environment.

The Dolphins, by saying nothing, are allowing the whisper machine to churn and let it feed on itself. And the machine has seemingly knocked Bryant from a Top 5 player to where the Dolphins will pick and perhaps beyond if Miami passes.

"Dez Bryant is most likely not going to be a top-five pick and there’s a good chance he’s not going to go in the top 10, 11 spots," ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said earlier this week. "

"Does he lose focus every once in awhile catching the ball? Yes. Does he need a little work as a route-runner? Yes," McShay said. "But that has nothing to do with where he’s going to wind up going. Dez Bryant’s character is impacting where he goes. It is the biggest detractor."

The Dolphins see and hear all these media reports -- trust me, I know they react when something uncomplimentary is written. But on this topic they are watching all sorts of media reports on Bryant's character and issues and there is not one reaction, not one nod, nor wink from the team on the topic. Nothing.

It's wonderful!

So anyone that tells you they know what the Dolphins will do is merely speculating because those same people last year said the Dolphins wouldn't pick Vontae Davis because he had issues at Illinois. How'd that turn out?

Remember two years ago when this regime was new and they sent no one to Jake Long's Pro Day? I admit, that made me believe the Dolphins would not pick Long. I was wr, I was wro, I was mistaken.

It was perhaps a ruse. It was misdirection even if it was unintended.

It was great for the Dolphins and showed how well they handle this portion of the draft game.


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I wonder when Soiled Bottom will do another episode of Plumber's of Bergan County?


Well id like to mention that didnt Vontae Davis have "character issues" last year, and we still drafted him. So dont worry about Dez Bryant. He's going to be ok

Seth... you may be right. He could be ok.

I want to speak in pure hypotheticals to see what you would do... this is only a testaa;

The question is if you were Mr Parcells would you:

A. Take on a guy that has some issues even if you know about them and they check out as "true" by you own detective work?

B. Take the guy knowing that there are other big, tall fast WR's that may be able to do the same things and yet they don't check out with problems?

C. Hand over Millions of dollars even if you are not convinced this kid could burn you and wind up a malcontent or diva type?

D. Take the WR when you see there are 1-2 DEF guys that you could get that may be TOP 1 or 2 in the class at that position?

This may be the types of questions the Trifecta are mulling over as they get ready to make the choice @12.

What do you do?


Just so you know that question also is framed with a mindset that even the best prospects can be busts. The good kids with the sterling track records can end up being bad NFL football players.

It's definitely not the bad boys are always the worst at playing football standpoint.


It's illogical to be a strictly BPA style drafter. If the BPA is a QB, Do the Phins take him? It's also illogical to be strictly Needs drafter. If we need a FS but the best one available will surely be sitting there for another 100 picks, do you take him then? The point is every draft class is different. This one seems to be loaded with DLine. You have to blend BPA and Needs. I also like drafting in 2s. For the phins, the second guy has worked out better than the first with Hartline, Langford, and SSmith, all being the second drafted at that position. So what should the phins do this year? Draft 2 OLBs, 2 NTs, and 2 FSs, but not in that order, you take them as they arrive BPA. As for WR, we can go another year with Hartline, Bess, Camarillo, and Ginn, although a one year incentive laced contract to T.O. Couldn't hurt.

TO cound't hurt ???


By cementing yourself to a rigid 2x 2x 2x structure you are not taking advantage of BPA.

I also don;t think Sean Smith is the better of the two corners just yet.

Smith's tackling was, meh not so much sometimes and Vontae seemed to cover the most difficult receivers week in and week out more often than S. Smith did.

While I do think they could survive with the existing young WR's and maybe add a Vet that gets cut after preseason cuts are made, there is a great chance that a WR gets added through the draft as well. I am not sure that it would be early... it simply depends on who's there each round.



Yes and NO in the same sentence. He seemed to clean up his act a lot in Buff last year.

He has been on a team with Bill Parcells before and they did not get along at all to say the least.

The money he wants is probably more than his skills at this point in his career would deserve.

