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Dolphins interest in Mike Williams is interesting

OK, they're not interested in Brandon Marshall. I get that. They're not interested in Terrell Owens, even as a short-term solution to a big problem. I sort of get that, also.

The Dolphins might not be interested in Dez Bryant if it takes the No. 12 overall selection in the draft to get him. Something about risk versus reward. I get that, too.

Yet there is an interest in Mike Williams.

Hmmmm. I'm trying to get that.

The team brought Williams for a visit at the Davie, FL. training facility on Thursday and spent several hours with him.

Williams is a 6-2, 220-pound prototype from Syracuse University. Well, he was from Syracuse University until he reportedly left the team in November. Those reports, by the way, were the result of Syracuse coach Doug Marrone saying Williams quit the team. So the sourcing cannot be questioned. Williams quit the team according to his coach.

It was a strange situation because Marrone said Williams went to him without being summoned and simply quit.

Asked at the time why Williams quit the team, Marrone said, "You'd have to ask him. I have no idea. I'm not going to discuss the conversation from my end. Obviously, I told you that he came up to me and voluntarily took himself off the team. That's it."

Well, that's not really it.

Reports later surfaced that Williams was on the verge of being suspended by Marrone when he decided to quit. It wasn't the first time Williams had issues at Syracuse. He was suspended from school in 2008 for cheating on a test.

When he quit with four games left in the season, Williams had 49 catches for 746 yards and six touchdowns. He ranked first in the Big East and 14th nationally with seven receptions per game. He was first in his conference and 20th nationally in receiving yards.

The saga of Williams leaving the team in 2009 is a big issue for teams. When a player leaves a team it raises questions as to how much he loves the game, it raises questions whether he's a quitter, it raises questions whether he's likely to repeat the offense in the pros if things get tough, because as Nick Saban used to say, past actions is the best predictor of future actions.

"I've been talking to all the NFL teams about that," Williams said during the Indianapolis Combine in February. " I want to leave it at that. But what I want everybody to know is I didn't quit. I'll leave that story at that."

So Williams didn't want to say what actually happened, or what he believes happened, but he did want to remove the doubt about him quitting.

"I told the teams that, all the teams know the whole story," Williams said. "I want to leave it at that, I don't want to make it a big media story. I just want everybody to know I didn't quit."

Williams apparently is admitting to teams that he cheated on the test. He told them he simply doesn't like school. And he's telling teams that he can be reliable.

"I want to let them know that I'm a nice person, I'm a good person," Williams said. "School was just my problem. I had bad judgment when I was young. School has been my problem, I want to let them know I can play football and be there for that team."

Obviously the Dolphins have bought in -- at least to the point of bringing Williams to town.


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Are you serious?they will look at an unproven rookie quitter but not Brandon Marshall a proven explosive top three receiver.

Nothing suprises me anymore. this regime doesnt know WR. Like Wannsted didnt know QB

They shouldve taken the guess work out of it(A. Boldin). But hey, anyway we can save a buck right? Buld a winner and do it with as little money as possible.Im tired of the approach.

big difference is the risk. mike williams won't cost a lot. if he screws up its not a huge loss.

I'm sorry to go off topic right away. I read the police report for Ronnie Browns DUI. It says that Brown was twice the limit, and that he was veering into on coming traffic, and that one time an on coming vehicle had to veer as to avoid Brown. When healthy, Brown has been the man, because he is a proven Vet, our starting Rb, should he be given a pass on this one. Imagine if he were a prospective draft choice, he would be getting ripped on this blog for being a blockhead, who makes bad choices, no way should we take this guy!Thankfully nobody was injured in what could have been a really sad, and tragic outcome.

I would rather have them go after Carlton Mitchell in the later rounds same build and speed, but didn't quit or get suspended.

I think he's worth the risk at the 4th rd.

Darryl, I think the biggest problem with Ronnie is not what we do with him but what will the law do with him and or the NFL.

I think our running game takes a significant hit without Ronnie in there for several games. Ricky is great but each game he has to rush for more than 20 times, the faster he will get to his lifetime rush cap where he suddenly sports a 1.3 YPC average.

Standley, and also didn't make the plays Williams made.

It seems tuna is looking for the best wr for the 3rd rd not first. But this all could be a cover up to attack the best wr at first! ( just sayin).I can't get mad at Miami until after the draft. We shall see.

And agree with above - it is about Risk versus reward.

I think our salary and aggresive approach to signing Dansby show we are not cheap.. we are just risk averse with the big name contracts when it comes to DIVA attitudes.

If this kid is cheap and has a lot of upside, then I can understand it. Is he a DIVA or just a college kid that got caught cheating and decided to be proud and quit on his terms right before he got kicked off the team?

Nice arm on that QB!

Where is mike Williams projected to go ?

