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Dolphins interest in Mike Williams is interesting

OK, they're not interested in Brandon Marshall. I get that. They're not interested in Terrell Owens, even as a short-term solution to a big problem. I sort of get that, also.

The Dolphins might not be interested in Dez Bryant if it takes the No. 12 overall selection in the draft to get him. Something about risk versus reward. I get that, too.

Yet there is an interest in Mike Williams.

Hmmmm. I'm trying to get that.

The team brought Williams for a visit at the Davie, FL. training facility on Thursday and spent several hours with him.

Williams is a 6-2, 220-pound prototype from Syracuse University. Well, he was from Syracuse University until he reportedly left the team in November. Those reports, by the way, were the result of Syracuse coach Doug Marrone saying Williams quit the team. So the sourcing cannot be questioned. Williams quit the team according to his coach.

It was a strange situation because Marrone said Williams went to him without being summoned and simply quit.

Asked at the time why Williams quit the team, Marrone said, "You'd have to ask him. I have no idea. I'm not going to discuss the conversation from my end. Obviously, I told you that he came up to me and voluntarily took himself off the team. That's it."

Well, that's not really it.

Reports later surfaced that Williams was on the verge of being suspended by Marrone when he decided to quit. It wasn't the first time Williams had issues at Syracuse. He was suspended from school in 2008 for cheating on a test.

When he quit with four games left in the season, Williams had 49 catches for 746 yards and six touchdowns. He ranked first in the Big East and 14th nationally with seven receptions per game. He was first in his conference and 20th nationally in receiving yards.

The saga of Williams leaving the team in 2009 is a big issue for teams. When a player leaves a team it raises questions as to how much he loves the game, it raises questions whether he's a quitter, it raises questions whether he's likely to repeat the offense in the pros if things get tough, because as Nick Saban used to say, past actions is the best predictor of future actions.

"I've been talking to all the NFL teams about that," Williams said during the Indianapolis Combine in February. " I want to leave it at that. But what I want everybody to know is I didn't quit. I'll leave that story at that."

So Williams didn't want to say what actually happened, or what he believes happened, but he did want to remove the doubt about him quitting.

"I told the teams that, all the teams know the whole story," Williams said. "I want to leave it at that, I don't want to make it a big media story. I just want everybody to know I didn't quit."

Williams apparently is admitting to teams that he cheated on the test. He told them he simply doesn't like school. And he's telling teams that he can be reliable.

"I want to let them know that I'm a nice person, I'm a good person," Williams said. "School was just my problem. I had bad judgment when I was young. School has been my problem, I want to let them know I can play football and be there for that team."

Obviously the Dolphins have bought in -- at least to the point of bringing Williams to town.


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There ya go Rob. Holy crap, now it's really long. (That's what she said!)

The guy looks like a steal in the fourth round. No receivers `till then. Safety first,
Linebacker next and then Nosetackle!!!!
I hope the Dolphins can trade Smiley for a fourth, maybe to Detroit who pick second in that round.That way if Detroit draft Okung as they should Smiley can reprise his role as trainer of the high ranked Left Tackle just like he did with Jake.
Then we can draft this williams kid and trade this years fourth and next years third to move up to 5 in the draft and get Berry.
I know I`m rambling but I want it to happen....

Heart, I guess is what Iam trying to say Bobby, If the guy didnt have enough heart to attend school to help his chances to get to the "BIG"league what makes us think he'll have it at the next level??


Oh well then that is easy...


Dansby: Only in the plays they flop him from ILB for different looks. I believe he plays inside mostly.

Could be REAL:

Wake: Only from a pass rush perspective. Fans have not really seen enough of him to say that hes a real full-time OLB imo.

Everyone from here down is suspect and may not keep a roster spot.

Doubt they will ever be REAL:

Anderson: He has just been around a while and I never have seen his light go on for more than a game or two...esspecially in a row.

Erik Walden: More a special teamer type.