Could he come in and stil perform and put up some decent numbers... probably. Is it worth it to take a chance that his skills start slipping as he will be 37 years old? Debatable.

The bottomline is I don't think they will take the chance on T.O.

Too Old
Too Loud (Maybe more in the past but a concern)
Too Much bad history between him and the boss
Too Bad T.O.'s own high flying personality will end up being his downfall.

If he lowers his demands $$ wise he may get looks around the league. I am thinking T.O. feels he deserves at least a certain amount of money and that figure is higher than teams want to pay.

All just my opinion...


that's the same thing i said without posting a novel.

Not much going on... no skin off you nose.


Plus you had question marks indicating it was a question...

Rob, I would say in most years best player available works (Minn does this with great success). This year we are lucky because there are so many great defensive players available and we have primarily defensive needs. RB situation is on the bubble. Is it too early to look for Rickey's replacement (Cobbs, Sheets, or Hilliard ... or two of them would not have a spot). So Spiller might be best available but this year an Earl Thomas or one of several linebackers that get tossed around on this blog would be just as good. I don't drool on RBs until Oline is a beast. Minn RBs really took off when Hutchinson arrived.

def need is definitely linebacker. as stated earlier, Anderson and Wake I don't trust day in and day out (yet). Our leading tackler was a safety!! that says something. Zach used to take care of it, hopefully Dansby will also. Our LBs were the ones responsible for the TEs running wild. Two of the worst tacklers (fundamentally) were removed. If FS had been handled in FA it would be a no brainer, but because we don't know what the real opinion of Culver and Clemons is, I drift back and forth from LB to FS (hoping Nolan utilizes the guys we have better).

Value in the draft is relative to the team and the scheme. Morgan, Graham, Weatherspoon, JJP ... I'll let the guys with decades of experience decide which is best. From watching the games we understand where several games were lost. It would also be nice to see Crowder go back to being a follower and not a leader (makes J Allen look like a Rhodes Scholar).

Lol makes Allen look like a Rhodes scholar HAHA says it all buddy


Some good valid points there bud...good post.

Do you have ANY guys that you have chosen as the guys you would like to have above others?

You mentioned Spiller, Morgan, Graham, Spoon and JPP... do you have an order that you like these guys?

Or do you have a two round mock with names filled in?

Sorry for trying to ping ya for answers but trying to chat a little Fin action. =0)




We were one of the top rushing teams in the NFL last year.

Do you think it was the OL, the RBs, the schemes, all of the above?

How would you rate our OLine going into 2010?


gotta have a lock starter with this pick. This is a critical year in the transition. I am not for a WR of any type at any spot in first round (young QB, young receivers ... need more time). Spiller would be exciting but I would worry the rest of the offseason about the defense. With that said (and being a former Longhorn that watches all of their games too) Earl Thomas keeps popping up when I look at the best way to spend this pick (but his value at 12 is being highly debated). Yes he is rated behind Berry, but where would Thomas be with his final two years of college experience. He is listed this high after just two seasons in a spread offense conference. Never thought about him until Wilson was released. There is no doubt that we will have to have better FS play to get past Indy and SD teams that respond pretty well to blitzes. They won't sign Sharper but it wouldn't bother me at all so we can wait till next year. However, put Earl Thomas down as a guy I feel comfortable with but can see Parcells going with Mays because of the extra 3 inches in height.

OLB spot? Here is where your BPA makes more sense. at 12 I think BPA will be either Earl Thomas or Spiller (remember, no WR at all for me). Problem is Morgan and Graham are true DE (which was supposed to have been addressed two years ago). Kindle, another UT guy, does not excite me. That leaves Hughes.