Don't we already have a bigger version in Patrick Turner and they never even gave him a chance.We have a bunch of slow possession receivers now and one fast (worthless) guy.They might as well bring in Tory Holt to at least teach these guys how to be professional route runners.

I don't want the Dolphins to draft this quitter.

A little help here please.

Good article Mando, exactly when can an NFL team directly sign someone - without having to draft them? Is it age related or something to do with their graduating class?

If anyone knows thanks in advance!

i watched all his games at s.u. and he is the real deal; a legit WR who is a threat. he can catch and he can run! he just has that natural ability to go get the football. i've heard he always was a poor student in terms of grades etc. so what. he would be a great pick even in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. the man can play!

he looks amazing. idc what happened whether it was cheating or what ever but he gets up for the ball, hes no puss he stays in bounds and trys to break tackles, and he obviously isn't content with the long plays. he wants touch downs and i would personally love to have him on the team for maybe a second or later depending on how well in shape he is

This makes sense, because williams isn't going until what, the third round at the earliest?.. Theres still risk vs reward, but the price doesn't even compare to Marshall or Bryant. I would mind giving TO a call, either. Whats a few million bucks matter for an uncapped year? Ross can afford it.

I like him. looks good. So he struggled in school, what else do you got?? there must be more to it. I like his quote in your piece. The kid just wants to play football.

He does look abit slow for the pros but maybe there are better highlite videos.

A 2nd round pick for Mike Williams? Your joking right? He is a low 3rd round at best.


Marshall has been arrested multiple times for hitting a woman, and once for assaulting an officer of the law. His DUI is just icing on the cake. To lump guys in with him because they cheated on a test, lied about meeting Deion Sanders, or lose their temper in games, is absurd.

With Marshall we're talking about at ongoing tendency towards violent, criminal behavior.

Brown has a clean record up to now, this was just a case of poor judgement, we all make them. The iron fist of the comish might not see it this way, and I'm sure there will be a small suspention. As far as the law goes, I actually have a friend that did something like this, except the person she ran off the road was a judge. She got to spend a week in the hooskow!

I dont know...He looked pretty "Brandon Marshall" like on those clips ? ?

Boy... are we desperate or what ?

I believe the Dolphins front office does these things to mess with your head and give you something to write about.

Mando.."Satan" should have some influence with the Tuscaloosa newspaper..maybe you two could be reunited again! Please drop the reference..it reminds true fans of past and future failures.

I can't see us considering picking him until round 4. And I really don't think we'll even pick him. We'll be able to draft very good players in the 1st 4 rounds and Williams just won't get the nod with us because the other options won't have the ?'s

yeah i wouldn't touch Williams in the 2nd. ideal spot would be the 4th, but yeah late 3rd i might pull the trigger.

I met Mike Williams when he was at Milford Prep right before he went to Syracuse. I was helping my buddy and he was interested in Milford's program. I remember Mike sitting in class wearing his receiver gloves tossing a football up into the air. The offensive co-ordinator was the teacher. The class was Public Speaking 101. THis kid is a steal in the 3rd - 4th round.


The answer to your question, Is after the draft. This is when you'll see team tuna looking for the "acorns" as they call them. D.Bess has been the BEST one they've discovered so far!!

He wasn't a fan of school at all.

he is way better than patrick turner who we took in the 3rd. williams can play! other teams like him too. he will be gone by the 4th round.

Mando, you are getting worse by the blog, first you are reporting as if every of the 50 or 60 players they have "brought in" or talked to they are going to draft.

Maybe something doesn't register in your brain: smokescreens, covering all basis etc is part of the draft process.

Will your next post be that they brought in Kicker so Carpenter might be in Jeopardy???

Are you P.O about the Trifecta giving you the cold shoulder?

How bout an update on the Smiley trade, that's right let me wait for Darlington to help us on that one.....

Everybody I know who has been around Williams says he's a good kid. He was kicked out for cheating on a test; he then went to a CC and busted his ass (no football) to work his way back onto the team. Once back in classes at SU, he continued to work hard to maintain passing grades. Then he goes out with some buddies and is in the car on the way home when they get in a fender-bender. When he found out he was going to get suspended, he walked into the office and removed himself from the team.

He's made some mistakes, but he's never hurt anyone but himself. And, honestly, they're mistakes a lot of kids make, they don't make him a bad person.

And he's a heck of a football player. Without the 'character' issues, he's probably the #2 WR in this class. And he's not that far behind Bryant. If you can get him in the third, you're making a good pick.

he is way better than patrick turner who we took in the 3rd. williams can play! other teams like him too. he will be gone by the 4th round.

Posted by: greg z. | March 26, 2010 at 01:08 PM


Well this is an interesting option, but I would rather have DEZ to be honest. I am all but prepared to be pissed off after our pick is announced and it's not DEZ LOL. So whatever at this point I guess here's to more boring clock management offense yuck. I see enough of this type of offense watching the BEARS up here in Chicago and I HATE THE BEARS please Miami do not force me to watch a BEARS style team with my Miami Dolphins that's boring football.