J.D. Folsom: Kinda smaller, non prototype guy but was drafted by the Trifecta. Maybe he develops but i'm not holding my breath. Was making plans to be a Vet as he didn't think he would get drafted. LOL.

RFA Quintin Moses: Back up type that has only flashed on occasion.

UFA JT You know this guy well. I stillthink he can help the team but we will have to wait until the draft concludes to see if they still have need for JT.

Anderson, Moses and Walden all seem so "Journeymanish".


PS. I was gonna stop my post at Dansby thus the line that's an easy one. ;)

NYScott for Prez!!!!

Thanks man! U da bomb.


Cuban, point taken BUT I don't believe going to school or not is a character issue or will effect his learning to play...maybe the kid had a learning disability...all I'm saying is college shouldn't be a pre-reqisite to play sports...and anyone that wants to argue KOBE BRYANT high school to pros, I don't see character issues with him

and anyone that wants to argue KOBE BRYANT high school to pros, I don't see character issues with him

Posted by: bobbyd12 | March 26, 2010 at 05:41 PM

Bobby, That just might win you a "PLUNGIE"...............LOL.....

Cuban LOL well a little character issue with sex lol

You bought a guitar to punish your ma
You didn't like school
You know your nobody's fool
Welcome to the machine

Kobe pays for that with his wife everyday, I'm sure she reminds him DAILY

Bobby, the chick also had 2 other different DNA semen samples in her... must have been a busy girl during those 24 hours huh???

Bobby Rothlesberger ;)

AHHHHHH Coco, busting out the "FLOYD" for us.....

Bobby Rothlesberger ;)

Posted by: carlito from golfito | March 26, 2010 at 05:54 PM

Carlito, Do you think "BIG" ben was in town????lol

Yeah, 1st thing I thought about when he said he didn't like school.

Rob in OC what's up bro? I would take a chance on Williams in round #4 and no higher. I personally want Damien Williams in round 2 and that's the only offensive pick I want until late in the draft.

Saw Roger Waters over in Tampa 2 years ago. Great show....almost all Floyd songs.

Yeah, 1st thing I thought about when he said he didn't like school.

Posted by: cocoajoe | March 26, 2010 at 05:56 PM

Got a feeling I'am gonna piss off the nighbors with a Little floyd music shortly..... THANKS COCO!!!!!!

Any of you guys ever view any of the "You-Tube" Video of WR Taurus Johnson out of USF. He is now on Miami's practice/developmental squad? If you don't already know, He is 6'1 205, from the video I saw (I will attach) he is stupid fast and has good hands. He was un-drafted and has been in Detroit and KC on Developmental Squads. I guess that would be a bad thing if Miami did not still have him. He MUST have potential of he would have been dropped long ago and with that sort of time in practice he has had to improve on what these video's show (Which is already pretty good). Taurus Johnson may just make this team... here ya go... Have a peek...This is two of many that are available for your viewing pleasure... hope you like um...



Saw him in West palm but like 3 years ago, Sung all the songs off "Dark side of the moon" finished with "Comfortably Numb", Off the charts....

Yeah, Floyd will do that especially when you twist that knob to the right. I have to be careful, the cops said 'one more time......'

Yeah Cuban, got to be the same tour. Only reason I went to Tampa instead of W Palm was I was working out of town in Lakeland. Guess you're right 2007.

Tiger Woods, Big Ben, Bobbd12, Cuban Menace, could all learn something from Wilt Chamberlain. Bless him.


Notta mucho bud.

As for Offensive guys my list is a little more extensive as to guys I would not mind at all.

1st Rd.
Iupati (Has the Trifecta measurables)

2nd Rd.
D. Thomas
A Benn

3rd Rd.
Most likely have to use this on a DEF guy but a possibly
TE Jimmy Graham
RB Ben Tate
RB Toby Gerhart
OG John Jerry
RB McCluster

4rth Rd.
Same cast add WR Carlton Mitchell.
I wish WR Jordan Shipley was faster as I like his game a lot but... He is probably too similar to what we already have.