The fact they tried to sign a FA safety tells us they would rather not draft one in the first round. They made two FA offers and missed out on both.

used to think Dan Williams was the pick, but got a feeling Soliai will carry most of load first half of season then fresh Ferg comes in. They'll put in a mid round NT into the rotation.

to say who will be available in later rounds is MUCH tougher. Note: I have switched S to first round only recently. However, we learned last year that our front office doesn't give a crap about "reaching"... Turner and Hartline were guys they targeted and who cares if they seem to be reaches...so we could see a Weatherspoon at 12 if they want him. As for me:
1st: E Thomas or Mays (Dansby gives them confidence to go this route) and gives us a lot of talent to stand up against the Indy's and SD's that will stand in the way. Obviously this is based on the belief that trading down will be very difficult to do unless SD thinks its best to get Spiller.
2nd: best LB available (who the hell knows how that will be). I think LB is deeper than S through the first 50 picks. Dansby is gonna make a lot of other people look better. Nolan is gonna make them all better.
3rd: NT maybe Owens

the debates here are so tenuous because we see the relationship between the NT, LB and S positions and whenever we lean one way logic tells us, "yeah, but..." So we have to start somewhere. I can live with this draft above. Our offense is gonna be a lot better. They had to play in several 4th quarter tense situations where the learning really takes place.


Q: If we already have Dansby DEF FA and we draft say S Morgan Burnett or S Rashad Jones in the 3rd for the Safety position fill... can we go after a Spiller as BPA if we are stuck holding the bag at #12?

Q: Would you still consider it a DEF draft with Dansby and say taking Spiller 1st and then drafting DEF next 3 picks?

I think your FS Thomas thoughts have some merit and he is definitely in the mix of discussion I am sure. I like that you had said that they wanted to try and fill the FS position through FA and missed 2 x. With the youngsters playing the CB positions (I am thinking Will Allen won't be able to unseat either VD or SS with their experience and hopefully natural growth / acclaimation). It would be tough to throw a rookie out at FS and have only 1(Y. B.) of the 4 with more than one year of starting exp.

Personally I think Spiller is an outstanding talent and could be worthy of adding to the team as a guy so much different than what we have. People that say we already have a stable of backs pfft... coming off injury or journeyman/backup types. Ricky now wants to play longer but I am wondering how long he can hold up. He seemed to cough up the ball a bunch near the end...unlucky or wearing down?

Rob, love our Oline when healthy. They were assembled recently so they will get better and better as they start to gel as a unit. Everything in our offense is dependent on the Oline. Henne doesn't move well, no big time deep threat, and Ronnie doesn't exactly juke anybody... so our yards came with punishment. Injuries made it shakey but the versatility sought when bringing these guys in made it work. Richie will not be policed by management... he will be policed by the 'unit'. What we read about these guys off the field shows that they are beginning to gel there as well. We have to be considered a top 5 Oline by now. Jake Long as #1 two years ago gave me my first hope in decades that this team was gonna do it right.

Healthy Oline ... some quality depth ... our offense is good to go.

Miami is NOT drafting Spiller ( enough ! ) and Taylor mays is a bust

Sheesh, OK RB Jahvid Best then! ;)


How much Wildcat OFF are you predicting in the 2010 season?

him or any rb in the 1st 3 rounds :)

Rob, I sense the Spiller bandwagon has been parked in front of your house. When the season ended and all the talk about the draft began, I watched Clemson's bowl game specifically to watch Spiller. He seemed to be the A.P. of 2010 that would drop too far because the way drafts shake out. UT people have nightmares still about a true freshmen A.P. running people over. I watched Clemson's game thinking what if it happens again...but my logic told me that we had to find defensive stars, not just players...but stars! I like Spiller way better than any wr talk, no doubt.

Again, if I felt Culver or Clemons were capable of stepping in, and LB depth lets us use 2nd round pick, then 12 is wide open. That means sheets is gone, cobbs or Hilliard gone, and still carry four RBs. Ronnie, Rickey, Spiller...that's a lot of carries to share. Rickey will do it for sure and then the next year there's a chance Rickey and Ronnie are both gone. I see the logic here. On a scale of 1 to 10 this path would be an 8 for my gut feeling...I get a 9 if first three picks are Defense and look for the RB star next year. No way to get a 10 feeling :(


Where are the "chunk yards" Coach TS is asking for more of coming from?

You drafting a WR? If so which one?