I just have a feeling Dez is our answer and Tuna's ego with WR's is going to cost us dearly.

What is it with the Fins and their interest of guys with the name Williams who have quit on the team? (Mike/Ricky)

With Regards to Williams, what was his 40? He seems slower than Hartline after the catch

Waterboy, I have a feeling ur about to go the way of Derek in WPB did if u continue to bust Mando's balz...I'd be a little more careful u might be crossing the line, just saying

Well, If mando gets offended its not my intention , just tired of the run for the pitchforks routine.

Can we all just agree to never again mention that coach from bamma. Really? May the fleas of a thousand camals infest his armpits.

It's not as if the font office is ducking this WR issue. They are clearly looking. (Two picks last year to boot.) They need to do better in the evaluation department and stop generally taking reaches in the second round (Pat White). We need defense in this draft and, frankly, more picks. Let's stop the hysteria about WR. There are plenty of round 2, 3, and 4 success stories out there at that position. We will get a guy. It would just be nice to actually stop teams from killing us in the 4th Q. Big, fast dudes who hit like a Brinks truck please.

He ran a 4.49 at the Combine, probably about the same as Bryant will run, maybe slightly faster.

I think williams would be a steal If miami picks up a extra 3d or 4rth for smiley , they then can flip that pick and take a shot at a reward-risk player like williams.

Not interested. We have enough possession guys already. I applaud the effort though, b/c if Dez Bryant is off the board then it'll be good to have as much info as possible on the 2-4th rd WR prospects.

I like it!!! Kid has the size and the ability to come in....ges not a criminal like Marshall or a nut job like Dez....kid didn't like school so what, little risk, big award potential, think if he falls to 4th he will be one of a couple guys Parcells looks at

When is Dez doing his proday? If he has a great workout, you can pencil him in at TOP 10

Would you take Bay Bay Thomas or Golden Tate at 43? I would

Exactly waterboy, if Dez has a great proday workout he's TOP 5 talent but should be taken in the TOP 10. I am just hoping he does fall to us and Tuna shocks the world and finally drafts a WR with a 1st rd pick.

The Defensive positions can be filled in rounds 2-4 easily and with quality talent.

That's what makes all this guessing we do fun.

It could be a brilliant move as Williams is a 1st round talent and may be had in the 3rd round.

I like Flipper's idea but the Tuna will take a dump on us FinFans

I believe the Trifecta does a lot of things to screw with everybody's head. They also do due diligence in the just-in-case scenarios. I would not make too much of this Williams trip to Miami.

Look! I believe one of two things will happen at the WR position. (1) They keep Ted Ginn and maybe draft a low round WR (4th or lower) focusing on using what they have ... OR .. (2) They trade Teddy and his family for a second round pick using the same or similar pick to draft a WR.

One thing to consider is how much time, money and draft picks the Dolphins have wrapped up in Ginn, Bess, Camarillo, Hartline, and Turner. These guys went through training camp and the first few games receiving off-speed pitches from Chad P and then the remainder of the season receiving fast balls from Chad H. This is a lot to adapt to -- especially for rookies Hartline and Turner. I think we need to give these guys some more time to adapt to the NFL -- HOWEVER, NOT TEDDY AND HIS FAMILY!

So, Mando, I think you can stop the articles about Marshall, TO, Bolden and Bryant. Start researching on who the Phins are talking to about the Ginns. I think there is going to be a draft day deal regarding TEDDY!

Another turner

Yeah, he looks ok for a 3rd-4th round pick. Smallish in size, but not tiny. Quick but no blazing speed. Here's what we need, someone who will be our #1 receiver on Day 1 (1st game of the year), good route runner, sure hands, explosive, big play ability. I don't care what his name is, but if we don't get someone who fits those needs, then that pickup would be a bust in my opinion.

I Like more David Gettis: 6-3, 217, 4.43


I don't think Teddy and all of the Ginns garner a 2d round pick. But hey, at least we didn't draft Brady Quinn.

adrian,got a link for Gettis?

DC, in what way is 6-1 221 lbs 'smallish'?

To sum it up, you're looking for the perfect rookie WR, otherwise he'll be a bust?

Cheating is a way to cut corners to get what you want with no effort.. Seems like he has the talent, but if he cheats his college, his teammates,and himself, there is reason for concern. Didn't see the explosiveness after the catch that would make the differnce from what we already have.

Jay, everyone is looking for the perfect rookie it seems.

To payuengsnwings:

I like this site:

Information and some videos


Love the way he goes after the ball. Nice to watch somebody not head for the sidelines or ground as soon as he catches the ball.

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