I am not a fan of Damien OMEN II Williams. ;)
I wouldn't want LeFell either.

These are most of my main Offensive guys I think would fit and can play for the Fins.



I left off RB Best in the 2nd
also Montario Hardesty in the 3rd


Tiger Woods, Big Ben, Bobbd12, Cuban Menace, could all learn something from Wilt Chamberlain. Bless him.

Posted by: carlito from golfito | March 26, 2010 at 06:08 PM
11 thousand women according to Mr. Chamberlain, I'am gonna need a couple more years..


I saw Dave Gilmour at the Pacific Ampitheatre in Irvine, CA back in like 1985.

Rob, there gonna draft "D" in the 1st 3 and maybe all rounds, That defense sucked last year, especially the last 3 games, and lets throw in the indy, and New Orleans game... that's 5 games Lost to the defense.... think(and hope) they go defense,and defense only..


Dude it would take 30 years to do 11,000 if you do 1 a day.

Knew someone who use to partake of the green leafy substance in the early 80s and crawl into bed and put on headphones and listen to Darkside of The Moon almost nightly!!! I miss those days, for my friend of course :)


So if the season started today then we really don't have 2 quality OLB's to start.


AHHHHHHHHHHH Bobby, I knew you were one of us.........

like this williams kid. take lupati first rd

Rob in OC, Gilbert Arenas, 30 days in a halfway house, 2 years probation and a $5,000 fine for pulling a gun on his teammates in the locker room....Lucky he wasn't a Knick huh??? LMAO

If Wilt Chamberlain was in his prime today can you imagine all the horrible thing the media would do to him?

wilt would be banging half the media


Just so you know that was answering a post that AndyNJ had sent to me.

I am not advocating going OFF with all those players and rounds.

It was posed as more of an "If one of these names showed up in those rounds" I would not mind the pick.

I don't think you will get your wish in a the DEF only draft. The DEF may be further behind but from a starter vs depth and grooming standpoint I don't think they would draft all DEF. I think that too many current Fins or too many draft picks would have to be cut if 9 players + Dansby are added to the DEF side.

Logistically I don't think it would work.


Point taken Rob....

Gotta store run to take(Beer), see you guys an a hour.......


In a nutshell... I don't think so.

The caveat being I am not around all their players every day so I can't see if any are truly making any strides.

With Anderson, Walden, Folsom and Moses it better be a heck of a jump up.

Anderson is probably the most complete OLB right now. (JT's not included)

Wake has the mean 1st step, gets low and can get after the QB. His knock is suppose to be in space and vs run (vs Jets punter he failed badly).


I gotta step out as well.

Check back after a while.

Laters all,

Mike Williams looks like a good prospect but two concerns:

1) Is he going to have the work ethic to succeed on this team?

2) Looks kind of slow on film

Do we really need another possession receiver? Let check the list of possession receivers currently on the roster:

Davone Bess
Greg Camarillo
Brian Hartline
Patrick Turner

Why don't we waste a draft pick and add a little more dead weight to the roster with Williams?

If they want to man up and address the receiver problem, they ought to grow a set of balls and pick Dez Bryant or Arrelious Benn (not as good as Bryant but he can move and he's still a player).

This Dez Bryant situation could turn into the Randy Moss one that a few of you may remember back in the JJ years. JJ: We'll pass on Moss because he's not a high character guy. So what does bad character guy do? Light up the league and put up a hall of fame career and still doing it ... yet worse, against us.

The same sort of player as Golden tate (Tate a bit smaller but playes bigger). Howeever Tate windsHANDS DOWN on the character issue.
If he's available 2nd round to us, I hope we take him.
Lets get a nose tackle/LB round 1. Not exciting, but often those speed guy wideouts from small schools can be grabbed in the 5-7 rounds.