How about trading back with Dallas and grabbing RB Jahvid Best from Cal (essentially a Spiller clone and could arguably be better) and get Dallas to Pony up a 2nd or 3rd+?

Then we could have a late 1st and grab RB J. Best then get 2 x DEF in the second round and use a 3rd two if they like.

I would think that out of the draft they will add at least 2 out of WR, RB, TE. Two OFF picks out of 9 seems very DEF oriented to me... even if the 1st round pick is OFF. Imo.


Rob, wildcat is fun and we do it well. It gives us face time on ESPN highlights and an angle for the Monday night hype. It also put the ball in the hands of our best offensive player. If Henne continues to progress it should change, right? Or do we stay with it to prove White wasn't a bust? Never felt good about Ronnie throwing the ball (LT has a much better motion LOL). Are you asking about the wildcat to set the stage for a "spiller in the wc" possibility? Spiller would be the best screen pass option but I still love watching Ronnie and Rickey put their heads down and run at guys.

yeah, Dallas was the other team I was thinking of as possible trade back if they want Dez, or SD if they want Spiller. Both teams have got to be thinking they are a playmaker away from the SB.

Rob, are you worried about our RB position? Spiller, Best....

If Henne gets better at passing (not "throwing") the ball, chunk yards will be there.

which brings up another question about Henne...

usually guys at QB have to learn systems, learn to read NFL defenses, etc....

What other 'great' qbs had to learn to put 'touch' on their throws. Kind of worries me that a guy has to learn to pass a certain way. Seems the great ones have that skill in place and just need to adjust to the other aspects of the nfl.


I think Hilliard has made the squad through grit and versatility alone. He is Polite's back up at FB and has shown in flashes that he has some run ability. I doubt he ever becomes scary but has super utility.

We can assume (for now anyways) that Ronnie and Ricky will come back healthy and ready to roll. If they brought in a RB such as Spiller or Best then it would be easy to spread the carries around. Both Ricky and Ronnie seems to do Best with 10-18 carries due to breaking down or in Ricky's case being older. When you get a guy like Best/Spiller you can never be sure how much they can handle carry wise. You would start by bring him in certain packages. Getting 7-12 carries a game ALONG with return duties on PR 3-4 touches and KR 3-4 touches as well as some sets he lines up at WR. 3-6 plays a game. The culmination should be around 20 overall touches per game to take the ball the distance. If you see that he is very adept at one skill vs another then fts (Feed the stud) comes into play and you can ride a hot hand. Being able to replace or sit down Ronnie/Ricky/Ginn on carries or touches is a great thing and means we would be getting better production at the position.

Cobbs while being a Sparano fav could be expendable to me and Sheets is even moreso.


Cobbs is a bit of a folk hero in the state of texas from hs through days at north texas, and him going out probably hurt wc (catches better than Rickey). Sheets very expendable. So it would have to be Cobbs.

I'm just not 'feeling' RB the way some of you all are. This draft is so much harder to figure out. Before, we knew we had to build from inside out and we knew parcells would do it that way. This thing could really go so many different ways.

I live sunny southern cal but I'm not an sc fan . Fact is I hate USC. I love when they lose. But I gotta tell u , Taylor Mays is a beast. Man that boy has talent. Sure he might not cover well , but man he is a wonderful tackler. Teams or wideouts r gonna fear passing the ball in the middle of the field becuz of him. I wouldn't mind if the fins trade down and grab him. I know we don't need a ss but yeri bell isn't gonna last more than 1 or 2 seasons left . I say trade down and take mays baby.


Not as concerned yet that Henne does all fastballs. Elway was that way too when he entered the league. If Henne sees enough passes dropped due to higher velocity or that the guy may have been a RB instead of a WR he was ginning to he should be able to tone it down. He seems to have enough sense to make that sort of change.

In the Wildcat I agree with you it gives Miami more panache, identity than many other teams. I don't think they will run it too often if Henne starts to really click but i hope it doesn't leave. I do think it can make a niche for itself. IF and that is a BIG IF Pat White can settle and make what should be easy throws for him on the run then I think he can still become part of the OFF.

I don't put too much stock in the Trifecta running a whole offense just to prove a guy is not a bust. That said, using a second round pick to draft a QB is a big commitment and that is why I don't think they scrap the whole thing.

The Ronnie and Ricky battering ram twins are a good thing for doling out punishment but, I am not sure if the both can stay upright in that style.

The key will be Henne's decision and accuracy development. He made a ton of throws last year I didn't think he could. He also airmailed too many as well as made bad decisions that got picked. The one to Ginn vs N.O. is completely on Ginn... if y'aint gonna cacth it Ted... swat it down.

Rob in OC,



hey productions, I hear you. Been a fan since I was 8 years old (1971 cuz I had an uncle who was a colts fan and he always talked about what a great coach miami stole from his team... isn't it weird how kids pick favorite teams). My wife since the 90's laughs and says I should switch teams... now that hurts. Makes me realize just how long it has been. For those out there that want to 'boycott' or whatever, you are crazy. As fans we are loyal to the colors these days more than the players... and even though people outside of florida make fun of the aqua and orange, just seeing the helmet inspires memories and loyalty. I follow each season and off season with the same hope. So I HEAR YOU PRODUCTIONS. but remember, playmakers can be found on both sides of the ball. We all should admit, however, that the last few drafts have been much better than the Wanny, Saban, and Cam drafts. They have been approached.

Perhaps Rob and Productions are sensing that we are close to the rebuilding portion where the playmakers are put in. If LB were set, I think it would be time. But we are so much closer than before. Wanny, Saban, and Cam were smoke and mirror drafts.


I am ONLY high on RBs Spiller and Best due to the fact that in the ENTIRE draft... no one has the ability to take the ball the distance on any given play like they do.

Their speed advantage shows up on film as well as on the stop watch. Couple that with being able to make defender miss and you can take some pretty high percentage plays by Henne and the offense and turn them into TD gold. Remember Indy WR Garcon~ burning our whole DEF with a simple bubble screen? Well he isnt as fast as either Best or Spiller. That is more what I envision anyways.

The WR seemed more clumped up to me. Dez is #1 and has probably the best skillset but A. Benn and D, Thomas both have great skills / body types as well. Anyone of the 3 would help our cause a bunch but I would not go after Dez. I would take D. Thomas then A. Benn if they go in the second round. May have to manuever up to get D. Thomas if thats who they really like.

Of course Sheesh and a whole litany of Fin Fans that haunt the blog will say DEF only for 1st 3 rounds and they could be right as well.

a Henne to Elway comparison... oh if only.... I do trust Henne's work ethic. Anybody else here prefer keeping Thigpen over Pennington IF we had to choose? Love Chad P. for what he did, glad to have him as a player/coach (his real job), but Thigpen brought us back in that game very quickly until the final INT. I like him as #2 QB all day.

Punish the Sox,

I am not sure they would target Mays at all as the need FS more and would prefer more ballhawk as well as Mays has had some difficulty breaking down on shiftier WRs and Rbs of which there are lots in the NFL.

I think the team that gets him will try him at SS first but he may end up a conversion Weaskside LB. He is already 230lbs so if he gets any heavier he will start to lose spped at some point.

I see what you are talking about in your desire for Mays at Safety though.




You don't think Ronnie or ricky putting their head down and barreling into a Defender merits the "panache" label?? LOL


Your right OC Rob. A dolphin can dream though. Whoever we get let's hope he's a playmaker and a difference maker right away. The guys upstairs making all the moves this offseason are pros at what they do. We should all stop critisizing their moves and trust what they do . I admit I have questioned some of their moves but come on , u think we can do any better if we were in charge.


You are dead on with the post @4:18.

I think Thigpen is a guy that woith a good training camp and all this time to study the playbook he can be a solid guy easily filling the #2 spot.

While I do think this regime does not want a QB controversy the fact that Thigpen brought them back vs Pitt on such short notice after just arriving to the team shows good promise.