By the way, when I mentioned Benn, that would be if he lasted to our second round pick. Dez Bryant is the only WR selection at #12.

Plays..good gosh, my spelling. LOL

Roc in OC had to step out. I saw your offensive guys list.

Your round 1 I don't like. I love Spiller but not for Miami. He is a luxury pick for a team that doesn't have many holes. I know it should be best player available but I think Ricky and Ronnie are plenty at the position in 2010. I also don't see him as an every down back. Iupati I like him and wouldn't complain if he were the pick. He is the best overall interior linemen in the draft and I am a fan of smash mouth football.

I like Rd 2 with Benn and Thomas. I have Benn going to the new 2010 evil empire jets in my mock draft I do with a few friends but would love him if he could somehow fall to us in round 2. Thomas I like his size too. I think he is raw and wouldn't contribute much but would be worth the gamble in round 2 and I wouldn't complain.

If Miami went defense-defense with the first 2 picks I like all of them possabilities in round 3. I wouldn't mind going RB in round 3 not 1 though with Spiller.


BG and any1 else of course you can change your build and get more defined or stronger---but as a scout u look at JPP build and BG build ---and you know one guy has potential that he never reached in college, and the other just doesnt have any more room to add to his frame---BG will most likely loose weight----BG will never play at a higher weight then 270---

The length of the arms is a concrete analysis---guys with shorter arms have an advantage on the bench, b/c u are extended your arms with the weight farther from your torso---doesnt mean every long armed guy isnt goin to throw up a lot on the bench-----there are always exceptions to the general rule---Mccluster puttn up 20 reps---

Its all about a PRojection---and no1 is wright or wrong----BG could be what u think he is a domiant pass rusher in a 3-4---

Or what i think, which is a guy that potential wise isnt great---and what you see right now is what you will be getting down the line---he already has the skills, you cant teach body types-----i see him a solid---4-3 end----like a darryl tapp---and im not comfortable with that type of player at 12

mccluster is an example of general rule with the bench

Allen, I'm all over BG too. He is the guy I want but don't think he will be the pick. I love BG's motor and production. He reminds me so much of another Michigan favorite Lamar Woodley. I actually have Miami bypassing him though in my mock.

no chance---i think he fits better in a 4-3, the only reason why people act like he has better chance to convert than morgan is cuz he is shorter---morgan stood up more in college

im out---Vols, and bayllor lets go 2nite

A third or forth round selection could be worth the risk. Dez Bryant is slotted in the late first round now so taking him at 12 is reaching. He is falling like a rock and may end up in the second round. T.O. is a locker room cancer. You all know this. Plus his history already with Parcells forget about it. I would NOT give up the 12th overall selection for a guy with a violent history and is one more altercation from ending up in a prison. That being Marshall.

We really need Terrence Cody in the second round. Hopefully he will still be there. Cody is rated the 7th best DT in the draft and the first five are projected to go in the first round. We have the 11th selection in the second round. Cody is one of the few true 3-4 DT's in the draft. His weight is reported as 354 pounds. The DT is supposed to be a minimum of 350 pounds in a 3-4 defense because the DT has to take on the center and one of the guards simultaneously each and every play. In my mind, he is a must have and would be every bit as important as our first round selection. I previously said I want Iupati or Thomas in the first round. I am going to expand that ... Iupati, Thomas, or Dez Bryant (if he falls that far).

I really like the WR Thomas out of Georgia Tech. I'm really hoping he's there in the second round when we pick. I would even consider moving up a bit to make sure he's our SECOND pick.

I like his size and the way he goes up after the ball. I don't think we have anyone on the team that can do that.....unless of course Turner develops.

Somebody else said it but I will agree...I just don't see the point of picking this guy Williams from Syracuse. He doesn't look like he brings anything different to the table than the guys we have. Kind of seems like a wasted pick.

was that a "C"uban menace imposter??

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