He could end up being a guy that other teams are trying to pry off of our team as we go down the road. I mean Charlie Whitehurst getting traded blew me away? I think just like Ferg, penny is being signed for waay down the road insurance...only in case of extreme emergency. I also think that both know he is a vet that when healthy could command quiet a price to move him (Thus the no trade tag wars that went on during negotiations) The Fins brass was smart and spiffed him with $$ and did b not give him the no trade clause he sought.

Hopefully Penny will rehab like a demon and the "No Trade Clause" will end up being the "Santa Clause Trade Clause" as he fetches us some goodies (draft pick(s)) in a trade later on. ;)


You rock too dude!!! Thanks for the very kind props!!!


PO might be on the wagon some from his meltdown... then again he might have all doubles!! LOL

That "mysterious Other" blogger was under his skin something fierce.

Po is good peeps though... apologized and I am sure will be on with some good stuff before too long.


Yeah it is fun to dream in that "If I ran the Fins" kinda way.

The good thing is we can all rail about how the teams needs to be built and use our Monopoly TM money to pay contracts.

We have zero stress or strain if the draft picks or FA's don't work out...cept the normal fan angst.

The fun is trying to call out the correct moves and then sitting back to see which moves or players actually play best. Almost like a Fantasy Football league except we can't make any of the actual moves only cheer for and then end up getting whatever matched our calls by default.

We have it pretty good out here. SoCal is some crazy good weather bud, enjoy!

Good stuff.

I think we simply go best offensive player available. I don't think we have a solid plan for #12. We need too much to have a plan.

Don't forget...we have Nolan now. I think Tuna wants to see what he can do with the D. I see us selecting BPA on the offensive side of the ball. Might be Dez.


The top three weekly play making positions on any football team is the QB, RB and WR. Everyone else is supporting cast.

We don't have 1 of the top 3. If we can't get a WR in the FA then we must look for one in the draft. That means seriously considering a WR at 12.

Think about it, have we hosted any WR's this offseason? Maybe we did but I forgot. If we didn't then that probably means we will be looking for one in the draft.

PS..much respect Mando. You finally admitted you were wro... misspoke about something. Brings a lot of street cred back to the Mando mystique.

OK guys The Menace has arrived, what are we talking about this afternoon??

" The top three weekly play making positions of any football tram is the QB , RB and WR. " Los lobos. NO SH*TEN SHERLOCK , WHO GAVE U THE 1ST CLUE ??

team **

Is it because its been cold for longer than normal Miami or does it feel like its taking forever for the draft, sheesh.

I never thought that nfl players will get over analyzed like this. Dez has made mistakes but nothing serious. Are yall really going crazy because you know that he been late to work, really, I mean really? Even the failure to report his friendship with Deon Sanders to the NCAA is absolutely nothing. You actually believe that warrants him not being drafted. Is it because Saint Tebow is in this draft that makes Dez look like the devil? I dont see New Orleans complaining about Reggie Bush taking money while he was in college. Every college students had problems in college whether we know it or not. So we know Dez issues, and evaluate it to see if is something of a concern, and I say NO its not a concern at all.

how about dez palling aroud with pacman jones, is that a concern for you ?

Dez Bryant has got to be as dumb as a box of rocks. One day after going on Miami radio to say he doesnt hang around troubled people he attends Pacman Jones Pro Workout. REALLY?! This dude is a FLIPPIN idiot and just cost himself millions. Cant win with this guy. NEXT!

Dez Bryant is no concern to the Dolphins at all at 12 because they have no plans on taking him...NEXT

i wasnt sayin ive been a fan since 72 im saying thats how long its been since weve won and back then the dolphins got the difference maker needed to win for example paul earfeild i am a dolphin to the coffin but it seems they shy away from real playmakers its some guys in this draft and last years draft with the speed and the skill to change the game but we miss on them because there not a parcell guy or someone deard about a character issue lets stop playin safe if spiller dez berry mays or anyone if these players can change the game lets get em

New blog

Dez bryant is a jackazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 11

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